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punjabi butt humper (Sun 04 Aug 2002 03:56:45 GMT)

agree with cybergrope

u got be smart out there in the crowd. caution is neccessary, but dont over wait when u get a green signal. so all it means is that one must be attentive, sensitive to responses after touch. no point forcing urself. on some occasions, u may get away with a meek woman, but some strong woman may give u hell. its worth getting an ill repute in family and friends. once u lose respect, u will be ridiculed, and probably no woman in ur circle will trust u with their kids too. so watch it guys...remember groping is always 2 way. if a woman is not turning back at u when u grope. it simply means she likes it. u dont have to a verbal response or wait for body shifting. some women just take it without seeking happy humping ..


nanbread (Sun 04 Aug 2002 17:47:06 GMT)

re:webmaster --> about kavitha


What are the rules regarding chikan award ?

If I were to vote Kavitha (being female and a chikan victim rather then a chikan), would she eligible for entry ?.

I want to vote her for August !

Carlos ( Venezuela ) (Mon 05 Aug 2002 01:07:24 GMT)

Women confronting men

In Venezuela, women rarely confront men who rub up against them in a crowded subway, elevator or long waiting lines. Those women who do not want to be groped, try to avoid the groper by changing posture or letting him pass. They might show with their body language that they are reluctant to be touched. If they are angry, they might stare at the groper as if stopping him. Those who are cover secu

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 05 Aug 2002 04:44:37 GMT)

hi kavitha, carlos, iron dick, PBG

dear guys and kavitha
i agree that more and more women are getting stiffer about being groped. u are lucky to be in venezuela and not in anti groping places like Chennai(indian city). in this city, women act like untouchables. even the slightest of touch in any part of teh body, and they act as if u raped her chastity.

sometimes, i wonder if these hypersensitivity is an clear indication

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webmaster (Mon 05 Aug 2002 21:05:18 GMT)

Re: the rules regarding chikan award

I do not want this site being "for chikan" site. This is about (including against) chikan. So, please nominate anybody or anything about the subject. You can nominate a crowded London discotheque if you like.

The Infamous Groper (Tue 06 Aug 2002 01:14:11 GMT)

hey mosh pit

very nice touch. I appreciate you going back to your high school experiences as they have brought back some sweet ass memories for me. Although I just graduated like 4 yrs ago, you've reminded me about many experiences I've had that are similar to yours.. I love the pit. It is absolutely the best place to grope.. The dynamics of a mosh pit make it impossible to get caught and give you the green light on just about any bitch in there.... I'd like to hear some of your mosh pit stories. I have many to share as well

ps. don't foget to pinch an ass and grab a tit for me

The Infamous Groper

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Guest (Tue 06 Aug 2002 03:11:09 GMT)


Its good to be a leg man, today at this county fair i was sittin in a cirlce with others checking out these rabbits when this hot looking 16 yr old in shorts sat by me, so everytime i passed her one of the rabbits I'd make sure my hand gently touched her thighs, they were so smooth!! She didn't notice anything, lets face it, girls don't consider it a big thing if you touch their legs usually!!

spike (Wed 07 Aug 2002 03:31:37 GMT)


a local female dj here talkin' about mosh pits admitted she'd rather be groped in the pit then accidently kicked by someone's boot.

nanbread (Wed 07 Aug 2002 16:44:50 GMT)

re:infamous groper

Theres nothing better then boneing a horny young sexy bitch with huge bazookas and bubbly buttocks, whats even more exciting is whent the boyfriend is looking at you dumbly, not knowing what to do :-)))

I have had a few occasions where the boyfriend starts staring at me, I just stare at him back and ask him what the fuck is his problem.

I dont mind you lot boneing my present girlfriend !, shes young and sexy 18 years old and is as ripe as a fruit, if you know what I mean. She would do anything for me even have a gang grope done on her :-))

Carlos (Fri 09 Aug 2002 03:56:19 GMT)

I get mad when women are reluctant

I hate women who are reluctant to be touched in the subway. Reluctant women make me fail when I am groping. When reluctant women change posture to avoid me, I feel rejected, angry, frustrated and disappointed. I start to wish that something bad happens to them. I wish that a lightning hits them, burning them completely. I wish that a dinosaur of Jurassic Park Movie gets them,( the T- Rex ) ,and

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Spike (Fri 09 Aug 2002 07:24:48 GMT)


As far as Chicago goes, for indoor venues check out the Vic theater and especially the Aragon Ballroom, which most people call "Brawlroom".

The Infamous Groper (Fri 09 Aug 2002 12:36:59 GMT)

re carlos

Carlos man,,,,,CHILL OUT...what do you think the girls are thinking when you start rubbing your hands all over them. I look at groping as a sport so to say. If I get my feel/hump in, then I control her and I've won. If she manages to pick up on my intentions, and avoids the grope then good for her. Onto the next one. The only time I'd wish death on one of my victims is if I got caught. Although

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mw (Fri 09 Aug 2002 12:54:00 GMT)


for all the moshpit tips. i like groping but hate trouble, any moshpit etiquette (ironic as that may sound) do's & dont's? tks guys.
Carlos - don't take it so personally. it's like a stranger stops to talk to you. if it's interesting, you'll listen; if not, you walk away. it's the same with women when being groped.

The Infamous Groper (Fri 09 Aug 2002 16:59:57 GMT)

Mosh Pit Etiquette

Ok mw, that is a good question. It is an important one. The only true rule of the mosh pit is that when somebody falls down, MAKE SURE you help him or her get up by pulling them up. When someone falls down in the moshpit its vital that people attempt to help this person get up as this person becomes a tripping hazard for everyone and if people start falling, you can rest assure that some people

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Carlos (Sat 10 Aug 2002 14:59:44 GMT)

Groping might cause premature ejaculation

I believe that groping might cause premature ejaculation. I have noticed that, after a day of successful subway groping, my penis is so sensitive that it will not erect too much and then start to ejaculate with smallest little manual stimulation. I think this happens because when I am groping I feel an orgasm before the erection. This orgasm without erection also brings semen without erection, therefore it creates premature ejaculation.

nanbread (Sun 11 Aug 2002 00:00:33 GMT)



I never had this premature ejaculation experience u speak about...

One question do any of you guys suffer from back problems after humping numerous women ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 11 Aug 2002 09:03:51 GMT)



I often get back problems, if I have been out on an active humping night. For instance when I am in a crowded bar or train full of fleshy female bodies, I need to arch my back backwards and push my hard throbbing cock forward into female fleshy juicy buttocks. Especially when your digging and grinding deeply struggling to force your cock into the womans gap corrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

After you get home after a humping night, I suggest a few yoga exercises to relieve the pain.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 11 Aug 2002 09:09:05 GMT)

Tips on Groping

Hey Guys,

If you come across bitchy women, who you would think would react in a nasty way, just stand behind them really close. For instance in a crowded lift or your standing in a queue.

When they back away, they smash there lovely buttocks into your already hard cock. They might look around as you grin, but hey ? whose fault was it bitch you just banged into me :-)), that way you get a "quick one" and your the innocent guy in this whole thing. Sneaky eh ?.

Come on Carlos, Mx Groper, Nanbread, Guru, Moshpit, Infamous Groper

The Infamous Groper (Sun 11 Aug 2002 13:58:09 GMT)

Good idea PBG

I'm a big fan of quickies. You don't even need that much crowd protection for some quickies. Wal Mart stores are always just crowded enough to get many many quickies in one single outing. The walk-by-brush-hand-on-ass can be done for hours in a store like this. The trick to this is learning how to turn your palm around when you walk by, and still make it feel like an accidental bump.
As a

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nanbread (Sun 11 Aug 2002 18:41:13 GMT)



In europe chikans operate in 'stealth mode', if your caught then you could either face a heavy fine or almost certainly a jail sentence.

Most european chikans use the bumping tactic, this involves accidently on purpose into the back of a woman and immediately apologising. This way it looks like an accident. At the same time you have had a chance to shove your hard cock into her

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nanbread (Sun 11 Aug 2002 18:42:45 GMT)

update on my back problems

I have got my girl friend to give me a good massage, feel better now !! :-))

punjabi butt humper (Mon 12 Aug 2002 04:28:37 GMT)

back aches

i too had back aches after a series of grinding sessions. the best solution is to keep ur lower back muscles strong and super fit condition. practise push ups on floor where u need to arch ur back ..breath in when u go down and breath out when come up. do it slowly and repeat it as often as u can. a good back is what a groper needs apart from a throbbing dick.

stealth groping techniques ar

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The Infamous Groper (Mon 12 Aug 2002 20:34:06 GMT)

You're right PBG

You're bang on when you say a grope isn't enough. But the risk in humping, for a guy like myself, is that it takes me like 5 mins to cum from a dry hump. Thats a long ass time to be sitting there jacking some chick lol. I would be caught before I came, thats for damn sure. I have experienced pre cum. And I have also had a girl rub my crotch in a crowd and cum(that was amazing). But I've neve

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Dev (Tue 13 Aug 2002 12:54:09 GMT)

Volf Pack!

I have an idea. There are many women whom I either know in a professional capacity or I'm acquainted with socially. There are also women whom I see in passing daily. All these women I want to grope and some I want to chikKan rather badly!! There''s Debbie, whom I've known for over 10 years & I've only been able to cop a feel twice! What I have in mind is this. I want to get a rent a place and g

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 17:45:02 GMT)

Tip of the Day !

Have you guys ever encountered lifts in big stores, I have this great tactic.

Hunt around for a big store with lots of floors and a life. Hang around the lift and wait until a crowd builds up, in my experience theres always a bunch of young girls who want to use the life to reach one of the floors.

Wait until the lift doors open and the main crowd enters the life. Target a nice girl

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 21:13:14 GMT)

Tip of the Day

Fellow chikans,

I have a good solution to the "wet trouser" syndrome and the "semen smelling " trousers after you have humped some heavenly buttocks.

Wrap a plastic/cotton bag around your cock so when you cum, the juices of life flush straight into the bag. That way u can clean up afterwards.

Dev (Wed 14 Aug 2002 07:24:01 GMT)

Gerry's had to run!

Greetings Friends & fellow practitioners in the fine art of the ChikKan. Since the topic is close calls I'll relate a Gerry story. We were "romping the rumps" at one of our favorite watering holes-Walmart. The quality of butts there abounds! We were taking turns. One would be the lookout while the other would ambush the prey! On this occasion, I was on guard while Gerry scouted for bum. Sudde

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The Infamous Groper (Wed 14 Aug 2002 21:32:00 GMT)

Tip everyone should know

Curiosity isn't always innocent. Just ask the guy who tried to see if honey tasted better straight from the hive. That was me today. On my way home from work, I decided to stop at the Rideau Center, its a very large shopping mall here in Ottawa. I've had some very successful groping sessions in this mall in the past and I thought that I had a chance for another one today. Boy was I wrong. I f

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mw (Wed 14 Aug 2002 21:57:15 GMT)


don't be so hard on yourself. i consider that a successful grope. it's a different sort of satisfaction to come out unscathed form a "challenging" grope. Kudos to you.

The Infamous Groper (Wed 14 Aug 2002 22:24:59 GMT)


Thanks man. However, in my mind a risk free grope is successful. She easily could've followed me, or told security. That would not have gone well for me. It was successful in the sence that I was able to feel that hot business bitches ass LOL, but the stress level did rise quite a bit. I'm sure we all have our stories sorted out in our own minds as to what we might say if confronted by authority. I wouldn't mind hearing some of yours as they might help all of us out of a jam at one time or another. I don't have much time to write tonight but I'll be back with mine and another story tommorrow or friday. bye for now

The Infamous Groper

nanbread (Wed 14 Aug 2002 22:43:56 GMT)

re:infamous groper

Hey Infamous Groper,

I tried your technique, it seems to work pretty well, apart from one woman I came across who, screamed "You didn't have to touch my arse to say excuse me", I moved off quickly dissapearing into the crowd.

Such a confident woman dam !! greed gets the better of me sometimes and almost lands me in shit.

Anyway I am going to wet hump my girlfriend now, she thinks I am strange because I spend more time fucking her bottom more then anything else :-))

Carlos (Thu 15 Aug 2002 01:23:44 GMT)

RE: Infamous groper

I agree we should avoid confident women. The best targets are women who look like a bit dumb.We should figure out the way they are. We should read her face, look at her make up, look if she smiles like a stupid one, look her clothing, and so on.


nanbread (Thu 15 Aug 2002 19:49:29 GMT)

meeting up of chikans

Hey if you want to get chikans together, you better do it in a country where laws governing chikan activity doesnt apply, countries such as Caracas, Mexico, Japan are the best meeting places.

Organising such meetings in USA, Mainland Europe is not really a good idea, we probably end up getting arrested or beaten up.

(Webmaster) see personal for the original story.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 17 Aug 2002 08:09:14 GMT)

Tip of the Day


If your in a crowded street, i.e outside a club or bar, pretend your drunk and accidently on purpose, bump into any plum bottoms you might see in the vicinity.

If a girl is walking in front of you and she stops keep on walking until you "bump" into her, make sure you are really close to her so it looks like an accident :-))

I call this the "bumming" technique, last night

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Guest (Sat 17 Aug 2002 11:59:32 GMT)


are you all quite ugly?

guest (Sat 17 Aug 2002 13:36:34 GMT)

kidnapping and torturing school girls

Have any of you chikans kidnapped school girls and raped them ?

How did you overpower them ? did you torture them ? then dispose of thier bodies.

nanbread (Sat 17 Aug 2002 19:21:04 GMT)


Actually I am a handsome looking guy, so the ladies tellme with a high sexual drive.

This is a chikan site not a rapist and kidnapping BBS.

guest (Sat 17 Aug 2002 23:05:04 GMT)

a message to all the chikans

Why do all you guys live in a make belief world ? Your all just pieces of low life who take gain gratification out of torturing poor women.

I suggest you all go out and find yourselves girlfriends to fuck, rather then rapeing and torturing innocent women.

Gentlebrush (Sun 18 Aug 2002 20:23:17 GMT)

Back In the days

Yes Iron Dick I remember back in my days when I was in late teens I was young a full of cum use to be on a crowded bus every day twice a day cum two time a day. If only I can go back to those days again now I live in a city where the bus are not crowded anymore where I acually have to sit on the bus on the way to work and back home dreaming of the regurlar women who are on that bus wishing it was

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nanbread (Sun 18 Aug 2002 21:12:26 GMT)


Gentlebrush/Iron Dick

I agree with you both, some guys do bullshit about pushing thier finger tips into a womans pussy and making them wet. Which woman is going to allow you do that, without her screaming "rape".

Possibly in Venezuala, maybe Japan, but even thats going a bit too far, unless you want arrested or beaten up by passengers.

I would be interested to hear more of your groping adventures.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 20 Aug 2002 16:13:31 GMT)

Need some advice from carlos, nanbread and PBG

Have any of you chikans come across women you have seen you have really really wanted to chikan, but theres never ever been an opportunity to do so ?.

Its summer at the moment in the UK and the women are wearing less and less clothing. Each morning I see this gorgeous half breed girl (she looks half latino).

She wears a tight business suite that reveals all the curves on her body and

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nanbread (Tue 20 Aug 2002 19:08:42 GMT)

re: PGB needs advice


My chikan friend, I myself have touched on your experiences. The smartest and sexiest looking women often avoid crowds, because they know they are a magnet for sexy hungry chikans. U have to make some kind of excuse to get near her so u can brush hard bone against her thighs and buttocks. Bump into the back of her, if she goes to the store and waits in a queue. Stand very close behind her so when she backs of into you. Your bone automatically enters her juicy crack.

Maybe you will have to continue to dream of humping her every night :-))

Penguin (Tue 20 Aug 2002 21:00:36 GMT)


Man, ive seen some of your random shit that you put out. I mean...WOW, its cool man, And theres other people like Dr. Clive who think you need to see a psychiatrist. Well....maybe you do, but then, Who the fuck doesn't? WE ARE ALL FUCKING INSANE!! and you lead us in the fight against sane people. Oh yeah and that stuff about fucking iron that is a brilliant feeling. It's almost as good as fucking dog's asses. Yeah man keep giving us these ideas, they ROCK!!

ps. Dr. Clive, you need to get a girlfriend and get your cock sucked :P

Penguin (Tue 20 Aug 2002 21:15:10 GMT)

Yeah, you da KING OF CHIKANS!!!

I'm from england. I wanna be a groper. I must grope women!! . I must grope them now!!

you are da main man groper!!

Guest (Wed 21 Aug 2002 01:25:58 GMT)

RE: pakistani bottom groper

Latino girl target

1) Read carefully her face. Figure out if she is a confident woman or dumb. Look if she smiles.

2) Test her buttocks using your tip of the day Sat 17 august

"If a girl is walking in front of you and she stops keep on walking until you "bump" into her, make sure you are really close to her so it looks like an accident :-))"

Look if she wears rubber shoes or business shoes. Just in case. If she wears business shoes she can not run after you. You can escape. Have enough cash to take a taxi cab.

3) If she is latino type the police might not probably care as much as if she were british. You will win. You will not be falsely acused as a chikan.


Gentlebrush (Wed 21 Aug 2002 02:49:21 GMT)

Re. Pakistani bottom groper

I have this brillant Idea,you ought to print a copy of one of these bbs articles storie, pick the ones you can find that might arouse a women, and of course... it would have to be about hunping a women on a crowded train or bus. Just bring the article with you and the next time you see her if she get on the bus or stands or sits at a station without her knowing slip the article on the seat next to

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mw (Wed 21 Aug 2002 13:32:01 GMT)

advice for pbg

gentlebrush has a GREAT idea there.
else just start a random conversation with her. even just asking her for time gives you a chance to stand close to her. so when train comes and you crowd into her, it's excusable.

nanbread (Wed 21 Aug 2002 17:59:33 GMT)

Advice on Groping Women

I have noticed confident women when you approach them from behind. They always make a habit of shoving their elbow backwards into your ribs. Its kind of warning from them to keep your distance. Some of the real good looking women do this and are real bitches.

Dumb Women who always look down on the floor are pretty dumb and can be humped without a problem. I rubbed myself against the backs and buttocks of many good looking dumb women, they dont do anything just stand thier and take it.

Like you PBG, I love squashing my face in thier hair and breathing in taking in the smell. I dont salivate in thier hair though :-))

mw (Wed 21 Aug 2002 19:35:01 GMT)

nanbread's advice

point well taken. but, if someone wants you to keep distance, you call her a bitch; if someone let's you get away with it, you call her dumb. no show of remorse or gratitude whatsoever. where is your conscience, man?
may i suggest "assertive" vs. "submissive". and yes, i have on occasion successfully freuttered assertive women, with their tacit consent, by body language. assertive women hate being out of control or being overpowered.
groping submissive women - that's like beating up little kids - no skill. anybody can do that.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 21 Aug 2002 20:41:37 GMT)


First of all I wish to know where Guru has vanished too ?


Thanks for your advice so far, I still see the half breed sexy woman each morning standing on the platform. Shit she's driving me crazy each time she wobbles those buttocks of hers.

I dream of wrapping my hands around her waist and forcing my rock hard cock hard deep into her crack. Whilst salivating in her hair licking her hair strands.

Women drive me crazy man !, maybe tommoro I am going to chat her up and then maybe see if I can hump her in bed corrrrrr worrrrrrrr

webmaster (Wed 21 Aug 2002 21:02:35 GMT)

Re: pakistani bottom groper & Penguin


Why none of you guys couldn't give simple and normal advice - forget about frottage, be her friend and fuck her?

Ok, I know why. Once you are her friend, the much of flavor, the thrill is lost. But you do not need to wait till you become that close. You take her to a rock concert for the first date. Drag her into a mosh pit. Hold her in your arms. Give her great hump.


Your pic (ascii art) is lovely.

The Infamous Groper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 01:00:28 GMT)

re assertive women

mw, I respect you but I disagree with what you say about dumb women and lack of skill. I myself, don't really care about skill in groping, to be hoest with you, it's purley a sexual thing. I must admit that groping an assertive woman and getting to first base is EVEN MORE thrilling than getting to third base with a dumb chick. But, hitting a home run with an assertive woman is next to impossibl

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 04:29:02 GMT)

hello guys

This has been a very intellectually stimulating talk about assertive vs dumb and ofcourse the talk about approach. mind is a complex phenomenon. there cant be advices thrown to control a complex crowd situation.

All formulae will fail if u dont understand and feel the pulse of the situation. women are much more complex then men. its natural that they will be a mystery unsolv

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mw (Thu 22 Aug 2002 14:30:22 GMT)

my 2 cents

i like submissive as much as the next guy, but i back off if i sense she is hating it. it's a personal thing.
there are advantages to assertive types. a few times in crowded bars, some horny woman would stand really close in front of me & push her ass into my groin. it's nice. submissive women don't do that, only assertive types.
the difference is, submissive types put up with gropers th

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 19:42:41 GMT)

assertive woman

Hi Guru,

Its great to have you back again !!, I was missing you on the board very much !.

Hey Chikans,

I dont care about this assertive bullshit, all I want is to pressed up hard against sexy chunky chicken woman. As long as I can squash my body into hers and salivate in her hair, I really dont care whether its a dumb or assertive woman, its all sexual too me.

The infamous groper (Fri 23 Aug 2002 15:37:42 GMT)

wave pool

that wave pool idea is one of the best I've ever heard. I can't wait to give it a try. Can't believe I never thought of it myself. Anyways, I tried my luck on an assertive woman. I followed her through the mall until she went into a crowded store. With all the cameras in a mall it makes it kind've hard to really grope and grind a chick. She was dressed very business like, so I assumed that she

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Pakistani Bottom Grouper (Fri 23 Aug 2002 17:27:13 GMT)

Update on the half latino woman


My biggest fantasy is just wrap my arms tightly round this half breeds womans waist and plug by cock hard into her crack. Each time pushing my hips backwards and forwards as I force my cock deeper and deeper into her crack. In my dreams I slurp and lick her neck leaving saliva dribble all over her neck then wipe my nose in her hair corrrrrr and begin eating strands of her hair corrrrrrrr.

Today I made progress, managed to place the back of my hand in her crack as I stood next to her. I pressed alittle harder, she never reacted ?? hey ? I thought whats going on here ?.

The next stop came and I had to get off, no time to doing anything else.

Anyway will keep u guys updated on half breed.

webmaster (Fri 23 Aug 2002 22:02:06 GMT)

grouping women

I agree with mw. When I was active I never classified women into "assertive vs dumb" dualism. Whilst those who decline my approach flatly are no doubt assertive, those who are assertive do not necessarily refuse me. I divided women (or their state of mind) into three classes, very very few willing women, few rejecting women and a lot and a lot of women in-between. In-between women can be further

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Carlos (Sat 24 Aug 2002 03:28:22 GMT)

RE: WEBMASTER s three classes of women, very very few willing women, few rejecting women and in between

In Venezuela we probably have the following statistics:
In Caracas:
very very few willing women 20%( For example security trained women )
few rejecting women 20% ( For example schoolgirls and teenagers )
in between 60%

In other cities with no subway system
very very few willing women 10% ( For example security trained women )
few rejecting women 40% ( For example schoolgirls and teenagers )
in between 50%


Carlos (Sat 24 Aug 2002 03:53:35 GMT)


The only way I have found to grope an assertive woman ( very very few willing women according to webmaster) is to take advantage of an electric power failure of the subway during rush hour. I have also taken advantage of someone who committed suicide jumping in the train´s track during rush hour. All the subway´s trains would have delays. The platforms would get extremely crowded ( munch more than normal ) , and you would be able to touch almost any woman


Gentlebrush (Sat 24 Aug 2002 04:13:08 GMT)

Assertive and Finicky...

Assertive womens are like Cats. Cats are Finicky animals they are aware of there surounding and they do not want to be touched or petted from strangers they will claw you and bite you if you try, as Like the Assertive Women, they too are aware of there surounding and like to stay away from crowds and they do not want to be touched or groped and if you did, they would elbow you or step on yo

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webmaster (Sat 24 Aug 2002 21:26:58 GMT)

English syntactic

I'm sorry. My English was confusing. When I wrote "very very few willing women, few rejecting women and a lot and a lot of women in-between", I mean following three groups.

1) welling women (but they are very very few in number)
2) rejecting women (they are few)
3) in-between (they are majority)

Carlos (Sun 25 Aug 2002 03:27:42 GMT)

RE: WEBMASTER ( Venezuelan safer targets are schoolgirls and teenagers)

Thanks for English syntactic.

I recently tested the women in the Caracas subway system. I groped different kinds of women and the results were like this:

20% of women did not change posture a let me grope. Those were schoolgirls who were traveling alone during rush hour, and teenagers traveling on their free time. The schoolgirls usually wear short skirts or light pants. The young

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Carlos (Sun 25 Aug 2002 03:37:52 GMT)

RE: Mr. T ( security trained women )

Security trained women: This group includes those women who work as a security surveyors of a company or undercover security personnel of a company, or policewomen.


Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 27 Aug 2002 17:12:53 GMT)

re:thanks webmaster

A warm thanks to Webmaster, for his tip to hump the half latino woman who avoids crowds, that I see each morning and only dream about humping.

Webmaster, recommended talking to her and getting to know her.

I managed to chat her up this morning ( after webmaster advised me this course of action). We plan to meet for a drink, maybe after that if things work, I can hump her heavenly butt.



DR IRON DICK (Thu 29 Aug 2002 19:39:35 GMT)





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X (Sun 01 Sep 2002 21:11:56 GMT)

Will's story

Will, I think that you are being had by your wife. I have been to my fair share of rock concerts...and yes, it is true that if you are up front and the mosh pit is rowdy and the crowd is wall-to-wall, you won't be able to move. BUT...what was stopping her from telling the security guy that the kid behind her with the shaved head had his dick whipped out and was humping her? And would she really de

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Gentlebrush (Mon 02 Sep 2002 03:22:03 GMT)

Re Will

I agree with Nanbread that was a good story.

We don't hear very many stories from a woman experience, I like to hear what women feel and whats going though there minds as they give the details of there experience, and if they like it or don't like it

But it sounds like she didn't care for it because she had no choice that she was trap in that crowded situation she could not avoid

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webmaster (Mon 02 Sep 2002 21:16:09 GMT)

August award goes to ecstasy groper

Although Mosh Pit groper has contributed series of nice mosh pit/high school stories and the Infamous Groper has posted nicer family/friends/bus/mal mart/movie house queue stories including a fiasco groping a confident woman and few tips including mosh pit etiquette, ecstasy groper's story clearly stands out.

Well, his story may not. But his dick clearly poked out of his pants. And I remind all of you that the least liked groper is one who takes out his peepee and press it against a woman then stains her clothes with cum and/or pre cum. You are the lowest of the low.

Paul Foster (Wed 04 Sep 2002 16:46:55 GMT)

question to chikans

I love to hear stories of young girls getting trapped in crowded trains and concerts and getting gang groped whilst they stand their helpless.

Do any of you guys run organised groping gangs ? Have u ever kidnapped young girls, sexually abused them then kill them and burned thier bodies ?

Jay, I love your stories have u ever raped women and tortured them by tieing wires to thier naked bodies and giving them electric shocks ?.

I really want to rape a school girl then murder her afterwards, anyone done this ?

DR IRON DICK (Wed 04 Sep 2002 18:15:52 GMT)





webmaster (Thu 05 Sep 2002 21:04:34 GMT)

Re: question to chikans

You misunderstand us, Paul Foster. Chikans are coward people. Fear is our love potion. We love to run a risk. We are not a bunch of sadists. We do not put a girl at risk. We do not harm a girl. Kidnap? Rape? Murder? Those are detestable.

jay (Thu 05 Sep 2002 21:17:26 GMT)


We're not cowards. We got more balls than most people. It takes balls to grope and hump strange women in public.

The Infamous Groper (Fri 06 Sep 2002 18:40:57 GMT)

School girls

Dont you love it when you're testing out the girls ass and she doesn't look. But as soon as you go a little further and actually squeeze or rub, she'll turn her head slightly and try to look at you out of the corner of her eye. Everytime this happens the girl is very aware of what is happening now and waaay to uncomfortable to say something. I LOVE IT!!!!

The Infamous Groper

webmaster (Fri 06 Sep 2002 21:08:13 GMT)

Re: jay

Ok, you are right. We are not coward. We love to be in fear.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 06 Sep 2002 22:03:56 GMT)

Guys I am back !! Latino Update - A Closed Book

Who the fuck is impersonating me ? the previous post is NOT ME !!..

Anyway update on the latino girl, we went out for drinks a few times. She has alot of personal problems and I felt really sorry for her. I decided that I didnt want to hump her anymore. We are becoming more friends then anything else, I see her less and less as a sex object as each day passes.

So guys humping the latino girl is a closed book !!.

webmaster (Sat 07 Sep 2002 21:14:10 GMT)

Re: Pakistani Bottom Groper is back

>Who the fuck is impersonating me ? the previous post is NOT ME !!

I've deleted that one.

>Anyway update on the latino girl, we went out for drinks a few times. . . So guys humping the latino girl is a closed book !!

Good for you!

Gentlebrush (Sun 08 Sep 2002 03:46:59 GMT)

Nanbread Is a lucky Chikan

Nanbread I wish I had a girl friend that would dress up for me anyway I want her to , but I have to pay someone to dress up for me but I did date a women that let me hump her the way i wanted to but she just stood there doing nothing it took the excitement away. I like a Women with a good role play someone that can act.

Pakistani bottom groper I am sorry to hear that. I make it a point not to make friends with my victims. That ruin the thrill of being a Chickan.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

webmaster (Wed 11 Sep 2002 21:57:37 GMT)

Re: submissive big boobed chick.....???

Hi Guest,

So you wonder if she was asleep. Next time you see her throat. The Adam's apple does not move if she is asleep because the salivary gland is active only when a woman is awake. So "swallow" is the sign that she is awake. Breath can be another sign. Though you need more experience to judge the breathing rate (and depth).

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

mw (Thu 12 Sep 2002 12:09:39 GMT)

beggar girl

carlos - what you did is a mild form of forcing someone into prostitution, someone who is admirably caring for a blind by begging.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Mr. T (Thu 12 Sep 2002 19:54:20 GMT)

re:carlos what u did was very evil

I dont agree with how you treated this poor 11 year old girl. I am a groper yes but please this is lowest of the low. I would never do this kind of thing to a poor.

I am sorry but your evil, cruel and your story has brought tears to my eyes. Why didn't you just rape her you sick bastard. I suggest you get medical attention.

Shes 11 years old man ? helpless and a beggar ? how can you do this kind of thing ?

The Infamous Groper (Thu 12 Sep 2002 20:15:44 GMT)

come on people

lets not justify that groping is ok as long as the person is over a certain age/rich or poor/blind or not. The bottom line is that in some way we're all kind've sick LMFAO. I'll admit it. Im a fucking pervert. Through and through. Although I wouldn't do what carlos did Im in no position to judge him as I've fondled young teens as young as 13 many times. Relax a little bit, we all have our limits and some of ours are different than others. The strong argument that keeps us chikans going is that we know that no one got hurt. No bitch was ever injured from having a hard on rubbed on there ass. Carlos did no harm, and got himself off. The girl got her candy and probably didn't know the difference.

The infamous groper

Gerry (Fri 13 Sep 2002 06:02:13 GMT)


I dig ya Infamous! I won't do a po' girl & let her know it. I'v dun girls bout dat age & wile I was squeezin-dey wer a-pleasing!! Da girls had smiles on da face & a lot of times lookd back over dey shoulder to C my hand! If dey frown or mist up--I stop!! I want all my chickies to like what's going on!

G.Gordon Frotteur (Fri 13 Sep 2002 13:41:45 GMT)

Where in you homeland?

Carlos, where is a good place to squeeze school girl butts? When is the best times, where's the best cover, are the cops patrolling constantly, what are the chances that the girl will object loudly? I'm looking for nice, ROUND, plump asses attached to docile girls and girls whom will like having their bums rubbed! We have too many 8 to 12 year old (and older) tough broads here in the States. Its

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nanbread (Fri 13 Sep 2002 17:32:32 GMT)

Leave Carlos Alone Man

Come on guys, lets not start bickering with another. I have groped young school girls, so am I too be looked down upon by you guys ?. All these girls that i have groped just end up giggling. I remember one girl, actually tried to kiss me mouth to mouth coming back on the london tube. Didnt fuck her though, she was 14 years old so the Law would have fucked me. Noone gets hurt at the end of the day.

Carlos, are their any chikan bars in Caracas ? Where u can chikan women ?. A chikan bar would be terrific.

webmaster (Fri 13 Sep 2002 21:22:22 GMT)

Re: 11 years old girl

I cannot approve of what Carlos did to the girl. However, I cannot condemn him irrationally like Mr. T. who wrote "why didn't you just rape her" which he could not really mean.

Carlos, by the way, will you do me a favour? Please suggest this idea to the girl: If she is in care of a blind man, she can hang around with him begging money. That would give them more pitiable appearance, a little girl and a blind man caring each other. They could get more sympathy and money, I think.

Mr. T (Sat 14 Sep 2002 09:28:53 GMT)

re:webmaster sorry


I didnt mean to say "Why didnt you just rape her". I said it in a moment of anger when I read his post. Please understand it was a slip of the key.

To me its sick to take advantage of an 11 year old girl who is in such a position. It is almost like black mailing the poor girl into prostitution. The poor girl has nothing else in life apart from caring for a blind man. What kind of life is that ?. Do any other chikans have any comments on this ?

Carlos, please stick to humping, groping older women and older girls who are NOT in such a situation. This poor girls has nothing in life, doesnt that make you think ? Doesnt that bring out any kind of feelings within you as a human being ?

Mr. T (Sat 14 Sep 2002 09:31:08 GMT)

re:infamous groper

Yes we are all sick to a certain extent, however some of us have more morales then others.

goldenbuddha (Sat 14 Sep 2002 12:13:58 GMT)


Chikan is one thing.. pedophilia is a whole different story......

paul foster (Sat 14 Sep 2002 15:09:55 GMT)

re: carlos well done


I applause to you !!. What you did with that girl was a great !!. I only wish I could do this to a young girl, maybe give her some money and sweets. Then take to my hotel room. Get her to strip naked, then lick her whole body then fuck her make her bleed like crazy.

Were u tempted to get her to come up to your appartment so u could tie her down and fuck her make her scream ?. I reallu want to do this.

nanbread (Sat 14 Sep 2002 17:12:50 GMT)

re:paul foster please leave this site

paul foster,

U are talking about rapeing or forcing a helpless innocent 11 year old girl into prostitution. If this is one of your fantasises, it really is very sick.

This site does not cater for the likes of you or similiar minded people.

jb (Sat 14 Sep 2002 23:43:49 GMT)


Go to the main page ofayashi-bbs.It says "DO NOT SOLICIT MINORS"!!!!!!!!!! OBVIIOUSLY YOU DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS.If you do you're sicker than you let on.

Mr. T (Sun 15 Sep 2002 00:08:06 GMT)

Carlos has no morales

I dont like Carlos for what he did to that girl. I am disgusted by those who support the fact he did those things.

Some people here are real sickos, but why an 11 year old girl who is homeless and is cared by a blind man.

Carlos lets face it your a bastard and are not even human.

DR IRON DICK (Sun 15 Sep 2002 00:46:03 GMT)





Carlos (Sun 15 Sep 2002 00:56:49 GMT)

Re: Webmaster ( The blind man and the 11 year old girl left away )

The blind man and the 11 year old girl left away. They are begging for money somewhere else. I used to give them money every time a I saw them. I do not think I will do such an experiment like this any more. We have so many beggars here in Caracas, that I think we are going to go crazy.


Carlos (Sun 15 Sep 2002 01:17:55 GMT)

RE: G.Gordon Frotteur ( addresses )

Caracas, Venezuela, South America:
Expensives Bars with hookers:
1)Bar Hotel El Doral. Segunda avenida Las Delicias, near Chacaito ( You can meet hookers in the bar and go the room of the hotel. They will charge you $150, which includes hooker + room + bottle of Scotch )
2)Bar Hotel Sava. Avenida Lima. Near Plaza Venezuela ( You can meet hookers in the bar and go the room of the hotel. T

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