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Carlos (Sat 16 Mar 2002 04:15:30 GMT)

Re:(Yellow belly ) Treatment for frotteurism

I found a web page

It says something about treatment of frotteurism

Take care

dr iron dick (Sat 16 Mar 2002 13:03:29 GMT)

re: college kiddd

heeyy collegee kiddd thankkkyu for yourr letter abouut mum finddding pornon magaziness dont worry y she knowws all man are sex machiness we alll thinkkk of sex likee whenn u masturbate and comee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ok ?

soo dont worry shee knowss abouut thiss sexu and chikkan so dontt be afraidd to exercise youirr cock like chikan hahahhahahahaahhahah :-))

art (Sat 16 Mar 2002 20:20:26 GMT)

Iron Dick

Iron dick is a psychology student or graduate.I think he was a regular here before he assumed that nick..,probably consensual or nypsyche or whatever.

Therefore, his writing style is a just a plain and simple gimmick. Well, you got attention man. Good job Dr Iron.

Fellow chikans, let's leave him alone.

Old Man (Sat 16 Mar 2002 21:09:39 GMT)

RE: yellow belly & The Man

Q: not harmfull to masturbate more then three times a day?
A: do and enjoy as much as you can do. some religion hate it. but no recent medical study found it harmful.

Q: Tell me what you think of what hapened in this story.
A: You are lucky, man!

Retired Man (Sat 16 Mar 2002 22:04:34 GMT)

frotting days are fun

I lust for school girls they are so young and pretty. Even at school I use to rub my cock against the bottoms of school girls in my class, until they complained to the headmaster about my behaviour.

The best girls were the ones 2 years older above me, their bodies are slowly developing into ripening into juicy fruits heeheee

I always use tell my wife to dress up as a school girl so I

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mr. t (Sun 17 Mar 2002 15:30:14 GMT)

r: real person & guest

Hey guest and realperson (your more then likely the same person), Well you stop yelling like some dumb school kid. Infact thats what you are a 13 year old school kid, who hasn't lost his virginity.

Punjabi butt humper has been around this board for along time, so the cut shit about him, I love his stories, when your going on about the stench of semen in the air, its a metaphorical expression, can you not understand that ?. For some people there semen does actually smell, and women can pick up the smell of semen very easily being the female of the species.

Do you understand what a metaphor is ??

you make me laugh realperson/guest little schoolkid LOL

roti keema (Sun 17 Mar 2002 17:10:58 GMT)

re: realperson/guest and semen in the air

Punjabi butt humper,

Just ignore his messages, hes just a lonely little boy who needs to be nurtured by his mother and father, such children dont get the attention from their families so they turn to places like this in cyberspace to vent their frustration.

Yes indeed the "smell of semen in the air" is used by alot of chikans as a metaphorical expression, there are some men whose semen actually does smell.

After coming in a crowded train full of women they actually begin to sniff the air as though they can smell semen, its a fact too.

roti keema (Mon 18 Mar 2002 14:23:25 GMT)

vaginal juices and semen mixed together

I like it when punjabi butt humper and nanbread tells their stories,
when they refer to the smell of semen in the air, I get really horny
because, from wet humping experience, when I cum under a womans
skirt, I always smell her vagina juicess aaaaaaaaaaahh
then when I come insider her crack.

Her vaginal juices mix with my semen to create a sexy like
pugent pheromonic smell that fills the air in the crowded train and
bar aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

then I say oooooooooooohhh

The sniff of the mixture of juices causes female heads to turn, a natural response to such a sexual climax.

keep up the good work nanbread and humper

english groper (Mon 18 Mar 2002 15:19:55 GMT)

mr. humper is the man

I couldn't agree more, the expressions "smell of semen in the air" "smell of sex in air" and "heavenly crack"are extremely powerful words. Mr. Humper is indeed a man of many talents, a karate champion, boxer, weight lifter master humper and poet. My admirations go out to him.

The female of the specis are very sensitive to scent of a mans fluids. When vaginal fluids and semen mix, all hell breaks loose, the whole atmosphere becomes erotic.

Phil the Ninja, we welcome you, it is an honour to have an assassin who is willing to help our community in everyway you can.

Myself, dr. iron dick, roti keema, nanbread, carlos and ricky merry, mr. t all support you. Keep up the good work buddy.

catlover (Tue 19 Mar 2002 03:14:40 GMT)

Cats are objects too.

Nothing could be finer than a hard on with a feline-er.
I enjoy the kitties so. I feel their small hard penis. Some tom have big hard penis. I love all kitty cat nipple with each finger in my "full spread lotus" hand position, and also to love the cat wang at that time.
One time I stole my neighbor's cat and tied it up with braided leather.
I love cats in a way most people cannot imagine. One day I hope to make a scientific breakthrough that will allow the cat penis to be much bigger than at this present time. Maybe my doctorate will help. I hope and pray for that day to come, because I am running out of tightener cream.

realperson (Tue 19 Mar 2002 17:51:37 GMT)

just some thoughts

punjabi butt humper, the quality of your last story was excellent. I felt it. Although I will disagree with the smell of semen. I've always liked your stories, but would like more faq's, if you know what I mean. And I do question how you can cum so fastly. You maybe could explain it to me.

Where is the guy from Peru or somewhere who was going to tell us about groping on his streets dur

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english groper (Tue 19 Mar 2002 19:40:28 GMT)

re:real person

My good friend, real person, as we have said time and time again when us chikans refer to "the smell of semen" in the air, it nothing but a metaphor to describe the erotic sensation of shoving your hard cock into that "heavenly crack" the black hole, filling those juices oozing into her lovely sexy crack, such a nice feeling sexual ectasy.

punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 03:54:34 GMT)

welcome paki bottom groper

its good that u are learning fast. groping is a fine art, and its needs presence of mind, and great understanding of crowd movement, body language, sensitivity, urge and killer instinct. i am sure u will master it one day


(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 03:57:40 GMT)

real person; by name or act??

looks like u have decided to tone down ur sarcasm a bit to seek acceptance in this group. anyway cumming fast depends on the involvement in the humping act, quality of butt crack and the occasion. let me tell u again, most of gropers here are real and not by name. so we dont play video games like u and do virtual groping. anyway let me tell u something abt ur sarcasm. "dont do others what u wudnt do to urself".

Ass Grabi'n Chris (Wed 20 Mar 2002 21:36:48 GMT)

What i like, and want to here......

I would love to hear , how the groping goes at the fesival in peru,
for the dude that wrote posted on it. You see to me there is nothing
that i love more then groping,grabbing,frottaging,molesting a fine
bubble butt latina. I right now, i'm living in New York City home to
some of the finest bubbleassed latin chicks around. We got cuban
women,domincan,puerto rican(probalbly the

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 21:51:21 GMT)

re: Ass Grabi'n Chris

Hey Chris,

I have wet and dry humped spanish women big time, see my previous story I like fire my load with my cock hanging out of my trousers into her bubbly buttocks, cooorrrrr ! and licking her hair, leaving her messy with saliva coooorrr !!

Spanish women are sexy and have round plum arses that turn me crazy, soon I shall be humping more spanish women will keep u posted.

Where is my guru teacher ? I really need some tips from him

punjabi butt humper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 04:39:41 GMT)

lessons on crowd behaviour

hello chikans,
I have been an ardent student of Desmond Morris, the original guru of human physiognomy and crowd behaviour. I have had the privelege of putting my learning into practice. Dry Humping being my favorite passion has helped me understand crowd patterns, instinctive behaviour, and here are some guidelines for newbie chikans.

1. Dont wear loud and garish clothes. Instead wear

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Ass Humper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 15:39:54 GMT)

Cumming in the carck


I wonder how many of u humpers cums in the crack or on the buttock.
I do that 1 or 2 times of 10 and it feels just GREAT.

Long live the master punjabi butt humper

Ass Humper

pakistani bottom groper (Fri 22 Mar 2002 20:54:40 GMT)

re:ass humper

hey ass humper. u must come to london, so many times we have invited our guru to come, he has not turned up as yet. Please if you come to london let me know and I can advise u on where to find paki butts.

There are lots of paki butts on the victoria line between 8-00 am and 8-30, they are moderen paki girls who wear business suits, and nice split skirts which reveal their juicy paki butts, so heavenly.

You are like me, you enjoy wet humping young daughters, good work !

punjabi butt humper (Sat 23 Mar 2002 04:31:09 GMT)

fellow gropers

its nice to see the groping community multiplying in here. paki butt groper and ass humper are really having fun with punju butts. this weekend i too had great young punjabi butt to hump. i will tell abt my encounter in my next message. meanwhile, am sorry guys, i cant make it to london due to my business committments here.

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 23 Mar 2002 16:31:10 GMT)

mature women

Hey Guru,

It is sad that you cannot make it to london this time, we hope to see you in the not too distant future for a humping london tour.

I recall great times when I have been very daring with mature women in age bracket 25-30, these women are so nicely shaped, like chunky chickens, when you squash yourself hard into them. You sink like quicksand into their bubbly butts.


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freaker (Mon 25 Mar 2002 21:07:20 GMT)

is masturbating in your pockets ok

hey guys, I am 14 years old and gain pleasure out of masturbating with my hands in my pocket whilst looking at a girl.

I just want to know whether this is legal or now or whether it will get me into trouble.

Would appreciate anyones feedback on this.

Thanks in advance for your help,


peeping tom (Mon 25 Mar 2002 22:23:00 GMT)

been arrested by police


I got arrested today for frotting on the london underground, I was caught whilst rubbing my cock against a female passenger. Unfortunately I was a dead give away wearing jogging bottoms and my bulge showing through my jogging bottoms. Been realised on bail but will have to face a trial in a few weeks, might mean a jail sentence or referral to a councillour.

So please be careful as it seems they are stepping up checks for this stuff now.


VoyeurPeru (Mon 25 Mar 2002 23:11:54 GMT)

Hi fellow gropers!

Hi to everybody!

I've seen that there were some messages asking about how the groping in Peru is going. :-)

Well, the religious procession I attended last year is always in October. If you ever come to Peru, remember that on Oct. 18-19-28 there are processions with large crowds of people.

There's a lot of chances to grope there, but the main problem is that this has become

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Guest (Tue 26 Mar 2002 11:45:31 GMT)

The best Place

How is the transit situation In Dublin Ireland is it a good place to smash women? and how about Washington D.C ?

English Groper (Tue 26 Mar 2002 17:29:40 GMT)


Dont know about dublin, ireland, but one things for sure I have gropped and dry humped loads of good looking irish girls in london and have had no problem.

They seem to love a night out and get totally drunk and heres me humping away on her backside and shes turning blind eye completely and laughing with her friends as though nothing is happening.

I am sure dublin must be good for this sort thing, any irish our there ?

Chister (Tue 26 Mar 2002 23:06:04 GMT)


I had frotteured one of my in-law's sister many times. Last time we met, she told me she liked it. Now she (who is married) is openly talking to me about a relationship.

The verdict is in - some woman like it. They even get emotionoally attached to it - shocking, but true.

For me in this case, it's not particularly enjoyable - I rather frotteur her than date her. But I would love to hear stories of someone who come to date someone they frotteured before.

Old Man (Wed 27 Mar 2002 14:05:04 GMT)

Re: is masturbating in your pockets ok

Yo young man! Masturbation is Ok. It's not illegal. I don't think any country put a ban on it. But if you do it in public, it is exhibitionism. And it is a criminal act. Now you say that you love to look at a girl while you are masturbating rather than you love to be seen by a girl. This is not exhibitionism in theory since you do not want to be seen masturbating. But in practice, how do you defend yourself if you are caught masturbating? Can you prove that you are not deliberately let yourself seen? If you cannot, you are in big trouble.

guest (Wed 27 Mar 2002 20:58:03 GMT)

how to meet women ?

I am really bored with life and want to meet women and have a girlfriend.

How does one do this ?. I live by myself and am getting bored and tired of this shit. How do I meet women ? What do I say to them ?. I am too shy to go upto women on the street.

Can anyone offer advice ?


Guest (Thu 28 Mar 2002 04:02:45 GMT)


How to meet women. It`s simple.
Guest.I am groper. Like you. I ADORE women. It is the only thing I live for. I want them ALL. So I do what I can. Take this week. I have dated 3 women. The first one on Saturday, our second date. We went out to a club with her friends here in Manhattan. And I was sorry that I was out with her. SO MANY BABES, unbelievable. 3 babes to one guy...I fucked her that ni

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X (Thu 28 Mar 2002 05:58:05 GMT)


BE COOL...fairly easy to pull off.
SMART,'re either smart or you're not.
LOOK CUTE...this will take a lot of hard work and maintenance.
HAVE MONEY, A GREAT JOB...getting a great job is very hard these days, and it all depends on your educational level and connections.
RELAX...also easy.

chister (Thu 28 Mar 2002 13:58:08 GMT)

Re: how to meet women

1st of all what kind of women
if you don't care, then use the shotgun approach - hit on as many as you can, somebody is bound to be willing. You'll have a low batting average, but you don't care about that. You must have skin of hide & nerve of steel to outlast all the rejections you will surely get.
Or use the aim-and-shoot approach - target one woman at a time, find out everything you ca

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New York Guy (Thu 28 Mar 2002 17:45:49 GMT)

A couple of comments

To the guy asking for advice on how to get women: Honestly, the best way to get a girlfriend is to be comfortable with yourself. Find the things about yourself that you are proud of and focus on them. Girls like confident guys.

Although it is a bit strange to ask for this kind of advice on a board for groping stories, listen to everyone's comments--->they seem to be legitimately trying to help you.

To the guy asking about where to get videos of gymnastics--->check your newsgroups. Many newgroups have entire categories of gymnastic and other sporting postings. Check your ISP's newsgroups.

Ricky Merry (Thu 28 Mar 2002 21:00:27 GMT)


Its only natural to want a girl/woman, go out there forget all those cheesy chatup lines and just say "hi" to any girl you see.

For example if your walking down the road and shes walking towards you, make eye contact with her "the eyes are the windows to the soul" through the eyes a woman can tell alot about a man. If she meets your eyes just nod and smile, when she gets closer just say "he

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english groper (Thu 28 Mar 2002 22:07:41 GMT)

How to pick up and chat to women women.


Follow the advice below

How to pick up women.

1. When you see her or any girl...SMILE.
It is the most powerful tool you have on attracting girls.
When someone smiles at you don't you want to or subconscioiusly smile back???
That is because everyone wants to be happy and when we see happy people we want to show them that we are happy too.

2. Walk upr

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nanbread (Thu 28 Mar 2002 22:47:30 GMT)


Go to bars in leicester square around 10-30 pm on friday nights, there its easy to put your hands on womens buttocks and rub your thighs against them, they are drunk by then and dont give a shit about who is gropping them.

guest (Thu 28 Mar 2002 23:45:43 GMT)

thanks for your advice


It really nice of you all to give me such nice advice.

Its just that sometimes when I say hello to women they dont make eye contact with me or dont even look at me. Or if I ask a question, again they never make eye contact and just nod.

What does this mean ? Why are they being so rude ?. It really fucks my mind up when women do this to me. Secondly I have never had sex with a girl, what if she thinks I am really dumb being a virgin ?.

Please could people offer advice in this area. Thanks again for your efforts !.

Dev (Fri 29 Mar 2002 02:15:24 GMT)

"Mature" Senoras

Hey paki butt groper! By mature women I'd thought you'd meant women 50 & over! Here in the South that's a nice way of saying "old". A lot of those "old" women have VERY nice asses!! I like to think of their bums, I'm reminded of a childhood memory. My sisters were learning to make on day & after having been warned by my mother, I insisted on causing enough of a rucus to see if it was true. Mot

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Ricky Merry (Fri 29 Mar 2002 09:19:51 GMT)



Go out everyday and just say hello go as many women as possible, you really seem to lack confidence in yourself.

Say to yourself today. I will go out and say hello to 3 women. Tommoro I shall go and say hello to another 3 women. Try this, if you get a rejection don't worry move onto the next girl. Believe me I have had my fair number of rejections in the past so your not the only one.

Women WILL SOMTIMES reject you because they are not in the mood to chat or say hello to you, maybe they have had a bad day or somthing. So out there buddy and do the right thing !!>

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 29 Mar 2002 14:36:21 GMT)


Hey Devi,

When I say mature women. I mean women in the age bracket 25-30 years.

These type of women have had alot of experience fucking by that age and their buttocks have become nice, plum and curved through repeated bottom fucking from all those men they have fucked.

When I see a sexy babe in her mid twenties, wearing short split skirt or tight jeans. It is like going to heaven, her crack is nice and wide after being fucked by countless men so it is so easy for me slide my hard cock into their cracks and give myself and these women such heavenly pleasure aaaaaaahhhh.

I really want to wet hump married and mature women, especially the chunky chicken ones corrrrrrrr so good.

Tellme more about your bottom fucking exploits Devi.

english groper (Fri 29 Mar 2002 17:59:40 GMT)

groping scene in mexico

I recall someone telling me about the groping scene in mexico, about lots of hands feeling one girls leg in a night club, is it really possible to dry hump and feel girls like this.

If fo which clubs in mexico ? how do I get to them and is mexica dangerous in the evenings for tourists ?

webmaster (Fri 29 Mar 2002 21:06:08 GMT)

Hey guest! Some women love a virgin boy!

If you are a virgin, you have special advantage. Some women, especially mature women, love to meet a virgin boy.

Make yourself known. Do not hide the fact that you are a virgin. And you say that you would not give it up cheaply. You are giving what you can give to a woman only once on your whole life. If you are young and look young, your advantage is awful.

A fair guess is that you can choose your first woman from many upto-thirty-something, above-average women who are eager to teach you everything.

And a little play-acting wouldn't hurt you. You play the perfect virgin - that depends on the woman's taste but probably, shy and naive.

Good luck!

punjabi butt humper (Sat 30 Mar 2002 05:20:24 GMT)

webmaster , tell us ur groping stories

u have been enjoying our stories for long. we also wonder how u groped over the years, and now retrospecting over it. please do tell is detail. we love to read ur stories.

EcstasyGroper (Sat 30 Mar 2002 23:06:08 GMT)

I don`t understand...

To everybody. I need some feedback.
I simply can`t understand it. I was more aroused and excited yesterday cumming in this girls crack than last Saturday night, when I fucked a sweet blonde girl and she gave me a blowjob. HEY, A BLOWJOB FROM A NEW LADY!!? I don`t understand...

dr groper (Sun 31 Mar 2002 16:04:34 GMT)

To Exstacy Groper

I know what you mean about a great subway groping orgasm being more exciting than real fucking, even real fucking of a beautiful woman you've wanted for a while. It's wierd. I think it's because we have a problem. Don't get me wrong, personally, I'm not willing to try and cure my "problem" because groping is the most exciting part of my life. I love it. Why would I want to get rid of it? But

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 01 Apr 2002 04:41:03 GMT)

nice story webmaster

at last u have responded. i am glad. its nice to read ur story. i too feel that plump girls are more responsive. possibly the society rejection and their inferior feeling with respect to sexy, lean girls make them display their sexuality stronger.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 01 Apr 2002 12:21:54 GMT)


Hey Guest,

Dry and Wet humping sexy strange females is more exciting then fucking a girl, I always get horny when I think of all the good times.

The benefits are two fold, first its safe, no herpes or bullshit like that and secondly its cheap, before u can fuck a strange girl u have to buy her drunks and dinner. Hey why spend money when I can fuck any girl I want in the arse ? or salivate in her air and chew it, maybe somtimes even lick her next with your tongue and brush her naked neck with your lips corrrrrr !!.

Its more erotic and sexual feeling for me, plus its only touching and not rape is it ?.

Ecstasy Groper (Wed Apr 3 02:02:15 2002 GMT)


I am starting a new discussion regarding TECHNIQUE!
We should help each other, to get the best adventures! SO FEEDBACK!!!!
OK, I realize that a couple of things have to come together to have a perfect wet humping adventure.
For the subway:
1. The Lady
a. looks
Everybody has a different taste and preferences. These are mine: She must be
tall enough that my penis is a

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punjabi butt humper (Wed Apr 3 02:03:32 2002 GMT)

my kind of babes

hey guys
i have wet humping so many babes in the shopping festival that my dick is sore and i am not even dreaming of humping for a few days. as they say, 'rule your passion and dont let the passion rule you'.

i have humped great butts in the past few days. a lovely srilankan teenager, mature english woman, lebanese teenager, a pakistani married woman, a syrian 14 yr old. i can now go t

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed Apr 3 02:05:50 2002 GMT)

women and humping !

Hey Chikan Brothers ! Hi Guru ! (humped anymore english girls in dubai heheh),

I got really horny when guru told me about the english blonde he humped !.

Blonde girls and good smelling punjabi girls with curved buttocks are my favourites ehehe.

My favourites are long blonde hair, so I can lick there hair and chew the strands in my mouth knowing this woman is mine eheheheh.

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nychikan (Wed 03 Apr 2002 19:09:36 GMT)


Hey Ecstacy groper, I like your idea of discussing technique!

As you can see from my post below, I love to go for tits whenever possible. It is often not possible. I don't want to get arrested! I also truly don't want to do something the woman will hate. I hope that if she hates it she will turn away. My ideal is that she thinks she doesn't like it, but slowly becomes aroused despite h

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 03 Apr 2002 20:57:59 GMT)

How to grope breasts !!

I want to know how to grope breasts.

I dream of placing my hands on womans breasts in a crowded train.

Any ideas ?

bookworm (Fri 05 Apr 2002 15:52:13 GMT)

>I want to know how to grope breasts.

Why don't you read a book?

You have a book and face a girl in a crowded sub. Touch her boobs by the book to start with. hehehe

Peeping Tom (Sat 06 Apr 2002 19:01:05 GMT)

Arrested and Convicted

Hey Guys,

My solicitor advised me to plead guilty to one account of indescent assault after I rubbed my cock against a womans buttocks on the crowded london underground.

Looks like counselling for, speak to guys later.

X (Sun 07 Apr 2002 15:42:48 GMT)

Re: Peeping Tom


Trust me, never plead guilty on the accuse. If PNG, you and the victim have to go to court. The baby will see the public face to face.
The point is that she may not attend in the court because of the shame.
Secondly, even she accuse you at court, there must be reason doubt thatyou can get away with it. Such as her bad memory, the relative position of each other,
the extent of crowdness...etc. Discuss with your lawyer, try different lawyer to give you the best legal advise.
Remember, You have to be jailed, anyway, if you plead guity. Why don't you take a risk to fight againt the fucking chicks

Peeping Tom (Sun 07 Apr 2002 17:42:19 GMT)

re: X

Hi X,

If I plead not guilty and I am found guilty I would definitely end up in jail.

My lawyer says if I plead guilty, theres a big chance I can get off with going for councilling about my frotting problems.

If I dont plead guilty, then this means facing a another hearing and if my mum and dad find out about this they will almost certainly have heart attack.

I mean what if my sister finds out, she will see me as a rapist ?, it would bring such shame on me. What if it gets to the papers what if those at the office find out about my frotting pastimes ?

Now do u see the problem I face ?

Peeping Tom (Sun 07 Apr 2002 17:47:09 GMT)

Life is not fucking FAIR !!

I understand I have a problem, but I am not a rapist, I touched girls bottoms and get thrills out of it. I have no girlfriend, in fact never had a girlfriend all my life.

I think I suffer from lack of confidence and spend alot of time in front of my PC.

Life really sucks, I hate it when there are people who get everything in life and they get away with this kind of shit.

Fucking hate life it sucks for me unlike u lot who have girlfriends, married and still do frotting and get away with it, its not not fucking fair.

X (Mon 08 Apr 2002 02:22:29 GMT)

Re: Life is not fucking FAIR !!


Yes, life is not fucking fair. The point is how to grope tactfully without being caught.

Woman is a special creature. Sometimes they like you and sometimes they dont. From my experience, only grope them when the place is really crowded. Since, they are shy, they can be teased easily. Inside the woman heart, there is a strong sex desire. You must release it under very crowded ar

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 08 Apr 2002 04:08:07 GMT)

tom- get out of this habit or learn

u are an absolute green horn. a classic case of a geek trying to be a chikan. u must have done ur homework on this site before u went berserk in some godamned crowd. now that u have landed in shit, try ur best to get out of the shit. u have to convince the judge that u are innocent, which is difficult. find a means by which ur lawyer can defend u. it cud be anything , a medical certificate of psychomatic illness, or anything of the sort that can bail u. try to get hold of the parish to help u. these guys are powerful. also u havent raped anyone, u have just groped butts in crowd. i hope the judge understands and pardones u. and for gods sake dont act like a maniac in crowd. be smart or dont ever do what u did now.

Ricky Merry (Mon 08 Apr 2002 07:55:55 GMT)

re:peeping tom

Hi Tom,

Theres a life away from the PC, what you need are hobbies, passions in your life to study. Why dont you join a gym, dance class ? go for walks in the park, meet people, try being more sociable. You really need to exercise your mind in other areas.

What do you expect ? Life will suck if you sit in front of your PC all day.

I am sorry to hear about your predicament. Keep us all posted what happens.

Peeping Tom (Mon 08 Apr 2002 14:19:30 GMT)

re: my life sucks

When I go out and try talking to women they dont even look at me, they are are stupid whores as far as I am concerned. Women fuck with your minds and leave you feeling like shit and dirt.

They dry hump your mind and play with your thought, they are all bitches.

My life sucks and is depressing, people don't want to talk to me. Maybe I go to jail and noone cares about me anymore.

chister (Mon 08 Apr 2002 15:29:58 GMT)

re: peeping tom

Sorry to hear your predicament. People here do try to help you, myself included. That's what you need now, friendly advices & a support group.

If I were you, I would just open up and embrace the counseling. You got nothing to lose. If it works, your life may be for the better. If it doesn't, you'll probably learn something anyway.

Start experiencing life for all it's worth, even forced counseling sessions.

X (Mon 08 Apr 2002 16:18:44 GMT)

We support Tom.


Glad to hear the groping community stands up and supporty Tom.
Sorry for the tradegy happened on you. You see, the people on this board
do care about you. We, chikans hate this to be happened on any of us in this board.

As the start of the groping habit, being arreseted and known by family,
friends, can one day eventually happen on us.

I advice anyone on boa

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nanbread (Mon 08 Apr 2002 18:46:25 GMT)

re:Tom I am sorry

I am so sorry to hear about your tragic situation. I understand your situation well. Being an asian, punjabi !! if my parents ever found out I'd been upto such things they would almost certainly be put to shame and treat me as an outcast.

I wish I could give up this habit, I dont feel I am hurting the girls I rub against, neither do I want to !!, hold on !! why am I justifying my frotting habits ??? . See what I mean, maybe I am ill, maybe its the excitement and sexual thrill then makes me do these things.

Please take the counselling, maybe there is somthing you can learn which u can share with all of us chikans on how to control our urges.

This is a sad day indeed for members of the chikan community.

X...the REAL X (Mon 08 Apr 2002 21:59:59 GMT)


Chikan is an art form. If you are good at what you do, then you can get the majority of females to give you a clear sign that they are enjoying what you are doing and that they want you to continue...sticking their ass out farther, pressing it more firmly against your hand or dick, etc. You can't just walk up to a female and grab her ass or ram your dick up her ass. Yes, you can get away with it if the crowd is out of control and the female is shy. But nine times out of ten it's that kind of behavior that lands you in jail. You need to slowly seduce the girl and build up to the more heavy groping.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 08 Apr 2002 22:08:05 GMT)

re: tom

Hey Tom,

You are really stupid, u need to develop skills in groping like guru, X, nanbread and rick merry.

Such things take years to master, "Master Gropers" like guru know about crowd psychology and behaviour, they move in "stealth mode" and gradually seduce their victims without them even realizing.

So dont just think ooohh ! I am chikan !!, then go out and jab your cock into a womans buttocks it doesnt work that way.

Please remember this in future !!!.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 04:16:20 GMT)

u are right guys

Life is not just theory. one cant sit in front of pc and decide to be a chikan. practical experience is vital. Tom suffers from inferiority complex. he is a classic case of most chikans that i see in india. these kind of ignored men take up to crowd groping, as its the easiest way they can get to feel a woman without becoming friends. Tom, if u need to have friends, you need to come out of ur home, join clubs, take up sports, socialise and make urself acceptable. u have got enough advise on this bbs, if u dont take it, ur life will remain messy. forget the past. if mike tyson can proudly come in public till day even after serving prison sentence for rape, so can u. u are an anonymity as far media goes. go ahead get a life for urself.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 11:04:18 GMT)

re:guru is right


Remember groping is just icing on the cake !!, u must learn how to be tactful with women too.

I train in kungfu, use weights at the gym and go to pubs. I also chat to women on crowded trains and always smile at young teenage girls because I have big biceps and six pack so young girls always like to look at me.

At the same I enjoy gropping sexy women in crowds and make young girls feel good about themselves.

Yesterday I chatted up blonde polish girl but the bitch was married so I could not fuck her, u must learn to talk, socialise as well as grope women.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 22:07:08 GMT)

re: Dev

I love good humping, groping comes second, sometimes groping is a better feeling then humping and is cleaner to so you dont wet your pants ahahhahah !.

When you wet your pants it sucks man, your trousers stick to your legs and theres a smell of semen in the air as women turn towards u.

Peeping Tom (Tue 09 Apr 2002 22:42:04 GMT)

Thanks Guys

Just want to give my thanks to all those who offered support.

Its time things changed for me, I need to change my image, clothes and get a new hair style. Paki groper and Ricky Merry is right, I need to get a life.

I am joing the gym soon and going to work out to get big biceps and a 6 pack like paki groper so women notice me. I have bought some hynotherapy tapes to bombard my mind with positive vibes, which will help me become a more confident person.

Has anyone used hynotherapy audio tapes before ?

I will be going to court in 2 weeks so will give u the verdict then thanks agian

punjabi butt humper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 04:35:09 GMT)

hypno works

these tapes work if u believe in it.

Pakistani bottom groper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 13:21:35 GMT)


I am glad, you have seen the light in our sound advice. All true chikans have great minds, thats what brings such people together.

I want chikans to improve in all aspects of their lives and of course work on thier tactful groping techniques.

Remember any idiot can poke their hard cock into a females bottom, this does not make them a chikan !!. A chikan, knows and feels !, he feels good about himself and see's life as an adventure.

chister (Wed 10 Apr 2002 15:18:15 GMT)

up the stairs

Crowds are nice, but my favorite thing is to follow up a nice bottom up the stairs or escalators, with no one behind me, so I can reach out and hold that beautiful swaying hip. When I am lucky, she lets me do it, so I slowly increase the pressure, until I am holding it like a basketball, and I push my face forward as far as I can to sniff out anything. Sometimes they turn around, so I just say excuse me. Anyone with stories like this, please share.

webmaster (Wed 10 Apr 2002 21:14:00 GMT)

Hi Tom,

The life is indeed not fair. To grope a girl successfully and get away with it, you must be well acquainted with female psychology. But if you can read a girl's thoughts, you can be her friend easily.

Now, about counseling: that's not bad. That's not bad at all. If you can get away with mere counseling, that's a good bargain. Though, I wish you saw a counselor before you are arrested. Counseling is not a much of panishment. A counselor has an open mind. At least he is trained to have an open mind. He would not scold you nor ridicule you. He might even advise you on female psychology.

I do not know much about hypnotherapy tapes. But hypnotism works. At least . . . I know and practice self-hypnotize to get to sleep quickly.

Peeping Tom (Wed 10 Apr 2002 22:17:28 GMT)


Hi Webmaster,

Thankyou for your warm hearted response. Its a times like this, we all need someone to talk to, someone who can understand my inner most thinkings.

These hypno audio tapes bombard your mind with positive suggestions which work at the unconsuis level. If any chikans have used such methods, it would be nice to hear of any successes.

My urge to grope has stopped, only because I have to attend court soon and am nervous as to the what decisions will be made.

Thankyou all once again so far for your efforts in helping me.

Curious (Thu 11 Apr 2002 12:51:03 GMT)

I will ask again...

Hey Guys...

I asked this before but I did not see the response since the board had that problem about a week ago...

Here is the question: What exactly does "Coooooor" mean?

A lot of you guys write that you whisper this into girls' ears....It is usually when you are sniffing their neck or hair.

What does it mean?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 11 Apr 2002 16:00:58 GMT)

re:Curious and what Coorrrrrrrrr means !!!

Hey Curious,

When and english man or brit is excited about seeing a horny/sexy looking babe they say "Corrrrrrr". Which liternally means wow shes tasty man.

Us brits always say "Corrrrr" when we see nice looking sexy girl. English Chikans say "Corrr". When they see english girls with sexy buttocks.

Some english chikan grunt and say "corrrrrrr" when they are squashed against sexy women in trains.

Dev (Fri 12 Apr 2002 18:18:58 GMT)

Pro fantasies

These are the chicks that I dream of chikkan-ing. Melissa joan Hart (nice ass & thighs for a white girl!), whoopie goldberg(ugly as hell but a nice ass!), hilary clinton(a real bitch but Great legs!), Iris Chacon, Vanessa d. Rio (flat ass but Great leggs!), nasty Sinnamon(as long as she doesn't turn around), Nina hartley, the black woman starring on "Wall St. Week" tv, Sylvia Mcfarland(huge TiTs,

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X (Sat 13 Apr 2002 23:30:11 GMT)

Upskirt Trick

I just invented a little tool for looking up skirts. I'm sure plenty of
other guys have thought of this, but I'll tell my story anyway.

One day, about 3 months ago, I was walking through the local mall,
minding my own business. I went into this little store that sells these
wierd Japanese toys with little frogs and stuff on them. Anyway..when I
was back in the far corner

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 23:36:06 GMT)


This is a very good idea, maybe u make some of device like a periscope or somthing. Please keep me updated on improvements to this device.

MiddleAgedMan (Sun 14 Apr 2002 14:16:36 GMT)

Re: Upskirt Trick

I love an escalator. Sure, she must be in front of me at an up escalator. I produce a comb and a mirror. I'm combing my hair as the looking glass reflects her panties. I can make myself seem looking at myself in the mirror.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 15 Apr 2002 16:07:28 GMT)


Thats the best way for most girls, just bump or mash into them. If your in a crowded train or bar just bump into their bottoms, at the same time thrust your hips forward driving your hard cock into its target.

My dick is sore today after all my cumming ahhh.

Whoopy Goldberg is as ugly as hell man, shit noone in the right mind would humper her, not even chikans.

Dev (Tue 16 Apr 2002 07:33:32 GMT)

How about this?

Hey, let's have a chikkan convention!! We can rent a site somewhere & have our kind of "party"! It has to be away from the US though, those evil dyke-feminazi will definately try an invasion! I'm not keen on japan, those girls asses are too small for me. Brooke shields has more. Maybe the Carribean? Maybe we can get Tonya Harding & Iris Chacon to make guest "appearances"! Fonda French & Menaja can be our "demonstration models"! We'd have to use fingercots though-want to chance Hiv from groping? Ps Get Gerry to tell ya about why he had to change jobs!! Hahahaha!!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 16 Apr 2002 09:31:54 GMT)



Action is everyday for me in London, all those gorgeous young female bums to palm and dry hump. With the weather getting better the bars are getting busy so its a good time for me to palm buttocks at lunch time ahahahah.


We need to organise a chikan covention in bermuda away from all these morons who might try and spoil things, what does webmaster think ?

webmaster (Tue 16 Apr 2002 21:11:15 GMT)

Re: chikan covention

Hahahaha. That's interesting idea. But I guess that we have very few attand the convention; no money to invite a big name guest; and feminests ignore us completely - we are such minority group.

If, however, we are going to have a chikan party, I would recommend "Sam" - Japan's only (that is the world's only) professional chikan - for the guest speaker. He makes his livelihood by writing chikan books, taking chikan videos, etc.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 17 Apr 2002 21:41:54 GMT)

Chikan Event to be Held in Tokyo Bar

Who is up for the Chikan event ?

We all meet up drink beers and talk about our experiences in some red light bar in tokyo.

Gerry (Wed 17 Apr 2002 23:09:39 GMT)


Let's invite some "guests". Like Vanessa d. rio, Fonda French, Menaja, Annabel chong, Chloe vevrier, maybe nina hartley (Great Ass but she's a pushy dominatrix), Savida, any latinas or black women in Japan! I'm sure that the costs would be high for some of these but I believe that we can find an appropriate solution to this problem. Maybe we can get a rich arab to make a donation to our cause!! Maybe even "I was Busy" would come-could get a different perspective.

Gerry (Thu 18 Apr 2002 09:49:00 GMT)


i'm along way from japan. If I could afford to grope fonda, menaja, nina & vanessa, I could easily afford to go to a nip bar! maybe 1 day. Maybe we can get some of those jn girls with real, big tits. how about some of the Shuttle-japan-bukkake girls! There are several whom I'd like to meet!!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 18 Apr 2002 19:38:35 GMT)


Has anyone any info on the red light zones in japan ?,

I am curious about these simulated carriage trains in bars, has anyone been to these ?. Is the mashing good ? How to the women react ? guess they must be bored.

Shame we dont have these mashing carriages in europe AND us.

webmaster (Sat 20 Apr 2002 21:10:32 GMT)


"simulated carriage trains in bars" are not in bars. They are called "ime-kura", a funny Japanese made of two English words image and club. I guess that it wants to say imagination-oriented-sex-club or something.

A club has some rooms. Each of them has a specific motif. A hospital room looks like a hospital room. You can choose a woman's costume - nurse, doctor, patient - and you can c

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Ricky Merry (Sun 21 Apr 2002 20:11:41 GMT)


Hi Webmaster,

I read your post with interest, tellme are there many european girls working in these make belief hospitals, carriage trains. What is the red light district like ? Are thier legalised brothels ?.

Is their a big tourist scene thier like bankok ?

punjabi butt humper (Mon 22 Apr 2002 13:08:16 GMT)

simulated trains and sex in japan

well guys, japan is a sex crazed society. majority of the people in power want to satisfy their sex fantasies. the growing women public outcry of groping in trains by chikans lead to the simulated carriages where prostitutes play the passengers. but its not the same as real sex. its not crowded and also the women are there waiting for u to grope them. it doesnt give u the thrill at all. what wud g

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