Selected Sensual Stories No.2

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NAME:  Steve  (29-Mar-99 10:56 AM)
Age:/straight male/undecided

TITLE: When I was 14 y old boy
Let me to tell you my real story how I was molested and later what came out of it. I was about14 y old school-boy and lived, just as now, in Budapest, Hungary. Once I was traveling home on a crowded tram. Suddenly I felt that somebody is touching me somewhere around my dick. Somehow I got paralized. I could not say a word. Anyway it was a big luck for the molesting man, because that time people on the tram could easily beat him for this dirty action. But the man did not stop touching my dick and I have got a nice erection :). Everyone can imagine that how I was waiting for arriving that stop where I could get off and escape. Surprisingly, there the man also got off, followed me and started a talk. Telling the true, I find him friendly. We were talking about neutral things not about sex, but somehow we walked into a park where only very few, mainly old retired people were sitting on some of the benches. We also sat down somewhere then the man started to touch me again. Somehow I find it exciting. I knew that it was very bad what I did, but he could convince me to get out my erected cock. Well, boys in that age frequently sow their dicks to each other. I thought this is the same. First the man just touched, than stroked and finally masturbated my prick, then bent down and started sucking. It was not bad at all :). Even now I remember that my cockhead found his warm mouth quite comfortable. But his bold had moving up-and in my lap was somehow humorous for me, so I felt that it was just a caper we did. He suckled my penis for a real long time, and also used his tongue, so finally I orgasmed. But that age I just strated to produce real semen. The liquid coming out from the dick was qiute water-like. Some time later we saw it, because after orgasming in his mouth he made a very energic hand job on my dick till a cum again. But then he was only watching the head of my dick. But, that is true, from very close. Then the man left me and I never saw him again. The evening I felt my dick somehow swollen even without erection. Well. This man was a definitive homosexual-pedofil person and made an absolute illegal thing when lured me. Later, but for a long time, I felt a big shame for this story. But now, when I am older a little, I think it was not so tragic. It was an experience, effectively not unpleasant at all, which did not made me homosexual. On the otherhand, I think this story is the reason of that later, when I strated my real sexual life, the oral sex became quite important to me. My first wife, who was absolute innocent girl when we met first, was a good subjet for *teaching how to suckle me. In few years, she became a very good sucker, so later when I was not the only man in her life, she conquested some men not only with her attractive bottom, but also with here very god sucking technique I Ątought"J)). My second wife did not became a real fond of suckling, but also suckled me a lot. With her, my favorite is that I am just laying on my back and she suckles my NOT erected dick. Maybe it is not known, but after a time, this type of suckling gives a very special and sensual feeling in the cockhead. But this thirty minute suckling needs an altruist woman. At the and of course you can make a good fuck, so your parter can gain back all the energy she invested into your dick :). Finally, I think there is a definitive link between my 14 y old experience and that I like the mouth-fucking also. For a long time a had a friend, a woman, who worked the same palce as me, who was a very good subject for that. After some introductory visits in here home, a typical visit was the next: Saturday or Sunday morning I called her and asked that it was inconvenient if I nipped in for a coffe. Since she lived alone, usually answered OK. So I visited her, she made a coffe, and we were drinking it or in the kitchen or in the sitting room, while having a chat about a neutral subject. I watched her face and mouth how was talking, and waited till I had at least 50% erection, then just I stood up, straddled infront of her, while she remained sitting and kept talk, however exactly knew that what was coming: I opened the files of my trouthers, took out my dick and put it in her mouth. First I let her just suck, then when my kock became hard I started to move it in and out, finally I took her head and moved it opposite direction how I was fucking her mouth. When I cummed in her mouth, very comfortably dryed my dick with a napkin, one span far from her face, accurately put it away, and kissed her mouth. Then we drank the rest of the coffe whick was more tasteful mainly for her, but a little bit for me, too :). Just to make cleear: time to time I had to make a real fucking with this woman, which never was so good as this short-time mouth fucking. First she could not understand why and how I could do this action, but after some case, she accepted that this was a little funny but quite interesting and arousing Saturday morning escapade. Later I beguiled her out of that after my leave she usually masturbated and cummed. Few times I just remaind there and asked her to do as I were not present. So she vend to the bed lied prone and masturbated while moved, moaned and snorted. Few times I also got excited and fucked her. But time to time I had to sleep with her, anyway I could loose the possibility of my favorite action the mouth fucking wich became so exciting for me when I was 14. (comments etc. to:

NAME:  villain  (30-Mar-99 02:08 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: high school gal - part II
her name is rrr. i already moleted her in the train, followed her and raped her. i took her purse with her commutation ticket without which she can't go home. so i thought there must be a good chance of her coming back. the most of woman usually resigns, no matter how strong she has resisted, once a small chunk of meat called penis breaks in her vagina. and a woman, once raped, values money more than chastity. i have her name and her telephone number. we arranged to meet after the school. and here, she comes. she hesitate to follow me. sure, she knows she will be raped. but this is the promise. i let her go on condition that she comes back. else, i would keep raping her regardless of the time her school begin. and she cannot get her purse back if she doesn't come with me. i give her a ticket. we go other direction. two stations away, we step off the train. many "love hotels" are there. once i drag her in one of these hotels, she has made up mind that she has no choice. in the room, she undresses herself weeping. she want to avoid rape but she want to aviod creasing her clothes, too. and the clothes are more important. i kiss her. i put a tongue in. she just weeps. i lay her down. i kiss her pussy. i put a tongue in. i lick it gently. and i lick it patiently. after a while, she starts moaning. she stiffens. she bends backward. i open her legs wider and aim it at it. it's tightened a little which gives but only small resistance. it pushes it open. the hard it penetrates deep into soft wet it. i caress her clit by my fingers. i humiliate her a lot by making her feel good. i ask her if it is safe. she says she doesn't know. i rejected the use of a condom. to avoid pregnancy, i ask her a blow job which she agrees. but i let her hold a small vibrator between her cunt lips while she sucks. before i come, her comes. "you bitch, you don't come when you are raped." i hold her head and thrust me cock hard. she tries throw her head back. but i hold it and ejaculate in her mouth. "bitch, take down, bitch." she doesn't say it taste good. so i produce rope and, though she offers resistance, tie her up. i put the vibrator in her cunt and start searching her belongings. she protests gasping. i say that i'm going to call her home and tell her family that she is here in a love hotel and let her panting voice heard over the telephone. she is upset. she apologizes for the remark she made on my sperm. i unbind her arms so that she can masturbate. otherwise i will call her home. the nice pretty girl does anything. she fondle her tits while rubbing the vibrator on her pussy. i stop her now and then and force her narrate it. she says "it is wet, juicy, dripping" and her clitoris is erected and she feels it so good. she further explains that she never has closely observed her pussy when masturbate. i produce an instant camera and start taking photos. she somehow hides her face at first. but soon, she gives up. i threat to call her home and coax that i do not take her face. i even give her a handkerchief to hide her face. but she cannot keep it on her face as she is repeatedly jolted by the sensual pleasure. i make her my sex slave. she comes to my apartment twice a week to be raped. now i grow tired of simple rape and soft sm. i wonder what to do with this slave girl. may i dump her?

NAME:  Edie  (01-Apr-99 02:03 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: for Eve
I have stumbled over the following article on the net (TABLOID WORLD SERVICE to be exact) and I think this can be a good story for you. Though you can find the full text at the below URL, in brief the article titled SICKO PERVERTS MOLEST DEAF SCHOOLGIRLS is: Japan's notorious train perverts take advantage of deaf girls. Girls who travel by train to a school for the deaf in the Tokyo suburb said they've been groped, felt up and otherwise fondled by train-riding perverts. Some said they were victims of the same obsessive fiend, who -- with a stalker-like passion -- would hunt them down for repeated molestation sessions. The girls said they felt targeted because their uniforms indicate they attend a school for the deaf. One 16-year-old girl was forced to watched in horror as a man followed her around the station and onto the train with an evil gleam in his eyes. Once on the train, he began fondling her. She was unable to cry out for help because of her disability. The man, she said, has attacked her again and again. She told teachers that the same man had been tailing her for a year, and that his harassment has grown worse.
NAME:  Jim  (05-Apr-99 04:31 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/undecided

TITLE: A dumb blonde
I met a gorgeous blonde waiting a school bus. She was a quite beauty with fairly long stright hair. I didn't know what she was waiting for. I was not, and still am not womanizer. But I was charmed by her appearance. I said hello. She was, to best describe, shocked and embarrassed. She looked down and turned her back without saying anything. I resented. I didn't say anything offensive. I only said hello. While I was leaving her, I noticed that a bus was coming. And it was a school bus for the deaf and dumb. She couldn't, and not didn't, say hello. I felt pity for her. She was prety young blonde in her late teens. She could have any boyfriend only if she could say hello. And she was speechless. I wounder if she or her kinda was pulled into a grove nearby, what could she do. A mute resistance? Just few feet away from the street, she would be helplessly tortured and raped. And I could do that only if I knew she was dumb. But she might be deaf. If so, she can scream without understanding her own voice. I must know if she can produce a sound. I worked out a plan. At first I studied sign language. With the language I could ask her if she could utter a sound. Probably I could lower her guard, too. I would wait her on her way home. We would talk and walk till we pass by the grove. Then I push her in. I can beat her or threat her or just tear off her clothes. I crush her breast in my hand. I kiss her all over. I put my tongue in her mouth. If she wouldn't open her mouth, I pinch her lovely nose. To take a breath, she would open the mouth. Before giving her the last strokes, I eat her cunt. I lick her clitoris till it be hard and ready. She must keep her legs wide open. Else I bite her flesh. Soft moans and groans come out of her speechless lips. Raping alone is not enough. I am turned on seeing a woman raped and humiliated. And the best turn on humiliation is a resisting woman overwhelmed by sensual pleasure. The dumb blonde can not call for help. I can humiliate her many many times.

NAME:  Victor  (14-Apr-99 07:02 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: After dark and after drink
I had worked for a hotel in a south pacifie resourt. I used to have a good relationship with female guests. I didn't need to molest them. They followed about and clung to me. They would take a rude fumbling for affection. But sometimes I needed to do something tricky. Drink was a good accomplice. Girls rarly declined my treat. And I suggested that I could buy liquor at the employee price, which is much cheeper. The condition was I bought it and we drank it in their room. In general, they agreed. I would set to make them get drunk. Since I put a painkiller in the liquid, I took extra care not to be drunk. Raping sleeping beauty was fun. The latest one was a french girl came with two friends. She fell in sleep pretty soon so I needed to wait till other two dozed off. The girl laid herself down on a couch at full length. I could see her panty. I pulled her dress up to her armpits. She didn't wear brassiere. She had pretty round bosoms. I licked pink nipples. I sucked them. She was dead drunk. I took her panty off. She had thin dirty blonde hair covering wide area. I pecked the gates to the clit until them open. When my tongue directly touched the button she moved little. I rubbed the clit increasing the intensity little by little. And her breath became from soft to hard. No surprise. A woman may feel good as caressed asleep. I guess she is dreaming a sexy dream. But she was fairly sensitive. I felt her pussy wet. "Ummm..." I heard her moaned. But she was still sleeping. I opened her legs and produced a camera to take a nice photo. To my surprise, she put a finger in the slit and started caress herself. She must have a pretty good dream. But her masturbation came to end fairly soon. I don't think she finished it. She merely fell in deep sleep again. I further opened her legs wider. I opened her pussy. Just like her nipples, her pussy was pinkish, too. I licked her wet crotch. She stired her trunk restlessly and put the finger upon the clit again. She resumed the masturbation in the dream. I couldn't stand it. I hastily undressed myself, put the cock to her pussy and stuffed it. The hot wet cunt took my dick easily. She even grinded though she was still asleep. "Sh!" I found a girl passing by us. She was one of two who didn't get drunk soon. But she mistook us and retreated to her bed at once. She couldn't understand that a girl could be raped asleep. Further that, she couldn't imagin the raped feel good in a dream, moan and groan and grind with her finger fondling her own clit. I kept raping the girl. I rammed my cock violently into her cunt. I led her hands to her tits and she started pinch them and rub them. She was half asleep and half awake. She was shamelessly dictated by her sex drive in the dream and reacted me in reality. This was the best sex I ever had. She was so sexy with knitted brows. She was hit by orgasms. She jerked and drenched in sweat. What I didn't know was if there were more than one girl and you were going to rape one of them, you needed to rape all of them, no matter ugly others were, else those who were not raped would persuade the victim to file a complaint. Two days later, I lost the job. My only consolation is I still have her photos.

NAME:  ME TOO  (21-Apr-99 06:31 PM)
age under 21/Sex:/Disposition:

TITLE: in a rock concert
I didn't think I could be molested in public. But it could happen. In my case, I was molested in a rock concert. We had standing room only. I felt the erection of the man directly behind me pressing up against my bottom. I was shocked. He hold me tight on my hips in his arms. His hand approached there. Under the skirt it reached between my legs. I merely said "stop" and "you don't do that." But the molester didn't care. I don't know if my voice reached his ears. Because the music was at full blast, probably nobody heard it. I attempted to brush his hand away. I should turn around and hit him. But I didn't have the nerve to do that. When his hand went up in my panties, I couldn't believe that. He had been molesting me to the end of the concert. His fingers were magic fingers. They could reach anywhere and fondle me anyway. I was turned on and moistened. Hey gropar! You don't go home without me!

NAME: divine_venom (24-Apr-99 03:23 PM)
age under 21/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: molestors like concerts.....
when I was just 12yr's old I went to a concert at the beach, and was seriously molested for the first time. I loved it. it was so exciting to be wanted by an older man, at least twice my age, in such a sexual manner. in the middle of the concert, one of my friend asked if she could shift places w/ me cuz the guy behind her was starting to get too close. she was such a baby when it came to her "personal space". so we switched as best we could, (since it was so crowded). and sure enough, in less than five minutes, the guy had his large arms around my waist. I just sort of shrugged it off at first, but then I kinda got into it, and started swinging my hips letting him know that I was game. then he started whispering in my ear, just little words and phrases like "hey baby", and "yeah, do you like that baby?". even through all the thumping and booming of the base, I could still hear him so clearly. his voice was so deep, it scared me, but I loved it. and then he said, "I love bald pussy".......that just scared the hell outta me, but at the same time, I began to feel a tightening, tingling sensation in my crotch. I didn't realize exactly what it was at the time, but now I realize, that I was getting "horny"....... I could feel his dick growing harder by the minute, and he started rubbing it up against my tight little ass. finally, the moment I'd been waiting for. he stuck one huge thick finger up my skirt and panties, and massaged my clit. with the other hand, he began to massage my tit. at this point, I didn't give a damn who saw us, all I knew was that I wanted his meat inside me soooo bad. I began moaning. I'd lost my virginity the year before, but that felt nothing like this. t

NAME:  on-line master  (26-Apr-99 11:29 AM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: on-line discipline
You submissive female, wait weekend. Have a mirror opposite the bed. Masturbate with nothing on, on the bed, with light turned on, legs wide open and watch yourself (almost) coming in the mirror. Stop just before you come and look at your pussy and write me a report. Save your come till next day or much later when you get email permission to come. Until you get my email you cannot wear panties nor remove your lubricant. If it dries out, go out with miniskirt and without panties. When you walk, rub your pussy between your thighs. Go a busy street or shopping mall, stand cross leged tight and secretly squeeze your crotch. Come home and write me report again. If you can not hold it any longer and come before my email, you must write detailed report begging my forgiveness. The report includes color, viscosity, smell and taste of your pussy juice. You administer self bondage against your own crotch while waiting my email to forgive. Good luck.

NAME:  Alyx  (28-Apr-99 11:32 PM)
age 26-30/straight female/tolerant molestee

TITLE: My Experience
My first molested experience came when I was working one summer at a local amusement park. My job that day was to sell tickets in the kiddie section. My station was a booth/kiosk where I sold tickets & took the money. One of the area managers came by several times a day to collect the money as we were not allowed to keep a large amount of cash in the booth. Now, the booth is big enough for 2 people with a ledge just inside for the tickets & cash box to sit on. One area manager would always rub against my ass as he counted the money. It took a couple of days for me to realize he was doing it deliberately. By that time, he was coming around 2 or 3 times during my shift. At first I didn't feel I could say anything (I was 16 he was probably in his early 40's).

NAME:  likearock  (29-Apr-99 05:26 PM)
age under 21/straight male/undecided

TITLE: At home
When I was 16, my family (mom dad and younger sister) lived in a rather large home about an hour away. One night when our parents were gone and I was watching my sister masturbate in the bath tub, the topic turned to sex. As she is 4 years younger, she was curious as to what it was like to have sex, other than with her fingers. I went on to tell her how great it is, etc. and offered to show her. At first she said no, but she kept bringing it up, and finally gave way to my offer. We fucked in her room first, and then all over the rest of the house that night. To this day we still have sex 3-4 times a day and her pussy is still as tight as the day a took her virginity. We love eachother and we still live with our parents and they still don't know about us.

NAME:  a sorority sister  (30-Apr-99 08:01 PM)
age under 21/straight female/victim

TITLE: I was raped by fraternity brothers
I was raped by four brothers. I have a boyfriend who is a fraternity member. I got a phone call from somebody. He said my boyfriend wanted to see me at the fraternity house. I didn't think much about it and went there. There, four brothers were waiting and shut the door behind. The house is little off campus and only few fraternity members are around during weekend. And it is rare to see even a fraternity member after a term-end exam. They hurled me onto a big table and tied me spreedeagled. I screamed for help. But they merely laughed. Soon I understood that I couldn't expect any. They started undo my jeans. The rope cut into my wrists. I asked they unbind me and said that I could undo my dress by myself. After all of us took clothes off, I was ordered to crawl up to the table. They spreedeagled me and tried to tie me again. I explained that the rope was killing me. Instead of tying me, two men took both my hands and had me grasp thier penis. I obeyed their command and moved my hands and stroked them. One sat on my face and forced his dick in my mouth. I sucked it. The last one sat between my legs and aimed his penis against me. But he couldn't insert. He said something and started to lick my pussy. The two whose penis I was stroking worked over my tits. I was frightened but also excited. My tits and clit were all became firm and more susceptible. The one eated my cunt seized my ankles and raised my legs high. The hard penis penetrated into my greasy cunt. "Aaaaggghhh. . ." Having a big mouthful of cock, I groaned. I never had more than one man working on me. I never had all of my erogenous zone stimulated at once. Wave after wave of shuddering pleasure enveloped me. They took turns at fucking me. I came and came. They anal fucked me. They mouth fucked me. I cannot recall well. It took five to six hours to the end. I remember that I begged to use the bathroom. One of them wouldn't let me go. Instead he covered my pussy with his mouth and I couldn't hold my urine. I pissed on him. Others laughed and they forced my mouth open and urinated. I don't know why but the gangbang was so kinky good and humiliating. This could be addictive. I afraid how can I refuse if they want me again. I cannot tell this in public due my sorority membership.

NAME:  Satanic Celt  (06-May-99 09:48 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: How to make a girl slave
Find a girl in a quiet street. She must be preteen to early teen wearing a skirt. An older girl or a girl with jeans is not a easy prey. Follow her sneakingly. Find a place where you can drag her into. Reaffirm that she is indeed alone. All at once hold her firmly from behind and reach down between her legs. A woman without exception sits down on her heels or on her knees. By taking this posture she parts her knees. By pulling her upper body back, you can make the knee angle widen. She can not speak four to five seconds. Even when she gains her voice back, she may merely murmur "no" or something. Threat her and tell her "shut up!" while putting your fingers in her panties and tinker-picker pussy-hussy. The good chance is she shuts up or keeps her weak muttering. You've already dominated her. Tell her stand up. Seize her and order her to come with you. Some of them would obeidently follow you to the safe place nearby. Others you could have a try at dragging in. Once out of the open space, you strip her panties off and rape her immediately. Without proper foreplay, the girl may find the intercouse painful. But you can save it for the second rape. A woman before union may at any moment start screaming or try to run off. But once you transfix a woman with a meaty joy stick, her resistance is a history. You can bring her safer place, make her all naked and rape her with thorough foreplay. Give her climaxes. Crush her spirit. She is ready to accept all sort of sensual play or serve you just like your girlfriend.

NAME:  cyclist  (09-May-99 10:03 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: hometown hide-out
I visited my old home last summer. I took a walk to the places in that I thought of with affection. But my old hide-out is to far to walk and not accessible by car. So I wouldn't go there if I didn't meet a road accident. It was not serious one. A careless girl riding a bicycle ran into my back. "Are you OK?" It was not sreious at all. But the girl was pretty. She was a round-faced teenager of average height and build. A kind of girl I used to take into the hide-out. "Hell, no!" An evil idea strikes me - just like the bad old day. I lied that the accident hurt me badly and asked if she could take me home by the bike. The naive girl let me rode pillion. I hold her loins in my arms. The hands naturally came to her nderbelly. The girl was stuck for a word for a moment. But she accepted the situation without a protest. It was a feasible riding position after all. I directed her. Soon we came to a deserted road. I lowered my hands little by little. I knew she was upset. But the good natured girl believing that she injured me, though perplexed, endured it. I directed her to a wood. I rubbed her pubic, faintly at first and vigorously in the end. As I increased the pressure step by step without hurry, she missed a chance to say no. When it was still weak, she was not sure as the vibration and the movement caused by her pedaling masked my move. Deep in the wood, she only prayed that nothing really dangerous would happen. "Is this the right direction?" she asked with fear. "Sure, the shortcut to New Hearne" I assured her. True. But it is also the way to the hell. When I was a juvenile delinquent, I pedaled this unpaved pass dozens of times with a girl riding pillion. But riding a back of a girl is much better. She wore a modest skirt of soft texture. I massaged her on her pussy in the way her lingerie cut into her slit and stimulate her on her most sensitive parts. The saddle was rubbed on her cunt by her own pedaling and added synergistic effect. Yet, she could not stop. She was taking me home. The one thing she didn't know was that I was not living in New Hearne. She breathed harder by degrees. No.She had difficulty in breathing - with sighs. I reached between her legs with my fingers. I could feel dim dampness. She blushed to the roots of her hair - for shame? - for sexual feeling? - I didn't know. I raised one hand to caress her breast. She was so helplessly defenseless. I knew the wood. I was sure nobody was around. I picked a nipple and fooled with it and then another. I pressed and rubbed her pussy-lips, right and left alternately, with my fingers. She stopped. She couldn't pedal the bike any more. She would fall to the ground if I hadn't hold her in my arms. Her left foot touched the ground but right one was caught by the saddle and lifted to the air. With her hands still holding handlebars, her entire crotch was opened to my attack. I stirred her twat furiously. "No, don't - " She pleaded for something in a feeble voice before suddenly threw her head back. My hind-out was still away. But she already came.

NAME:  Avenger  (16-May-99 11:44 PM)
age 21-25/straight female/aggressive groper

TITLE: tit for tat
My first encounter with a groper was gropers. I was sandwiched between two large men on the crowded train. They molested me all over; the behind, the breasts, between legs. They pulled my panty down. One man put the fingers in my vulva and another, from behind, stuck a finger into my anus. It was a quite strange feeling. I defecated a very small quantity. I felt bitter more about the defecation. Later on I set about getting my revenge on molesters for this and other insults. I am beamy with a fat backside. So a man tends to press his root. Soon it will be firm. I turn around and study his face, who the fool is. A long stare would make the man feel ashamed and he would stop willful body contact. But his tool now pressed against my box would not calm down easily. I hold his stick between my hands. Sometime I undo his pants. I give him hand job until he comes. There he is! Wetting his pants.

NAME:  a country boy  (19-May-99 08:00 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: a country girl
This took place on a country road in Spain. I took a fairly crowded bus which broke down in the middle of nowhere. We waited there thirty minutes to take the next bus. The next bus, too, was crowded. It took all of us from the broken bus and it made the crowdedness disastrous :-( I stayed on the middle step as I could not board any further inside. A girl, sixteen or seventeen (maybe eighteen) years old, was on the top, floor level. The skinny but amazingly bosomy girl with long black hair was facing me. She leaned forward (to me) by the pressure on her back. A little old woman was on the bottom step. Caught between them, I either would stay there and find my head buried in her bosom or lean back and crush that poor old lady. I stayed there. The girl tried to move her body away with a look of annoyance. But soon she resigned herself to her lot :-) After few minutes I sensed that her legs were there, too. I wondered if I could touch them. Quietly, I reached for her. I put my hand on her knee. She looked nonchalant. I caressed her. She was annoyed. So I stopped stroking but kept my hand on her. As far as I did not move my hand, I thought, she bore it silently. Little by little I lifted my hand upward. The move was obscured as the old bus rattled by wildly. Deep inside her skirt, but it was unmistakable. I was touching her :-) Nevertheless, she gave me no more than few frowning glances. My fingertips reached her kitten. Gradually I increased the pressure on her snatch. To my amusement she started to worry more about the pressure on her back. I tried if I could fondle her up there. She looked down to me hesitating whether stop me or not. I stopped. But I kept giving her pussy nice pressure. With the bus rattling heavily, that was enough. I then tried if I could touch her directly. I moved my fingers slowly and reached the side edge of the crotch cloth. Somehow, I managed to stuff my fingers into her underwear :-)) She breathed hard but kept quiet and stood still. I added a little pressure on her slit and soon the meaty gate gave in. The box suddenly opened and sucked my finger in. I found it wet. I could feel a small bud of pleasant firmness. Again I tried to see if I could fiddle around her kitten. Again she nearly got into panic X-( I could not let her cry out. I put the middle finger at the bottom of her twat, the back of thumb, about the joint, at her sensitive bud. I increased the pressure. The vibration from the bus through my fingers reached her sensual spots and tormented her. She opened her legs a little by the reason which I still don't know. The finger slipped into her hole which had been well lubricated at that time by her love juice :))) My instinct told me that I could give her a finger job. I thrust and turned my finger. But the girl merely held out sensual pants and agreeable moans. She leaned further toward me. With slight unnoticeable grind. Since then until we arrived at thetown which took a good ten and some minutes, I kept molesting her in this way. I have thought this ever happened to me and only to me. But now with this site I know that I'm not the only pervert (and she the only perverted) ever have had this kinda adventure. Happy groping friends!

NAME:  barbie  (23-May-99 06:54 PM)
age 21-25/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: my experience
When I met a groper first time in my life, it was in a crowded commuter train few weeks after my admission to the high school. The day was slightly cool. I was ordinarily high school girl with long straight hair, no make-up, not so much good looking. The train was more crowded as I was late on that day. Soon after I got into the train, I felt something touch me on my bottom. I didn't pay much attention until the something suddenly grabbed me on my bottom. I was startled and stiffened and I was speechless. I had no experience in molested and completely at a loss. I couldn't make any resistance. The hands went up under my skirt. They molested me on my cheeks and even traced the crevasse between them. I could not concentrate on studying on that day because thoughts of the groper keep coming to my mind. The next day I left the house 15 min earlier than usual. I knew I met a molester because I took the latter, more crowded train. But when I arrived at the station I didn't take the train right away. 20 min later, that was the time I met the molester the day before, I got into the train. From that time on till I left the school, the same man groped me everyday. Soon I stopped wearing panties to go to school because his fingers made my underwear dirty with the female fluid. I was longing for his groping. When I played with myself, I was thinking of his fingers. He gave me my first sexual ecstasy in a train, too. I would be collapsed if he didn't support me. Some stared us as I was held firmly in his arms. Last, I wanted to make love with him. But I couldn't say so easily. And I couldn't.

NAME:  freedom  (25-May-99 12:08 AM)
age 21-25/bisexual female/victim

TITLE: True Story...
Okay, this is a true story. While I'm not a fan of just up and raping women, I see that there is a true hardcore fan base, women who are happy to submit. I didn't know I was that kind of woman until this incident: I don't know why I didn't say something sooner that night, it was happening before I knew it and by the time realization settled in I couldn't stop it. I was at a party when I was a freshman in high school. I had a bit of a reputation, but nothing serious. The party was a Scott's house and I was standing in his bedroom, along with about 20 other people. Someone was playing "Ice Ice Baby" which had just come out and was really popular. I had been standing at the doorway, not sure what to do, just thinking, "I should leave, I'm sick of these kegger parties." I inched out of the doorway and into Scott's brother's room, which was here I had thrown my coat. The room was semi-dark, lit only with candles and a small lamp in the corner, controlled by a switch at the door. I was sifting through the mountain of fabric when the lights went out. I spun around staring into shadowy darkness. I turned back around and stared at the coats for a minute, hoping to calm down. I stood there, assuring myself that it was just someone passing by the door. I could still see and by this time I just wanted my coat, so I dug deeper and more quickly. Perhaps that was my mistake. I felt his hand before I knew he was even in the room. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back hard. "So, your the little slut in this town, eh?" His lips were touching my ear as he spoke and my mind raced to place the voice. "Me?" My own voice was small and shaky. I had slept with a few people since my family moved there, but a slut? No one had ever called me that before. deep in my brain I knew I should slap this person, just turn around and slap him, but I didn't. I just stood there. "No, you know you're a dirty bitch...a little cock-sucking whore. Say it." His voice was soft yet terrifying. I suddenly realized how early it was. No one would be coming to get their coat to leave for awhile.... "Say it!" I could feel his lips curl into a snarl. "I - I'm a dirty whore..." the words sputtered out of my mouth. "That's right..." his hands slipped down...circling my waist, his palms covering the crotch of my jeans. He wasn't speaking but I could feel his breath on my neck. My eyes were wide open, staring at his hands on me. He wasn't speaking but I could feel his breath on my neck. Slowly, his hands started to cup my crotch, rubbing and kneading the tender flesh. I whimpered softly as he dug into my flesh, scraping the denim of my jeans against me. "Oh, does that hurt?" His voice was mocking, dripping with sarcasm and lust. I didn't say anything, just shut my eyes, tears coming down, not from pain, not even from fear, just this horrible sense of anticipation, not being sure, not knowing... "Well, does it?' he began to grab at me harder. "yeah...yeah..." my voice was low and throaty. "Good...." he snarled into my ear, "I like hurting cunt like yours." His words stirred something in me, these words....his own breath was deepening, coming from somewhere deep within me... His hands were at the button of my jeans and I could have stopped him, grabbed his hands, something. But I remained still and silent, closing my eyes... My jeans came undone, hands covering me, skin on mine. My head was spinning, my brain was screaming but all I could do was sigh. He fingered me slowly, pushing his fingers in and out of me, rubbing my engorged clit with his thumb. I couldn't believe this was turning me on, I suddenly wanted him so badly, wanted to turn around and have him. But still, I stood still. "You're such a dirty whore", his voice was back again, raspy and soft, not as menacing, but still, something that send a sliver of fear through me, "Look at you loving a stranger finger fucking you. You're such a slut...your dirty pussy feels so good, I bet it tastes even better." Before I could register all of it he was shoving his slick fingers into my mouth, shoving them all the way in, choking me. Fear ripped through me, had this all gone way too far? Then, as quickly as his fingers had been in my mouth they were gone. I could feel his hands covering my breasts, pulling at them.... Again, I heard a small whimper escape my lips, a soft sigh..... He shoved me down, face first, my face buried in a soft coat on the bed. I could hear him behind me, fumbling with his own clothes. He pulled my jeans down and I remained still, anticipation mixing with dread, this might hurt..... His cock slipped easily inside of me, pumping in and out, his lips hovering once again near my ear. "Oh you are such a dirty whore, oh god your slutty cunt feels so good on my cock, I bet a lot of men have fucked you like this..." The words continued on, fueling some insane desire inside of me. I humped against him, beginning to cum...feeling his cock throb deep within me. As he came another stream of obscenities flew by my ear, making my own orgasm come quickly and with a vengeance. I felt him relax above me. I wasn't sure what to do, get up? But his voice floated through once again, "Don't move until I leave slut. I'll see you around." I stayed on the bed until I heard the door close behind him. I dressed quickly, feeling a mix of him and me running down my leg. I ran home that night, not sure exactly what I was feeling, but sure I wanted to do it again....

NAME:  guest  (25-May-99 09:55 PM)

TITLE: my large clit (via email)
 I have very bad feeling to a groper. I was molested only once in a crowded bus at sixteen years old. He was a middle aged ordinary looking man. He stood in front of me. First I felt something touch me on the lower abdomen. It was a hand. I should say something or walk away immediately. But I didn't. I thought it might not on purpose. I was facing his back. The hand was not fiddling me around. It merely came into contact with my body. Nevertheless I should leave there. Once the man figured out that I was rather a shy woman, the hand started to move. Slow but steady, he made his intention clear. I could leave him at any time. But I rather ignored him. I had put on jeans. I tried to look down on him considering him a fool because touching a woman over the jeans was meaningless.  He kept molesting me. He got cheeky. He turned around to make a frontal assault. I tried to ignore him but he was, if anything, looking into my face. He was an expert molester. To my vexation, I felt that odd sensation roiling in my loins. My clitoris was enlarged. It strained the front of my trousers. I have a large clitoris of about a half inch. When erected, the size is tripled. It looks like a thumb sprout through the labia majora. The head went off the foreskin. Exposed and pressed on the cloth, the organ was susceptive. I was so badly turned on. If he was young and handsome and kept touching me few more minutes and asked me to come over his house in the most courteous manners, I would follow him. But his move suddenly came to halt. Then slowly the fingers toured the contours of my private parts.  He was most interested in the firm bump in my pants. He confirmed the size and the shape of my clitoris and picked it up with between his fingers as if to checked the firmness. And he took his hand off. He stared at me as if I was some filthy stuff. He might think that I was a man. Though I had short hair and was skinny, I looked nothing but a woman. I even had breasts. Was he under the impression that I was a queer using an odd drug to inflate my tits? But he was obviously disgusted.  Why he? I was touched. I was molested. And he found that I had an extra large clit and he was offended? What I want to say is "don't touch a woman." And even if you do, you are not entitled to evaluate a woman based on it. You are nothing but a groper.

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