(or Kinky Sex Life in the Middle East)

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Middle East

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PBH (Thu 21 Aug 2003 05:17:34 GMT) ... arab girls are difficult to predict. most of them are hot from inside and cold from outside. they wear real mask and mask their urges too... i have humped arab women in crowded places... its suicidal effort. u never know, when they yell. and then u wud need to be a carl lewis to carry u out of the place in 3 secs, or u got to be an arabic speaking so that u can get some sympathy in case people flock around ur horrified face in a few secs... but man, some of these lebanese butts are real worth a dig. they are round, soft and a crack that goes miles inside. they dress extremely scantily and no debate that they are real hot, and sexy. they wear exotic perfumes. u may have to be extremely lucky to get such ones in crowds. they prefer to be in upmarket places where there are no crowds, and travel in mercedes benz. so u may to settle for some poor arab babe from tribe or village who hasnt heard of groping and gets caught in a crowd in a shopping mall. well one thing is for sure, that u will have to watch out is that they travel in large numbers, and their family is like 10-15 ppl whose faces have no linking element and they can just merge with the crowd whom u cant differentiate... maybe best choices are lebanese and turkish hookers ...

Ozzi Groper (Thu 21 Aug 2003 09:19:29 GMT) ... Arab Girls ... You could be playing with your life. They are all protective of one another, and in a group, generally like to be seen to be doing the "right thing". If they make a fuss, some of those arab guys will literally kill you first, then ask questions later... On the other hand, if she is an innocent, she may let you get away with it just out of curiosity, as they think about it alot, but never get a chance to be near one... Turkey is definitely a good place to try. I believe that the women have all experienced some contact in crowded places like the buses and trains ... and I have experienced Turkish girls here in Oz, and they are all "interested"... But take care and watch out for their family.

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