Selected Sensual Stories No.1

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NAME:  A J  (11-Nov-98 08:58 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Day one: The first encounter
When I arrived Japan, I do not know much about it. Anyway, it's just about money. I was not nervous. It's not my first travel outside of my country. The train from Narita to Tokyo had not been so crowded. At least when it started there were some standing room. I even could browse my Japanese conversation book and check the address of my friend in Japan. Soon, however, more and more people came in. I was astonished because we ended up packed in the train like a sardine. And I was in an awkward situation. A young school girl was in front of me. You know? My genital area was hard press on her side. I feared she might say something! But nothing. The girl just didn't care...

NAME:  A J  (19-Nov-98 07:22 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Girls giggle
One day I happened to be in a crowed train where two girls were. They seemed be high school girls. I was just behind one of them, the taller one. I touched her on her bottom. No, don't misunderstand me. My hand was pressed to her due the congestion. But, whatsoever the reason, I touched her. Soon She noticed it and started eye contact with the another girl. And you know? She glance on me and giggled. And not only her, the taller one, the one who had been touched by me, also giggled. . . Now I know they are just like that but I still don't understand why they are like that.

NAME:  A J  (24-Nov-98 09:08 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: On purpose or what?
One day, the train was extremely crowded. I could hardly breathe. A high school girl was on my side, slightly backward. Maybe she was a junior high. Her body was so tightly pressed on me. I felt her tits on my back and on my arm and something soft on my hand. Yeah, It's her pxxxy! I dreaded the consequence. I moved my hand to leave her. Now, her pxxxy on my side and I could not do anything. I could not leave the place. Neither her. She twisted her body. Maybe she wanted some breathing apace. But every time she wiggled, her pxxxy was rubbed on me!! She was sweating with red face. Yeah, it was disagreeably warm in the train. She was panting. Yeah, we could hardly breathe. But how can I interpret her move? She was holding my thigh between her knees and wiggled her hips. I know this is all because of the jam-packed train. She never meant it. But, is that all????

NAME:  A J  (03-Dec-98 10:49 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: A girl twists
One day, the train was not so crowded. I was near to two girls. They looked like college students. I decided it was much better to be pressed on girls than boys as I had already leant a lot about Japan. I approached the skinny one not because she looked better nor she looked shy. Actually the plumper one looked more accepting. But the skinny one was near to me. Soon I was just next to her and my hand was somehow pressed on her by an accident. Honestly, I kept it there deliberately but I never touched her on specific purpose. I was still a novice in those days. I knew that she knew that my hand was on her side hip. Surprise, surprise. She did nothing except twisting her body. Now her waist up still facing her friend she kept the conversation as if nothing had happened but her waist down was turned toward me with her pxxxy exposed to my hand. Only the tight jeans separate us. Her posture was not natural at all. I could not imagine any reason she was doing that except she was intentionally feeling my hand. Is that true? Guarded by the thick cotton, her tender body was not so vulnerable. Maybe that was the reason she did not care about me. But her posture! It was so unnatural! I could rub her with the back of my hand on her pxxxy. Did she press her genital on me? I felt so. But soon I stoped caressing her. As the train was not much crowded, to recieve my massage, she needed to twist her body in the way I felt it embarrassing!!!!

NAME:  A J  (25-Dec-98 05:27 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: She knew it's hard
One day, I was in a crowded train. It's usual. What was unusual was while I was pressed on a young pretty girl, I had an erection. I never had it before in such situation. How could I deal with it? I still don't know. She was in front of me, alone, facing to the door. I could feel her bottom, round, fleshy. I didn't need to do anything. Just because of the crowded train, I could feel her. It had been nice until it started rise up. It shouldn't. When it started to become stiff I thought it's wonderful if I could press my hard dick on her. But at the same time I was terrified of the consequence. Would I be jailed!? I couldn't decide my mind. But my dick did. I knew she could feel it. It's unmistakable. What was soft became hard. She turned her face a little. Maybe she wanted to know who the bastard was. But she really didn't see me. After few stations and hard time with her, we came to the station where OUR door was opened. We were pushed out of the car by the poeple got out and pushed in by those got on. At the platform she glanced at me. She looked little discontent but she didn't leave me. Again in the car, I was on her back, ramming my hard cock on her lovely round bum. We had few more stations to go till the terminal where finally we were separated. From the beginning to end she said nothing at all...

NAME:  A J  (20-Jan-99 08:09 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Few more steps?
Again in a crowded train I met a lovely Japanese woman. She looked in her late 20's. She was neatly dressed, had something noble in the air. I stood behind her with a hard stiff cock. In those days I couldn't stop myself. Whenever my dick had been pressed on a lovely woman, it erected. And the erected cock sought tender feminine flesh. She was tall and she wore high-heeled shoes. She was just my size, so I did not need to bend my knees. After few strokes, she sighed. After few more, she stepped on my toes. I was puzzled. Because it was so gentle. I was frozen a moment. Then I decided to see if she really meant it. I rubbed my dick against her. Few more strokes and few more. She stiffened her body. I stopped. Then she relaxed. I moved again. She stiffened, sighed and she stepped on me. Every time she stepped on me, it was so gentle. I simply couldn't believe it. Having a hard erected cock pressed on her was just an accident. Moving it back and forth was unfortunate consequence of being in a crowded and moving train. But I wondered if I really caressed her, would she give me few more steps?

NAME:  Big boobs' lover  (02-Feb-99 09:42 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: a child
I am using crowded train from Chiba to Tokyo. A young girl is using the same train from around Funabashi. I think she is 5th or 6th grade elementary school student. She is not big but her boobs are big. Whenever I am lucky to be with her, I rub her boobs. She keeps looking up to see advertisements in the train and let me touch as much as I like. She has been rubbed so long, she might start feeling good nowadays. She has slightly flushed cheeks. She pants a little. And She rubs her boobs to me. Because she is mere child and also she always wears slacks, I touch her boobs only. But someday when she starts wearing a skirt, I can do more, I hope. I even dream about asking her to date when she becomes a highschool girl. How do you think?

NAME:  Daddy's slave  (06-Feb-99 07:21 PM)
age under 21/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: Dad raped me
My dad bought me a computer last X-mas. And he helped me to hook up to internet. I don't know why he did that. Maybe he loves his daughter and no more than that. But I found many adult sites on the net and I was given to them. What I didn't know was the machine and the browser. My dad was checking my computer. He can check what I saw by looking into cache. I didn't know anything about cache. So I didn't clear it after browsing. I visited a site where a tied up woman was anal raped by a man. I visited a site where a shaven woman was raped her cunt and mouth. I visited a site where a chained woman was raped by a baseball bat. I visited Hentai Anime sites, too. I never downloaded those pictures of sex monsters raping Japanese girls. But I visited them and all the records remained in the cache. I didn't know about cache. My father did. He waited the day when my mom traveled on business. He waited till I started internet. He stealthily came to my door. He stealthily listened my moaning. He broke in my room. I was surprised. I was masturbating. I pulled the hand out of my pajama. I closed the browser window. But he began questioning me. He said he heard my groaning. He took my hand and said it smelled like a bitch in heat. I clenched my fist. I denied any sexual misconduct. I said I was not playing with myself. And came that one called cache. All my browsing was recorded. My dad accused me a liar. He said I needed a spanking. The last time he spanked me was when I was 10 or 11. I said "NO!" But he insisted that I needed it. He forced me to be on my hands and knees. He pulled my slacks and panties down to my knees. He took a sniff at my cunt. He said I badly smelled. He put a finger in my slit. It was already wet. Yes, wet. I was masturbating, though. I cried. I said "You are my father. You don't do that." He then began hitting me on my butt. He said teaching a daughter a lesson was a father's job. He spanked me. But he did it the way his hand hit my pussy, too. I couldn't complaint about that. I knew what he was doing and why he was doing that. But I feared if I protest, he would do something worse. He kept hitting my pussy. He never had hit me that way. Then the beat became soft. I couldn't say if he was hitting me or caressing me. He stimulated my sex organ. I couldn't stand that. I wiggled my hips in heat. I panted. I gasped. I bent my back. And then I fell on my face. My father said I needed to promise him not masturbating again. I promised I would stop masturbation. He demanded further that I called his help if I found I was horny. I promised. He asked if I was all driven by lust. I said I was in heat. But he asked if I lost control. I did not lose it. But he never accepted that answer. He asked the same question. I said "Yes, I will do what-so-ever to be fucked." He demanded me to be his sex slave. I swore slavery. He fucked me. And I became daddy's sex slave. He fucked me all night long. And he fucked me next day, too. I had several orgasms. I was broken. I cannot tell this to my mom. When my dad said sex slave, he really meant it. I need to obey his orders. He gave me an assignment. An assignment to write what happened to me. He said he put my story to the BBS, which he found among my cache, to announce I became his sex slave. I am sitting on dad, with legs wide open. Dad is ramming his dick deep into my dripping pussy. He says he will not let me go until I finish this assignment. He is fumbling at my clit and nipples. Mom will be back tomorrow morning. I will be dad's sex slave until then. And I will be dad's secret sex slave thereafter. He promised me all kind of abnormal sex which I only knew on the web. I don't know what else to write. My face is wet by tear. And my cunt is wetter than my face. I must be a sex crazy. I reached climax while being raped. Dad raped me. But I asked for it. I've been dreaming all this while. I must be real Hentai. I want everyone in the world knows that. I am raped by dad and I like it and I feel it soooooo goooood. I am Jennifer A. 15 years old, brunette & brown eyes living somewhere in Nebraska H5'3" B2'9" W1'11" H2'10" 9lbs having round tits & pointed nipples brownish thin pubic hair well darkened well masturbated cunt sensitive easily erected clit

NAME:  reptile  (12-Feb-99 05:02 PM)
age 21-25/parthenogenesis/aggressive groper

TITLE: an entrance examination
My favorite season is the entrance examination season. In Japan a new school termˇˇcommences in April and many examinees come to Tokyo to take an entrance examination at the end of winter. For that reason this season is known as the entrance examination season. You can find plenty of girls who are new to the rush hours. More than that, as they are going to take exam they do not have a time to get into trouble. They are, therefore, easy and safe targets. Not long ago I took a train ride with a number of female examinees. I picked the prettiest one, edged my way through a crowd toward her front. I put my thigh between hers. I found no reaction. I rubbed her on the inside of the thigh. Nothing yet. I lifted my thigh. Although she had her cunt being pressed, she merely turned her head away. I rubbed her crotch by my thigh. Then, while keep moving I placed my hand on my thigh. That is beneath her pubic. She was impassive. I turned my hand and grabbed her on her pussy by my palm. I was touched by her endurance and decided to pull her skirt up. By clenching and unclenching my hand, I massaged her and pulled her skirt at the same time. Soooooon, I felt her panties. Soft slippy panties. For some time I traced her under lips. I gathered the all of my courage and pressed my finger onto her slit. Though the panties cloth separated us, I could feel dampness. I slid my finger back and forth. She kept her face turned away. Her upper body was somewhat leaned forward. But in the crowded train she didn't have enough room to evade my finger. And she started respond. Other examinees might notice our relationship. I suspected they knew each other. But who care? I put my finger inside her underwear, churned her mucus-filled pussy and made havoc of her flower. As I fiddled around with her petals and bud, she jerked on and off. Just before the train arrived at the station where the university was, I pushed a finger into her vagina. Probably with the pain, her face was somewhat distorted. But that was the only reaction. I put the second finger in. And third. Ah, there was no enough room for the third one, only the tip of it. After we left the train, I heard other examinees saying "are you ok?", "it's cruel" to her. Who care? I was more interested in the blood on my finger tips.

NAME:  stacy  (20-Feb-99 06:34 PM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: masturbation
Since I have masturbating myself more than 10 years, my labia became really big. They stick out of the slit. Even if I close my legs, you still can see the end of them. My wild fancy and the worst nightmare is somebody realizes my secret about the masturbated pussy and blackmails me. When I jump in to a crowded train I imagine a man touches me. He gradually becomes brave and puts a finger in my underwear. He finds my large labia and realizes my secret. He follows me and finds who I am. He then blackmails me and cuts a deal for one time. He forces me to be strip naked, wide open the legs. He verbally abuses me and rapes me. He then shaves my pubic hair and takes a photo. But he breaks the promise. In stead of let me go after taking the photo, his friends come in. They all verbally abuse me as they see my large labia. They tie me up with legs wide open. They all touch my pussy. They make my nipples, clit and labia playthings with clothes pegs, a dildo and strange ointment. The ointment makes me itchy and I cannot stop masturbating myself. They videotape me while the itchy bitchy pussy drives me crazy. The video clearly catches my horny face. They all rape me. They force me suck their dicks. They put a huge dildo in my dripping hole. It almost tears me up. They pierce my nipples and pussy. And they all blackmail me and rape me for many years to come with that video. You know, it's my wildest dream but it's also my worst nightmare. I want it happens but I don't want it happens.... I don't know what to do if somebody feels me in a train....

NAME:  Big boobs' lover  (23-Feb-99 09:40 AM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Re: a child
Thanks Techy for your "how to" advice. I bought a vibrator. Not for the breast pocket but for a trousers pocket (do you call it a fob?) It's excellent! I put it in the fob and slipped my leg in between her knees. Since she is small, I need a deep pocket to adjust the position of the toy to reach her underbelly. Once the machine was pressed on her, I turned it on. She couldn't understand it at first and was at a loss. In the crowded train she couldn't pull her body back. I enjoyed teasing her. I didn't forget to caress her nipple as usual - I put my hand upon my solar plexus and wiggled my fingers - that the height I can rub her nipple. It didn't take for long till her legs began squeezing mine. It started as an involuntary, once in a while reflex and developed into a repetitive movement. She even rubbed she pussy back and forth against my thigh (and the vibrator) and her big boobs, too. She looked confused and was very sexy. My thigh felt her pussy hot. She is mere preteen and secretly turned on in a crowded train. I was too excited and lost control of myself. A little before we got off the train, I grabbed her on her crotch. This is something I had determined not to do. Because she is small, I need to act affected manners - bend forward slightly - to reach there. But I did it to see if her pussy was indeed hot. Yes, it was.

NAME:  Jun  (03-Mar-99 04:55 PM)
age 26-30/homosexual female/-

TITLE: 5th grader......
Do you read this, big boobs' lover? I was molested when I was only 5th grader. I was tall and could pass as a junior high school student. That day, Sunday, I was going to shopping. The train was crowded and two men were coming to me. But I did not notice their move as I never met a molester before. Soon I was sandwiched between them. I was facing the back of a man and another man is facing my back. I still did not realize their intention. I was surprised when one in behind started press his body to me. Then he held both of my hands. I couldn't move nor run away. I was scared and I couldn't say anything. The one in behind rubbed his groin against my ass. When they were convinced that I could not resist, the one in front of me put out his hand to my underbelly. Although he kept his back to me, his hand groped my tender part and started to pull my skirt up. I couldn't do anything. I was so embarrassed to ask help. I rather tried to get off the train. But the man in behind was holding my hands tight. The next station, and the next, I struggled to leave there. But I couldn't. The man behind kept rubbing something hard against me. Though I didn't exactly know what was erection, I instinctively understood it was genital. I was too embarrassed to keep my struggle. The man in front of me kept rubbing my most sensitive part. The massage started give me odd feeling. It was not really good feeling. But it was not, definitely not, bad feeling. They might noticed my blushed, flushed face. My knees shook. The man in front of me turned around and put his hand in my underwear. He then took one of my hand from the man in behind. He led my hand to his crotch. He molested my clit and my labia. The man in behind led my another hand to his crotch. His another hand, now free from holding my hand, came to my breast. I already had tits but I didn't wear brassiere. He carefully located my nipple and pinched it and caressed it. After a while he bent over my shoulder and whispered another man, "it becomes hard" mentioning my nipple. "All wet", the man in front joked and mentioned my pussy. I started sobbing when the front man began to put his finger in my vagina. It really did not break in. But I was panicked. And they, too. As I start to shed tears, they stopped touching me and pretended they had nothing to do with me. They jumped out the train at the next station. Later, I found my underwear wet and slimy. I went a toilet and wiped out a yellowish stain. I hated them, and I still hate them. And I stopped wearing a skirt.

NAME:  Jun  (03-Mar-99 06:12 PM)
age 26-30/homosexual female/undecided

TITLE: 5th grader. No2
Okay, I forget to mention something. When I went a toilet, I wiped out a stain from my underwear. I also wiped my cunt. It was wet and I felt it bad. But when I reached my pussy, a strong sensation ran my back. It was dizzily pleasure. I just kept wiping my pussy. It was my first masturbation and my first sensual joy. BUT I HATE THE MEN MOLESTED ME.

NAME:  Big boobs' lover  (09-Mar-99 02:04 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Again about my favorit baby
I have found that the girl is 6th grader. Yes, I'm talking about a girl I have been molesting this few months. She has big boobs for her age but wears no bra yet. I meet her almost everyday in a train going to Tokyo from Chiba. I had molested her tits. After she got used to it, I began molesting her on her you guess what. I put a small vibrator in my pocket, position it between her legs and turned it on. Soon she was turned on, too. Yesterday I determined to do more. After I fiddled her for while, I put a finger on her fastner and unzipped her jeans. She might not notice it or could not do anything as we were tightly pressed in a crowded train without any room to wiggle a tail. I took the vibrator out of my pocket and slipped it into her panties. I pushed it down to the bottom. Once the adult toy was securely placed in her crevice, I zipped her jeans up. I turned the toy on and put the battery box in her pocket. Now, I was not molesting her any more. Her jeans kept the vibrator on the place. The controller in her pocket kept it moving. It was very simple for her to reach the control box and turn it off. But she didn't. Somehow she lost control of herself. She kept rubbing her boobs against my body. She tried to catch my leg between hers. She passed her station. Two more stations and I decided to take her out. I hold her by her arm while she walked on with unsteady steps. Then, out of the station, I carried her pick-a-back. The vibrator between her legs was pressed on my back. I was convinced that the great pleasure was bearing a hole through her flesh. We entered a hotel nearby. She already had a bush. She was a sort of plumpish. Insertion was a little trouble as she felt it painful. She said she was virgin. I licked her a lot though she had been wet. I tried to penetrate her gently but she still felt pain. At the end I thrusted my hard erected meat forcibly into her tender body. Although she didn't bleed, she went on saying "it hurts! it hurt!" until it was finshed. I learnt that she was a 6th grader going to an ordinary elementary school in Tokyo. She had moved to Chiba few months ago but because there were less than one year left till her graduation, she decided to attend the old school in Tokyo instead of changing to a school in Chiba. Now I know her name, address and her school and she dreads that the secret might came out if she does not obey me. I will let you know more of our advantures. Stay tuned. (And if you know how to have sex with teeny like her and enjoy it, give me an advice. I don't like pinning her down throughout the play.)

NAME:  dan  (10-Mar-99 10:27 PM)
age 41-50/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: In a movie theater
Few days ago, I loafed on the job and went a movie theater where I found a young girl. The movie was not X-rated but adult oriented. The all love story nowaday has sex scene, huh. The girl looked too young to be there. I guessed she skipped high school, if not junior high school. "Hi there! Do you cut your class? Me, too." Said I and took the seat next to her. Since the theater is not crowded at all, she must felt it annoyance. Yet, if I need to take a seat somewhere, I take it next to a possible victim. As the story went, there were more and more of sex scences. I began pressing my thigh to hers. No move. Ok. I pressed a hand to her thigh. She noticed it but no move again. Good. The palm on her thigh. She pressed her arm to my hand to drive away my advance. Futile efforts. I thrusted out my hand further to reach the inside of the thigh. And I did. I said "nice sexy movie, and you are sexy, too" and I fondled her thigh. My hand moved up and down and up and down. "No" she murmured. But I ignored her. The strokes became bigger and bigger and my hand finally touched her most sensitive part. "Uh.." gasped the girl. She leaned forward. I leaned forward too and began touching her breast. She resisted a little. But at the same time she tried to keep it the secrect between us. Her arm was the last stumbling block. I took her hand, led it between my legs. She clenched her fist by reflex action. But my penis was there lifting my trousers. Yes, she grasped my penis. I didn't let her go. I held her hand and repeatedly squeezed it tightly and softly. I also kept rubbing her pussy. She gave in. She kept her body leaned forward but held up her head. No more resistance. She was nearly in tears and stared about for nothing. Enough is done. I stopped playing with her crotch to open my fastener. I took my dick out. I made her grip my knob and stroke it. I took her leg and made her knees apart a bit wider. I tucked up her skirt, groped the underwear. Finnally I could trace her slit. I contemplated tearing her panty hose. But I didn't. The moist cloth made me leisurely. I loosen the hand holding hers. She didn't loosen her girp on my penis. I tucked up her skirt further to pull the panties and panty hose down. She stopped stroking me and gazed at in bewilderment my hands working on her clothes. "Move ya hand" I ordered. She hesitated. She merely squeezed the erected meat a little. The movie was almost over. I understood we couldn't continue this. She had flushed cheeks. "We can go to a hotel" I said. But she suddenly stood up and fled from the theater. I couldn't follow her. My hard dick wouldn't be put back in the pants easily. Nuts! I should rip her panty hose and rape her then and there.

NAME:  Edie  (11-Mar-99 02:06 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: whose fault?
About a year ago I visited Nagoya on business. The meeting was not successful and I needed to cut it short. With a frustration I took a train without no fixed place to go. I noticed a girl and a business man reflected in a window. It was astonishing becuase that was the first time I ever witnessed CHIKAN. She was a high school girl reading a book. He standed next to her with his hand went up under her skirt. Although he was not doing it openly, it was unmistakable. I was confused. Most probably this was a crime and if so, I should interfere and stop him. But she looked nonchalant. I watched them closely if I could find any clue. Undeniably, the man was groping the girl. The smallest chance was that they were kinky couple having that kind of play. I thought I should stop this crime but her calmness restrained me. It wasn't for some time that the man stepped off the train. She stayed there without taking any notice of him. She was so preoccupied with her study or pretending so. I wanted to see the truth. I acted on impulse. I approched her from behind. I didn't to dare to look her in the face. People got on and off and masked my move. I put my finger on her butt. Then, I caressed her. About fifteen minutes, I kept feeling her bottom. And I concluded that she was not preoccupied. She was merely pretending so and overlooked the complete strangers molest her. Unfortunately I didn't touch her except on her bottom. But if I dared to do, I could reach her pussy and feel it just like the predecessor.

NAME:  TERRY  (11-Mar-99 09:40 PM)

TITLE: masterbation
I discovered masterbation when I was about 8 years old. I was lying on my stomach on the carpet watching TV. Something (I no longer remember what - probably a sexy woman) turned me on and I got an erection. I pressed it into the floor and came. I have been addicted to masterbation ever since. I will never forget when i turned about 12 and come started comeing out of my penis when i came. It frightened me at first but i found an old book that explained it too me. Only a little used to come out at first for a while. There is a sexy young woman who lives across the road. Sometimes I see her standing in her window. She dresses skimpy and I sometimes watch her with my light off while I masterbate dreaming of what I would like to do if we ever were together...

NAME:  Gordon  (11-Mar-99 10:03 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/tolerant molestee

TITLE: Groped by female
When on a train once, a girl about 4 years older than me sat beside me. Then as I noticed her staring at me, she place her hand on my thigh, as her friend grabbed my arms from the seat behind me, where she tied them behind the seat. It ws a late night train and no-one else was there. Unable to get away from them, shocked as I was, the girl beside me then undid my trousers and boxer shorts, and then forced her clit on to my face. At the same time, i could feel the other girl sucking my cock. Thing is, that I was so shocked, yet in the obvious physical pleasure of the moment, this combination of feelings was confusing, but intensely enjoyable I decided afterwards.

NAME:  Stacy  (13-Mar-99 09:26 AM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: How do I masturbate in a train?
Hey you guys those too curious about my sex life and spamming my mailbox asking how do I masturbate in a train. This is an answer. I put a large dildo in my cunt, use crotch rope to keep it in the place, soon after I take a seat I put a walkman and start listening a music and swing my body along to the melody. Since I am sitting on the huge dildo I can come many many many times.

(Webmaster) This one may not be Stacy. See the below.

NAME:  true stacy  (15-Mar-99 02:03 PM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: stacy or true stacy
Ok, only to straight the record I tell you this. The train usually is more than full. So I cannot take a seat. Secondly, I do not have a dildo nor a crotch rope. I'm not that pervert. Whilst I'm on a crowded train, I stand by the door. You find a handrail there. I press my body to the rail. Since we have standing room only or less that is not a questionable position. I just keep pressing my pussy. The vibration of the train transmitted through the bar do the job. Time to time I may move the body a little but I believe I'm doing fairly good job of concealing my turn on.

NAME:  guest  (15-Mar-99 08:53 PM)

TITLE: am molested
I accept a simple touch to my backside in a overcrowded train. You cannot stop it. But today's is different. I felt something between my legs. But I put up with it. Soon I felt my important part being stroked. I looked back and found middle-aged men. But I couldn't say exactly who. At the next station, people came and went. But the hand started to rub me again soon after the train began to move. I looked back and found a middle-aged man still there. Stations after stations, passengers came and went but I found the same middle-aged man. So I said "stop it". But the man pretended he couldn't understand English. The hand touched me again. So I scratched his hand. Surprise, surprise, the hand was not his though he ran away, too.

NAME:  Erect  (17-Mar-99 12:22 AM)
age 21-25/straight male/willing fondlee

TITLE: a little trip
i recently took a trip to Japan, just to see what it was like. It was late at night on a train and I was almost by myself, except for a large group of asian girls, which kinda got me erect anyway. The train bumped and the lights kicked off and the conductor mumbled something i couldnt understand. All of a suden i felt a and on my dick. "god! hes humongous!" a high pitch voice screamed. I managed to say "wha?' before I was knocked over. My pants were torn off and my underwear lost forever. i felt a warm mouth on my cock and i instinctivly jerked up. i heard clothes hit the floor and felt what must have been six naked female bodies fall on me. within minuetes i was covered in cum and had already blown my load. when the lights came back on I was alone, sticky, and couldnt find anypants! I had a HELL of a time getting back to the hotel, but I make it a point to go to Japan at least twice a year!

NAME:  Shara  (17-Mar-99 07:08 PM)
age 21-25/straight female/undecided

TITLE: my turn on
I am already 24 years old but I am virgin. The reason is - I do not have pubic hair. You can not have sex with a man without him noticing your hairless pussy. Because of it, I have been reluctant to make an intimate relationship with a man. I know this is stupid. But the knowledge did not fix my inferiority complex. The hairless genitals, to me, became the center of perverted sexual imagination. I dream of a adolescent boy. A young, beautiful and without pubic hair, yet. He must be a sort of secret admirer. Whilst he wishes to have a look at me and sneaks up on my house, I catch him peeping my bedroom. I take him into the house for the interrogation. He confesses that he wanted to see me naked. He says that I am so beautiful and he merely wanted to admire me. I grant his wish under the condition that he really admire me and never touch me. To assure the condition, I bind his hands behind his back. I take my clothes off. He can see me from top to toe, in front and behind. Then I lay him down, stand straddling his face. He opens his eyes wide. I sit on his face ... well almost. I spread my never used cunt and show him juicy pink flesh. He tries to lick me but I stop him saying that he promised me he never touch me and the reason why he wants to see my body is purely aesthetic and has nothing to do with the sex drive. But I begin caressing his groin which is already bulged. I censure him saying the erection is a sure proof of his lusts. I say he need a punishment and undress him. I beat him on the penis with a belt. The punishment give him more pleasure than pain, though. I push him near the edge but not beyond. I keep teasing him until he says he wants my body. Now I can give him more punishment. I produce a small candle and insert it into his urethra. Wax start to burn him as the candle is consumed. I suggest him to piss to put the fire out. But once it is done, I blame him wetting the floor. I order him to lick up the liquid. He comes to tears by the humiliation. After the floor, however, I say that my pussy is also wet. He is more than willing. I tease him saying why he is so happy licking my pussy not my floor. But he is so preoccupied of my pussy's taste, he misses my question. It's ok. I keep teasing him until I feel I cannot wait any more. Oh, sure, I need to lick his burnt penis as a treatment. And then, just before he comes, I bite him, give him enough pain to forestall the ejaculation and remind him that I am his dominatrix and I can give him any punishment for any reason or no reason at all. At long last, I take his beautiful hairless penis which is not big but hard and throbbing into my pink hairless pussy. I know he comes soon as he has been teased so long but his erection wouldn't cease and he is ready for the second one without a break. And then third one. And fourth. Our coitus is so intense, it's almost violent. Hours after hours of endless sex makes up my sexless day of 24 years.
(Webmaster) This one may not be Shara. See Memorable Comments by The Original Shara.

NAME:  Darkness  (18-Mar-99 10:11 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: A little trip to M--city, Canada
I love M--city, especially its entrance, the terminal station. A short tunnel leads a train to the terminal and a electric supply is switched there. Yes, they turn one power source off and turn other on and they do it in the darkness of the tunnel. I know it. I wait till the moment to come. When all the sudden complete darkness rules, I dash at a girl I have marked. I grab her bosom and pussy and molest her. Taken by surprise, a girl never able to call help and I run back to my seat before the light goes on again. Nobody knows it except me and the girl. What I like more is to watch the victim from now on. She usually do not tell about the incident to those around. She may not even look around openly. I follow her until she identifies who I am. Yes, I am her groper and now she knows it. I blow a kiss to her good-by. I know whatsoever kinky sex daydream she may have in future, sight of me inevitably creeps into her fantasy and rapes her.

NAME:  Liam Twycross  (19-Mar-99 11:49 AM)
age under 21/straight male/victim

TITLE: Caufield Grammers Bad Boarders
My name Mike Lowrey and I'm a member of Caulfield Grammer School. I'm a boarder and every night there is a tutor on duty. We have the pleasure of having one of the hottest women in Elsterwick on the staff there called Katrina Rattner. She is 35 and I'm only a mere 18. At first I didn't know weather she wanted me to,well have sex with her or not but I just decided to ask her. I went to her room late at night to see weather I could get a glass of water. " come in hear she said, come in and talk to me." I walked in there and I shit you not she threw me down hard to the floor and ripped my boxers off and procided to suck my erect cock. I didn't know what to do but I let her go any-way. I started to rub her pussy and I felt her clit getting firmer. I blew my load all over the floor and we laughed together at it. I then rolled on top of her and worked over her breasts teasing her nipples with my long tounge. Her pussy was a little hairy but was pretty tight for a 35 year old. I ate her out untill she creamed all over my face. She begged for me to shove my penis up her cunt but I was uncertain as it would be my first time. But before I could think she jumped on top of me and begain to ride my large erect penis. She was screaming and I was afraid that she would wake up the other boarders and I told her this. But she kept screaming but it was not my name it was my room mate Twycross. I was hurt by this, he had such a small dick. Was mine really that small I asked her, but I could not understand the answer in between all the moaning and heavy breathing. I thought that I was about to do my load but I wanted to please her a bit more. Finnaly I could not hold it any longer so I ripped my cock out and shot all over her tits. Someone knocked at the door. It was Stefan one of my mates, I had to walk out with a wad of cum still hanging from my dick. He knew what we'd been up to and wanted a piece of this fine ass teacher as well. But she turned him down and that pleased me some to know that it was just me and my main man Liam banging this hot Teacher.

NAME:  villain  (28-Mar-99 02:09 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: ooo line xxx station
ooo line xxx station, i am near a gate waiting for a target. soon i find a girl with new school uniform. hun, yyy high school! so i can be with her till zzz station. i follow her. an express train just comes in and she is going to take that. a girl may aviod an express because it can be heavly infected by molesters. only those who do not care and who like it take an express. yet, she is new to the scene. alright, i teach her a lesson. it's very crowded already and she is hesitating to get in. i can help you, gal! i push her in. i corner her near a handrail. she stands with her back against the door, one side to the handrail and other side to me. i am facing her with my side to the boor. and my hand? between she and the door! she seems to be so upset not because of my hand but it is so crowded. she tries to turn her body and soon she finds it's crowded everywhere! when she has managed pull herself together, i begin pulling my arm out behind her. well, not exactly, i pretend to pull it out. i merely wriggle it. she tightens her butt muscle. huh huh... she never met a molester before. she is confused. she tries to see me by taking a side glance at me instead of turning her face. she is confused if i am feeling her or trying to pull a hand out. i keep my hand wiggling and caress her cheeks. she moves her body to make a small room between she and the door. ummmm.... she helps me pull a hand out. instead i stroke the gap between her cheeks. she is now frightened. yeah, i'm a molester. i'm not pulling my hand out behind her. i'm feeling her. while i keep my hand on her behind i begin to pull her skirt up. she knows it but cannot say anything. i love this little scared kitten. she stiffens her entire body. as the result she keeps the room open between her behind and the door. good, else i cannot pull her skirt such easily. the skirt comes to the end. ummm.... nice smooth panties. i love this. i press my rising organ on her side. i caress her cheeks and start pulling her panties down. she is struck dumb with astonishment. she knows what i'm doing but she cannot do anything. or she may believes it's impossible. soon the panties have passed her cheeks. i enjoy the smooth feeling of her skin. the train stops at a station and the opposite doors open. i take the opportunity and position myself right in front of her. the dreaded kitten looks away. i begin pulling skirt again, from the front, this time. i do it slowly not becuase i cannot do it easily. i want she knows what i'm doing. i want prolong her agony. now comes panties. again slowly i pull the underwear down and down. the undies come to her thighs. out of her wits, she opens legs a little to hold her panties there. good girl! i turn my hand up to her underbelly. she holds her breath. i toy her pussy. i feel her pubic hair. i put a finger in her slit. she is like a doll. she cannot move at all. she cannot close her legs. i guess she is a virgin. i don't touch her clit directly. it may be too much for a virgin. i hold it between my fingers and massage it within the foreskin. her knees shake. i see a little blush on her face. then the panties slip down from her thighs. she instinctively opens legs wider to stop them around her knees. but the clit is pushed out of the skin by the movement. i test if it is ready. but the direct touch seens to give her too much spur. she is not wet, yet. i pull my hand out of clothes and lick my fingers. i put my hand up her skirt again and touch her small but enlarging button. soon her own juice lubricates her further. she jerks a little. her panties slip down again, now around her ankles. seens she doesn't care about her undies anymore. she jerks a little again. before the train arrives at zzz station, i step on her underwear. she cannot go while i keep stepping on her panties which twine around her ankles. she has no choice. she leave the panties under my foot and she goes. i pick up the lingerie and follow her. after the station, i speak to her. "don't you lost something?" i show her the panties. she try to snatch the clothes but i put back my hand. "is this your?" she turns around and try to leave there. i follow her. i ask again "is this your?" and i say "shall i show this to your friends?" she looks back at me. she is on the verge of tears. "it won't take more than ten minutes, just follow me." and i take her arm. she silently struggles to get free from my grip. "i just want to see how it becomes, that's all" i soothe her. "no more ten minutes." she resignes and comes with me. it's take more than ten minutes to just find the place. it is an emergency staircase of a buliding. i let her lean forward and rape her from behind. i do not need foreplay. she is all but wet. she doesn't resist. she wants it finish soon. she doesn't want to be late for the school. i ask if it's ok for her to be raped for hours to come or if her wants it later, after the school. she wants it after the school. i ask her name and telephone number. i take her purse with her commutation ticket away from her. she cannot go home without them. we arrange to meet after the school.

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