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Black Shogun (Wed 27 Nov 2002 01:08:03 GMT)

Re: Paul - NYC

I may have to go to New York City just to ride the subway trains :-) I have some very, very good friends there actually. Maybe it's time to pay a visit. Probably better in the summer though . . . too many winter coats right now.

We don't have crowded buses and trains here. So, the best spots are bars, concerts, sporting events, malls, and any other type of event or place that draws a crowd. I haven't tried a parade yet . . . too damn cold! But maybe I will this go around during the holidays just to see how it goes.

snajper (Wed 27 Nov 2002 07:51:41 GMT)

hello to all

First of all, allow me to salute each and everybody and tell you how tremendously much I enjoyed all the stories, advices, details, tips, and tricks of the trade so generously shared on this board. A true repository of valuable knowledge has taken shape here during all these years. I've only recently discovered this hidden haven and after scholarly studying the past contributions I decided I had

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Ruud (Thu 28 Nov 2002 16:00:43 GMT)

black shogun

I have just read all your stories and really enjoyed them! Not only that i could not stop laughing. Hehehehe! This guy should be chikan of the year,never mind the month.I look forward to reading more of your stories,especially ones involving schoolgirls.
I dont live far from London and intend to 'ride' the tubes soon when schoolgirls are about.Can anyone recommend times/stations for me? It would be greatly appreciated!

Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 19:27:01 GMT)

A Few Points on Technique

Of course, there will not always be a crowd. There will be times (most of them, actually) when you will not have the luxury of a thick throng against which to pin your victim, as she either stands there in ignorance or struggles to break from the violator at her back (I am getting erect writing this). When open space is the rule of the day, you must use your creativity to still chikan. Most wom

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Carlos (Thu 28 Nov 2002 20:11:26 GMT)

RE: London Bottom Smasher ( about Caracas )

Question:(Tue 26 Nov 2002 22:36:32 GMT) Caracas, sounds like a gropers paradise. Is it really that easy to hump any girl on the train without getting arrested ?
Answer: Yes, anyone can grope in Caracas without getting arrested. Groping is considered by the police just an inconvenience of riding the train. The only problem is that we have had an incresing number of security women that use the subway during rush hour to go to their jobs. These security women work in security deparment of banks and government offices. They are extremely dangerous. They have hit me several times in the subway. That is why I only grope schoolgirls.



Master Frotteur (Fri 29 Nov 2002 03:30:20 GMT)


Hey Carlos, sounds like Venezuela is definitely the place to be. I have read some of your stories and they've brought me much pleasure, as have the stories of Black Shogun, among others. Interesting also, how the societal view of the Chikan as a base, filthy, uneducated creature is being challenged by some of the exchanges in this forum: many of you sound like quite an educated, cultured group o

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shyboy (Fri 29 Nov 2002 13:43:16 GMT)


any pervarted womans out there? Mister Frotteur does good things to girls. I too do, like show womans my penis large in hand and stroke and she shakes head in disgust and smoetimes I cum while young girl look intrigue.

ASS HUMPER (Fri 29 Nov 2002 22:31:02 GMT)

cum on girls

Master frotteur welcome

Hey Master Frotteur,

I like the way u "work". I use the same strategie. We have a couple of "Central" Parks here and when there are office women or school girls i always enjoy the view of all those sweet butts and legs.

when i have a bad or a poor chikan day at the mall or the market i pay a visit to one of those parks.
I usualy play with my manmea

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Guest (Sat 30 Nov 2002 04:11:47 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 17:08:22 GMT)

Question:Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 17:08:22 GMT)I haven't read anything about upskirt here before. I am a frotteur who has indulged in other deviant behaviors from time to time, even though rubbing up against women in crowds is my main thing. I would like to hear about other stuff as well, while of course, keeping focus on what we ALL like to do.

Answer: You can find nice upskirts on

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Carlos (Sat 30 Nov 2002 04:17:30 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 17:08:22 GMT)

I was the one who wrote the previous article !!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers Carlos

Carlos (Sat 30 Nov 2002 04:34:54 GMT)

RE: Question from: Master Frotteur (Fri 29 Nov 2002 03:30:20 GMT)

Question from: Master Frotteur (Fri 29 Nov 2002 03:30:20 GMT)
I am wondering if any of you has ever ejaculated on a woman who was unaware, either in a crowd or in a place that afforded the chance to get away with it (sleeping in a library, for example), and then lurked around to see the mess you left on her body. I have. But I'll only tell if there is interest out there.

Answer from Carl

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chikaner (Sun 01 Dec 2002 04:30:50 GMT)

filmbuff mardi gras

dear filmbuff do u know a good site on mardi gras? when is that event held? please advise us.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

guest (Sun 01 Dec 2002 10:15:43 GMT)

I love english women

There asses are so rounded and cute. I love to fuck there cracks and treat them like dirty whores.

nanbread (Sun 01 Dec 2002 18:09:53 GMT)


I absolutey adore english women with split skirts and high heels. Such a turn on especially when they are drop dead gorgeous blonde and are complete bitches.

Krakken (Sun 01 Dec 2002 20:34:43 GMT)

Hey Filmbuff

I remember seeing you post your stories a while back...I think it was on another site, though.

Your stories are well-written and best of all---->I think they are real.

Let's face it, guys---->not all of the stories on this site are real (even when they SAY they are real).

But anyway, real or not, this site is great.


Black Shogun (Sun 01 Dec 2002 21:37:09 GMT)

Re: Krakken - Real Stories?

Krakken, I'm sure that there must always be a question in one's mind as to which stories are true and which are not. Actually, I've only read one fairly recent story on the site that I can say I don't believe to be true (the author . . . apparently not a frequent contributor . . . shall remain unnamed).

But I must say that when I first discovered this site, I was totally blown away. I me

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Krakken (Sun 01 Dec 2002 22:38:59 GMT)

Response to Black Shogun

Hello Mr. Shogun...

I was not attacking you. Nor was I attacking anyone specific.

I have seen a lot of things that many people who NOT believe if they did not see it (mostly men who are voyeuring girls in libraries and things like that).

I have been to MANY, MANY shows (concerts) and I KNOW that groping is ALWAYS going on. Every show I have ever been to, groping has been preva

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Black Shogun (Sun 01 Dec 2002 22:46:29 GMT)

Mardi Gras

I would love to go to Mardi Gras myself. I think it would be an absolute blast! I'd just have to make sure that I didn't get victimized by a pickpocket while humping . . . wallet in the front jacket pocket :-) I had a friend who lived in New Orleans who invited me down for Mardi Gras and the jazz festival in New Orleans, but he moved to Chicago before I could ever take him up on it.

shyboy (Sun 01 Dec 2002 23:19:48 GMT)


i think shogun refer to Master Frotteur too good stories to be true. Master Frotteur lies.

Master Frotteur (Sun 01 Dec 2002 23:39:47 GMT)


Shyboy, make up your mind. A few days ago you praised me; today you accuse me of lying. I think Black Shogun is right. A true Chikan ear will be able to weed out the impostors from the real deviants. I don't wear my chikan as a badge of honor, nor am I particularly proud of my activites, they're just part of me--that's it, it's as simple and complicated as that. When I write in this forum, I

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Black Shogun (Mon 02 Dec 2002 01:41:43 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur

Here, here! I agree with Master Frotteur. I know that what I've been doing for years is wrong. But I have not been able to stop myself. And, to be honest, it hasn't caused a lot of imbalance or dissonance in my life. I have plenty of other things to deal with that contribute to all that :-)

When I read Master Frotteur's story "Over the Railing", I have to say that it brought back memor

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Black Shogun (Mon 02 Dec 2002 02:33:20 GMT)


How many of you out there would be interested in a chatroom for our discussions and exchanges of ideas? If there is enough of an interest and if people would really use a chatroom and participate, then perhaps it's something we should think about. It would allow for more real time communication between members of this community.

So, if there is an interest out there in chikanland, let's here it. Also, any objections to such an idea that may be out there. Of course, I'm all for it, but we would need others to be for it too and to be active participants as well. What say ye all???

Master Frotteur (Mon 02 Dec 2002 03:51:35 GMT)

Black Shogun's Proposal for Chatroom

While I am not opposed to the idea of a chatroom, this forum suits me just fine.
Let's hear what the rest of our roundtable gentlemen have to say.

I sometimes wonder how frotteurism began in the history of mankind. Before the birth of the modern city, before the birth of mass transportation, where were the crowds in which our paraphilic ancestors began to "rub people the wrong way?" Di

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Gentlebrush (Mon 02 Dec 2002 04:01:59 GMT)

Re. Chat room

Welcome back from your vacation Shogun. Master Frotteur was filling the slot and had some good stories I love the over the railing one, now that is as real as it gets,and there reaction I know that reaction very well he..he..he great story Frotteor that one got me excited for real.

Now for the Chat room it sounds like a good idea. fist off how will it be ? would anyone be able to get in or

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filmbuff (Mon 02 Dec 2002 06:34:23 GMT)

Info on MG

Krakken, Master Frotteur & others, I'm glad you liked the story; I appreciate the comments. Someone asked if there are ever any drunk girls felt up -- most definitely!! But there are just as many sober ones getting felt up.

Chikaner, check out Fiveyes Production; they have videos covering Mardi Gras and every weekend in NO including all the fests (Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest, Essence Festival, Sugar Bowl).

Black Shogun, I don't carry a wallet in the crowds. I take my ID and a few bills and put them in my sock!

I'll post another story soon.

Krakken (Mon 02 Dec 2002 09:08:30 GMT)

I guess I can help a bit...

Hey guys...

I think I made a bad impression of myself by writing how some of these stories are not true.

Of course not all of these stories of true, but does it matter?

Anyway, if you guys want to chat with each other, it is really easy.

Simply download Yahoo Messenger, get a user name....Then tell each other your user names...Anytime you log on, you can see how many of your fellow voyeurs are online. You can set up rooms where you can all talk together. Or if you want, you can just chat with individuals.

Perhaps you would want to expand your list of potential chatters to other types of voyeurs---->upskirters, peepers, ect....

If anyone is interested and has questions for me, please post them and I will do my best to answer.


Black Shogun (Mon 02 Dec 2002 11:42:07 GMT)

Re: Krakken - Does it Matter?

Krakken, I suppose it does matter to me whether I believe there are a lot of true stories here or not. I mean, I really am a chikan and I have never discussed this matter with anybody else in all of my life until now. So it's very important to me to talk about it with people who have "been there" . . . to express my emotions, feelings, and thoughts about the whole thing with people who have had

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Krakken (Mon 02 Dec 2002 17:56:11 GMT)

Response to Black Shogun

Well, I am glad that you understand that all of these stories are not true.

And I understand how you want to share your activities and thoughts with other people who have similiar interests. Sometimes it is not healthy keeping things inside of one's self.

Be careful who you share everything with, though------>don't forget, what you do IS illegal in many places. I believe that you

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enterpreneur (Mon 02 Dec 2002 20:04:29 GMT)

Chikan, the interactive game....

To webmaster, and any others intirqued, a relevant question....
Has anyone heard of an interactive game or sim known as "chikan"?? I believe this game does exist in Japan at least... Anyway, it (the game) follows the same principles & strategies as the "techniques" described by the contributors to this board.... I do believe this should be possible maybe even inevitable due to the states of present day graphics & technology.. I'm a programmer and plan to enter the adult entertainment field (it's the little known secret occupation).. I mean just consider for a moment, something like "dreamworks" graphics within an interactive format.... Any Comments??

Black Shogun (Mon 02 Dec 2002 20:40:36 GMT)

Re: Krakken - "Chikan Chic"

You are right Krakken. A part of the thrill is that the girl is a stranger. I thought about that as I was writing. It wouldn't be quite the same. Oh, and by the way, I don't bank on meeting any women here. I have met some from other sites and chatrooms though. So, it is possible.

webmaster (Mon 02 Dec 2002 21:40:05 GMT)

>Master Frotteur

Your understanding "this is not a philosophy site" is not exactly right. Although I did expect that the site would attract a lot of perverts, my original intention was a site from philosophy to philogny. Next year, you will see more sub-sections so that this site can accommodate both of you.

webmaster (Mon 02 Dec 2002 21:42:07 GMT)

Re: Chatroom

I think that a chatroom is a good idea if many of us take part. But HTML chat, one without a chat programme but works with HTML meta tag only, does not have favorable reputation. A chat depends on a specific programme, on the other hand, needs ... a specific programme. That is everyone must install the same programme. How do you think?

Should we try, as advised by Krakken, Yahoo Messenger at first? If it is not good, we can try other, cannot we?

webmaster (Mon 02 Dec 2002 21:43:56 GMT)


The interactive game chikan does exist. But I cannot comment on that because I haven't played ...

Sugarmagnolia (Tue 03 Dec 2002 02:51:47 GMT)


True story...
On a very crowded subway about a year ago. Hubby was in front of me, both of us facing forward. After some time, I felt a nudge from the rear. Thought nothing of it...then I felt what could be said was a small phallic thinger poking at my butt. I moved forward a bit...and then felt a hand running up the crack of my ass. Not good. I turned around (completely mind you, not just my

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Qcbootboy (Tue 03 Dec 2002 02:52:35 GMT)


I'm going to admit to something that'll make you hate me, but then again, I'm drunk. My first time getting drunk, when I was about 19 or so (yes, I was a late bloomer in booze) I was at a company party. I got completely pissed up on all the free beer they had and went around groping people. Now, I didn't work for this company, I was just a guest of someone who worked there, so It wasn't like I was

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 03:23:16 GMT)


Stories like Sugarmagnolia's should be read with caution. I mean, Sugar, how do we know you are woman? And if you ARE a woman--and one who doesn't get off on the idea of a pervert like me rubbing up against your ass like the uncivilized canine that I am--what are you doing at a site like this? I guess there's also room in this forum for dissenters; but be aware, Maggie, that your reaction of di

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 03:46:40 GMT)

Black Shogun and Others

Black Shogun, again I am taken by your narrative ability; you place us right there where the action is. But I must be frank and say, respectfully, that my first instinctive reaction is to dismiss your story as fabricated. Now, some banter has been exchanged recently regarding the veracity of stories, so let me explain just what I mean.

I have been a frotteur for about 15 years. I conside

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Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 04:04:07 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - Fabrication?

Master Frotteur, I am disappointed that you would think that my stories are not true. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, but there is no way I would spend my time making this stuff up. I have been very, very open and sincere about the feelings I have had with regard to this site and some of the stories posted on it. I started to contribute because I saw myself in many of the stories.

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 04:38:03 GMT)

Black Shogun

Black Shogun, please don't be offended by my doubts. I respectfully raised them, which is more than can be said for some of the exchanges I have read in this forum. As a fellow chikan, I respect you. I have shown you that, I believe. Your stories are great; you capture the feeling. I just want you to understand from where my doubts originated. I guess you as well as the other chikans who hav

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jay (Tue 03 Dec 2002 05:19:32 GMT)

Master Frotteur

Just because YOU haven't found any complacent women, doesn't mean that they aren't out there. It's rare, but I would say from my own experience that 1/20 girls will be receptive. Maybe they just don't find you attractive or what you are doing to be stimulating. Personally? I have had PLENTY of girls thrust their butts back at me, especially Indian girls.

Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 05:27:04 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - Chikan Brother

Master Frottuer, thank you for your response. You are right. It is best when those with a little disagreement in here can settle it in a civilized and respectful manner.

I am sorry to have become upset with you. I know that some must wonder about my stories. But like I have said before, this site has . . . well . . . it has changed the way things are balanced in my life . . . how I am a

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 07:33:54 GMT)

Black Shogun/Pointer on a Simple Technique

Black Shogun has proved himself a gentleman and I salute him as Chikan of the Month. Master Frotteur, despite his experience, will always be a student of the sneaky art, and offers an open ear to the tales that circulate here in our roundtable. Jay, yes, perhaps my technique needs refinement; perhaps the ladies don't find me attractive, but whatever the reason, I will keep looking for the submis

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Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 11:46:22 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - Technique

Ha! Master Frottuer you are just too much! I can only imagine the scene you have described! Walking down the street and having the object of your desires secretly yankin' on your wanker! Imagine that! Hahahaha!

For me, I think I'll just stick to what I love best . . . my sausage buried inside a bouncy "bum bun." Gawd how I love that feeling of those cheeks separating to accomadate my

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pincher (Tue 03 Dec 2002 12:39:05 GMT)

back again

Havent been on the board for a while, so am back. Some matters need clearing that I have noticed.
First, Some women do get off on being chikaned, like JAY says, it just a case of striking lucky, 1 in 20 sounds about right. I do think it has a lot to do with whether the women are attracted to you, but this leads me to my next point.
Why is it you all claim to be the masters, or the best chik

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Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 12:46:10 GMT)

Re: Pincher - Choosey Chikan

I agree with you Mr. Pincher. The greatest excitement comes from chikaning somebody who thinks she's untouchable . . . the beautiful, aloof one who thinks she's too good. My favorite "targets" are attractive 20-somethings who think they're "all that." But hey . . . I'm an "equal opportunity" chikan :-) Sometimes, I just want to get my dick off in somebody's crack and I don't want to have to work too hard at it . . . like a lion going after a baby zebra for a quick meal :-)

Black Shogun

Krakken (Tue 03 Dec 2002 21:07:59 GMT)

Question for you guys...


So as Chikans, do you ever resort to other forms of voyeurism when the 'action' is not good?

For example, if you have no oppurtunities to rub against anyone (maybe there is not enough people or you just do not feel safe), do you do other things? Like upskirting? Filming? Peeping?

On some of the other boards, I have seen that many people who have panty-fetishes (like sniffing them or upskirting unsuspecting girls) also enjoy touching girls (frotteurism).

I was wondering how you guys felt about the other forms of voyeurism...

jay (Tue 03 Dec 2002 21:15:55 GMT)


I agree with pincher. For me, there is no thrill in going for very young or very submissive girls. I like to go for sexy women and older women. I hunt big.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 03 Dec 2002 21:49:12 GMT)

Met a girl on the crowded train


Greetings, I recently met a lovely lady whilst commuting into work in London. Since then I grown to like her so much. My chikaning habits seem to be fading. Maybe its a phase I going through who knows. I am beginning to think about her all the time.

It started out, when I first met her a week and half back. I wanted to hump her however when the train suddenly ground to a hal

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nanbread (Tue 03 Dec 2002 22:03:35 GMT)

re:Master Frotteur

I have used the railing tactics on one occasion when I was rubbing myself against two teenage girls. Like you both were dumb girls.They ignored the fact I was rubbing them up and down like mad sex hungry dog.

My tactic is once you have got them pinned against a railing. Lean forward and press against there bodies as though you are trying to get a closer look at the scene. This you can push your face in there hair or even rest your head next to there necks. Its even more exciting when they are wearing good smelling perfume.

I love whispering into there ears, stuff like "Your gorgeous baby" or "your so sexy looking can we date some time".

Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 22:04:27 GMT)

Re: Krakken - Other Past Times

Krakken, I have to admit that I'm a bit of a "panty freak" myself. I especially like thongs on a woman . . . the way that thin, narrow strip of material separates her buttocks cheeks! Yum! Or even when regular panties kinda get pushed to the side partially exposing "fat" pussy lips or when they get partially wedged up into her butt crack.

When I have had a steady girlfriend, when having

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nanbread (Tue 03 Dec 2002 22:06:09 GMT)

chat room

I all for a chatroom

Has anyone got a yahoo mail account ?

Lets chat. I wanna meet the gang !

Jay, get yourself down to london. I am telling you the london underground is heaven to a chikan. Ask Pincher you get lots of sexy high heeled, split skirted women with buttocks from heaven.

Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 22:08:45 GMT)

Re: Nanbread - Whispers

Nanbread, do you think your prey hears you when you whisper those things into their ears? I ocassionally will say stuff too . . . but I always do it in situations where they cannot hear me. I figure that if they hear me, it will mess up the hump.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Tue 03 Dec 2002 23:19:17 GMT)

Re: PBG - Met a Girl

Good for you PBG . . . good for you! Who knows . . . maybe you have discovered a new relationship. Something "real" with a woman. When I'm dating, I don't do chikan and I don't swing. Hell, I hardly ever do any swinging any more anyway. I've done chikan much longer . . . started earlier and continued it longer. Keep us posted PBG.

Black Shogun

Krakken (Tue 03 Dec 2002 23:21:16 GMT)

Response to Black Shogun...

Thanks for the quick response...

Yeah, I figured that you (like most others) would have other fetishes and 'hobbies'...

Filming up skirts goes on a lot! That is also occasionally on the news (when someone gets caught). It is very dangerous to, though. Although the laws in each state of the U.S. is different regarding this, they are usually pretty serious.

I remember years ago

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Black Shogun (Wed 04 Dec 2002 01:31:43 GMT)


No you crazy chikans! I am not about to write a story about how I dream of my ding-a-ling being firmly inserted in Faith Hill's ass crack! Besides, her husband Tim McGraw wouldn't like that very much (isn't that his name?). Anyway, whoever cared about what the husband thinks right? As long as he's not around to beat your chikaning ass right down into the ground! Hahahaha!

But seriously

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Master Frotteur (Wed 04 Dec 2002 02:04:47 GMT)

Krakken wants to get crackin' w/upskirts

I want to address two of your questions about upskirts. Yes, many of us (at least myself) are into other deviant behaviors. Thank goodness for variety. While my mainstay is frotteurism, I have indulged other vices, although briefly at times. Among them, exhibitionism (showed my penetration-ready, stiffened friend to young women a "handful" of times when I was a teen), voyeurism (peeped into may

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Master Frotteur (Wed 04 Dec 2002 02:18:22 GMT)

Black Shogun's Message

My fellow chickans (will this ever by said by someone standing at a podium in the White House lawn? Doubt it), again my chikan brother Black Shogun speaks the truth. Believe what he says, believe what I say; I doubted him for a moment yesterday, but no more. I must admit that I've had the urge to go out and do what we do after reading one of his stories. He has the narrative gift. He writes, a

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Black Shogun (Wed 04 Dec 2002 02:24:47 GMT)

Re: Master Frottuer - Upskirt Action

Master Frottuer! Master Frottuer . . . not only are you a genious, but that piece was fucking hilarious! I love your style! View her tampon string??? Baaaaahahahahahaha! You are CRAZY dude. Hey . . . we're all already morally BANKRUPT! We have no more perversion to give! WHERE did you come from man! WELCOME!

Black Shogun!!!

Master Frotter (Wed 04 Dec 2002 04:51:46 GMT)

Questions for the honorable company

Here are some questions for you honorable gentlemen:

1) The guys in London--What about the presence of undercovers in the Tube?

2) Carlos--I have read your postings before, but I'd like to read more from you. Especially, annecdotes relating to adult women or older teens. If you can get away with shit in Venezuela, you must have other stories.
Also, please tell us about the sta

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Krakken (Wed 04 Dec 2002 07:31:17 GMT)

Another Response

Hey guys...

Well, I am glad that I am able to talk to some of you guys on this board. I realize that this board is for Chikaning and Frotteurism...but I am sure that no one will mind some conversations about other forms of voyeurism...

If you have not guessed already, I do indeed have a lot of experience with a lot of this.

However, I definitely am not comfortable posting abou

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OldGuard (Wed 04 Dec 2002 14:53:48 GMT)

re: up skirt shots

If you dont mind money to spend, buy two cameras. Have one in your hand. Another one hang from your neck. Set a flash on the camera in the hand. Expensive one which can throw light downward to the ground, or any direction you choose, is better. Buy a gadget for another camera which is set to where a flash is set and automatically releases the shutter when it takes strong light. Now ask a girl poli

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nanbread (Wed 04 Dec 2002 20:30:11 GMT)

Carlos always gets the best humps and feels

Carlos !!!,

I really enjoyed that story well done !!..

Tellme are the riots still going on in Caracas ? if not I am coming over to see you my friend ! :-))

Me and u will hump, fuck and enjoy the sunshine/beach.

nanbread (Wed 04 Dec 2002 20:39:09 GMT)


When I whisper into a womans ear and tell her shes a gorgeous whore or her buttocks are nice and sexy. I am very selective. For instance if the girl is giggling when I am humping her I will give her this dirty talk.

If I feel its a real bitch who would cause a scene. I tend not to say anything, maybe whisper to myself or say it my mind.

If I tell a girl shes a good looking whore and she giggles it turns me on and I want to hump her harder.

Where are you in the US ? i would love exchange emails with you.

nanbread (Wed 04 Dec 2002 20:44:51 GMT)

re:Master Frotteur and Shogun

I have looked up womens skirts yes. I myself am a humping and sex addict.

I have humped female strangers, fucked whores, one night stands in bars. I am addicted to white blonde girls. They like me I like them :-))

I have never, ever exposed myself to a stranger. Though when I have brought girls back to my appartment I sometimes ask them to watch me as I masturbate till I cum.

Shogun and the rest of the gang why dont we meet up. I suggest Caracas !! save your money and book a flight overthere for a splendid vacation.

nanbread (Wed 04 Dec 2002 21:53:57 GMT)


My friend, I do hope this thing with the girl works out.

I only wish I could find the ideal girl of my life and experience the feelings you are experiencing in your heart right now.

Good luck and keep us all posted.

paul (Wed 04 Dec 2002 22:39:59 GMT)


This Board has come alive!!! Thanks to all of you. I want to say that I believe every word black Shogun has written, because it accords with my experiences. Howwever, I can't resist pointing out that your initials do not help in the call for confidence!

I am particularly heartened to see that the level of discourse has really improved. People are writing well, the CAPS key use is low, w

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Black Shogun (Wed 04 Dec 2002 22:46:55 GMT)

Re: Paul - Initials

Hahahaha Paul! I have thought the same thing about my "initials"! And what about . . . ummmm . . . Master Frotteur going by . . . uhhhhhh . . . MF :-)? Hey . . . no cute nicknames for me OK???

Black Shogun

Paul (Wed 04 Dec 2002 23:13:59 GMT)


I would never make fun of your name, Black Shogun. It is surely a sign of my utter and complete lack of creativity that I cannot think of anything better than . . . wait for it . . . "Paul." Sold out indi-rock (vomit) show Friday. I've got high hopes. I'll report back.

PBG - we'll miss your stories, but fuck that! Love is a rare and wonderful thing! Grab it while you can. Shed the chikan if you can do it, and hold onto that wonderful woman. Congratulations! If we must lose great chikan masters and excellent writers like yourself, let us lose them through love!

p.s. sorry for the double & triple posts. Damn computer!

Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 02:01:02 GMT)

Anger Management

I have read a few posts lately in which the authors suggest that anger is at least one of the core factors that motivates a chikan. Although I can agree with that in general, I also agree with Paul that it's all a bit more complicated than that.

Certainly some anger lies behind what I do. But there is so much more to it than that . . . things that I see now distinguish me from other chika

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Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 03:29:20 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - Other Deviant Behavior

Master Frotteur, you are quite correct in saying that I am now pretty much a straight frotteur. That's my main thing now. But there are a couple of other deviant things I like, and one of those happens to be "swinging."

I have been a "swinging single" for many, many years now. Not as long as I have been a chikan, but long enough. I don't do it as much as I used to, but I have to admit t

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paul (Thu 05 Dec 2002 03:37:52 GMT)

mutual chikan

I have had women respond positively a few times. It was an incredible turn on. I have many kinks. One is non-consnsual sex, which, as I wrote, I enjoy more in fantasy than in reality. Another is public sex. A third is sex with strangers. Fourth is dangerous sex (always a chance of arrest. Divorce. Forget custody of the kids, lucky even to get visitation rights at that point . . . ) Chikan

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Gentlebrush (Thu 05 Dec 2002 03:49:24 GMT)

Stimulus or unaware?

First off I would like to wish PBG good luck again on his new sweetie I believe it his second one that he met on the train. I apologize if IM wrong.

My question is how can a women be unaware of a dick rubbing or poking in or on there ass? If they let you do it and not move while you get off on them could be that it too crowded or to embarrass or to affraid to cause a sene?

I use to

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paul (Thu 05 Dec 2002 03:51:37 GMT)

mutual and non-mutual links

Then there's the very similar story that happened to me with a woman, blonde again, who didn't like it one bit. You can see it at:
It's "subway beauty" by Paul Orlando (that's me)

And for another one where the woman did like it, look at this one:
also paul orlando. This one was really amazing. Looking back, I think she must have been drunk. I just can't believe she actually let me caress her bare breast. But it's true my friends. It's true. It's the only time I've ever gone under a woman's shirt in chikan.

paul (Thu 05 Dec 2002 04:03:45 GMT)

not chikan at all - butt fucking

When I was 22 I had a girlfriend who was 17 and looked even younger. We met dancing, and kissed on the dance floor. Then I took her to the beach at night. We stayed out until 4:00 in the morning. I was driving home, just assuming she would come back to my place, when she started telling me how to get her home. I said, I thought maybe you could sleep at my place.

"My boyfriend wouldn'

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Carlos (Thu 05 Dec 2002 04:09:43 GMT)

RE: Enterpreneur, Black Shogun, Master Frotteur

I am interested in the idea of enterpreneur (Mon 02 Dec 2002 20:04:29 GMT) about Chikan, the interactive game.... like "dreamworks" graphics within an interactive format. I hope entrepreneur would sell us that game, or at least I hope that Chikan game can be included in this board . We would have a lot of fun.

RE:Black Shogun
I agree with Black Shoguns proposal of (Mo

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Carlos (Thu 05 Dec 2002 04:12:01 GMT)

RE: Nanbread

Question from nanbread (Wed 04 Dec 2002 20:30:11 GMT): Tell me are the riots still going on in Caracas ? if not I am coming over to see you my friend ! :-))
Answer from Carlos: Unfortunately were are facing a big political crisis. All the workers from all the companies (White collar, and blue collar) went on strike to protest that they want presidential elections in advance.We still have riots

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paul (Thu 05 Dec 2002 04:48:11 GMT)


Sorry, I know I said I wouldn't post again until I had a story, but I just thought everyone should know about this. It's from 2 years ago, but you still have to be careful.

September 8, 2000, Friday, Late Edition - Final
SECTION: Section B; Page 10; Column 1; Metropolitan Desk
LENGTH: 261 words
HEADLINE: 5 Arrested on Sex Charges Outside MTV Awards

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jay (Thu 05 Dec 2002 07:40:44 GMT)


I'm surprised that they got caught. I bet that they were busted by undercover cops, as opposed to the women raising a cry. That's what's great about rock concerts, nobody gets arrested for chikan. The worst thing that could happen to you is the bouncers tossing you out.

Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 09:28:41 GMT)

Re: Jay - MTV Bust

They got caught because they were stupid. I noticed that the busts happened somewhere outside of the show . . . on the street. Those guys were probably way too open about what they were doing in areas that weren't nearly crowded enough.

You're right Jay. A bust would never go down in a crowded show. Hell, I've done chikan at a crowded outdoor show with cops standing nearby! No shit! What's a girl gonna say??? This guy's on my ass??? Hell lady, 10,000 people are on your ass! And I've NEVER seen a bouncer throw anybody out. Never! I've seen a few girls complain to bouncers, but then the bouncers tell them there's nothing they can do. In other words, "Lady you get what you deserve for parking your BUM up front!"

Black Shogun!!!

frontrunner (Thu 05 Dec 2002 19:38:33 GMT)

real relationships

Hellos my good friends, I am inspired by pbh and his newfound love. I believe that long ago on this Board Webmaster Ayashi gave Chikan of the Month award to a fellow, Tim? I think? who found love and abandoned his chikan ways. I have a question for all of you, but mostly for the grand writers, black shogun, master frotter, etc. Do you ever get private emails from women excited about it, and wanting to meet you? I ask because you write so good. And I think weomen like smart men who can tell a good story. So I am just wondering . . .

webmaster (Thu 05 Dec 2002 21:08:38 GMT)

Re: chikan games

You can download a trial version (yes, it's free) of one of chikan games.
The producer of the game is Haoh.
The title is Tsukin-kairaku (chikan de go).
Haoh's chikan game web page is
The URL of the game itself is

Now, you need DirectX8 to play the trial version
and you need to understand Japanese language ...

fish & chips (Thu 05 Dec 2002 21:15:15 GMT)

concerts in london to grope at ?

Where can one find such information ?

paul (Thu 05 Dec 2002 22:17:53 GMT)

is it rape?

I've gotten three, count 'em, three private emails from people on this goup criticizing me, saying chikan is not about rape. I am sorry if I gave the impression that it was. I thought I was clear that there is a difference between fantasy and reality. We were asked about our other kinks, and one of mine is fantasizing (that's the one that is not reality folks) about non-consensual sex. And I t

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Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 23:35:39 GMT)

Re: Paul - Rape

I'm afraid he's right my chikan friends. A lack of consent plus the SLIGHTEST penetration makes the case for rape. But still, I never considered myself to be raping anybody . . . at least until the discourse in here caused me to think very hard and very deeply about it all.

I understand the legal definition, which can get to be even tougher when dealing with minors because they are deemed to be incapable of giving consent under any circumstances, no matter what. But still, from a psychological standpoint, all out rape is about violence . . . wanting to hurt and maim and so forth.

I have none of that in me. I want her to enjoy . . . or at least to remain unaware if she's not going to enjoy. This is how I square things up in my head.

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 23:38:54 GMT)

Re: Fish & Chips - Concerts

I wish I could help you out Fish & Chips. As for myself, I've always had this fantasy of wanting to go to a big rock concert in Wembley Arena. Isn't that it in London? Wembley Arena?

Black Shogun

Black Shogun (Thu 05 Dec 2002 23:48:22 GMT)

Re: Frontrunner - E-mails from Women

I have not received any e-mails from women Frontrunner. I assume that there are at least a few out there reading. But I really wonder how many? Those that are out there are probably scared to death of me :-)

I would really love to hear from women to get their perspectives on things. I mean, the discussion in here is obviously tilted toward the male species. I would love to hear from women with views from all angles . . . those that like chikan. Those who hate it. I want to learn . . . become more knowledgeable. One way to do that is to hear what others have to say . . . both men and women.

Black Shogun

paul (Fri 06 Dec 2002 01:02:02 GMT)

not rape

I admire your state of mind Black Shogun. But does the woman you are grinding even know your state of mind? Perhaps some do, can sense it, and are excited. But for those who don't like it, do they even care if you are thinking kind generous thoughts, or evil abusinve thoughts? Do they care? They just are being assaulted.

Of course chikan is not rape; there is no penetration. But it is assault. Unless they like it. 19/20 times, it's assault.

This is why we must hear from women on the topic. I wish there was a way. Is there? But I am afraid we may not like what we would hear . . .

Black Shogun (Fri 06 Dec 2002 01:07:56 GMT)

I Too Met A Girl!

I was just out to the neighborhood grocery store. On my short walk back, I saw an attractive blonde walking towards me from the opposite direction. We were still several feet away from each other when our eyes locked. I looked down for a minute, and then looked back up. She was still looking at me.

We met at the steps of my building at the same time. She was all smiles! I said, "Hi!"

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Black Shogun (Fri 06 Dec 2002 02:22:50 GMT)

Re: Master Frotteur - When Things Go Wrong

MF, I purposely took some time to think about what I would write on this subject before finally deciding to put fingers to keyboard. To be honest, this is a difficult one for me to write about. Not because I haven't been in situations where things have gone wrong. To the contrary. There have been numerous situations where things have gone awry. It's just that I've tried hard to forget about th

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Dev (Fri 06 Dec 2002 13:29:19 GMT)

"Sad" news

I'm sorry to report to my brother ChikKans the sad news that the feminazis have struck another victory for their osamas types! I was watching the communist news network ass they gleefully reported the initiation of the new "Female only" cars on the Manila subways. I was sadden for my fellow Pilipino ChikKans as they were denied another furtile hunting opportunity by the venimous androphobes of the P.I. Having worked there for a few years and having experienced many beautiful Filipina beauties (very few of them had the type "ASSets" which I perfer) my sympathies are with you, my pade'! India, Korea, Brazil, Japan and now the P.I. Does this mean that the bin laden brigades will soon turn the whole world into another iran/taliban/saudi-land?

Black Shogun (Fri 06 Dec 2002 13:45:41 GMT)

Re: Dev - Female-Only Cars

Dev, are you saying that they already have seperate train cars for women in Brazil? Damn! South America is tops on my list for a visit, with Brazil and Venezuela leading the way! But then again, I've never lived any place in my adult life that had super-packed trains and buses, so that's never been my thing. Can't miss what I never had :-)

Black Shogun

sam (Fri 06 Dec 2002 16:27:31 GMT)


Does anyone have any tales to tell regarding buses for those not fortunate enough to have underground in their vicinity? Or, even better, some techniques to share?

I have an appaling technique that yields very little results.


PS In my humble opinion Mr Shogun, you treated that stripper girl very badly. What did you expect her to do when she saw you? Give you a big hug and 5 minutes to talk about old times?

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