Selected Sensual Stories No.3

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NAME:  Adam  (31-May-99 05:49 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/undecided

TITLE: women for sale
Have you ever bought a woman? No, not a prostitute. Buying an ordinary woman. I was off duty when I met these little nymphos at the Mediterranean seaside. It was in the dead of night. One of them had gotten stinking drunk. Another girl had also gotten very drunk. I paid $60 and bought the passed out woman from the incomprehensible woman. I walked up to a hotel with the girl on my shoulder. To me, she was not so heavy. But her friend couldn't have her up to her feet or any other way to carry her around. In the hotel, I undressed the woman, opened her legs and crammed my tool deep in her cunt right away. The dry girl could not accept me easily but I rammed it anyway without mercy nor hesitation. She moaned a bit. I moved slowly. I fingered her bud. She groaned and snorted. Gradually she was coming back to her senses. I slapped her face. And again. And again. "What?" "What's this?" Her words were slow but slurred. "I bought you for $60." I said and I choked her neck. Not really. But enough to make her faint again. Then I kept shoving it in her box. I endlessly caressed her pink button. Again she came to her senses feeling good. "Who are you?" She asked in a frightened feeble voice. "Shut up!" I grabbed her neck again. "Please stop!" She finally made out her situation. "Close ya eyes." And she closed her eyes. No more resistance. I kept stimulating her until she was well lubricated. Soggy pussy slurped my cock. She had a hard time of put up with sensual gasps pass her lips. "Grind!" She obeyed my order. She became very cooperative. She openly moaned and snorted with sexual pleasure. She sucked my cock. We tried many positions and had a lot of comes. We were fully satisfied and she fell fast asleep. Looking at her sweet sleeping face, I hit on a good idea. Sure, she is worth more than $60. I called some of my best friends, described her and asked if they want to pay $200 each. I earned $1000 instantly. Sure, she was surprised when she was aroused from the deep sleep by five new men. But already naked and well trespassed, subduing her was nothing. We urged her roll on top of a man and begin to ride his fat throbbing cock. Other rammed his tool in her ass doggy style. The third penis worked over her mouth. Seems she never be ass fucked before. She mumbled something - maybe entreaty. It was a sight to se. Little by little, she learned how to get gangbanged. Her agony was being sedated. She moaned in delight. Her hips twitched. Cheeks tightened and loosened. It was enough to keep the rest of us badly hard. The problem was that we had only three holes to use and abuse but sex dickinsons were waiting to be drained. I remembered another girl. I asked fucked one call her. She lied that her clothes were torn and thrown away and she needed a change of clothes. Sure, I asked her to tell her friend to keep this secret and come to the hotel alone. She showed up with a paper-bag. We fabricated a story and told her that her friend was mad at being sold, that she was forced to be a stripteaser and that it was a show. We made her believe that they could not go home unless she too striptease. With confusion and seeing her naked friend, she started dance. She took her own clothes off one by one. She spread her legs wide open and then pussy lips. We laughed a lot. Two of us started caress her friend while others ordering the new girl to play masturbation. We were exacting what to do. She pulled her pussy lips. She pinched her nipples. She pressed and rubbed her love button. She couldn't fake masturbation. She actually did and begin to feel good. She made herself wet 'n ready and she did so watching her friend being gangbanged. Surrounded by six big men she kept asking what they were doing. "Fuck!" She must know that. Still she wanted to believe we were only for striptease. Well, we said if she could make a truely good masturbation show, she might not be raped. And she believed. Her pussy lips swollen and the love-juice gushed out from the bottom of her vulva. When we finally jumped on her, she barely said "no, no" and shook her head. We enjoyed this girl too. She had tighter, wetter pussy. She too never had ass fucked before. And she too learned how to be butted soon. We had a great fun weekend. I was afraid that they might report to the police. But one selling her friend into sex-slave and other lying the first one into the same setting, either had nerve to do so. We are not gangbanging them any more. But we take them on a date separately. We don't pay more than $100. Sometimes before paydays we fuck them for nothing. They take what we pay and do not complaint. Though I have figured out that they are more willing when paid better. As we are going to Kosovo, may I give you their telephone number? They live in the same apartment in southern Italy. One is brunet and other is dirty blond. Both are in their early twenties, middle sized girls with pretty faces. The brunet is slightly taller and more eager to work for money (or for fun?). Pay me $500 for the telephone number. You can negotiate with each of them about the fee per date.

NAME:  educator  (05-Jun-99 08:32 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: my pet project
oneday, i overheard two children talked in whispers at a bus terminal. they were talking about sex education. the taller girl, she was also prettier, seems to be older. she was telling about the lessons she had took in her school. she, not younger girl, was fascinated by the topic. i lost my heart to her beauty and her interest in sex. i followed her sneakingly thereafter till her house. i'm a traveling salesman. our work heavily relies on advance research, though. we are supplied with the route atlas on which the detailed information of expected customers are given. i checked my data. she is a sixth grader living with a divorced mother. the mother works for a shopping mall nearby. and the girl is the only child. that is -- she must be alone in the house in the daytime on sunday. perfect! go to hell if i cannot rape her -- no -- if i cannot teach her practical sex education. she wanted it, didn't she? on next sunday, i checked the mall first. i found her car. god-damn non-believer! she works on sunday! it's around ten. the mall opens at noon. and closes at seven in the evening. add the time to clear away things after the closure, the mother would not be back till eight or nine. i worked out a plan. i waited midterms when everybody stay their home and study. i disguised as a parcel delivery. breaking in was easy. i flashed a toy gun. she was terrified into compliance. i handcuffed her behind her back. i made her show me into her room. it's a girlish room. i threw her down to the bed. she dropped on all threes, -- remember the handcuff?-- the head and knees. the frightened kitten was lifting her butt. it turned me on. I tried to tear off her jeans but it was not easy. i produced a knife. though she begged and said she would rather undress herself, i ripped the clothes into pieces. jeans, t-shirt and the brassiere. "humph! yo dont have tits for this." i tore the panty by hands. my dick's hard and throbbing. i made her raise her rump by slapping her pussy with the knife blade. then further i slapped it by my cock. she was f**k@! #&)(`~!! scared! i hold her hips and rushed at the gap. it's tight virgin pussy. i wetted the slit before actually inserting. but i was ready for the second cum. i aimed at carefully, pressed my shaft against her. i forced my way into the fucker. she begged forgiveness. she cried with pain. i wanna see her face. i put her on her back and lifted her legs onto my shoulders. the second penetration was easy. the cunt was not tight as it was. when i said so she was annoyed but couldn't do anything. "yeah, yo are now accepting it, hum!" "tighten it up! it makes me feel better!" i gave her deep kissin n hard fuck. the girl squirmed and the bed creaked wonderfully. i licked her round tits and ordered to say everything obscene. i bit when she stopped. i sucked her tits till they were firm. i fumbled in her slit for the clit. i gave it finger vibration, nice n long. the stubborn denial faded away. feeling pain n pleasure at the same time she was confused. naturally she tried to avoid pain. i helped her by putting a curb on my move. her face was distorted not with pain but with pleasure. when she moaned and shook her head, i couldn't control myself any more. my tool ruptured deep inside her. the cherry pop made her obedient. besides i threatened her saying i would stay until her mom's back and raped her too. the girl served me lunch n dinner. she taught me what she learnt from the sex education class and i made her act on it. she watched kinky sex movie i brought in. i gave her an exam. for the every question she missed, i gave her a hard punishment. to demonstrate what she learnt, she needed to make love with me just like the movie. within one day, she became very good at making love. she could be a big buck whore in any town. only because she drained my completely, i left the house before mom's back. else no reason i passed over. she is thirty three years old widow! i left a bug. i was listening on it n waiting for the next rape.

NAME:  lynn  (07-Jun-99 03:14 PM)
age 21-25/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: East Side Groping
I hate to tell you that I am a model because most people begin to think of a very beautiful girl. I am not, I am pretty with long dark brown hair, but not beautiful. My body is slim, with smallish breasts and narrow hips. I pose nude at art schools and for artists. I have been modelling for six years and I get about 16 to 18 hours a week posing. As I move about the city, almost no one ever thinks of me as a model. Nude model must be careful not to wear tight clothes because it leaves unattractive marks on their bodies as the stand nude before a class. In summer I will go from assignment to assignment wearing just sneakers, a cotton t-shirt and jogging pants two sizes too large. The elastic of these don't mark my waist and I rely on my hips to keep them from falling. The subways in New York City are crowded and it is necessary to pack myself into these trains. I am on the East Side of Manhattan and these are probably the most crowded. Each morning is a sexual adventure for me. I arrive on the subway platform nude except for the thin layer of cotton hiding my nakedness. The train stops and I squeeze myself into the middle of a group of men seeking to press my breasts and my aroused sex against someone. I am known, so often I am greeted by one or two that know that I desire to be intimately fondled. Sometimes it is just pressing my rump into a man's middle and feeling him become hard. Other times I rub my nipple on a man's arm. It will take a man a very short time to feel that I have nothing under my outer clothes and that I am reacting to their touch. There or four men have become friendly enough to actually rub my sex directly through my pants. Occassionally they have brought me to climax. Only one a burly older man, with salt and pepper colored hair has actually put his beefy hand inside my pants and fingered my moist clitoris. This has happened about six times in the last two years. No one ever seem upset by any of the men's sexual activitity with me. I often masturbate once I get to where I am going. Some evening when I am not sleeping with a guy, I fanatise about kneeling in a crowded car and accepting a nameless man's penis in my mouth. I visualize the swollen purple head going into my mouth and my head bobbing up and down on it as the train rattles and sways between stations. I am very good at using my mouth, so I think of all the details, the taking it deep into my throat and the caressing my unknown lovers balls with my hands. My fingers fly a half inch either way at the top of my slit. I dream of men commenting on my wantonness, calling me a slut, and a cum-eater as my dream-lover explodes his hot jets of sticky semen down my throat. This never fails to bring me to orgasm. Love, Lynn
NAME:  Tom  (08-Jun-99 06:23 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: peeping
i was hooked on peeping when i was in my teens. i learnt an art of peeping from a bad friend. we used to peep together. the best was a daughter of a member of the municipal assembly in the neighborhood. she was a pretty woman in her early twenty, 6 or 7 years older than us. we sneaked onto the backyard before she took a bath. we opened the window and turned the window shade upward. she couldn't see anything but we could see everything down-below. though we couldn't see her face, we know it very well. we loved this woman. she masturbated in the bath very often. at first she caressed her tits. she soaped her well-developed breasts for a long time. she rinsed them thoroughly. she took a shower and aimed the nozzle at nipples. she nipped & rubbed & pinched & fingernailed them. after she worked over her breasts painstaking, she soaped between her legs. she washed up each pussy lips separately. she cleaned the little pussy button persistently. she also used the shower. she spread her pussy and sprayed water. and she nipped & rubbed & pinched & fingernailed. sometimes she put a finger in her cunt. once we saw her tried her anal. one day we wanted see her turned-on-face at any cost. we adjusted the blind. she was in a trance playing with herself, eyes closed. but when she opened her eyes ... we were found. though she couldn't see any more than four eye-balls. we stopped peeping.

NAME:  Bob the religious  (10-Jun-99 11:41 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Merry Christmas!
I know it's too late. But I want to tell you a very good reason why you go to church. I'm rather secular. I attend mass for special day, Christmas, Easter, etc. only. The last Christmas was special among specials. Our church in the South was burnt few days before Christmas. Some suspected arson. We don't know yet. Church leaders tried their best to find the alternative building. But they could find only a very small hall for the church service. While the fire made people more religious and to attend Christmas, the building was small. Anybody came to the hall late had only standing room. We were packed like sardines. I was one of them. I found a young woman by my side. I think she is fourteen or fifteen. I don't know her name but I saw her before. She was rubbing her breast against my arm. I couldn't think of the God. We were sing a hymn and she got into the rhythm. I rocked my body too. The bosom was small and firm. I took a side glance and observed her family. Nobody pays any attention to us. I felt a firm lump on the top of her knocker. I played it cool and fold my arms. My hand just under the armpit touched her breast. She paid a little attention. She looked a little uneasy. But largely she ignored it. I was encouraged. I extended my fingers. I made a circular movement on her nipple. She looked a little upset but she kept silence. Gradually, the bud increased firmness. She started look around restlessly. But everything else went well. I was agitated by the very fact that I was molesting this chick just beside her father. I studied the possibility to touch her in between her legs. She was holding an overcoat in front of her. I guessed that it could be used as a cover. I reached her side and caressed her hip. She took a brief look at me. But in a moment she avoided my eyes. Slowly I moved my hand toward her pussy. She paid almost no attention to the minister. I still don't know if she was turned on. But she was evidently excited. At last my hand reached there. She had plumpy fleshy underbelly. I rubbed her and I enjoyed the feeling of her soft silky skirt. Suddenly she lifted her overcoat and my hand was well covered. I hesitated for a while. But for some reason or other, she was helping me. I made up my mind. I grabbed the meat between her legs and rubbed hard. She kept calm and quiet. I poked out my middle finger and pushed it in her crack. It was a little trouble doing so over her skirt, but somehow I pushed it in her pussy. Vigorously I moved my finger back and forth. Soon her skirt was pulled up. I could feel her under-hair over thin underwear. I could investigate the shape of her genital organs and I did. Her underwear, with my finger, bit into her cunt. It's hot and wet. I decided to concentrate my effort on her sensual bud. It was already gained joyful firmness. But when I rubbed it hard she involuntarily bent over a little. I was terrified. The spur was too strong. She couldn't bear the sexual impulse erupting in her loin. After that I caressed her carefully and not giving her the real come. Why a woman cannot stand still when she comes? I think she needed a little perseverance.

NAME:  wish to remain anonymous  (15-Jun-99 06:30 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/victim

TITLE: prep-school bad girls
I live in a small city where a streetcar is the most convenient transportation. I have been using it for years. The route I use has a prep-school on the way. The most of students are female. Old days, I tried to avoid body contact as much as possible. I didn't want to be mistaken for a groper. But I have learnt that they rarely protest against physical contact. They just don't care. Sometimes I was squeezed between sweet girls. I could feel tender tits on my back and my dick was caught in the crack between cheeks. Or I stood facing a woman whose tits touched and stroked my chest at the every corner. Even when I put out my hand and brushed a pussy, a girl wouldn't show offended face when the act coincided with unsteady feet. If she was the one who staggered, she might apologize after I caressed her crotch. I could avoid a crowded car by taking early or later cars. But as I learnt the tricks, I was fixed on the most crowded one. Further, I learnt some woman are more tolerant than others. I developed a sixth sense to tell a faint-hearted woman. I like a shy woman. I like her when I molest her. She would be blushed for shame. She would hesitate. She feels uneasy. I think I'm a psychological sadist. I don't abuse a woman physically. I never did that. But psychologically I drive a woman into a tight corner. I love it very much. I had started to put a hand up under skirt. In few months, I enjoyed soft fabric of more than ten women. Although I never put a hand directly under lingerie. It's enough. It's enough to humiliate a woman and see her in agony. But my lifestyle came to the end abruptly. One fine day, I was caressing a lovely pussy when I found I was surrounded by a group of teenagers. They were prep-school students. 7 or 8 females and 3 or 4 males. I was the talk of the school girls. They finally resolved that I must get a lesson. Surrounded by more than ten students, I calculated that 1) I cannot run away. 2) I cannot fight back and win. The only choice was beg their forgiveness. I was ganged up on and beaten up. But I was lucky. They didn't report to the police. I figured that the victims whom I treated most badly were not among them. I think they feel so deeply ashamed of themselves they have not come out yet. But those lightly fumbled resented most. They were satisfied with attacking me and robbing me of a little money. Unfortunately the ill-treatment by the prep-school students lingered. Those male students kept coming back and asked a little more money. Somehow I managed to refuse their demand. Female students, however, were more persistent. Whenever they find me in the streetcar, they poke fun at me. If, by slightest chance, any part of me ever comes to contact with these girls, they ridicule me, they insult me and they loot my wallet. They know my apartment. They know my workplace. If they ever tell what I did, my life would be ruined. Whenever I come across these young fiends, I take extra care not to touch any one of them. Still they may surround me and press their bodies so that I end up touching their body or at least they get the pretext for insisting such. When I find myself among them, I may lift the both of my hands high up in the air, only to avoid a trumped-up accusation. Still one or two girl may block my way, pressing her tits or pussy against my body and if I ever show any slightest hint that I enjoy it, she makes an assertion that I molest her. The worst is a group of bad girls. I have not groped them except one and only briefly on her breasts. But they are especially malicious. They know that I am intimidated and would not ever touch any female students. I would not react even if they press they tits and pussy against me. If they found me in the streetcar, they not only block my way and surround me, they stroke me on my male genital and they accuse me of pervert and molester when the organ is risen up. I have been robbed of money this way. When I started to carry minimum amount of money and no more, they lost their temper and command me to bring more money. They summoned me to the park near to the school. I went there after the school hours. Six of them were there. They locked me in the ladies' lavatory. They unzipped my pants. At first none of them dare to touch it directly. But they poked it with a ballpoint pen. And they took a sniff at it. Then a girl who appeared to be the leader used toilet paper to hold it and she started to stroke it gently. My penis was already at the full size. They were of immense interest. They were undoubtedly excited. The paper was soon wet and useless by my lubricating fluid. Thereafter the girl stroked me directly. She was not good at hand job. But I was afraid to tell her how to do that. "It's not cumming." She said to her friends half curiously and half disappointedly. When she demanded money, I said that I didn't molest her but she did. She got angry and slapped my face. "If this is not enough, I give you this" said she angrily. She pulled her skirt up, rose her leg high and started rub the inside of her thigh against my dick. To support her own body, she put her arms around my body and pressed her pubis against my hip. For the each stroke she gave me, I could feel her pussy rubbed on my side. It's hot. I couldn't resist the very temptation. I sneakingly inched my hand to her underbelly. I reached her very own and though the underwear separated us I tried to locate her pleasure button. But before I could give her any significant push to the climax, I was finished. These days, they call me up whenever they need money or they feel horny. I made dates with some of them separately, too. Number and member may change but the rules seem to be the same. They turn me on, use me and abuse me. After that they accuse me of pervert. I pay for that and apologize. So far I fucked two girls. One gave me blow jobs. A lot of others hand jobs or watching me masturbate. In return, I gave them hand jobs, pussy-eatings or watch them masturbate. Before it is too late, how can I get out of the hell like this?

NAME:  Janitor  (23-Jun-99 09:09 PM)
age 36-40/bisexual male/Disposition:

TITLE: Sneaking in and hiding in a shed
My school has an ordinary shed for tools which hasn't been used for long. I didn't know the door was broken. But one day I saw girls coming out of it. The shed was almost empty but had few useless junks. I didn't think they were using it for anything serious. Smoking pot or something, I guessed. But I'm a janitor. The shed is my territory. I carefully examined the building. It's easy to fix the door and nothing else was wrong. I couldn't find cigar butts. Only few comics. Some are slightly erotic. I didn't fix the door at once. I was going to catch the trespassers. Few days later, they came back after the school. They were three of them. One was a seventh grader I was dying to fuck. She was a tall leggy girl and though she was a slender, she looked late teens. I didn't act immediately. I waited and after they left I checked the building. I found new comics. I guessed that they couldn't read them in their house so they brought them here and read. The shed worked as a secret comic pool. The next day, I left some real pornography and waited. They came back on Saturday afternoon. I waited long enough for them to find and read those dirty mags. When I enter the shed, they were devouring on the real porno. I asked them what they were doing and what they hid at their back and under their skirt. They couldn't talk their way out of it. "You naughty kids need to be spanked!" I exclaimed. Or their misconduct must be reported. They agreed on spanking. I had that leggy girl on my lap as the principal offender. But when I pulled the skirt over, she was surprised. She tried to get her feet. I pressed her down and tied her hands behind her back. I unfastened her skirt and pushed it and her panties down to her knees. She yelled. She screamed. "Shut up!" The more she cried, the harder I hit her. The ass became all red. I stopped hitting her only when she learnt the lesson. She shut up and I let her go. I realized that she had black curly hair. Moving backward, she struggled to keep her clothes from dragging down further but with her both hands tied, there is no help for it. I saw other two girls. Both were average-looking. One had bigger bosoms. Indeed she had biggest breasts among three. I called her. She was meek. Perhaps she learnt the lesson by watching her friend beaten hard. I undressed her waist down. She had lightly-fuzzed pussy. She crawled on my lap. Though she had not put up resistance, I tied her hands. I enjoyed hitting her upon her ass. I didn't hit her as hard as I hit the tall girl. I rather enjoyed the feeling of her flat belly on top of my bulge in my pants. I slapped her butt thoroughly and made it all red. I called the last girl, undistinguished Miss Average. She took her skirt and panties off. She didn't have the hair yet. She didn't show any hint of defiance. But I tied her. She was at ease on top of me. I spanked her till all red. She must feel my hard bulge but unlike the bosom girl she didn't stiffen. I had three girls tied, well beaten and naked below waist. I called the first girl again. The prettiest one. I said she had been disobedient. She needed an additional punishment. I slapped her face when she was about whining. I told her the special restraint, Southerner used to tie a slave. A nigger had his hands tied behind his butt and feet tied behind his head, beaten to death. She was too scared to say anything coherent. I knocked her down, grabbed a leg and tied it to her own neck. The rope chocked her when I lifted my foot which had been treaded on her leg. I called one girl and made her step on it. I had her other leg tied the same manner and another girl step on it. They had to pin down the girl under their feet to keep their friend from suffocating. They were all helpless. I could see her pussy well exposed. I pinched the purple sprout. I rubbed it till it was engorged and firm. I went out to fetch a twig of willow leaving a clothespin nipping the fleshy button. While I was out, the two girls kept the tallest girl on the floor, from escaping. They kept stepping on her merely to keep her from chocking. With their all hands tied, they were completely helpless. I whipped the girl till her slit was red and swollen. She sobbed and squirmed nicely. I removed the clothespin. I then rolled on top of her, aimed my dick at herself. She was tight, resilient virgin. I gave it a hard nice push and popped her cherry while squeezing her breasts in my hands. I can see my big black cock, soaked with pussy juice and blood, sliding in and out of her box. Her face was twisted with pain. The terror-stricken two friends were speechless. I reached them in between their legs. The bosom girl stooped to avoid my hand. Useless! Without leaving her friend on the floor, she was within easy reach. I slammed hard my root against the beaver, caressed soft two kittens in my hands, taking three in one simultaneously, jerked and shot sizzling cum into the prettiest gir. I also raped two other girls. The mediocre girl had lost her cherry at the age of eight. She was raped by her step father and his sex friend ever since then. The father fucker gave me a nice great blow job. She made me cum much earlier than I wanted it. The bosom girl was just another useless ass. I popped her cherry with unflinched thrust and mercilessly pumped my cock in and my load into her cunt. I raped them such relentlessly they'd lost the will to disobey me. But the rape still went on and on. They'd come to believe that I had every rights to abuse them. You may call this vagina washing. I fixed the door but they are coming back. They come back to see me. Besides these three, I raped the daddy of the mediocre girl, the one who's been raping her last five years. It was fun! He would be finished if the incest be exposed. I also raped his gorgeous secretary, well educated sweet lily come from a good family. She would spurn me, but her boss trapped her to come to see me. So far we have nice 2 x 4 relationship. The bosom girl still has trouble with master/slave relationship, but all others love to be forced to do what they love most - sex!

NAME:  guest  (25-Jun-99 10:11 PM)

TITLE: my encounter (via email)
Wow! I was very excited yesterday. I took a city bus at 10:00PM. A young woman was beside me. I felt a leg at my hand. As I stretched out my hand, I could touch venus' mound. It was incredibly easy. Few minutes later, she pressed her side against me. I rubbed her soft. Few more minutes and she talked to me in a small voice. She said she was a tourist, looking for a cheap nice inn. I said I knew but I offered my appartment. She came. I FUCKED HER ALL NIGHT LONG!!

NAME:  Ryo  (27-Jun-99 05:10 PM)
age under 21/bisexual male/victim

TITLE: a groper couple
I'm Ryo. Though, it's not real name :) I'm a Japanese-Canadian. I'm going to an international school. I take a crowded train to go to the school. One morning a woman touched me. That was when I was 7th grader. She touched my penis. I couldn't say anything. She rubbed me gently untill it became hard. She said in Japanese "Oh dear, if I say you are a groper molesting me, you would be arrested" and "Keep this our secret." I think she blackmailed me. Then I felt something hard on my back. A man having an erected penis molested me from back. The woman kept rubbing my penis. She unziped me. She got my penis out and winked the man on my back. He stretched out his hand and touched my penis. He was better caresser than the woman. He made me feel good. They kept molesting me thereafter almost every morning. Sometime the man alone molested me but usually they two molested me. My first exprience with a woman was that woman. I had sex with her in the condition her boy friend could suck my penis too. My first exprience with a man was that man. I think I'm lucky because the most of my friends do not have sex yet. But I alread exprienced both man and woman.

NAME:  Charlie  (29-Jun-99 05:31 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Teacher's Lesson
I go to an all boys school where there’s four female teachers that like to tease everyone’s cocks. There’s a Hot sexy teacher called Ms. Coley. She’s around under 25 and not much older than I am. Brunette and about 5ft5 with sexy legs and a fantastic ass, and face you want to spunk on but the best part is her chest which is perfectly shaped and makes you want to fondle so badly. She likes to wear tight clothes that make you want to fuck her! Anyway she teaches us English where she teases all the cocks in the class. Her tight clothes make her tits stick out and she wears a skirt with a slit to show off her legs and she often bends down giving a great view of her rear! She often stands in front of the blackboard forcing us to look at her sexy body added with her scent it gives us raging hard on’s. Not only that but she sets enough work to keep us busy for years. One day my mates and me decided it was time we taught her a thing or to. We studied her for weeks planning our move before striking. It was a Friday afternoon Ms. Coley was in her classroom over seeing a detention with one of our mates. Only she didn’t know he was there to keep her behind after school on purpose so we could perform our plan. It was about 5 o’clock and there was no one else around except the caretaker who lived on site about ½ kilometre away. We knew he wouldn’t be able to hear anything, and Ms. Coley was not expected by anyone. She was wearing a dark grey skirt, grey/clear pantyhose, high heels, and a tight dark red T-shirt. There were 6 of us altogether and on my mates cue we burst in her room with masks on and pinned the bitch down. The slut didn’t stand a chance as we groped her body through the clothes. She’d tried to fight back but we held her down while Tim unzipped his trousers and then stuffed his cock deep in her mouth. We all just pinned her while watching this beautiful teacher give Tim a blowjob, her moans of protests only made it better! Once he pulled out we hurled the bitch up and bent her over her desk gasping for air she was no match for us as we tied her hands behind her back. Then shifting her skirt I ripped off her panties while my mates made her spread her legs. I rammed my throbbing cock up her tight cunt, and started to pump away the beautiful teacher helpless as I fucked her hard. I fulfilled my fantasy as I raped my english teacher over her desk, powerless to stop me while my mates egged me on. Ms Coley moaned and begged me for mercy but I was determined to screw the living daylights out of her! After a few minutes of shafting I finally came in her pussy my cum filling her before I pulling out and letting someone else take over. For 2 hours we raped her again and again first over her desk then on it we pounded her body over and over with our dicks. We completely fucked the shit out of her, all the while one of was filming it and taking pictures. After two hours she was completely exhausted covered in cum and sweat, her clothes on the floor except her skirt drenched in cum round her hips. During that time I had fucked her mouth, cunt, ass and best of all tits! At one time my mate was fucking her so hard the table almost broke! She was so drained of energy she could do nothing as we wrote ‘slut’ on her forehead before leaving her covered in semen. We taught her a lesson never to forget, and threatened to spread the photo’s if she told. She still teases in class however and one day I may fuck her alone, but for the time being my attention has turned to Miss Clark another English teacher with blond hair, big tits, and loves to wear mini-skirts. Another tease that must be taught a lesson.

NAME:  a middle manager  (30-Jun-99 07:57 PM)
age 41-50/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: My adventure
She is an elevator girl whom I know little. She wears a yellow miniskirt uniform. I know she is okay. While other girls wear pantyhose, she wears stockings. Soon after I get in the elevator I reach a hand in between her legs. Uh-huh, what a delicious feel is this! She bends a little for me. She must like it. I rub her pussy. A finger, as usual, slips into the slit over the cloth. It's wet. I know there will be a change of policy at the top. They consider those elevator girls as a relic of the past and are going to fire them. But why she? Other useless operators can be fired but not her. Now, I am proposing increase in the number of staff under me. And I have a good prospect of adding an asistant secretary. Why not! Though I don't know what she can do, a good girl of her qualification must be given second chance.

NAME:  Marika  (04-Jul-99 11:45 PM)

TITLE: I am not sure
I never met a groper. If someone ever touch me even by an accident, I would glare fiercely at him. So I have believed I hate it. But recently I saw a woman molested just in front of me. I'm not for sure if indeed she was molested but I guess she was. I took a train from an airport where I sat in front of two women. One was around 23-24, other still her teens, maybe 17-18. The younger girl had a huge paper bag on her lap. The train was noway crowded and we were on the conner of the car. Only three being there, the girl - it's difficult to describe how she looked - tried to keep the outward appearance of having peace of mind. That is - I could see that she didn't had it. I didn't know why. She was watching the view from the window. But I sensed that she was not watching anything at all. She was paying the full attention to the older woman. I also noticed that the girl breathed hard. And she was slightly shaken. But that was a warm day and having pinky cheeks, she could not be shaken feeling cold. She was having a sort of sensual excitment, blushed and shaken. I noticed that I could not see the one of older woman's hand. It was put under the paper bag. And the paper bag was shaking faintly. It was not by the girl whose boby was also shaken. The two movement did not come into line. The woman was massaging the girl on her pubis. The woman grinned when she became aware of my curious eyes. I was flurried. I turned my eyes away as if I was doing something shameful. But my attention was fixed on them. I was not sure if the woman was molesting the girl. I thought so and probably that was the truth. But maybe they were that sort of couple. Hasitating what I should do or could do, I stayed petrified. To my horror, she lifted the paper bag a little and I saw that the girl's jeans were unzipped. I tried not see them. I felt that if I could not help the girl I should pretend I knew nothing. Being molested was enough injury and I thought being watched while being molested merely added insult to it. I turned my eyes away but I could not turn my mind away. The older woman carefully observing my look widened the jeans' opening. She pushed the panties down. Maybe she tried to show me the pubic hair. Fortunately, I could not see the girl's private parts due the paper bag. But I could see the movement of the older woman's hand penetrating to the very bottom of the girl's torso. She kept molesting the teen about 20 minutes. I couldn't help but keep looking them out of the corner of my eyes. The older one left before the city center leaving me and the younger one. I'm woman, too. I know how it would feel if someone touches the clitoris gently and does it 20 minutes. I was sure that the girl was pushed to the edge. She was totally exhausted for some time. At the city center station, she somehow pulled her panties and jeans together slowly. I couldn't dare to see her face. I didn't have any word for console. She shamed on herself and I myself. But the sight of molested and aroused young woman does not leave me. The sight also aroused me. I am not sure if I am still against all sexual molestation or sexual relationship between females.

NAME:  chacha  (09-Jul-99 07:53 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: football
I watched a football game at the high school I graduated from. Though it was a practice game between high schools, I found it crowded. I got a dim feeling that someone was poking me with fingers. Then I realized that they weren't fingers. They were nipples. The bodies came in contact due the crowdedness and were rubbed each other. The girl behind me had her nipples firm. I didn't molest her. It's an accident and she rubbed her nipples against my back and got horny. Somehow she couldn't stop it. She kept gently pressing her tits and slowly chafing them on my back. I was very excited. I wanted to do something. But I afraided if I turned around she would stop doing it and even fled. I considered everything I could think of. And I took a mirror out. At least I could see who she was. I guessed she was a high school student. I didn't think she was a habitual offender. She was blushed. She was terribly upset about her own lustfulness. She was anxious that somebody might notice her. Yet, she couldn't stop. She was confused. Then she realized that I was watching her reflected in a mirror. She felt shame and stopped movement. Yet, she kept her nipples pressed on me. So I put back the mirror and I started to move, rubbing her nipples. That was more than she could bear. She started to move again. I leaned back and whispered ''I think you are sweet.'' Indeed she must be one of prettiest girl in the school. But she pretended that she never heard that. It's okay. I respected her. I kept our relationship only between my back and her nipples.

NAME:  guest  (11-Jul-99 10:20 PM)

TITLE: My trick to be a victim. (via Secret Submission)
Hi! I am a seventeen years old virgin. But I am badly need of a man since I was twelve. I was and is thinking of all kind of erotic fantasy all the time. I am masturbating four or five times a day. Not only that, I want a man fondle my pussy and I know how to trick him to do that. My trick is get on a crowded bus or streetcar and stand near the door. I must look absent minded. All man passing by touches my pussy. Some men get to know me. They become aggressive. They grab my pussy or even try to stick fingers in it. I had been followed sometimes. I ran away and put the chaser off the track. I was excited. You know, the run makes my highs rub my pussy. The stimulation is awful. My pussy was dripping. I hope someday someone outrun me and grab me to a deserted street. He can rape me and I want to be his sex-toy.

NAME:  JK  (13-Jul-99 08:49 PM)
age under 21/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: more!
im 14. you know i was groped first time in my life. he was a middle aged man 30 or so. he nudged me a little on my arm. i ignored him. he tested me on my tit. i let him off lightly. he suddenly grabbed me down there. he rubbed my pussy hard. i gave myself few minutes to think about it. i wondered if i should stop him. but i felt it very good. so i let him went on. i dont know i can meet him today too. i hope so.

Name: kneader
Title: I was lucky.
Comments: How do you do? I usually use an underground railway to commute. It's dirty, it's stinking but it's cheap and it's working. Lately I had an unbelievable experience. On July xth, the underground was unusually crowded. I hated it but as I found a girl in her twenties, I followed her to the car. I caressed her on the bum. She ignored me. I put my hand under her mini-skirt. I grabed her cheeks. I rubbed her anus over her undies. After long massage and careful observation, I decided that she must be all right. I slipped my fingers in and touched her. The place was moist. I tried to reach her clit. But I arrived only in her joyful orifice. I put my middle finger in. I used my index and third finger to scratch her lips. She was shaking. She tried to squeeze my finger out. But I pushed my finger further in her orifice. Then, she tried to fix her insecure footing but treaded on somebody. It left nowhere to put her feet. She found hersely in a nice fix. She stretched herself, standing on tiptoe while I was molesting her from behind. I could reach her bud this time. She was all wet. She could sink down to the floor at any time. She clang on to the straps desperately. My excitment went out of control, too. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants. I placed my dick on her slit skirting around her undies. (No pun intended.) She was thrown into a little panic. She tried to see me. But she couldn't turn around. Trying to get a better foothold, she spread her legs a little. She was not standing on tiptoe any more. But her move coincide with my move shoving my tool harder. It made the tip of my dick buried in her cunt. She was frozen. But soon I could feel her legs trembling slightly. I waited and saw how things go. She did not cry. I guess she wanted but she couldn't. I wanted to finish myself off. But moving my pelvis back and forth was out of question. I reached for my root and rubbed myself. The head of my tool sticked into her orifice repeatedly as I played with myself furiously. She was tight and wet. I think she was rather tightening it struggling helplessly agianst invading hardon. Long before we arrived at our destination I shot load into her pussy. I enjoyed after cum fatigue. And I wiped my dick on her skirt.
Date: 15:02:23, July 17

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