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Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jan 2003 04:57:12 GMT)

Re: Tokyo Subway Rush Hour

Mock subway sex clubs! What will those Japanese think of next? I think we should have such clubs here in the U.S. where men can go and grope and hump women. You could even pay extra to take your dick out and sperm in their clothing! Such clubs would be a service to society because it might lead some chikans to do less of this behavior on the real subway.

Black Shogun

PS Gentlebrush how would you like to be one of the "pushers" on the Tokyo subway? Can you imagine how much fanny you could grab?

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:44:47 GMT)


Bukkake is a great concept! Let the fucking whore get plastered with semen. Let her get totally covered with man juice--she deserves it for being such a dirty cunt!!! Black Shogun, I know very well what you're talking about--I love those tapes of hot girls getting degraded with ejaculate!!!

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:48:04 GMT)

Re: Just for Gags

Wow, Black Shogun!!! I am impressed!!! Between Gag Factor and American Bukkake, you've pretty much described half of my porn collection. You have excellent taste!!! Let those worthless whores choke on huge cocks 'till they cry!!!

Black Shogun (Fri 10 Jan 2003 08:18:44 GMT)

Re: Just for Gags

Great perverts think alike.

Black Shogun

Master Frotteur (Sat 11 Jan 2003 09:08:10 GMT)


Wonderful story Gentle. I wish you could have cum all over her ass, marking the territory as yours. But nice twist. And I love how she knew what you were doing, and I love how she SAW your spilling seed. I really do wish you would have cum on her somehow. If you or anyone else has stories like this one, where a girl is ejaculated upon, please write about them.

By the way, Master Ayashi, we won't let you down. Thanks for bringing the old-style board back.

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Gentlebrush (Sat 11 Jan 2003 17:01:25 GMT)

Not Intentionally

Thank for your comment M.F My Dick just slip out from under my sweater because my sweater wasn't large enough to have a full cover over my dick so I ment to cum in side my sweater jst like if I would cum inside my pants it just give me a better feel with my dick outside my pants but I would not like to leave cum stain on them.. first off it dicussing and.. second that is number one evident againt

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Carlos (Sat 11 Jan 2003 20:52:18 GMT)

Overcrowding in Tokyo�s Subway: commuters packed tighter than sardines

Ckeck out this article about the Tokyo�s subway:

���� The ministry has conducted regular surveys of overcrowding on major commuter lines since the 1950s. In a year 2000 survey, it found overcrowding of up to 233 percent (in words : two-hundred-thirty- three percent !!!)�������.

webmaster (Sat 11 Jan 2003 21:35:13 GMT)

a physical sport or a mind game

When I'd just started chikan, it was more of a physical sport than a mind game. I was bold simply because I was new to the game, ignorant and fearless. I lacked experiences then.

"I could not sense danger" is more appropriate than bold. Yet I did have a technique, though it was quite unrefined.

First, I went to a crowded place. Usually it was a station in the rush-hours. I was not ca

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Carlos (Sat 11 Jan 2003 22:56:32 GMT)


I found a video of the tokyo�s subway rush hour.
Click here:

This is the same electronic address of my previous article.
When you get this web page, click at the bottom of the page, where it says VIDEO . You will need a Media Player video in your computer.
In the video you can see men pressed up behind women, trying to get in the subway.

Black Shogun (Sat 11 Jan 2003 23:19:51 GMT)

At Ease Men!

Last night I went to a couple of my favorite bars and ended up practicing a new chikan technique. It had not been my plan to do this. It just sort of happened. Things went great at first, but then I ran into a little trouble whilst I tried to perfect the technique. In the end, all turned out well. Here's what happened.

I stopped off at the first of the bars I would visit for the night

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Black Shogun (Sat 11 Jan 2003 23:43:56 GMT)

Modus Operandi

In the future, and because of what happened last night (see my story "At Ease Men!"), I will stick to my strict "rules of engagement" when it comes to "putting the squeeze" on some booty. Only grope the female buttocks cheeks when it's too crowded for her to know exactly who did it . . . and make sure you just keep moving. Using these strict rules faithfully, I have NEVER been caught. But I sure did get a thrill last night! In a sick kind of way, I like the fact that the bitch got mad at me. Wish I coulda got her buns again.

Black Shogun!!!

Master Frotteur (Sun 12 Jan 2003 15:45:49 GMT)

U.S. Patent Office

Black Shogun, If I were to found a college for frotteurs I would make you its first president. You wreaked havoc, man! Excellent. First things first: you must patent your "Parade Rest" groping method immediately. Edison watch out! Second, the size of your balls, man! To go back to the bar you had gotten kicked out from the night before, and with two female friends; and furthermore, to grope one of them?! Man, I could never do that. You're bold!

I am honored, though, that you "lifted coat" MF-style. Your methods are developing; you're evolving: oh man, to be a poor blonde bitch in your town--go get'em, Shogun!

Black Shogun (Sun 12 Jan 2003 19:04:28 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - U.S. Patent Office

Well MF, old dogs can learn new tricks. And I had every intention of going back to that bar sometime, but I didn't plan to go back so soon. As a matter of fact, when my two friends kept asking about different places to go to, I mentioned that bar along with several others, but made no suggestion that we go there.

To be honest, I was hoping that they didn't want to because I felt it was a b

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Black Shogun (Mon 13 Jan 2003 01:37:57 GMT)

Chikaner's Anthem

My fellow chikans, here is another Shogun original. I have read nearly all of the posts that have been made to Ayashi BBS . . . both the newer ones and the archived ones. I have read the stories . . . some true and some obviously fabricated . . . and I have read fantasy submissions such as Senor Carlos' "Chikan Land" which was very entertaining.

However, nowhere have I seen anybody expres

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Black Shogun (Mon 13 Jan 2003 17:06:35 GMT)

Heil Hitler!

Last night as I was reading some of the archived stories, I came across one that gave me a chill up my spine. Somebody had written a piece where they related how they were excited to see large crowds of people in pictures and on tv such as at concerts, sporting events, etc.

There was nothing particularly unusual about that I thought. But then, the person also stated that old footage of cr

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Gentlebrush (Tue 14 Jan 2003 00:31:46 GMT)

Good song Shogun

Shogun you out did yourself again My Friend. And also that was a good story about the Hispanic dude that was doing the massage. I might try the massage myself one of these times.

Hey!! Iron Dick and Nanbread and the rest of the Chikan where are you at?
The board is back to normal guys. Hey Shogun remember the gang movie call the warriors back in the late 70.s? well here a sene that was under the New York subway at Coney Island I will make this sene in under the London tube and it went like this......


Master Frotteur (Wed 15 Jan 2003 02:04:03 GMT)

Where Are They Now?

Has winter perhaps sent chikans into hibernation? Where are Carlos, PBH, Nanbread, jay, Dr. Iron Dick, and the rest of our illustrious round table? I am sure Black Shogun would also like to know. Gentlemen, I hope your silence means you're out there wreaking havoc in the public transportation lines of Caracas or London or wherever and collecting annecdotes to share with the rest of us soon.

Here's a list of things I would like to read about:

> Girls in Catholic School uniforms (!!!!)
> Saliva
> Upskirts
> Frotteured women who resist but are overpowered
> Frotteured women who complain/hit/scream/cry
> Frotteured women who comply and participate
> Really bold chikan acts
> etc (just keep those stories cumming)

mr grab (Wed 15 Jan 2003 02:27:48 GMT)

thanks for advice

i have tried rubbing on the women but they always look mad
and pull away so i stopped rubbing. then i see on here that many
say the young girls 12 - 15 are the best because they dont
stop you , so i try rubbing on them and after 3 trys i find one
about 13 and i rub my hard dick on her back and she just stands.
so i hold her shoulders and rub myself on her back and she still

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Master Frotteur (Wed 15 Jan 2003 02:47:42 GMT)

Mr. Grab

Perhaps, Mr. Grab, when you rub against the older women you're being too rough. Chikan is a fine art which must be developed and cultivated; finesse must be part of your game. My boldest acts are committed only once I am almost sure I can go a bit further ( and even then things don't always go very smoothly). But for you to fail EVERY single time with older girls should not be the case. You must be subtle and test out the waters at each pool before you jump in. The environment in which you chikan also has much bearing on the ease with you perform. For example, I am curious where it is you rub these women and girls, trains, buses, street crowds? Each of these must be approached differently.


Black Shogun (Wed 15 Jan 2003 15:19:06 GMT)

Re: Rodz

DAAANNNGGG!!! Great story Rodz! I loved it. And you incorporated many of Shogun's own practices and techniques! You put the "TOMAHAWK CHOP!" on her big ass! You pushed through her booty flesh and felt that TAILBONE!!! You know that the best spot for your dick on a bitch is in the LOWER CHEEKS where you can get both "NOOKIE" and "POOTY HOLE." And then you SPERMED in her crack! All with her husband standing nearby?!!! Excellent young blood . . . EXCELLENT! Shogun gotta go now young prodigy . . . lookin for wrestling tickets :-)

Black Shogun!!!

PS You got away with one under hubby's nose, but don't assume that a 5'8" guy can't whip your ass . . . not unless you just one big mofo . . . seen strapped guys that size beat much ass . . . so be careful bub!

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assgrabbin chris (Wed 15 Jan 2003 19:56:06 GMT)

hey rodz any bubble but latina stories....

Hey, I love all buble butt women, blondes, blacks,etc... But ireally love molesting groping,harrasing,grinding rubbinb up on Latina bitches, whether they be Cuban,Domican,Brazilian (probably the best) or Puerto Rican. Man i would have loved to be at that parade three years back when all those bitches groped. I keep trying to find videos of it. Anyways I visit NYC a lot , I'm from Virginia. I have

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Master Frotteur (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:10:32 GMT)

Dukes of Ass-Hard

assgrabbin chris, I need to know what you did to that poor Daisy Duke in the train. Did your General Lee enter her county too speedily? Did your Boss Hog get under her short denims too roughly? Please do write, we are all very anxious to hear how you violated her "Southern" parts. I, for one, want a detailed description of how the little cunt shed her tears, and whether your Rosco shed any creamy,white tears of his own.

tech_bonus (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:27:03 GMT)

BubbleButt Showcase!!!

It's been a WHILE since I've posted here. I've mainly been observing and simply enjoyed reading about the adventures of cats like Black Shogun and others. Keep it up guys.

I figured, since there's been so many new members - since the last time I posted - I'd post some pics from my briefcase, for those who haven't seen them before.

The point here is to imagine coming across THESE asse

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Black Shogun (Thu 16 Jan 2003 04:00:28 GMT)

Re: Tech Bonus - BubbleButt Showcase!!!

My God Tech! How could you??? How could you put all those . . . those BUNions before my lustful eyes???!!! Man, I wanted to crash my head through this here monitor and swab some of those deep, deeeeepppp onion bun ass cracks with my tongue!!! Damn! Don't you know I'm a JUNKIE!!! Now I need a FIX and ain't no crack to be found! I can't wait till Friday night! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Black Shogun!!!

tech_bonus (Thu 16 Jan 2003 04:56:59 GMT)


Thanks! I'm glad you guys liked them.

How about the movies? Were any of you able to peep those?

DAMN! I wish I could fit the other movies in there; they'd blow ya mind!
What I may do is take everything out of the folder and try to upload one movie at a time let everyone see it, then another one and so on.

Once again, thanks a lot MF and Black Shogun, I appreciate it.

assgrabinn Chris (Thu 16 Jan 2003 05:08:05 GMT)

Now please give me some fucking Big Booty latina stories....

By the way would love to hear of a phat assed latina office honet, secretary, maid etc, getting harrased, groped, goosed, spanked ass fucked etc....

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Black Shogun (Thu 16 Jan 2003 05:56:46 GMT)

Re: assgrabbinchris - Daisy Dukes Phat Ass Latina

Nice story assgrabbinchris. And yes, I read your other story in the archives. There are thousands of stories, and I definitely remember the one you are referring to. It is a classic. Good work. Good stories.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Thu 16 Jan 2003 06:00:09 GMT)

Re: Tech Bonus - Movies

Didn't get to see the movies dude. Wasn't sure how to access them.

Black Shogun

tech_bonus (Fri 17 Jan 2003 04:24:28 GMT)

Re:Re:Tech Bonus - Movies

What's up Black Shogun?

Yeah, the movies are the last files in the folder. If you click on that last link in my 'showcase' post, it SHOULD take you to the list of files themselves.

It's about 7 of them in there and they all have either an <.mpg> or <.mpv> extension. However, I keep on forgetting that Yahoo! is cutting back on public access to briefcases. Technically, no one should be able to access the files unless you're a Yahoo! member.

You can always give it a try anyway though.

......I need to find some different, FREE file hosting space.

Vegabond (Fri 17 Jan 2003 09:56:48 GMT)

for all you chikans' wet dreams ...

Just to drop off some goodies as I was passing by...

The following Japanese 'candid ass' image boards will keep you guys' hands busy for hours. They are all in Japanese, but who gives s*it? There are tons of new candid butt pics uploaded every day....

After looking through all those plump Japanese girls' behind pics, you'll see why Japan is the home of chikans...

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tech_bonus (Fri 17 Jan 2003 13:28:26 GMT)

Re:for all you chikans' wet dreams ...


NICE share Vegabond. This actually answers a long time question I've had; does Japan in fact have it's share of public butt voyeurs like the U.S.?

Now I know.

Gentlebrush (Sat 18 Jan 2003 00:39:07 GMT)

Re Latina

Great Story AssGrabbinChris. You Know In Las Vegas has the nice ass Latina Women that work in the hotel cassino that you decribe in your story they catch the strip bus along Las Vegas boulavard in rush hour heading north downtown and like you said they are very aware of us butt grinner so you have to be invisable to trap them when you get on the bus and it got to be pack so they can't move and once you got them she all your and they will put up a fuss like riding a wild horse whick is great for your dick. lol I don't get many latina women becuase they hard to get but I did encouter about two in Vegas and there out there alot of them but Im sure Asscrabbinchris know how to get them Im not aggressive like he is but it was fun trying.

tech_bonus (Sat 18 Jan 2003 22:07:17 GMT)


How goes it everyone?

I've been wondering about something lately.

Okay, in the months that I've been coming here, like eveeryone else, I've read dozens of stories and accounts of Chikan activites. Most of the time they all play out in a simple, direct manner: Chikan spots target and goes in for the kill. The end result usually has a wide range of everything from chicks who appear to

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Black Shogun (Sun 19 Jan 2003 00:19:19 GMT)

Re: Tech Bonus - Pretty Boys

Tech, like just about anything else, I do believe that looks or physical appearance is relevant to one's success in the practice of chikan. Being good looking clearly doesn't mean that a woman will accept your advances. However, I think it does make it easier to conduct one's practice overall.

Of course, physical attraction is all a matter of taste. I'm not going to be every woman's cup

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tech_bonus (Sun 19 Jan 2003 03:54:55 GMT)

Re:Re: Tech Bonus - Pretty Boys

Yeah, I see where you're coming from Shogun.

You're considered attractive? Good for you. You think maybe that had anything to do with all those women who went along with your Chikan advances in the past?

By the way, sorry to hear Friday was weak for you. I know you were really looking forward to it, what, with all that fuel I provided earlier in the week. ;-)

Also, anyone having trouble acessing the pics/movies in my briefcase, email me and I'll send them to you.

Opportunist (Sun 19 Jan 2003 11:03:16 GMT)

tech bonus you dont have to be pretty

While I agree that Shogun's opinion about appearance is true ie: a woman is going to be more likely to accept your advances if you are neat and well groomed. I too get tagged as looking distinguished and I cultivate the professorial image deliberately. If my target happens to turn around to check out who's in contact with her nether regions she sees a pleasently smiling face framed by neat greying

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tech_bonus (Mon 20 Jan 2003 00:24:34 GMT)

Re:tech_bonus you don't have to be pretty

Thank you Oppurtunist, very insightful. I'm making a mental note of all of that.

I noticed that you and Shogun both stressed hygiene, which was never an issue for me, I keep clean. I guess I was just somewhat annoyed at the idea of the next guy getting all the action because he's cuter. Then again..DUUH!! That's just the way it usually plays out...oh well.

I also agree that there are women out there who like frottage. It's evident in some of the stories on this board and when ever reggae music starts playing. ;-) co-eds!? Bookfair lines!? Airplanes!? Could we hear about some of this?

Sounds damn good.

I really dug the story about Anne too by the way.

Carlos (Wed 22 Jan 2003 05:59:51 GMT)

Groping in a nudist club

I got this article about someone who is worried about getting an erection in a nudist club. I would say, that if I ever groped in a nudist club I would not only get an erection, but also, I would also ejaculate on the bare buttocks of the girls. � Would you grope in a nudist environment ?
He says ����.When I stand in a group of people, I get erections. I was standing in a group of girls and started getting an erection. When I turned to leave, one of the girls said "if you are leaving because your penis is getting erected, don''t worryy about it. We aren''t really concerned. Is that OK?��������.

Sim (Wed 22 Jan 2003 15:04:16 GMT)


I keep a small needle while travelling in trains and buses. Its enough to keep even the hardest groper away.

mr grab (Wed 22 Jan 2003 19:29:25 GMT)

my women

here are some pics of my kind of women out on the streets of japan
it is worth a look .. and a wish.

Black Shogun (Wed 22 Jan 2003 22:22:46 GMT)

Re: Sim - Anti-Groper

Better not make any "SIMian" advances upon Ms. Sim. For those of you who don't know, it means "monkey" or "ape-like."

Black Shogun

X (Thu 23 Jan 2003 03:46:50 GMT)

History of chikan

Frottage is the French word for "rubbing" and the word that is used to label the sexual deviant behavior primarily found in men who repeatedly attempt to reach orgasm by rubbing against women in crowded surroundings, such as an elevator, bus or subway train.

I found myself in a bar one night testing the limits when it comes to touching strangers in a crowded public place. I sat in an entryw

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tech_bonus (Thu 23 Jan 2003 05:35:36 GMT)

Re: Ahhh Coeds!!

Great Story Oppurtunist! Yo, tell me about it, those Penn women are HOT!
You have to see Spruce Street (around 40th & Spruce) right after the students have returned from Summer break. Imagine every rowhouse along that stretch of block with a party going on inside and the people of ALL those parties spilling out on to the sidewalk. I've seen it get to the point where you have to push through doz

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Gentlebrush (Fri 24 Jan 2003 03:36:08 GMT)


Rodz great story. I love it when I can spent the day looking for my prey and spoting her and waiting for the right moment to sink my dick in her butt crack there were a few Women when I was your age spoting them in the department store and waiting for them to get off work and following them to the bus stop hopefully if they catch a crowded bus there where two Women that I remember that I wanted so bad and alway watch out for the right moment some time it take weeks or months and with luck would have it I was right behind them on a crowded bus humping away with my heart beating real fast with excitement I think the stalking with patents boots up the excitement and acceptation. Lets hear more stories like that.

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the_hell (Sat 25 Jan 2003 06:45:58 GMT)

some free sites?

does anyone know where to find some good free sites with free samples/previews/movies of chikan without having to follow a buggerload of links?

Black Shogun (Sat 25 Jan 2003 15:30:51 GMT)


Mangos, melons, buns, and hams . . . now shoulder. Now I think I've heard it all . . . but probably not. Had a friend once who fantasized about doing a woman up her nose! I humped a woman in the head once. Hahahaha. Wasn't chikan though. Just . . . ummmm . . . "normal" sex. Gave a new meaning to "skull fuck." Anybody else out there humped any "nontraditional" parts of the female anatomy? Let's hear those stories.

Black Shogun

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jay (Sun 26 Jan 2003 00:02:32 GMT)

Disappointing night

Last night, I went to a concert at a small venue in hopes of doing some chikan. This was my first concert since December, so I was really looking forward to humping some female butt crack. Well, it turned out to be a major disappointment! I didn't get a single feel or hump the entire night, because the crowd was too sparse. Actually, I *may* have been able to get some chikan action, but the crowd was dead! Nobody was fighting for a spot up front, nobody was nothing! It was a waste of my money and a waste of my Friday night. Is there anything worse than heading out for a much-anticipated session of chikan, only to completely strike out? I am going to two concerts next weekend, and I hope that my luck improves.

Black Shogun (Sun 26 Jan 2003 00:45:27 GMT)

Re: Jay - Disappointing Night

Ah Jay, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. It is good to see your post though because it shows some of the other aspects. We have some great stories here, but they come from much time, patience, and many attempts. I'm sure your luck is bound to change soon. It's been so cold here lately that I don't even want to go out. Keep us posted.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Mon 27 Jan 2003 23:16:25 GMT)

January Award

I nominate Gentlebrush for his piece written in early January entitled "Drops of Cum." The story gives a different and unique perspective on the practice of chikan. Let's not forget good stories written much earlier in the month that deserve mention.

Black Shogun

tech_bonus (Tue 28 Jan 2003 02:55:49 GMT)

Re:greetings fellow Philly Phreak

What's up Opportunist?

I wasn't complaining about success...hell, you first have to attempt to whine about a lack of success.

*Sigh*..yeah..that's right, I might as well come clean. I'm not really a Chikan..I mean..I really like the act, but I simply don't have the nerve to do what you guys do.'s like this..for me the situation would have to be real precise. In order for

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Black Shogun (Tue 28 Jan 2003 03:35:49 GMT)

Re: Tech Bonus - Not a Chikan

Tech . . . be THANKFUL that you are not a chikan. It's a habit you don't want to pick up. Believe me. Like smoking (at least I don't do that).

Black Shogun

tech_bonus (Tue 28 Jan 2003 04:49:11 GMT)

Re:Re: Tech Bonus - Not a Chikan

Thanks Shogun. I was actually expecting to get rediculed by the likes of you and others about not being a true Chikan.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty content with my own safe Chikan acts...............for now. ;-)

jay (Tue 28 Jan 2003 06:12:42 GMT)


I think it's an exciting habit. But then again...this is coming from the keyboard of a chikan addict. :) Oh well, I say, "Rehab is for quitters."

Chikan in recovery (Tue 28 Jan 2003 07:32:37 GMT)

One day at a time

since my resolution to cease my chikanning behaviour I have fallen off the wagon, in little ways,ways that the heros of this board would not even consider proper molestation.

I have brushed several butts,once on a bus to kings cross a woman stumbled besides me ,I reached out to hold her up, by the but of course,she scaresely thought anything of it.There have be otherlesser incidents, little brushings that no-one (even the victim) noticed.

Every day I am trying to give up the dangerous hobby, a brush will lead to a feel and before long I'll be grabbing crotches.

Not my goal.

Chikan in Recovery

Latina booty man (Tue 28 Jan 2003 08:24:34 GMT)

when are we gonna see some Latina ass grabbin stories...

Guys comon, I need to hear some stories about Bubble Butt fine ass latina bitches. Come on Rodz I know you gotta have some bein in NYC and all......

Black Shogun (Tue 28 Jan 2003 16:19:49 GMT)

To The Chikan Nation - An Open Address

My Fellow Chikans:

Many activities in life are exciting. However, when those activities become entwined with what society has deemed to be criminal behavior, then like it or not, we as chikans have some serious issues we have to face and deal with.

Now if you break it all down, I absolutely believe that the humping and other actions of the chikan are quite natural. The male species

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tech_bonus (Wed 29 Jan 2003 04:21:36 GMT)

Re:To The Chikan Nation - An Open Address

..........Well damn..

You pretty much summed it up. It's all about self control. Yeah, I suppose I should feel fortunate that I'm nowhere near the point of this thing taking me over.

That was very well said by the way.

Oppertunist (Wed 29 Jan 2003 08:02:00 GMT)

Clarification of my earlier post

I'm slightly pissed because I put in almost an hour composing this long post
yesterday and just as I tried to send it my pc burped, farted or whatever and I lost the whole thing. I apologize in advance if I get longwinded or preachy but I have begun valuing the board as much as a forum where we who have an interest in this very specialized subject matter can share opinions, advice and experi

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Black Shogun (Wed 29 Jan 2003 14:12:13 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Drops of Cum Part 2

Yes, Gentlebrush. Another good story. I think AssGrabbinChris is right about what chikans should do. We should all go out and buttfuck Latinas too. They need their fudge packed just like phat butt blondes do. Only problem is, we don't have a lot of Latinas in my city.

I told the story way back when of how I stuck my dick into the bronze buttcrack of a Venezuelan godesss while in Cancun. Her "browned butter buns" jiggled and gave my ding-dong a nice massage. And she said "excuse me" to me with a shy smile :-) I've been wanting to go to South America badly ever since then. Especially Brazil.

Black Shogun

PS Gentlebrush . . . what are you packin? A sidewinder? From the crotch to the pony tail??? While standing up?! Damn!

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Black Shogun (Wed 29 Jan 2003 14:02:37 GMT)

Re: Opportunist - Slap Happy

I have never seen any of the Slap Happy vids Opportunist. In fact, I have never heard of them. Who puts them out? Where can I go online to have a peek at what they are all about?

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Wed 29 Jan 2003 17:04:38 GMT)

Re: Slap Happy

Found it Opportunist at They say the films show women getting head fucked like drooling Raggedy Ann dolls (don't we wish wives and girlfriends would go for such a thing?). It all might be interesting to see. But when they start talking about the "kibbles and bits" (puke), well then, that's where I get off the bus :-) I think Gag Factor works best for me.

Black Shogun

Gentlebrush (Thu 30 Jan 2003 23:17:53 GMT)


Thanks Assgrabin Chris and Black Shogun

It was Remeberable experience It was an Impulse when I took the apron string and pulled it up over my shaft of my dick that made my pole stand streight up position sandwish in the crack that build the blood flowing to the head of my dick and the string keap the blood from circulating to fast so when I came it had a lot of power when I shot

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X (Fri 31 Jan 2003 00:41:28 GMT)

The news anchor that Opportunist "got"

You gotta tell us that story!

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webmaster (Mon 03 Feb 2003 21:20:16 GMT)

Japanese sites against chikan

There are few Japanese sites giving advice how to avoid/drive back chikan. And here are some notable advice.

Do not take a crowded train, bus, etc. If you have to take public transportation, avoid rush hour. If you cannot choose the time, choose the line if possible. Some lines are notorious for chikan. Those lines have many schools on the line and the schools have many female students. Man

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Kinpatsu Sensei (Wed 05 Feb 2003 16:25:41 GMT)

Tokyo chikan girls

I live in Tokyo for few years.
Tobu-toujousen line is a good place to be groped.
Yes, to be groped, but I'm a man.
Outbound trains from Ikebukuro in early evening have many chikan girls.
I have been groped about 10 times.
Take an express train from 6pm to 7pm.
The best car is the 5th car of a train of 8 cars.

Black Shogun (Wed 05 Feb 2003 20:59:56 GMT)

Re: Tech Bonus - Tokyo Chikan Girls

I don't think it's a joke Tech. As a matter of fact, if you read Webmaster Ayashi's story on the main page, you will see that his earliest exposure (no pun intended) to Chikan involved a female molester. I have not heard a lot about female molesters in countries other than Japan. Anybody got any stories?

I've had my ass grabbed by white girls at the bars here in town a few times. I've never complained about it though :-) I've also seen some white girls grope guys and laugh. They are so obvious when they do it . . . they don't have to worry about being sneaky since their wayward hands will not land their asses in trouble like it will a man.

Black Shogun

tech_bonus (Thu 06 Feb 2003 04:22:06 GMT)

Re:Re: Tech Bonus - Tokyo Chikan Girls

Oh yeah, I've seen that quite a few times - girls openly touching guys in clubs and bars. The very thought of of a real life female Chikan though...that's almost unbearable. I swear..the reasons for me to move to the Land of the Rising Sun just keep mounting.

You have to wonder what would drive females to practice such an art. I'm going to guess it's not make us "see how we like it". The perverted side of me wants to believe it's because of their perverted side.

Kinpatsu Sensei (Thu 06 Feb 2003 16:42:36 GMT)

This is not a joke

Females here love to touch males.
At first I didn't think they were doing it on purpose.
But one day I was touched by a 30 something.
As I pretended not to notice, she became bold.
She measured my tool with her fingers.
That cannot be accident.
So I asked my Japanese colleague about the incident.
He joked that I was lucky and said that the woman could be called "chijo" or female chikan.

JT (Fri 07 Feb 2003 15:41:37 GMT)

Looking For Crowd Surge Videos

I am very serious about the request I am about to make here and you may contact me either in this forum or privately via email if you would like. I am an ochlophilia which is a person who loves crowds. Crowd surges are very exciting to me. I am looking for videos of large crowds that are packed closely together that are out or control and surging, swaying, pushing, etc. I enjoy watching when this

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Black Shogun (Fri 07 Feb 2003 18:48:46 GMT)

Re: Banner Ad

This must be a joke right? I mean . . . Master Ayashi . . . a banner ad that screams AVOID THE CROWDS???? Baahahahaha! That vendor will never sell anything to us chikans!

Black Shogun!!!

webmaster (Fri 07 Feb 2003 22:09:10 GMT)

This week's "Josei seven"

A Japanese magazine Josei (female) seven reports on a victim of a false chikan accusation.

The case started about two years ago when a girl followed him after they left the train and accused him of chikaning her in the car. A police man arrived shortly and said to him that the girl stated that he unzipped his trousers and forced her to touch it. So he thought that he could prove his innocence easily. He pointed at the trousers and said that his had buttons not zipper. Nonetheless he was arrested, indicted and after two years and he spent tens of thousands of buck, he was found innocent.

webmaster (Fri 07 Feb 2003 22:10:31 GMT)

Re: Tokyo chikan girls

I had read an eyewitness account posted on a Japanese chikan site. The eyewitness happened to be passing by a little crowd of people on a platform of a railroad station. He pushed himself into the crowd out of nothing but curiosity. He saw a young woman and a middle aged man. The man was enraged. He was barking out a red-hot complaint.

She was a chijo, a female chikan. The man was her victi

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Carlos (Sun 09 Feb 2003 04:14:13 GMT)

Mosh Pit Area of Concerts: Great for groping until it becomes unsafe.

I found this interesting article about the "kill zone" area around the front of the stage known as the Mosh Pit.

"���..For the young women concert goers, "the pit" at the front of the stage can be doubly dangerous. As well as the potential for physical harm, there is the real threat of sexual abuse. There have been hundreds of reports of sexual assaults ranging from mild groping to rape. Clothes are torn off, tops are lost, and frontal exposures are common. Usually the security force regards this as a nuisance, claiming that it is too hard to prosecute the crowd, even if the perpetrators are identified............."

Black Shogun (Sun 09 Feb 2003 23:34:47 GMT)

Female Confession

Recently, I told a female acquaintanace about my shenanigans at the reggae show (see "Reggae Rump Hump/Titty Stalker). Of course, I cleaned it up a bit . . . a lot actually . . . hehehe. I didn't share nearly the details I would with the chikan nation. But enough to let her know what happened with the drunk blonde.

My female acquaintance told me that as far as she could see, it was all co

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Appalled (Sun 09 Feb 2003 23:43:20 GMT)

Frottage my foot

I came here looking for info on Max Ernst and all I found was a bunch of pervs.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


(Ernst, Max (1891-1976): German-born artist and a founder of Dada and surrealism. Noted for his use of frottage and collage.)

Black Shogun (Sun 09 Feb 2003 23:53:05 GMT)

Re: Appalled - Frottage My Foot

Ummmmm . . Frottage my foot??? Sounds like an invitation to me. I thought somebody in here was into feet. Not me. BUM!!!!!

Black Shogun!!!

tech_bonus (Mon 10 Feb 2003 13:30:36 GMT)

Re:Re: Appalled - Frottage My Foot


Nah, I think Appalled was just using that phrase that people use to state someone's wrong or lying. You know, like "frottage my ass!" Well...even though that sort of fits too.

You know what I mean!

OldGuard (Mon 10 Feb 2003 14:39:42 GMT)

Re: Mosh Pit Area of Concerts: Great for groping until it becomes unsafe.

Thank you, Carlos. That's interesting!

In the same page, the item 'sexual molestation/assault' says:

"If you are sexually molested or assaulted at a concert (in the mosh pit or elsewhere), you can do something about it. And you should, because it is a crime. If this happens to you, contact a uniformed police officer (often found near the entrance), fire official or first aid worker.

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Gentlebrush (Mon 10 Feb 2003 23:46:07 GMT)

Re. Reggae rump hump

Great story Shoegun. But wow your Dick was in the down position it would of been uncomforable for me in that position I would of stuck with the onion butt one all night she would of been mine yum yum

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

bob (Tue 11 Feb 2003 00:09:27 GMT)

fun at concerts

first, i must say Appalled needs to have her ass rubbed by me.
then she will feel better. she can pretend that there is nothing
she can do about it and just enjoy and not feel guilty.
second, the mosh pits are great but watch out for the guy that
will try to protect the girl from you so he looks like a hero to
her and he protects her all night after that and she will be greatfu

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Black Shogun (Tue 11 Feb 2003 00:51:17 GMT)

Re: Gentlebrush - Reggae Rump Hump

It was indeed a bit uncomfortable Gentlebrush . . . actually hurt a bit as I got hard and my member fought to raise up and get out. But the discomfort was taken care of by drunk Nancy's hopping up and down and bucking her booty cheeks back against my sperm worm . . . made Shogun CREAM!!!

Black Shogun

PS I have found that reggae shows are some of the best places to butthump babes . . . they are often drunk and/or high on alcohol or weed . . . wagging their asses around for the taking.

Appalled (Sat 15 Feb 2003 08:06:18 GMT)

Fromage my foot

I came here looking for info on Allgauer Emmentaler and all I found was a bunch of pervs.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


(Allgauer Emmentaler: Traditional, creamery, hard cheese made from cow's milk. It has a wheel shape with smooth, waxed, natural rind.)

Black Shogun (Sun 16 Feb 2003 15:27:22 GMT)

Re: Guest - Chicago

Hi Guest. I'm gonna be in Chicago in 8 weeks. Tell me about the best places to go so I don't waste time. Needs to be crowded with PHAT ASS WHITE BABES!!! Then, I can come back and write up a nice report FOR OUR TROOPS in the Persian Gulf :-)

Black Shogun!!!

guest (Mon 17 Feb 2003 01:09:03 GMT)


Black Shogun,
you need to check out Club 720! there are four levels(a basement and three additional) that are packed with chicks on every Saturday! it is full of white chicks takin' ecstacy. there is nothing like a chick on ex

Black Shogun (Mon 17 Feb 2003 01:27:57 GMT)

Re: Guest - Club 720

Cool man. Chicks on Ecstasy huh? Hmmmmmm. Can you give me the street address? Don't know . . . sounds kinda too big to get jam packed. What you know about The Elbo Room and Phyllis' Musical Inn? Any good? Shoot me the addy to Club 720. Is that place any good on Fridays?

Black Shogun

sam (Mon 17 Feb 2003 09:01:52 GMT)

London - State of play

A question to all you Londoners.....

What's the deal with the tube these days? I would imagine that because of these congestion charges and reduced services after the Chancery Lane incident that there would be more ladies (and gents, unfortunately) packed on at rush hour.
Is this true? When is the Chikan paradise that is the Central Line re-opening?

Apologies to all non-Londoners !


William The Bloody (Mon 17 Feb 2003 15:16:35 GMT)

elbo room

I was at that elbo room club in chicago once, i do remember it being very crowded, like being in a basement with a band playing, good place, lots of women.

X (Mon 17 Feb 2003 18:04:06 GMT)

21 killed in crowd crush at Chicago club!

CHICAGO (Feb. 17) - Hundreds of screaming guests rushed the exits of a crowded nightclub Monday after security guards used a chemical spray to quell a fight, and at least 21 people were crushed to death or smothered in the panic, officials and witnesses said.

Firefighters responding to the scene found a number of locked or blocked doors and used sledgehammers and pry bars to open some of th

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Black Shogun (Mon 17 Feb 2003 18:09:14 GMT)

Re: X - Chicago Club

I believe the name of that place is called Epitome . . . on South Michigan Avenue . . . I won't be going there. I hate moronic security people.

Black Shogun

Maria (Mon 17 Feb 2003 20:55:17 GMT)

peverts ? why ?

are u guys shy when it comes to chatting up girls ?

is it a genetic defect ?

do u have problems during normal sexual intercourse ?

So why do you do it ?

Do you get thrills out of seeing a poor innocent girl in distress after shes been groped ?

William The Bloody (Mon 17 Feb 2003 21:53:17 GMT)


Shogun i don't think u would have went there anyway, no white girls.

Guest (Mon 17 Feb 2003 23:26:41 GMT)

I once groped a girl named Maria....

Maria, tell us about your encounters with perverts. How many times have you been flashed? How many times have you been helpless in a crowd while the annoing gentleman behind you forced his erect penis upon your thinly-clad buttocks?

Black Shogun (Tue 18 Feb 2003 05:52:40 GMT)

Re: Maria - Why Ask Why?

Maria, we are not here to explain why we do as much as we are here to describe what we do. But let me say that in most instances, at least as far as I can tell, the poor innocent girl is often not aware of anything. So there is often no distress to be had. And in a number of instances of which I have written, the "poor innocent girl" turned out to be quite a willing participant. This only happ

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guest (Tue 18 Feb 2003 14:14:15 GMT)

regarding 720's - Black Shogun

720 N Wells St. it does get really packed on certain floors because there is different music on each floor. Best night is Saturday, but Friday is cool too.

Maria (Tue 18 Feb 2003 21:28:50 GMT)


Dear Guest/Shogun,

When I was 12 years old this fat man with a bald head. Began rubbing against my backside in a crowd. Strangely enough I didn't think anything about it at first. Until my mother started screaming at him and telling him to f**k off.

Thinking about it, I found it rather disgusting for some bald, fat smelly man invading my personal space and touching me. You guys need to get a life or see a doctor about your problems.

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