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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 22 Apr 2002 17:37:09 GMT)

GURU is rught

Hi Guru !,

I agree with you 100 %, such a thing will never happen in europe unless some bright entreprenner pulls his finger.

I think sex ogies are exciting but nothing is more exciting then palming and humping strange girls u don't know !. Its a real shame I dont live in Japan, just getting squashed in the middle of a crowd of women is enough for me !!.

webmaster (Mon 22 Apr 2002 21:01:18 GMT)

Re: Japanese whores and brothels

There are almost no european girl working in simulated carriage train brothels. Many european girls are working as whores in Japanese red districts - but they are simply whores. A girl needs to be an amateur actress/playwright to work for a simulated brothel. Or a girl needs to be really skillful in sex to fetch premium prices. European girls in Japan fetche premiums only because they are rare. I

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guest (Tue 23 Apr 2002 20:23:41 GMT)

White girls or dark girls ?

I am not being racist or anything but I have always found humping white girls more exciting.

I love blonde women, like pamela anderson to hump and push my hard cock in between her breasts.

How about u guys ?

Baggy Trousers (Tue 23 Apr 2002 21:32:08 GMT)

dark women and white women

I would love to rape dark latino women in crowded places because they are such sick fucking whores who always fuck with mens minds.

They look at men like we are dirt and should be taught a lesson. A horse in order to be tamed must be broken. Wet humping latino girls is a good way of breaking them.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 24 Apr 2002 20:08:40 GMT)


Has anyone made any chikan videos ?

I want to hear about real stuff not shit madeup stuff.

Ricky Merry (Wed 24 Apr 2002 21:48:56 GMT)

Chikan Videos

Naaaaaaa, chikan videos are boring not fun, just mindless cheap soft porn rubbish. Nothing chikan about them.

I like the real stuff which makes your heart pump and your cock throb with electricity.

Jennifer (Thu 25 Apr 2002 15:37:08 GMT)

The HBO mini-series "six feet under"

You guys & gals into groping should check this out! This weeks episode of six feet under features the character "Brenda" getting felt up in an department store. (simular to what you guys have illustrated in various postings)... Anyway, what's striking to this episode is not just the seeing the incident of him touching her but her expression during the whole encounter as she's being felt up!! (pr

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 25 Apr 2002 19:21:18 GMT)

Asking Chicks u have pulled to have a hump

Hi Guru, Chister, Ricky Merry and Dr. Iron Dick,

The past two weeks have been really grim, like Chister I am going through this phase where I just dont feel like groping.

Met this Paki punjabi girl yesterday, chatted her up and got her number, she has good curves and maybe I call her end of the week, I am thinking of maybe asking her to come with me to a crowded place so I can hump her.

I dont want to fuck her just hump the living daylights out of her arse.

Has anyone asked girls out on humping dates ? How did u ask them ? tellme about your strategy ?.

webmaster (Thu 25 Apr 2002 21:06:24 GMT)

From a Japanese weekly magazine "Asahi"

Mr. K, 88 years old, lives along a railroad line in the western Japan. He is a habitual chikan. His trick is - he goes to the station every morning; as he finds a girl to his taste, he follows her to the carriage; and he molests her in the crowdedness. He is of course caught more than few times. But whenever he was caught he said "you put me in mind of my late wife. I have but only a few years to

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Gerry (Fri 26 Apr 2002 05:09:39 GMT)

Hey Baggy & guest

I just wanted to tell you two that 1: latinas aren't the only ones with that asshole problem! A lot of these negresses have that mean, sullen stare which they've perfected! They've gotten to the point that they'll glare at you to make you let them board the transport first!! As a gentleman, I let them up & get my feelsies then! 2: guest-I guess its what turns you on! I seen only a few white women that I'd risk humping! The vast majority have such flat, boyish asses! I was even disappointed in Italy! They don't have to be big, but they must be ROUND! Viva IRIS Chacon!!!!

punjabi butt humper (Fri 26 Apr 2002 07:31:01 GMT)

i agree with u gerry

whats a chikan's life without humping a round, soft, firm butt. roundness gives depth, urge and sexiness. i cant stand the idea of humping a flat ass girl however pretty they might be. i understand most chikans here are going thru a lean phase. but we are all optimists, and thats why chikans are successful in humping strangers. so i guess some lovely butt will entice u out of ur situation. i saw s

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X (Sat 27 Apr 2002 05:45:32 GMT)


Hello and welcome to this great guide to girl grabbing. Please sit comfortably and chew on the following interesting points, as these can and will increase your chances of mastering the art of being a lecher on that ever-so-popular mode of public transportation, the bus. Feel free to study these points and commit them to memory, like the talented lecher-apprentice that you are.

1. If you s

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Gerry (Sat 27 Apr 2002 05:57:56 GMT)

Punky brewster old & new

I got 2 tell yall the Twiggy, Colista Flock., new Soliel moon Frye is a real limp dicker!! I can't see why U stork lovers ( long skinny legs, no boobs, flat ass) want 2 grope grrls like them! Soliel M. F. became the poster grrl for dat crowd when she had her fine boobies hacked off! She used 2 have MAJOR LEAGUE TITTS!! Now da dumb bitch's on Sabrina talking bout empowerment 2 models!! What a waste!! What n Asshole!!

Peeping Tom (Sat 27 Apr 2002 23:50:34 GMT)

Guilty !!

Hi Guys,

My lawyer said I should plead guilty, I have already pleaded guilty and have been ordered to see a social worker once a week about my problem. I was also ordered to pay 150 GDP to the victim. Rather stupid I think considering the fact I only rubbed my hard cock (inside my trousers on buttocks). It wasnt rape !!.

If I do this again I might end up in prison. So I am looking at ways of curing my "illness". Should I get the urge to do this again I have been given a special number to ring and I will then be taken straight to hospital for "treatment".

I have been using hynotherapy tapes to try and boost my confidence and have started working out at the gym, anyway will speak to u guys later.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 28 Apr 2002 09:18:35 GMT)

Peeping Tom

Hey Peeping Tom,

Its good to see you are on the road to self improvement. What has been done is done, move forward now and work closely with your councillor.

Please share anything which might help those who want to give up frotting.

What I can never understand is in every busy bar/nightclub you go to on friday just about every guy is humping, palming licking womens ears, so why not arrest every single man in the bar for doing this ?.

Fucking paradox society we live in eh ?

CollegeKid (Sun 28 Apr 2002 13:36:01 GMT)

masturbating whilst standing next to women

I enjoy standing close to women and masturbating in my pockets. I dont expose myself just masturbate while standing next to a woman. For its a big turn on even thought I dont touch her.

Its more exciting then reading porno magazines, since its all 3-D.

Is this legal ? Am I commiting a crime ?. The last thing I want to do is get in trouble for this. If so I shall find other means of gaining sexual pleasure.

Ricky Merry (Sun 28 Apr 2002 16:26:44 GMT)

Chikan Award for this month

I am all for those who want to improve themselves and get on in life.

My heart goes out to peeping tom, he deserves more then a chikan award. He deserves a chance to redeem himself. Become a notable member of society. Its so sad that society has to treat him like an outcast or some rapist of which he is clearly not.

I dont believe people are bad, I do believe that people go through bad situations in their lives and life has a way of moulding us to it own ends.

punjabi butt humper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 05:36:19 GMT)

pakistani bottom groper is winner

i nominate the paki bottom groper. he has been the most active of the lot in contributions and also he has humped gloriously to earn himself the nominations this time.

btw, in response to a question here on women reactions. i have mixed reactions. when i was a beginner in fact i got kicked in the leg by a iranian babe. maybe she was having her periods when i tried to hump her butt:)
but then after that i realised how to get away with humping and identifying the right one to hump. its a growing initiative that lead me into understanding women and crowd psychology.

chister (Mon 29 Apr 2002 16:37:01 GMT)


I went out on my 1st date with my in-law's in-law, whom I started frotteuring about a year ago. She showed legitimate romantic interest about 3 months ago. This past weekend, we went out on a real date.

She is sexually repressed (so am I), but she was very daring & intimate even in public. No sex yet, but she is already talking about doing things sexually that would make both of us "happ

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 21:21:41 GMT)


Hi Chister,

Its strange, if I like a girl too much, I feel guilty about frotting. Especially when I have been on a few dates with her and got to know her well.

There are chikans or "gropers" who do have an inferiority complex about themselves, however I dont feel I have that, yet I grope because its exciting, more exciting then bedding a strange women somtimes...

Thought I'd mention this, sorry its not a cure, just wanted to share my feelings on this subject with you.

I really hope things work out well for you and this new girl in your life.

I like to hear stories such as yours and Peeping Tom, its makes me happy, its shows there is scope for better things for all of us.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 30 Apr 2002 05:21:41 GMT)


hey chister
its sad that u are at the fag end of ur frotteur days, or planning to get out of it. there is a terrible withdrawal symptom for every ex-chikan. this happens when they get into a crowded place with juicy, soft round butts in skimpy attire. well i have tried to control myself so many times when i am out with my wife. its very difficult, believe me. but since u have asked me for advic

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webmaster (Tue 30 Apr 2002 21:07:30 GMT)

Re: update - or the cause of frotteur

Dear chister,

I do not have a ready-made answer to the question. I also had sought cure. And I had contemplated the cause - why I was so attracted to frotteur?

In my case the reason was threefold: It is sexual. Sure, touching a woman is sexual. Therefore anything reduces sex drive must also reduce the urge to touch a woman. Having a good sexy girlfriend must work. But who is a "sexy"

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Ricky Merry (Tue 30 Apr 2002 21:27:25 GMT)


My dear friend Chister, I dont know of any cure to frotting apart from what punjabi butt humper suggests. I myself get horny when I am in a room or train full of sexy women with round arses. I just have to be close to them, feel them touch them.

Sorry I cant help buddy.

Peeping Tom (Tue 30 Apr 2002 22:32:00 GMT)


Hi Chister,

My reasons for becoming a chikan were a lack of self esteem and sexual frustration. Feeling an ugly person inside didn't help matters either. Of course we all have our own reasons for frotting.

Since we both have different reasons for our frotting behaviour I honestly cant offer anything that may help you.

When I do feel like frotting, I listen to some hyno therapy relaxion tapes which help put my mind at ease.

What scares me now is being caught again and being sent to jail, thats the last thing I want happening, this kind of puts me off ever wanting to frott again.

I sometimes wonder whether we are born frotters are we ??

Gerry (Tue 30 Apr 2002 22:49:21 GMT)

A Cure

(I'm trying to be funny) Let me suggest this as a cure for frotting. If in a locale & you can't get away imagine that all the women are: whoopi goldberg ugly in the face, have a bitter, man hating personality-gloria stienam & most importantly have an ass like the white clffs of Dover! Hard & FLAT!!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 02 May 2002 20:03:31 GMT)


These mexicon girls have nice juicy buttocks, tellme more humping stories. I love good humping stories where the girl is drunk and giggling and is saying somthing like "Oh someone is pressing thier pelvis hard against my buttocks"..

When a girl says this it turns me on !! corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!.

I love palming spanish girls, what I do is go upto them in bars and begin slowly, gently rubbing thier cheeks, slowly getting faster and faster. If she looks around I just stare at her and smile, 70 % of the time they give me a smile back, others just look, grin the rest just move away

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Sex Machine (Thu 02 May 2002 20:25:10 GMT)

to all the rookies and fantasy people

I have been observing this board closely for a good while now and recognise some good talent. I must say though, alot of you guys are either make belief wannabe chikans who live in cuckoo land.

I have been fucking, humping and made porno movies for nearly 3 decades and have humped, fucked, licked over 3000 women. I know everything about how a woman reacts to a mans touch.

I shall be starring in two new chikan movies, soon to be realized in June, about a man who chikans women on subways and crowded trains and even licks pussies of school girls in crowds.

Stick by me and learn from the master himself.

Gerry (Thu 02 May 2002 21:26:52 GMT)

Garlic,nina & gym champs

Hi guys! 3 tings to tell. 1) I found a way 2 get betr feelies while n da chekout line. Stand right behind her with your shop. cart behind U. Hav somethin hard n a bag hung ovr the front of the cart near U'r hand. Let the item (I used 2 bulbs garlic n a small bag a short time ago)let the hard things press against her booty while U'r not lookn. She'll notice if not 1st, then I'v seen 2nd time. If she moves up then U move up & let the hand be the hard thing. Alternate bac & fro. Be cool about it though! 2) Any1 ever grope o feel any famous babes? Lkie nina Hartley? #3 Hey Dev U shoulda been @ the nationals gymnastic championships. I couldn't get near the Bama girls. Andree' lookin good! But I had a good groping time with the Georgia girrls!! ps. is sex machine 4 real?

concert groper (Fri 03 May 2002 02:13:11 GMT)

Gymnastics Groping?

Hey Gerry, please tell us more about how you groped the Georgia girls at the Gymnastics Championships! We would love to hear about it. Which girls were they? What did they look like? How did they feel and how did you get so close to them? Did you play with their leotard or underwear? Tell us everything. Did any of the girls notice you or react? I love gymnastics, please share. I appreciate it, and if anyone else has stories about gymnastics, please share too. Thank you!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 03 May 2002 22:35:51 GMT)


Hey Sex Machine,

So tellme more about your forthcoming chikan movie ?.

Will members of the chikan community get to see a special clip before its release ?.

By the way us guys are for real, myself, guru, dev, gerry, chister amongst others are professional chikans.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 03 May 2002 22:40:36 GMT)

re:X and webmaster

Hi X,

This is a good story..

Hey Webmaster,

Please tell us is it that easy to chikan in japan ? I mean for me it would be nice to be squeezed or crushed against a juicy bottom. Thats all I want...

Do you get many western women on the crowded trains ? Is it true that chikans finger womens pussies and get away with it or is it a myth ?

webmaster (Sat 04 May 2002 21:12:35 GMT)

April award goes to Peeping Tom

for your roller coaster like experience. I hope those gym/councilling/hypno cumbination help you. And if you seek the society of women, you go where women are - join a charitable organization or what-so-ever. You do not just stay in front of a computer.

Anyway, this must be a major turning point in your life.

webmaster (Sat 04 May 2002 21:33:54 GMT)

Chikan in Japan

When you are in a crowded train and squeezed or crushed, that is not chikan. Even if you enjoy it, keep a wry face.

Western women are not so many in a crowded train. But when they are, they tend to be inexperienced and do not know how to defend themselves, though I do not say they are always easy game.

Yes, a chikan may finger-fuck a woman. But that is a crime and you may be caught. Life and death in a crowded train depends on your judgment.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 00:35:15 GMT)

humping the girl I brought to my appartment was boring


I brought a young italian girl home with me this afternoon and we did kinky sex.

I then asked her to dress in a mini skirt and stand up while I pressed against her buttocks hmmppp it was boring !!, then I told her to bend over the bed whilst I leaned over her with my legs wide open pretending I was pushed in a crowd towards her and was crushed against her buttocks shit still couldnt get sexuall excited how boring !!!!!!!!!.

When I eventually did come, it was a shit experience anyway, its looks like for me I will have to continue my humping efforts with strange women I dont know..

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 00:39:40 GMT)

Well done Peeping Tom !!

Keep up the efforts Tom, congratulations !!!..

I look forward to hearing more about your self improvements, we fellow chikans are very proud of you !!.

Remember Life is all about influence, make your dreams come true. When your dreams do come reality come back and share your findings with us all on this board.

Like Chister I wish oneday I find my true love and give up this humping lark, for me I just need to hump, its a primal urge I cannot control.

My last post, I wanted to illustrate the fact that humping a girl is boring buthumping a girl in bar you have never spoke to is more exciting and thrilling !!.

punjabi butt humper (Sun 05 May 2002 04:32:17 GMT)

congrats peeping tom

now that u have been awarded the chikan of the month..this will be a feather in the hat u will cherish, as ur chikan days are over...and u shud restore ur confidence in urself..u are not ugly ...u are a smart, outgoing, extrovert young man who can mix with society people and be a part of them..this is the confidence u must have within go ahead and show the world what u are made up of..

punjabi butt humper

Dev (Sun 05 May 2002 05:36:14 GMT)

Come to us my Rhonda!

if we have this convention, whom will we invite. I'm suggesting that we invite not only guests but also a special guest star! The guest should be a fine woman who'd allow us to "cop-a-feel". As for the special guest, it would be hoped that she'd be willing to allow some touching. Kitten Natividad is such a quarry. Elvira-"mistress of the dark" might also be compliant!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 09:02:11 GMT)


Hi Dev,

This is a good idea, we need to organise the chikan convention in Tokyo. This is the best place as chikans are more accepted there.

Then maybe we can have a chikan day out where we travel the subways in tokyo squashing ourselves against female bodies. This would be absolute heaven corrrrrr !!.

Ricky Merry (Sun 05 May 2002 16:04:19 GMT)

Great News on the Board

Congratulations Peeping Tom, I wish you the best for the future. Please come back to the board now and again and let us how your getting on or how we can help you further.

Pakistani Groper, tellme more about humping the italian girl you brought home.

Dev, I agree with P.G, if we host this event in japan we need to spend 2-3 days frotting on japans underground. In the evenings we meet up over a beer and chat about her experiences with those lovely japanese girls.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 20:01:41 GMT)

re:ricky merry


To cut a long story short I asked her to bend over whilst I forced my hard cock into her crack.Got her to wear a miniskirt but it didnt make it anymore exciting.

I did cum inside her crack and fluids were everywhere. She kept moaning and I told her to shut up and act like a stranger. She didnt understand though.

I wouldnt mind humping this amanda swisten, I love humping blonde girls, have u any pics of her naked buttocks corrrrrrrr !

Gerry (Mon 06 May 2002 06:49:56 GMT)


Hi guys! U got 2 understand Dev. He'll want something like a convention. I think that will draw 2 much attention. Dats how we met! going 4 da same butt @ a anti-nazi rally. we collide when reaching for a fine round black booty n a suit. Whats this rick merry stuff? She aint got NO butt!!

Gerry (Mon 06 May 2002 12:15:36 GMT)

thanx! & Right on!!

Thanx Mr. Middleage, Next 2 frotting a nice round Ass I luv looking up skirts! If any1's around the Uab campus the library should be a stopo. Mr middles technique could B used ther. On da uppr floors ther R study tables 4 D students. If U take a mirror & sit across from A babe U can realy inspect da "homework" Nature gave her!! Right on Nanbread! With a name like swiswhatever U know ther's NO Booty Nvolved!! She's all shoulder blades!! M.j. Hart got much mo than that! Maria Conchita Alonso-she USED 2 B soooooo fine!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 06 May 2002 13:21:46 GMT)



Do u have any tips for accidently shoving your head between a girls breasts.

I have thought of a few such as turning round and pretending not to see the girl in front of you and ramming my head between tits corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Anyone any ideas ?

Hey X,

How is your periscope coming along ? tellme so more adventures

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 06 May 2002 13:26:22 GMT)

A long weekend in japan for the chikan convention

Hey Guys,

Why dont we all just meet in japan one summer and spend a few days out squashing against youung jap girls on the trains. corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

Hey Webmaster,

Would it look of place for europeans, americans being seen during the rushhour squashed into the train with women there ?. The last thing we want is the japs to get to know we are only here for a dry hump ehehehehe.


Please include pics of naked buttocks in future :-))

punjabi butt humper (Tue 07 May 2002 04:16:39 GMT)

amanda on site

hey guys
amanda pics are available on the website : She doesnt have a great butt that we can rave abt. i have got pics of women with heavenly butts, so amanda looks a pale shadow of these women. i think u guys shud become members of yahoo groups where u get mails of lovely butts everyday. unfortunately i cant send pics to u

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webmaster (Tue 07 May 2002 21:13:26 GMT)

RE: A long weekend in japan for the chikan convention

Europeans & americans usually stand out in Japan even in a crowded train. Though, whether others become aware of your move or not depends on your technique.

You may, instead, appear on a chikan video if you do not mind your face seen - or you may wear dark glasses. Those cheap porno movie makers are always looking for something novel. "International chikan festival" can be sold. Hahaha.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 11 May 2002 19:57:27 GMT)

Dangerous situation

Last night I was in a crowded tube and began pushing my mouth into this girls long dark hair which smelt so good. My full face was in her hair and I was salivating badly as the aroma of her hair turned me sex crazy. Her buttocks were beautiful, my hard on kept poking the crack between her plu cheeks each time the train shook.

As I forced my nose into her hair more deeply and begain licking she turned round angrily and began screaming at me, oh shit I thought !!..thought the rest of the passengers were going to turn around and try and make a citizens arrest on me.

So I apologised and said I am drunk, all was ok after that !!, none of the passengers said a word, close shave guys !!

plaid (Sun 12 May 2002 01:36:46 GMT)

schoolgirl groping

any chikan can advise what is the best age category of girls to grope?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 12 May 2002 09:31:10 GMT)


I like to hump women of all ages, I you like to hump women with wide gaps, go for married women. Married women get fucked by thier husbands on a regular basis thus their cracks have been widened up and are loose.

So when it comes to humping married woman, its so easy to slide your hard cock into thier lubricated wet gaps and enjoy the spasm when your cock feeds her hole with your vital flu

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chister (Tue 14 May 2002 12:19:22 GMT)


I have not "practiced" for a few months now. I hope I can keep this up. I still enjoy the stories.

If I keep this up, then I guess I found myself a cure: to fall in love. Having a wife doesn't do it; having a girlfriend doesn't do it; getting laid doesn't do it. You gotta fall in love; you gotta love the other person, and she's gotta love you back.

Peeping Tom (Tue 14 May 2002 18:24:03 GMT)


Dear Chister,

It brings tears of joy knowing that someone who want to give up frotting and has succeeded through the aphrodiasic of love.

I am working on this too with the help of councelling ( unfortunately I have not found love yet maybe oneday ).

Althought we are different people we are experiences do cross somewhere along the lines.

Well done chister,I hope we call can still keep in touch with you.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 14 May 2002 19:56:07 GMT)



Its great to hear from you again !!!, please come back now and agian to the board to leave a message, its bizzare what love does !!. Maybe we can swap emails at some point.

Anyway guys, for me frotting has always been somthing that I have loved. When I was 14 years old I first began chikaning.

At 14 I loved chikaning older women 20-24 years old. When women had thier

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Devi (Wed 15 May 2002 20:12:00 GMT)

Happy Hunting Grounds

Brother Frotteurs, F.Y.I. in case you're in the following cities these are some of the best places for "fun-dling" delicious Asses! Birmingham-Uab (both hospital & campus), esp. on payday morn-inthe main cafeteria. State Fairgrounds, first Saturday in the month. During this weekend young (as in minor)juicey Asses will be abundant due to the City Stages festival downtown. Also the latest money-mak

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 15 May 2002 21:57:09 GMT)


Hey Dev,

I only wish I was in your locality. My cock is already hard as I think how I could be frotting like you. Slapping my hard cock on all those juicy buttocks corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We need to start an online magazine "Frotteurs Monthly". I hear the japanese chikan have thier own "Push Button". The japs have got it right man !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 15 May 2002 22:06:39 GMT)

Listen up Dev, Gerry, Guru, Nanbread and X

Why dont we all meet up in Venuezuala ?

I remember our good pal Carlos telling us about how easy it is too grope women on crowded trains and noone takes any notice.

We can spend our mornings groping on the trains, the maybe rent hookers to fuck in the afternoon and finish off humping again on the late evening rush hour.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 16 May 2002 19:29:46 GMT)

No chikaning today

London is becoming so exciting as the summer comes, more and more women are dressing in skin tight skirts and G-strings which turn many chikan sexy crazy.

I was so horny today looking at all these english girls wearing tight short mini skirts and thier arses wobbling like jelly I was going crazy in the head.

Unfortunately no chance to chikan today

Hey sex machine, I think your a fake, dont insult Guru or any other people on this board.

Sex Machine (Thu 16 May 2002 20:31:08 GMT)

I aint no fake man

I ain't no fake man

I plan to release my first chikan video end of July. I have starred in numerous adult movies. I cannot reveal who I am just yet.

I myself am a sex addict, as well fucking in movies and humping I love everything to do with sex.

Hold fire rookies until July. You'll be begging to meet me then.

webmaster (Sat 18 May 2002 21:04:58 GMT)

Re: I aint no fake man

Great! I have not see a staged-but-decent chikan movie yet. They are just all sham. I hope that finally my dream comes to true.

webmaster (Sat 18 May 2002 21:07:49 GMT)

Do and don't if you want to be groped

Following advice is based on my experience and supplemented by tips I have found on Japanese chikan sites. If you want to be groped, follow the advice. And if you don't want to be groped, do the opposite.

You take a crowded train/bus etc. But the game is started even before you get into a car - it's started when you leave the house. Do not have a big bag. If you have a backpack, carry i

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 19 May 2002 00:07:55 GMT)

My dick and pelvis are sore

I have only just recovered from last night. My hips and cock are very sore from last night. I grinded against dozens of young girls in a pub last night.

One girl I grinded against repeatedly because she had such heavenly buttocks. By the end of the night I could not stand and my hips and cock were sore, my back was also paining like mad.

Anyone else experienced such symptoms ?

Glossary (Mon 20 May 2002 18:10:05 GMT)

More than frotteurism

Titilatio: a male fingering the female organ
Digitatio: a female fingering the male organ
Tribadism: females fingering their organs each other
Bosom frigging: females rubbing breasts each other
Arm-pit frigging: a male fucking the female arm-pit
Intercrural connection: a male fucking between female legs but not in her vagina

Carlos (Tue 28 May 2002 19:48:16 GMT)

RE: Pakistani Bottom Groper

Hi, Pakistani Bottom Groper, Dev, Gerry, Guru, Nanbread and X:

We can meet up in Venezuela, and enjoy being pressed up against our beautiful latin girls with large and rounded buttocks, in our modern and crowded subway.

During the morning rush, we can meet in the "CAPITOLIO" Station. The grils would tranfering from line 2 to line 1. The get crushed to get in the train, and no one ta

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 28 May 2002 20:14:40 GMT)


Hey Flipper, its great to here from london guys. I hang out in Leciester Square and mash all the drunken girls on the weekends. If you check out Leciester square on saturday nights, its a mashing field day. I just hump girls in the crowded street, they are too drunk to even think about having cocks slapped on thier bottoms.

I love it when the football is on, all the small pubs get very crowded and I just get sandwiched between young girls and lick thier perfume hair corrrrrrrrr !.

We need to keep a look put for upcoming concerts to mash girls at corrrrrrr !! my dick is hot and ready for action.

Zaqman (Wed 29 May 2002 18:01:47 GMT)

Question for Carlos


In venueulza is it possible to sexually assault women in crowded trains. For instance if I pressed hard againsts a good looking latino, can I rub my hands up and down her body and all over her tits, without getting arrested ?

Dev (Wed 29 May 2002 22:19:42 GMT)

The Ninth?

Carlos, You say that the ninth month is ok for frotting girls on the transports? What about the sports events? Are there opportunities at all the theaters? I just got back into town from abroad and I'm trying to rest up from my travels. Gerry's stumbled upon a treasure trove of opportunities as this is the time of year for the teen girls to graduate. They are now having their ceremonies at major

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webmaster (Thu 30 May 2002 21:03:19 GMT)


Indeed, stopping frottage is not easy. Only advice I can give is

Stay away from a crowd. Have a nice sexy girlfriend. If she can always accompany you, you may be able to stop criminal frotting. If you want to touch a sexy girl, touch her. That is consensual frottage and you are safe.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Flipper (Fri 31 May 2002 10:03:53 GMT)

World cup masses

I can only imagine how crowded and chaotic it's going to be in Japan and Korea for the next month. God, i wish i was there!!
Streets, stadiums, bars and hot weather = many unsuspecting girls wearing little clothing!!!!
Especially on trains which are already packed. There aren't any games in Tokyo but all the other lines will be overflowing with travellers. Rush hour, oh my god, it gives me a hard on thinking about it!
Those hot Japanese girls won't stand a chance. Hands and cocks everywhere.

Is anyone going to be there during this time? Either visiting or living.

Gerry (Fri 31 May 2002 12:30:37 GMT)

The Game!

Don't hate d player. hate d Game!! I don't have happy dayz every day. Sometimes I have 2 go weeks @ a time B4 da opportunity presents her self! I'm try 2 not get in trouble with Jon Law!! Guess what!? I was commute 2 home yesterday & a japper girl was on the subway!! I kno she was a jap cuz she said dat she was. She askd da toll operator & security police ?? She was tryg 2 get 2 Jeff college. I scoped her out good. Up & down. She was about 5'8" tall. 120 lbs. 20-25 y.o. What U chiKans C n them jappers grrls I don't know?! She had NOOOOO Booty!! her Azs was so flat it was d cont' of her back!! I don't get it!!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 04 Jun 2002 17:15:54 GMT)

Moving on From Frotting Women


This might come as a shock to you all. I am going through a difficult phase in my life now and am questioning myself as to the purpose of my life. Do I really want to be groping, frotting until the age 50. What happens if oneday I get caught ? If so would I beable to face my family like peeping tom did ?

Am I doing wrong ? or do I make excuses to myself that frotting is harmles

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London Boy (Tue 04 Jun 2002 19:44:23 GMT)

London is a great hunting ground for chikan !

I have always enjoyed my times during the rush hour on london tubes. The great thing is I get to commute on the busiest line in london - Victoria.

When it his 8-00 am in the morning, I hit the station, pull out my penis outside my pants and prepare for a morning of assaulthing womens cracks with my hard dick.

What I do it wait until the lady gets into the carriage last, then all of s

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Dev (Wed 05 Jun 2002 09:58:13 GMT)

Having a happy 50th?!

Are the guys whom are attending the Jubilee having a "frotting" good time? I've seen the crowds on the tele and I imagine that it is a very "happy hunting ground"! Please do tell!!

Carlos (Wed 05 Jun 2002 14:03:15 GMT)

Re: Zaqman - Groping in Venezuela

Re: Zaqman


You can grope in Venezuela without the risk getting arrested because we do not have any laws that forbid sexual harassment such as groping in public places. You can grope in the Caracas subway, and no one takes notice because our girls are still a bit innocent regarding to sexual harassment issues.

The best targets are young schoolgirls wearing skirts , age 1

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Nanbread (Wed 05 Jun 2002 17:29:22 GMT)

jubilee celebrations


Hyde Park was a an absolute dream for chikans. I spent all day squeezing through the crowds of young girls, I mashed against of the front of lots of young girls, brushing my face against thier cheeks. Several times I looped my hands around young girls waists and humped them like crazy in crowds.

I shall tell u more about my frolics later.

Hey Paki whats up man ?

Flipper (Wed 05 Jun 2002 17:35:33 GMT)


I've read many comments about the London tube being so good for chikans, but i just can't see it. I've wondered around all the lines at rush hour searching for overcrowded trains but unless there are major delays (which aren't very often these days) it's hardly ever really packed.

Crowded, yes, but not "sardine" like, which is more ideal for inconspicuous body to body contact.
I haven't tried it in the mornings though, maybe that's better.

Unfortunately, i think london underground has improved it's service over the last few years and along with a lot less tourists since last year, us chikans are suffering.

Japan or Venezuela here i "come"!!

Carlos, it certainly does sound like chikan paradise in Caracas.

Nanbread (Wed 05 Jun 2002 17:35:54 GMT)


U live in a great country, full of beautiful women, sandy beaches and its so cheap for people like me to come there and enjoy.

I think my days will be spent chikaning women on the underground, picking up the girls in bars, fucking whores, enjoying the sun and last but not least touring your wonderful city and checking out the sites.

Are the women easy to bed overthere ?, I love picking up women and having one night stands, maybe when I come out there we can pick up women and fuck them back at my hotel.

Whats your email address ? we must correspond !!

Ricky Merry (Wed 05 Jun 2002 18:40:57 GMT)



I am for a visit to your beautiful country !. I love your women, the sunshine and of course the lovely beaches. Your women have the most beautiful thighs wow !.

Love to chikan on a crowded train too, we all should keep in contact and organise a group outing there.

Hey Flipper, u should check out victoria station in the mornings, its much better.

Fish and Chips (Thu 06 Jun 2002 21:44:54 GMT)


Hey Flipper,

U really need to check out the victoria, northern lines in the mornings, around 8-00 to 8-30 pm, also like london boy mentioned try the trains coming into fenchurch street from the suburban railways.

I agree the london underground services have improved over the last year but we still get crowd surges during the rush hours and delays always happen !!.

I have found the lines coming from heathrow inthe morning are full of foreign girls so check these places out, also check out covent gardens, leciester square on weekends are u can make bodily contact with young girls in bars around leciester square.

So whose coming to Caracas then ?

NanBread (Sat 08 Jun 2002 09:35:22 GMT)

A Bad Night For Chikaning

Last night I thought it would be a good night for humping young girls in bars, in leciester square, with the football and everything.

Unfortunately I was wrong, whilst in the bar "sharking" for plum young bottoms to juice myself on I noticed a young blonde wearing tracksuit bottoms leaning on the bar with her two juicy cheeks portruding throught the elastic material of her jogging bottoms.

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Flipper (Sat 08 Jun 2002 16:16:01 GMT)

Re: Nanbread

What time were you in Leicester Square last night? Maybe it was too early for most girls to have consumed enough alcohol, thus losing their sensitivity.
Were you in pubs or later on in clubs?

I think i'll be there tonight so hopefully i'll have better luck!

Fish and Chips and Ricky Merry......thanks for the tips. Yeah i'll have to try the morning rush hour instead of the afternoons.

nanbread (Sat 08 Jun 2002 22:09:30 GMT)


Hey Flipper,

I guess I was there far to early, this was around 9-00 pm, the girl I tried to make bodily contact with was a stunning blonde with such a ripe bottom. The bitch would not have it, should have waited till she had a few pints of lager then go for the kill.

I hope you have good success tonight, which clubs do u rate for plum bottoms ?

SAUSAGE ROLL (Sat 08 Jun 2002 23:12:17 GMT)

which bars and clubs in london

Hey london dudes,

Where are the best clubs and bars in london to grope women ?

Has anyone been to tigga bar ? it suppose to be full of teenage girls on weekends, anyone had any experiences there ?

Flipper (Mon 10 Jun 2002 09:11:16 GMT)

Bars in London

Hey Sausage Roll, where's Tigga bar?
I can recommend Roadhouse in Covent Garden. I don't have any stories as i haven't been there for ages but it does get really packed in there on weekends.
In some areas you have to fight your way through the crowd.
Loads of attractive, drunk girls and it's a club so it's open till late.

Any other places lads?

art (Mon 10 Jun 2002 20:11:05 GMT)


are u from venezuela tourism department? just asking because you sell your country pretty well. :)

webmaster (Mon 10 Jun 2002 21:13:08 GMT)

Re: Webmaster

England vs. Argentina was really great. They packed into Roppongi after the game whilst the most of Japanese ware watching Japan-Russia game on TV and kept watching TV, which just kept repeating the same game :-) in the home.

nanbread (Mon 10 Jun 2002 21:30:48 GMT)


Hey Flipper,

Stop talking about japan and all those girls man !! :-)) I getting envious of japanese chikans. They chikan new girls everyday, all I want is a good body crush with young females with juicy buttocks.

Tigga bar ? I thought it was called Tiger bar I might be wrong ? I have heard of the bar but cant pinpoint where it is, I have heard it gets packed full of young girls who want one night stands and of course a good humping.

Flipper have u heard a place called the basement in Leicester square ? its a small bar underground that supposedly gets packed out on weekends, i hear its worth a try and humping and groping young woman.

Flipper (Tue 11 Jun 2002 19:12:30 GMT)

Bars in London


I don't know about the Basement, do you know where it is in Leicester Square?

BODY CRUSHER (Tue 11 Jun 2002 21:56:41 GMT)






nanbread (Wed 12 Jun 2002 20:37:11 GMT)

message for flipper and body crusher

Hey Guys,

Maybe u should try crushing up against female bodies at Clapham Junction in the morning. The trains are usually crowded as commuters jump on the trains to waterloo. I always have a good feel of some nice women in business suites and tight skirts.

Will give u more info later !

We really need to right some kind of online chikan guide for UK, London.

Guest (Fri 14 Jun 2002 02:02:58 GMT)


I used to work for Even Staff here in Seattle and while working behind the
rail for the
Mudhoney concert there was this young lady who was crying at me. I asked
her (as
best i could since it was incredibly loud) what the problem was and she said
someone was grabbing her ass. I said if she wanted me to pull her out of
there and
she replied "No, but have these guys sto

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jay (Sun 16 Jun 2002 05:00:03 GMT)


i've had mixed results at punk and metal shows. i do a test where i "accidentally" bump my hand or cock against their butt. just enough to let them know that i'm there. then i move back and see if they follow with their butt. my experience is that A LOT of the younger teenage girls will stick their butts out until they find my hand or cock...but i've also had some of the older women in their twenties and late teens to tell me to get my hand out of their ass!

nanbread (Sun 16 Jun 2002 14:42:52 GMT)

Chikaning in London is getting hard these days

I love married women, like pakistani bottom groper says. There cracks are nice and wide, due to them being fucked by thier husbands every night.

I partly agree with flipper, chikaninig is not that good in london. The last two weeks have been really shit. In fact the year 2002 has been a poor year for chikaning compared to 2000-2001.

My last good chikaning experience was with a blond

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Sausage Roll (Sun 16 Jun 2002 15:45:47 GMT)

feeling girls titties

I have always loved feeling womens titties, what I do is sit next to them on trains and pretend to fall asleep and drop my head on thier breasts, many occaions i hafve managed to drop my face between thier breasts.

Such a good way of molesting titties

webmaster (Mon 17 Jun 2002 21:10:09 GMT)

Re: tit gropes easier than the ass?

I think that a woman is more tolerant of accidental bump. And tits are less likely touched under this pretext. Indeed the mound is a lot easier. On the other hand she would have experienced more ass gropes. So that she probably knows how to react to ass better than others.

By the way, was she really D-cup? A woman may has a padded bra. You might be fooled by fake titties whilst she feels nothing under the imitations.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

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