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Flipper (Tue 18 Jun 2002 17:41:37 GMT)

Missed opportunity


I just realised that Party in the Park in Hyde Park is a few weeks away. I forgot all about it. Now it's sold out of course.
Talk about the ultimate chikan occasion eh lads?

100,000 people packed in....boy bands meaning thousands of hyped-up oblivious summers day meaning short flimsy skirts....

Anyone got a spare ticket? :)

nanbread (Tue 18 Jun 2002 18:07:33 GMT)


Hey Flipper,

Which boyband is this ? Where ?

Flipper (Tue 18 Jun 2002 20:55:27 GMT)


Haven't you heard of Party in the Park? It's held every year by the Prince's Trust in Hyde Park. It's on sunday, july 7 this year. Huge all-day event.

Loads of different bands, mostly pop i think but the boy bands this year are Westlife, A1, Blue.

Maybe we'll just have to wait at the exits and tube stations for the mad rush when it finishes!
Cooooorrrrrrr.....hey, where is Paki Bot Groper???

nanbread (Tue 18 Jun 2002 21:13:07 GMT)



Maybe we can sandwich some of the girls ahahahahah !

I am going to hang out at the exit gates. I think the best strategy would be to mingle with the crowd of young girls and bum the girls with our hard cocks as they are walking to the station.

Once they rush into the trains to get home, it will be chikan field day, just crushing against their plum bottoms corrrr.

Jay taught us all a good technique, which involves hanging your shirt out so u can pull out your hard cock and spray the girls crack with semen corrrr. Wetting her dress and undies corrr, your cock remains hidden under your shirt and noone seems whats going on nice one jay !

jay (Wed 19 Jun 2002 05:51:40 GMT)


For Canadians, the best place to chikan is the Toronto subway system after events held at the Toronto SkyDome. Late at night, the only line running is a line called the Blue Line or the Blue Night Line or something. Anyway, the line to get on the subway was so huge that it spilled all the way out onto the, I am not kidding. I was with other people, had places to be, and didn't feel like standing in the rain for hours, so I hailed a cab...but if I had nothing better to do, it would have been an amazing chikan experience.

Guest (Wed 19 Jun 2002 18:29:16 GMT)

Some like to go even lower....

Man charged with supermarket foot licking

A Rhode Island man has been charged with licking the feet of two women shoppers at a supermarket.

The 34-year-old has been accused of licking their feet at Shaw's Supermarket in Woonsocket.

He has pleaded innocent to two counts of simple assault.

Police say they have received three calls describing similar incidents elsewhere i

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X (Wed 19 Jun 2002 23:00:03 GMT)

Rapist Profiles

Rapist profiles

Those who track rapists for law enforcement agencies typically classify rapists in four general groups. Rape researchers at the FBI and criminal profilers like Mike Prodan at the state Department of Justice study details of crime scene behavior in an effort to identify personality types and motivations. When authorities catch a rapist, they know how to best question him base

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X (Wed 19 Jun 2002 23:02:40 GMT)


Apparently, the Australian band BLOOD DUSTER are fans of chikan, and even wrote a song about it. Here is an excerpt:

Q: In the song “Northcote”, you explain how rubbing up against women in crowds brings you to orgasm. Is this song about sex in general or is that reference to “crowd surfing” meant to be taken literally?

BD: That song is about rubbing yourself against people on a public transport. Crowd surfing and rubbing is too easy. You have to be sneaky to do it on a train. Danger adds to the thrill!

X (Wed 19 Jun 2002 23:15:04 GMT)

The Frotteurist

Dick had been a frotteurer for 10 years when seen at the age 45. His usual pattern was first to decide at the home if he had time to carry out frottage while on his way to work. He would then place plastic wrap around his penis while dressing, anticipating that when he ejaculated, the ejaculate would not show through his suit pants. To increase the likelihood of crowding, he would stand in the m

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Flipper (Thu 20 Jun 2002 21:44:44 GMT)

Re: Ricky Merry

Hey Ricky,
Just did you grab that blonde's arse if you were in front of her? Did you wrap your arms around her waist as if she was your girlfriend as you were chatting away, or was it indeed someone else's hand from the audience that was watching?

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Carlos (Thu 20 Jun 2002 21:46:10 GMT)

Good News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nanbread, Art.:
The exchange rate in Venezuela as of today changed from 1 dollar = 1000 Bolivars to 1 dollar = 1300 Bolivars. This means that you could enjoy a beautiful cheap venezuelan hooker for just 9 dollars ( 12000 bolivars ) for a 20 minute service in a cheap hooker house. If you pay 9 dollars + tip of 9 dollars, you could not only enjoy that hooker, but also have her do almost any fantasy you could have in mind.

Ricky Merry (Fri 21 Jun 2002 23:49:29 GMT)


Hey Flipper,

I looped my hand down around her waist and placed my palm gently on her buttocks and began gently rubbing in small circles. She didnt seem to mind and pretended it wasnt happening.

She must have been 25-26 years old, I think she's single, maybe shes a dirty bitch and likes rubbing and stuff, I a saw her get on the train this morning but the doors closed as I ran up the stairs so I couldnt jump on to meet her again.

I shall tell u more next week

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 22 Jun 2002 11:59:16 GMT)

ricky merry

Hey Guys,

I am back !!, Ricky, thats a nice story. Its strange I founds many women in the age ranges 25-26 tolerant to being groped. There have been times on the trains when I have been humping a way at some pretty woman in a business suite and all she does is continue to read her book.

I recall one time, whilst humping a woman at Victoria underground, she turned round to look who was behind her, I replied "Urrrm Sorry" and smiled. She just smiled back at me and continued reading her novel. I just continued humping her.

I wonder about these women ?, I think there are women who love the attention of being humped or groped. Especially english women in thier mid twenties. Maybe they are going through a mid life crisis or somthing.

Ricky Merry (Sat 22 Jun 2002 19:40:12 GMT)

Chickans in London

I still think Japan and Caracus finish top place in my league for humping.

Hey Carlos,

Is there a big problem with gropers on trains ? I mean the situation must be worse then Japan.

Pak. Bottom Groper, there are alot of women out there who are attention seekers and love the thrill of being groped, gently of course. In crowded trains on the piccadily line I have looped my arms

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char (Sun 23 Jun 2002 02:38:56 GMT)

Re: tit gropes easier than the ass?

ayashi, it is a long time between i come here. but...yes she waas at least a c-cup +. i had such a good squeeze and feel i was amazed she never reacted to it.
obviosly you are in japan (am thinking of world cup and all those japan girls) but in england - and london - girls do tend to be large chested so this is nothing amazing. i have a bit of a fetish for tall girls too, giantesses as i like t

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webmaster (Sun 23 Jun 2002 21:01:14 GMT)

Re: tit gropes easier than the ass?

er... That's interesting. Maybe a girl with overtly protruding breasts has her tits rubbed on more frequently - just like a tall man has his head hit on a lintel more frequently - and learnt indifference.

X (Mon 24 Jun 2002 07:53:43 GMT)

What is the difference?

Chikan is rape. Slyly or aggressively groping a female's buttocks or breasts with your hands is molestation. Inserting fingers into her pussy or butt hole is a sexual assault and a violation. But chikan is's anal rape. What is the difference? Instead of pinning your victim to a bed, you are pinning her against a security barricade, the wall of a subway train, or the person in front of her. Instead of fucking an unsuspecting or unwilling female's pussy, you are fucking an unsuspecting or unwilling female's butt crack. That's anal rape! In fact, some chikans go as far as to remove their cocks from their pants so that they can penetrate their victim anally or vaginally. What's the difference? Like it or not, chikan IS rape.

buttlover (Mon 24 Jun 2002 16:59:53 GMT)

hair dressers!!!!

I love to let my hands and arms drape off the sides of the chair's arm rests while getting a haircut. My beautiful hairdresser's waist, hips, ass, and legs rub all up against me. It's great. Anyone else enjoy this??

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 24 Jun 2002 20:00:23 GMT)

views on rape

I dont think groping is raping, what is the definition of rape ?

Why is groping called groping ? If it were rape it would becalled rapeing ?

Rapeing is not fun, its an evil act

nanbread (Wed 26 Jun 2002 20:58:46 GMT)

re:chunky chicken girls

Indeed thier are lots of nice chunky chicken girls in london. They have soft plum buttocks, meat and curves on the right parts of the body, somthing that allows us chikans to hold onto whilst we butt the fuck out of the cracks of these chunky women.

Who else has had sexual, butt encounters with chunky chicken women ?

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Guest (Mon 01 Jul 2002 04:10:58 GMT)


I groped a few girls in crowd today. what surprised me is that most dont mind.

Carlos (Tue 02 Jul 2002 05:34:46 GMT)

Venezuelan Schoolgirls

Venezuelan Schoolgirls

I have been studying the behavior of Venezuelan schoolgirls (age 14-17) in crowded conditions in the Caracas subway. If chikaning women in Caracas has been easy, doing it to young schoolgirls has been even much more easier. I have fondled and rubbed up against many of those schoolgirls every day for over six months. I have done this activity during the morning rush a

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Carlos (Wed 03 Jul 2002 14:11:26 GMT)

Groping in Boston ( U.S.A. )

I lived 2 years in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. During those 2 years, I felt the urge to grope. I started to know the subway system of Boston. The subway system of Boston has 4 lines. The green line, the red line, the orange line and the blue line. During the morning rush, people would travel to downtown to work. The green line used to be crowded as well as the red line. During the evening rush, th

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Loengard (Sun 07 Jul 2002 10:55:48 GMT)

re: toronto chikans

How is Toronto for chikan? Not very good. The subways are never very crowded, not like Tokyo or NY. And the women are usually very careful and suspicious. Best bet is after a Blue Jays game when everybody is cramming on the train and we're all a little drunk -- but watch out for jealous boyfriends!

Carlos (Fri 12 Jul 2002 09:11:17 GMT)

The apartment of a groper

Someday my apartment would look like this. Description of the decoration: 1) Photos of girls crushed by men in rock concerts 2) Cartoons of people doing a line with men pressed up against women and smelling their hair. I would pay money to an artist to do these cartoons for me. 3) I would have many dummies with beautiful buttocks with schoolgirl skirts and wigs that smell like the hair of a bus

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jay (Sun 14 Jul 2002 06:05:42 GMT)


Anyone in the NYC area, you gotta check out MTV's "TRL". There are huge, huge mobs of girls in their teens-20s packed on the sidewalks outside of the MTV studios. Great chikan opportunity.

nanbread (Sun 14 Jul 2002 21:26:29 GMT)


Hey Kavita,

How do you feel when a good looking guy rubs his hard cock between your buttocks ? What runs through your mind ?

Are you turned no ? What are indian women really like ? are they horny do they think about having sex with other men even when they are married ?

jay (Mon 15 Jul 2002 00:37:47 GMT)


Spencer's Gifts is great, especially during the Halloween season. Those narrow aisles are always packed. Kay-Bee Toys is just as great during Christmas season. The best malls for chikan during the Christmas season are the Menlo Park Mall in central Jersey and the Willowbrook Mall in North Jersey. I also suggest that in the fall you check out the concerts at the Birch Hill Nite Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey...they are all GA, and if it's a well-known name, it's packed.

Carlos (Venezuela) (Mon 15 Jul 2002 02:21:05 GMT)

Subway groping success depends on the target

The success of a chikan lies in selecting a good target in a crowded situation in the subway. I personally prefer innocent schoolgirls as targets. As a second choice, I would select a young woman wearing light pants or a skirt. This young woman should look innocent, and a bit dumb. I would not choose women wearing military or security staff uniforms, or wearing dark glasses, or those women who wo

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 15 Jul 2002 04:39:21 GMT)

what are indian women like..

this is one of the most difficult question to answer. kavita will be able to tell u what her community women are like. i have travelled extensively in india, though i havent covered all the states. i have lived in several cosmopolitan cities. and what i gather is that there is so much diversity in culture that u just cant generalise their demeanour.
A woman's upbringing, education,

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kavitha (Mon 15 Jul 2002 05:20:18 GMT)

to nanabread

we dont talk of such things in the open in India. Maybe not so developed. But the fear of being caught does raise some excitement.

groper (Mon 15 Jul 2002 10:30:46 GMT)


India is a great place to grope. Big crowds everywhere you go, tight spaces, a soft saree with the stomach naked. And though Kavita might not have liked it, perhaps the guy was too pushy....women in India move away instantly, if they dont feel like responding; but if she does not respond to the first five minutes of testing gropes, you can be assured she wont move away for the rest

jay (Mon 15 Jul 2002 18:31:10 GMT)


Malls and GA concerts are the only spots that I know of. If anybody else knows any good spots, I would love to hear about them. As far as the Menlo Park Mall goes, try any store that has narrow aisles during the Christmas season. Once, I had good luck molesting a female employee at a department store. I would have her look for clothing in certain sizes and colors, so that she would have to look through the high racks and also the racks in narrow aisles. Then as she started to look, I would slide past her so that I could look through the rack next to her (yeah, right), and brush my cock or hand against her ass. I also would look up her skirt as she perused through the higher racks (she would climb up on the table below it), as long as we were in a secluded area of the store.

X (Mon 15 Jul 2002 19:05:29 GMT)


This is a good idea that jay had. I think that chikans living in the same cities, states, countries, etc. should network to make sure that we are aware when there is a potential chikan opportunity taking place in our area. Events such as GA concerts are obvious, but sometimes there is a chikan who is aware of a lesser-known chikan opp, such as a sale at a certain department store in a certain mall where there will be a huge female turn-out. I think that the webmaster should add a section to this site, or a second board, where chikans can connect and alert each other of upcoming "events".

jay (Mon 15 Jul 2002 19:09:18 GMT)


OK, I'll start this off.

Willowbrook Mall
Location: North Jersey
Best season: Christmas and Halloween
Hot spots: Food court (Christmas), Kay-Bee Toys (Christmas), Spencer's Gifts (Halloween), department stores (Christmas, weekends, big sales).

Menlo Park Mall
Location: Central Jersey
Best season: See above
Hot spots: See above

Old Bridge Nite Club
Location: Old Bridge, New Jersey
Best season: Fall-spring
Hot spots: When a well-known name is playing. Punk rock and alternative rocks shows are the best.

Club Krome
Location: South Amboy, New Jersey
Best season: Fall-spring
Hot spots: See above.

nanbread (Mon 15 Jul 2002 20:20:40 GMT)

re: A question for Kavita

Hi Kavita,

I firmly believe a woman is a woman, not matter where she comes from, she is still a sexual being who is open to sexual experiences. I understand that in India everything is "kept under the blanket" unlike the west.

Tellme though how do u feel ? What do you think in your mind about having sex with someone other then your husband ?.

I am sure you have admired all those good looking indian actors like Sharub Khan, Salman Khan etc, have you ever though of having sex or getting groped by these guys ?

Ricky Merry (Mon 15 Jul 2002 20:37:51 GMT)

re: kavita

Hey Kavita,

I think indian women are really sexy, my brother married an indian girl who looks like that famous indian actress madhuri dixit.

I bet your a sexy woman too with a heavenly buttocks that turns men crazy. I would love to hump you oneday if I ever come to india maybe we can arrange to meet in a bus, train and I butt fuck you.

I have come across lots of sexy punjabi girls with super soft gee like buttocks.

Kavitha (Tue 16 Jul 2002 05:17:29 GMT)

To all those fellows

I told my hubby about this site and how bad I feel about this touching and rubbing thing in India and he always asks me to forget as life has many such things to encounter. I just shared my experience here. But I see Rick amd Nanbread getting ideas. Bumping is crazy it shows you dont have the courage to have real sex and this is what a woman likes - not the touch and look and mental activity. I find these gropers complete their work in less than a minute and it also insult to the woman as they might be on an urgent errand and thay have to experience these things on the way. The excitement part is not the main thing the after efects is important.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 16 Jul 2002 14:06:11 GMT)

masking is thy nature

women will be women...
first woman who hates being groped walks into tell a bunch of hard core humpers on a exclusive groper board that - groping is not good. well there is something amiss here. first of all, if a woman loves to be groped, a true chikan will go to lengths to satisfy her. sex is two way. if u shoo away a man in crowd. at the first opportunity he will try to satisfy his lust an

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John (Tue 16 Jul 2002 14:24:24 GMT)

masking is thy nature

I agree with punjabi butt humper I don't think Kavitha found this message board by mistake.

Ricky Merry (Tue 16 Jul 2002 19:13:38 GMT)



You obviously have an interest in frotting or you would not have used a search engine to find this site.

May I remind you that I bedded lots of women in my time, I am the managing director of one of the biggest financial investment banks in London, women flirt, sell themselves to be just get up the career ladder.

The fact is I find the act of groping an unsuspecting female, extremely exciting. For me its gives me that adrenalin rush thats associated with an orgasm.

Not all us gropers are those who lack confidence when approaching women for sex.

Sex, frotting for me is a two way thing, both you and your partner should gain from the experience.

punjabi butt humper (Wed 17 Jul 2002 06:15:17 GMT)

rick, i agree with u

u are right brother. what u said is true. women know how to get up the ladder and then pretend as if their talent got them thru. tell us how do these kind of women approach u for sex. is it a blanket, straight forward approach or veiled flirting that lands up in sex. how do u handle such women? tell us some of ur tips. u seem to be a great woman handler...


Kavitha (Wed 17 Jul 2002 10:30:55 GMT)

for Rick

Hitting back ? I browse this with my friends next door and she is the expert. Have it your way have fun - bye

nanbread (Wed 17 Jul 2002 18:47:21 GMT)



I think your a horny women who loves sexual encounters, I bet you have erotic fantasises in bed and dream about all those things that make you wet, including a finger up the pussy.

Why else would you and your horny girl friends be searching the internet for obscure sites such as this :-))

Guest (Wed 17 Jul 2002 19:40:10 GMT)


if anyone here can tell the name of this movie, I really appreciate it.

i saw it in either cinemax or showtime a long time ago (10 years?). Italian film - it's about this boy about 10 years old, who was obsessed with his stepmother, a 20-something beauty. very hot, there was a scene where he crawled under the dining table to touch his stepmother, and another scene where he barged in on her taking a bath. she couldn't get rid of him, and so she just let him have his way to wash her.

frotteur (Wed 17 Jul 2002 21:14:17 GMT)


hi chikans. if while u make initial contact with girl's buttocks and she places har hand on buttock with palm facing the groper, does that mean she wants to feel the groper's cock or just to protect her ass? please advise.

Ricky Merry (Wed 17 Jul 2002 21:23:07 GMT)

re:punjabi butt humper

My dear Friend Punjabi Butt Humper,

Every woman is "whore" or a "hooker", no woman will marry a man if he does not have financial security, no woman will date a man who cant buy them flowers, take them out to dinner, but them drinks, chocolates. You pay a hooker for sex, you pay a woman for a sexual relationship...

Women are attracted to men with either lots of confidence or lots of

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Carlos (Thu 18 Jul 2002 03:36:45 GMT)

RE : Nanbread (Venezuelan Schoolgirls)

Hi Nanbread:
I love to be standing behind a schoolgirl in the crowded subway, or in the platform of the subway station waiting for the train every day. I have fondled and rubbed up against many of those schoolgirls every day. I have done this activity during the morning rush and evening rush in the subway. I even have fondled and rubbed up against the same schoolgirl, at the same station, and

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 18 Jul 2002 04:34:05 GMT)

nanbread-abt mumbai

mumbai has its share of brothels, posh call girl network and escort service. u got to be careful with the pimps,these guys are cheats. if u want some decent and clean sex, u shud get some escort service companies to help u out. there are lot of bars where u can pick women. for instance 'chandni bar'. a hindi movie was recently made with the same name. in mumbai when they see a foreigner, the first

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Kavitha (Thu 18 Jul 2002 07:29:03 GMT)

Guys, Rick, PBH, John, Nanbread,

My friend and me have got really interested in this site. We search for stories and typed ‘sensual stories’ in and this site came as a result. I share with my hubby and send him stories and things we both discover. Very soon I will be joining him. I am a victim of this groping since my childhood days it makes me guilty but also excites me helplessly. So I don’t mind browsing through your stories. John’s narration and feelings are similar to my hubby’s. But we both are in late thirties unlike John. In my opinion Rick seems to be an experienced guy , PBH is full of theory, Nanbread a good dreamer. Do you guys really experience these or is it a fantasy? Not my problem anyway!. Hope there will be more guys to contribute.

Ass Humper (Thu 18 Jul 2002 14:15:52 GMT)

Re: frotteur

Dear frotteur,

I've experienced that kind of situations quite often.
I think the girl/woman just wants to give u a sign to back off, coz they dont dare to face u or talk to u.
But for me thats exactly the kind of situations I like.

Placing my dick right in here palms and realizing she's holding or touching my dick...

I've had a few times when the girl just squeezed my dick. Of course it wasn't her intention, just a reflex.

it has been a long time since i've visited this board, but i have a few adventures to share with u.
I like the Kavitha stories hope she has some more

Ass Humper

Ass Humper (Thu 18 Jul 2002 14:55:19 GMT)


I just wonder if u guy's do flash when there is no much buttocks to hump.
Or do u have any adventures with flashing after a lack of butts.
Thats wath i do when i have a no-humping day.
I bet there is much opportunity over there like India or Venezuela

Any adventure is welcome...

btw nice to see u back Rick, PBH, John, Nanbread

Ass Humper

mw (Thu 18 Jul 2002 16:02:39 GMT)


such a hot story. does your wife use this board? does she know you do?

Your wife's story with the printer is one of my biggest fantasies. If I were in that situation with someone, I would have kneld down behind her ass, and bury my face in it, before standing up and close in on her from behind, with my feet parted, and press in, while holding her hip with both hands, until I come. If she complains, I would apologize, and say "such tight space. Sorry I am squeezing on you. I hope you don't mind."

more stories please.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

ricky merry (Thu 18 Jul 2002 19:32:26 GMT)

re:punjabi butt humper

No problem my friend, we can keep in contact via email or this board. English girls indeed do have soft bubbly bottoms, which are an absolute heaven to the male cock. I can arrange girls fo u to fuck no problem, alternately we can cruise the london underground to squash some chicks.

Try coming during the summer months as lots of foreign chicks come from all over europe, if u require a girls to fuck I can arrange this too.

Yes, indeed I want to experience love, yet all that clouds my mind is lust and desire for different women.

Keep well my friend !

webmaster (Thu 18 Jul 2002 21:03:15 GMT)

Re: groping

Hi frotteur,

A lot of women, especially those who are susceptive to grope, take contradictory behavior. When a woman puts her hand on her ass so that she could touch your cock, she may not necessarily want to feel your genital. At least she does not (consciously) think that way. Because she may not know what is it exactly.

Undoubtedly, she has vague understanding. But she may not be

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frotteur (Fri 19 Jul 2002 01:41:56 GMT)


dear chikans, do u experts think chikans are usually liked by girls or despised? most of the time thr gropee does not react to the groper, so does that mean she is enjoying it?

nanbread (Fri 19 Jul 2002 19:47:56 GMT)


Hey Frotteur,

Some women like being touched up by chikans, others hate it. It all depends onthe woman I think.

If a woman is groped by a sexy looking guy, I dont think she will kick up a fuss.

Carlos ( Venezuela ) (Sat 20 Jul 2002 03:36:17 GMT)

Re: frotteur

I have heard that women who like anal sex are less likely to reject a chikan.
If this is true, then some women might enjoy the groping experience, from behind.


punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 04:22:55 GMT)

kavitha-read carefully

this is a serious gropers site. we dont derive any kicks and accolades for telling a fantasy story. i understand there are some blokes in here who fantasise. but it becomes evident in their stories as we know to what extent groping is possible. ppl like me, rick, nanbread, paki bottom groper, carlos, mr t, iron dick, english groper,ass humper are hard core butt humpers in the crowd. it needs a spe

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Peeping Tom (Sat 20 Jul 2002 08:48:27 GMT)

re:ricky merry

Hi Rick,

How do you manage to pull so many women ?, I still have difficulty getting dates/phone numbers from women and am trying hard to put my humping days behind me since I don't want to end up in jail.

I know this is a chikan board, but I would appreciate any advice you can offer me !.

Devon (Sat 20 Jul 2002 09:33:12 GMT)

May I?

Mr.Tom, Let me suggest this, try joing a group of some kind wherein you are soing something that you really like. Some hobby that you may develop. If there are women in that particular group you then are in a good position because of the common interest(s) involved. Don't push it though. Relax and enjoy yourself. Good luck!

Ricky Merry (Sat 20 Jul 2002 17:00:26 GMT)

re:peeping tom

Hi Tom,

Its good to hear from you again. I glad your putting your chikan days behind you as you are capable of far more then humping womens bottoms.

Please be free to ask any questions whatever, doesnt have to be chikan related I respect those who are making an effort to improve thier lives.

Devon is right, start a hobby, try not to think about "finding " a girl friend, if yo

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nanbread (Sat 20 Jul 2002 18:18:01 GMT)

chatting to women or humping women ?


english women are sad bitches. They have a very cold attitude towards others especially in bars and clubs. They are very rude and aggressive, better to hump them and come then estabilish rapport with them.

Because of the english attitude, its almost impossible to chat to a girl on the street. They think your some kind of fucking wierdo. Just because the english ruled half the world one time. They still think they are more superior then anyone else, especially the women.

DR IRON DICKK (Sat 20 Jul 2002 18:58:39 GMT)






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pakistani bottom groper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 21:40:46 GMT)

re:english girls

english women are cheap nasty whores. They use you and then dump you. Better to hump the bitches rather then spend money on them.

There are some nice english girls, but they are far and few.

Carlos ( Venezuela ) (Sun 21 Jul 2002 04:08:48 GMT)

I could not succeed in the BOSTON subway

I lived 2 years in Boston. It is a beautiful city, but I was not successful there as a chikan.
Things that went badly:
1)I was beaten up on my ribs by one war veteran working as a subway secret police, because I groped one teenager. She sounded the alarm and yelled.
2) Another war veteran secret police beat my genitals because I groped one Chinese student, and she yelled and asked for

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Kavitha (Sun 21 Jul 2002 07:42:17 GMT)

One day the cat will be out


Interesting English you speak- wonder about the remaining of yourself !!!. I have no experience to tell from the village I went over the weekend but the weather is very hot and I am so happy to be back home. Iron dick has got my head spinning with his words (and all caps) don’t get overheated Mr Iron because Iron can be molded and twisted around and knotted forever when its hot.

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Ricky Merry (Sun 21 Jul 2002 09:20:58 GMT)

re: guys and girls listen !!!

Yes Nanbread, PBG, I agree english women can be very rude and nasty.

You'll find that english men are generally very shy when it comes to approaching women. In fact the only time they make an approach is when they are intoxicated with alcohol in a bar or night club. In such situations they make themselves look complete idiots. The girl gets pissed off, its an ongoing cycle for them.

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pakistani bottom groper (Sun 21 Jul 2002 09:51:35 GMT)


Hey Kavitha,

When a chikan cums inside u and and you feel the semen erupting like a volcano inside your deep crack. Do you tremble and moan ?. What is the effect of the semen fluids on the chemistry of your body ?

How many times does your husband fuck you in a week ? Has your crack widened over the years since you have been fucking him. There is an old chikan saying, always chikan the married woman as her crack is nice, wide and deep, great for the chikans hard cock ! :-))

nanbread (Sun 21 Jul 2002 14:52:01 GMT)

PBG is right

Pakistani Bottom groper speaks the truth. I have found it easier to hump mature and married women then young girls. With the married woman, her gap tends to be wider so the chikan can easily slide his hard cock in and explode his fluids of life into her crevice. I love married and mature womens buttocks they are nice rounded and big and love to slap my cock on round plum bottoms.

When I was

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nanbread (Sun 21 Jul 2002 15:14:17 GMT)

gropers unite !!

I dream oneday, all gropers will unite and go to either Japan, or Caracus (and gate crash Carlos's appartment !!.

We unite and board a crowded train, we trap a young innocent woman, in a short thin tight skirt and sandwich her then begin humping her up the arse and into her pussy.

As we crush against our victims we smell thier hair and run our hands all over thier bodies, when we all cum at the same time, we scream like wolves.

The smell of semen fills the air, female passengers become aroused by the smell of the semen, that reproductive fluid that fills every woman with desire.

Life is so good !!!

webmaster (Sun 21 Jul 2002 21:06:00 GMT)

Re: gropers unite !!

Gropers, please do not unite. Trapping a young innocent woman is not such a great cause. I rather want to see union of gropers and gropees - though I do not expect a crowded subway replaces a singles bar.

punjabi butt humper (Mon 22 Jul 2002 04:29:21 GMT)


are u changing ur mind abt groping. get ur friend across if she is female too. if what u are saying is true, i picture u as a telugu speaking lady. andhraiites have great, soft , shapley large butts . esp the women in tight sarees haunt my mind in crowded places. i have humped so many such women in tight sarees. the feeling is so great that its beyond words. btw, ur email is quite strange: biqatar???? what do we digress from it?

anyway keep writing. u provide an interesting angle to this group..


Kavitha (Mon 22 Jul 2002 09:04:42 GMT)


yes I am from andhra the email belongs to my hubby bio-ingeniorer a danish company. You are sardarji ? One fellow telephoned me last night telling me all bad things on the phone and same time moaning. As I told you before my hubby is in middle east and I will be joining him soon. My friend is good in computers she knows more on internet, we have lots of tiime whole day to spent till our join with family. What else you want to know? bye

mw (Mon 22 Jul 2002 13:48:16 GMT)

Helping Peeping Tom

hi everybody - we all gotta help peeping tom. it's one thing that we can all feel proud of. exchanging stories & tips is all nice but we only do that for our own satisfaction. if we help peeping tom get through this, then maybe there is a redeeming value to this board - as the webmaster himself is a recovering chikan, and would, I am sure, want to help people like peeping tom.

p.s. the stories & tips are very nice still, though.

Ricky Merry (Mon 22 Jul 2002 19:46:24 GMT)

Helping Peeping Tom


The following factors will make you attractive to women,

1. Confidence
2. Lots of Money

Lets stick with option 1, since most guys arn't the Bill Gates or Richard Bransons of this world :-)).

Confidence makes you stand out above the rest, even if you sound nervous when you greet her, u are showing her you have the nerve to make the first move on her.


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mw (Wed 24 Jul 2002 20:05:25 GMT)

john - weekend trip

hey john,
did you ever ask your wife about that incident, or about being groped in general?
no disrespect, but from the way you told the story, she must have felt the teenager, and either enjoyed it or didn't mind.
something similar happened on a flight once. my wife gave the guy a very dirty look, and he backed off. i was behind them both.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

John (Wed 24 Jul 2002 21:01:51 GMT)


My wife is very shy and submissive, like some hispanic women, I think it due to thier upbringing. She says she doesn't mind and at times the dry-humpings do get her very arouse. Similiar to kavtiha she has told me she has been dryed-hump and groped at public places, school, relatives parties and even realtives (couisns) since the age of 13. So, she is kind of immune to it, she pretty much goes wi

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John (Wed 24 Jul 2002 21:16:31 GMT)


Does it turn you on to know that when a man is standing directly behind you, in a crowded bus or at the market, he is getting a hard on just by your mere presence? Do you enjoy the fact that a strange man other than your husband wants to touch you and feel you?

Kavitha (Thu 25 Jul 2002 05:09:31 GMT)

For John

yes depends on my mood - but annoys other times. But when I like it I make a long trip back and forth in the bus. Nothing so daring has happend to me thus far - I wonder how I will take it though ! Cheers

Jennifer (Thu 25 Jul 2002 16:55:34 GMT)

A relevant question.........

Has anybody witnessed an "intense grinding situation" on the mexico city or caracas sub?? I for one, thought I was "viewing" this event (I wont say where because I don't want to become an "obvious" target) recently.. What I noticed was as the train were shifting, people got got "josseled/shifted" a little and then just as quickly as the event occured, settled themselves. I'm tall for my gender s

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Carlos ( Venezuela ) (Fri 26 Jul 2002 05:59:48 GMT)

Welcome to CHIKAN-LAND

I have heard about Disneyland. But I wish that CHIKAN-LAND would exist. The laws of CHIKAN-LAND would be like this:
1)CHIKAN-LAND girls would have to have large buttocks and have to wear a light short skirt, or short pants or soft dress.
2)CHIKAN-LAND girls would always have to push their buttocks against the penis of any man they meet.
3)CHIKAN-LAND girls would go to a CHIKAN-LAND subw

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cybergrope (Fri 26 Jul 2002 07:31:28 GMT)

Its getting hotter

Hi buddies, I have been visiting this site regularly, by regularly I mean every day, for the past two years. All the old hands of this site would realise that this site is getting hotter and more interactive by the day, except for the occassional spamming of insults.
Groping and dry humping is an art and if done correctly, and with respect to the woman, be truly exhilirating for the humper and

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chikan crazy (Sun 28 Jul 2002 10:19:51 GMT)

cant stop thinking about chikan!!

I am finding it real hard to stop thinking about womens buttocks and chikans.

When I am at the office. I begin day dreaming about chikan and humping beautiful sexy women in short tight skirts.

My manager always asks whats wrong and why I am not focusing on my work.

There are times when I have to run to the toilet and masturbate real hard to release my sexual tension.

Anyone had problems like this ?

Mxgroper (Mon 29 Jul 2002 18:27:54 GMT)

Grinding situations


I’ve witnessed and experienced hundreds (maybe thousands) of times “intense grinding situations” in Mexico City subway system.

I’ve been a groper in the “Metro” since I was 17 yo. My first experience was while going to my winter work (1985), I took the metro at Hidalgo Station, two stations forward down to Universidad Station is the Balderas Station which is a transfer be

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Ricky Merry (Tue 30 Jul 2002 17:21:13 GMT)

to the guy who cant stop thinking of humping

Advice, find yourself a girlfriend, that way you can experience the delights of the female species and still be in control of your passion.

nanbread (Tue 30 Jul 2002 19:21:09 GMT)

chikan world

I can only dream of a chikan world, a world where chikans can walk around in a world full of young women with nice soft plum arses and big breasts.

I want to see girls of all races, black, caucasian, chinese, asian, all walking around wearning a mixture of business suits with short tight skirts.

There would be a chikan rush hour where we leave the hotel in the morning and board a s

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su (Wed 31 Jul 2002 04:33:24 GMT)


This is a crazy site discussing things similar to stealing or shop lifting. Iron dick has got the animal instinct for the subject. Good thinking and imagenating ID - bye

punjabi butt humper (Thu 01 Aug 2002 03:58:33 GMT)

greatest board

this is no doubt the greatest humpers board on this planet. we have now a bunch of friends who regularly write and make this board so lively. i guess we should start getting personal email ids of each other, before something drastic happens here. also we should have passwords to authenticate the bbs usage.

rick, i wish i cud join u at caracas. but now i am broke, with already too many visi

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 02 Aug 2002 20:09:43 GMT)

Women Confronting U

I have had dozen occasions where women have confronted me, one time I was in a large store during christmas and I noticed one of the sales staff bending over the counter, with her bottom protruding through her tight mini skirt.

I did a really hard grind across her arse with my hard cock pretending there was not enough room to pass, she turned round and grabbed my hand, looked me i the eye a

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The Infamous Groper (Fri 02 Aug 2002 21:03:26 GMT)

re pbg

Wow pbg...Thats least you weren't charged. Its good that we share these sorts of stories with each other. This way we can all learn from each other as to how we got away. It also prepares us for possible reactions from our victims and how to respond to them. About two months ago when the movie Spiderman came out the line up was huge for the late night show.... I was in line behind two gir

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nanbread (Fri 02 Aug 2002 22:20:15 GMT)

women confronting u

The only occasion a woman has created a fuss was when I was in a crowded train. I was standing right behind this gorgeous blonde girl wearing a split skirt that revealed her the cheeks of her soft bubbly arse. The smell of her perfume got me reall horny and I gently palmed her cheek with my hand. She turned around looked me in face and barked "excuse me"

Out of the corner of my eye this guy

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 03 Aug 2002 04:21:08 GMT)

women confronting

it has happened so many times with me, during my early days of groping. i blame it on my impulsiveness to grope without checking for a strong vibe. i remember an iranian student who kicked my shin. i pretended with the crowd as though we were friends who were having a fight. i called shereen, its ok...we can go home and fight.she was in a rage..her poor english didnt help much to defend herself.

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cybergrope (Sat 03 Aug 2002 06:02:25 GMT)

yeah, caution is the word

Buddies, TESTING your ground is VERY important as all of us know. It can never be overemphasised that one should try to stay away from a reluctant woman. No fun risking your whole reputation, your family and your kids' life for a forced patient, if you test your waters correctly you will find the right ass without the crass....

recently I was travelling in a long route night bus

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Peeping Tom (Sat 03 Aug 2002 11:39:11 GMT)

Women Confronting U


U gotta becareful, I got caught and pleaded guilty. Worst thing is when my family got to know what had happened it was a major embarrasment, they decided that the only solution was to marry me of as quickly as possible. They thought I was desperate for sex, but that was not the case !. Like all chikans, its a big kick and a sexual turn on to rub yourself against a sexy female stranger. Its more exciting then having sex.

I think places like europe and the US, they should open special places and bars where chikans can "vent" thier passions without it having to be seen as a criminal offense.

If you dont want to be caught take my advice and try give it up, if not then be very very careful.

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