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Title: Japanese girls
Comments: My brother is English teachering in Japan. I went Japan for the last summer holiday where I got the parttime job in the same school. I learnt CHIKAN there. Japanese girls, generally speaking, can not understand Engilsh. Yet they try to speak in English. The trick my brother taught me is to apeak to a girl in English, then touch her all over. If she says something, you can feign that you do not understand her English. None of them, surprisingly, ever hit me though I was caressing their body. The majority tried to stop me by just talking. They harped on me that they did not like to be touched in broken English but rarely the girls shouted out a simple word like "NO!" or "STOP!" Some girls, in the end, gave up and accepted my hand. Coming days I will give you accounts of my adventures in Japan. I love you, Japanese girls. The summer holiday was great!
Date: 17:29:18, March 18

Name: Doubting Tom.
Title: hmmm
Comments: Subways in Korea are mono sexual, to prevent chikan from occuring.
age: 25
sex: m
Date: 18:10:54, March 19

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: Heather
Title: I love a tight squeeze
Comments: God, I love a good grope. I live for the day a cute guy rubs my pussy or breast. I get so excited. I don't understand why the asian girls complain so much. Sex is SO good, why would anyone object.??? I love the unknown finger in my pussy. (Male or Female finger) I have licked young girls, and sucked young men. It's all good. Come to Los Angeles and I'll do you both.. (Couples welcome) Yes, my e-mail is real.... and I'm finally 16... Legal in most states. ;-)
age: 16
sex: All I can get...
Date: 20:46:10, March 19

Name: Wetfingers
Title: Shock/Fear Piss
Comments: Anyone have any story of young girls peeing in their little panties from fear/shock or pleasure while being groped on train or elsewhere? Please do tell ... I'm fascinated ...
age: 29
sex: Male
Date: 17:59:06, March 20

Name: Edie
Title: Re: Subways in Korea
Comments: When I went Korea, I hadn't seen a mono sex subway. If the regulations say mono sex, I think they are not strictly observed.
age: 20 something
sex: not with a korean boy
Date: 09:09:47, March 21

Name: webmaster
Title: false charges
Comments: This week's "weekly playboy (Japan)" reports of increasing number of false accusations of chikan. In one case, according to the weekly, a man was accused of molesting a woman from behind in a crowded train by hold her in his arms and rubbing her body with the both hands. While he was behind of her, he hold a bag in one hand and hanged on to a strap by the other hand. Yet nobody, either police or a public prosecutor did not care about the details until the trial started. This is a characteristic common to the false charges. When a woman, or sometimes a bystander, says you are a chikan you are a chikan and nobody takes heed of what you say or an objective evidence says. The weekly referes to chikan web sites and explaines that running away at top speed is what a true chikan would do. It is impossible to charge you once you've gone. The magazine points out that an innocent man who believes in justice tends to stay on the scene and unjustly convicted.
Date: 16:17:50, March 27

Name: Interested
Title: Technique questions
Comments: Hi! I have some questions I hope can be answered on this BB. Basically, I want to know what to look for when picking my victim in the Japanese Subway system, what trains are the best to catch and when etc. I have noted for example, that some have said a woman in a long coat is the easiest prey as you can put your hand under the back lapel and no one would see what you are doing inside the coat! ;-) (clever) ANy advice would be most appreciated! Thankyou in advance.
age: 25
sex: Male
Date: 05:29:46, April 13

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Technique questions
Comments: A woman who dose not want to be groped may avoid a crowded train. Or any crowded place generally. Japanese Ministry of Transport has special index. Have all seat taken, have all strap hanged, and the crowdedness index is 100. One scientific study shows that chikan are most active when the crowdedness index is 210. This number is reached when passengers' bodies are pressed each other but not too tight. You may be able to read a book or magazine in the crowdedness index 210. More crowded train impedes your movement in it so that you can not position yourself just next to the target. When the train is most crowded, you can not even stretch your hand.
Date: 10:07:59, April 15

Name: webmaster
Title: A news story appeared in Daily Gendai (Translation by webmaster)
Comments: An office worker has been found not guilty after 2 years on trial. He was arrested under suspicion as a chikan, detained 28 days and the trial costed him 5 million yen (about 46 thousand dollar). This can befall on any man who takes a crowded train daily to work. Mr. Tajima, the counselor to the accused advises hints and tips on not to be misidentified as chikan in a crowded train; Take a seat if possible. If not, get into the train at last and face to the door. If you find yourself in the inside, you do not, at least, face to a woman. But if you can not but face to a woman, do not fidget. Hands up does you good. If you have a bag, have a briefcase. Your hand is not available for grope.
Date: 17:16:49, May 01

Name: Easily Distracted
Comments: I'm glad I do not live in Japan. I don't think I could concetrate on anything but doing chikan! How does one get any work done? Does anyone know a way for us English only speaking chikan lovers to explore the Japanese sites devoted to chikan? This site is great, but there are just not enough posts :-(
age: 52
sex: M
Date: 20:49:18, May 02

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: the Japanese sites devoted to chikan
Comments: I've heard that Netscape 6 is going to offer auto-translation including Japanese into English.
Date: 16:57:52, May 04

Name: genie
Title: roller coaster
Comments: Wetfingers asked a story of young girls peeing in their little panties on March 20. I had worked for an amusement park. Panties sold very well at the kiosk adjacent to a roller coaster. They changed wet panties in the adjoining ladies' room. Everybody said that a man crept into the room once in a while to steal the undies from the trash cans. Wet panties lovers are everywhere.
age: 25
sex: Female
Date: 02:04:58, May 05

Name: webmaster
Title: Police Advice
Comments: Following text is an abridged translation of the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department homepage. The page advises how to drive back a chikan. *Find a chikan before you are found. Give a wide berth to a man who is on the prowl on the platform. * Do not get into a crowded train. * Once in a while, change time you take the train to work or to school. * A chikan does not grope a woman with a company. Take a train with your friend. * Avoid groper's frequent spots. A chikan haunts by a door and the (dead) end of a car. * Say "no!" in a loud voice. * Leave a chikan. * Seize the groping hand and ask other passengers for help. * If you can not seize the hand, trace from the hand and find the face. The offender can not evade in "false charge". * An exhibitionist loves to get a woman's reaction so that making a fuss has the opposite effect. The url of the original web page is
Date: 17:08:43, May 31

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Police Advice
Comments: Police advice says that "a chikan does not grope a woman with a company" but this is not always true. Some perverts delight in groping a woman right in front of her company. Some love to grope more than one woman all at once. Although your company can join in giving a thrashing if you conclude that the man needs it.
Date: 17:12:51, May 31

Name: FBI Inspector
Title: Against child pornography
Comments: This site is bizarre. The bizarrest of the bizarre. Don't misunderstand. I'm not against pornography. I'm not against sex per se (only if between two consenting adults). But rape is a crime. So as child sex. You bastards boast of your groping. Some even boast of being groped. You are the pits. If you were in a crowded subway and cannot help but grope, ask your girlfriend. You molesters boasting one crime after another. Bad enough. Absolutely unforgivable when you lust after babies. To think of having sex with a child is wrong. Child pornography is wrong. Never desecrate innocent children. What you really need is not child pornography. You need castration.
age: 18
sex: no comment
Date: 18:39:41, June 03

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: child pornogrophy
Comments: Firstly, let me agree with you on one point, FBI Inspector. Indeed, if you want to grope, ask your girlfriend. But I do not agree with on the others. Is all grope a crime? What if there was an unspoken agreement. Certainly, we need to formulate modus operandi in that a grope lover can find a like-minded-partner. Further, your view on child sex is not in clear focus. Are you talking about a baby, who is absolutely incompetent? or a child who has limited but some ability to think and decide her own sexual orientation? Within the limit, what she decides is not your, nor my, business. People nowadys understand that many children suffer from sex forced upon them against their will and well-being but we still do not fully understand how adolescence (and some children) suffer from continence forced upon them. And if merely thinking something wrong is wrong enough, what do you do with crime, violence or war movies or novels? Although if a movie is not good for a child to watch, it can not be good for a child of the same age to appears in. But your argument against child pornography is not limited to that point. Lastly, about castration, maybe you are right.
Date: 17:10:46, June 04

Name: angry woman
Title: softcore movie
Comments: I have a taste for a pornographic movie. I usually go to see with my boyfriend becuase if I go alone someone come to say something or touch me. I'm not interented in doing sex. You see, a man going to see a war movie may not be happy to be drafted. I simply love pornography. Lately I saw a porno movie alone. As usual, a old man came and sit next to me. Immediately, I got up to leave him. Normally this is enough to make me understood. But he followed. He called me kitten and baby. I yelled at him. I said I wanted to see the movie alone. As he touched me on the lap. I hit him on the head with a purse. But this old idiot, he must be M, only grined foolishly. I hit him right in the nose. The senile old goat had a bad nosebleed and finally left me. I hate you, gropers. Don't touch a woman.
age: adult
sex: woman
Date: 06:17:24, June 10

Name: webmaster

Title: stalker type groper

Tokyo metropolitan police special railway corps announced that the number of gropers who grope the same woman everyday is increasing. Total 30 of such stalker type gropers have been arrested past 9 months.

Tokyo metropolitan police special railway corps opened "anti-chikan window" last July. The person in charge consults with a woman and if the case is very bad, a plainclothes policeman will follow the woman to arrest the groper.

In one case, a groper slipped a letter and a scarf into the vict ... 759 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Jun 14 21:18:30 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Re: angry woman

You are right, angry woman. I hope gropers and gropees develop a secret signal for a secret adventure at some future time so that no woman is molested by mistake.

Date: Mon Jun 19 21:04:47 2000 GMT

Name: no name

Title: anonymous contribution (original in Japanese, translated by webmaster)

I've heard that only Japan and Korea have chikan..., is that true? I'm a man. It happened just the other day. I was on a crowded train and I was perplexed by an american woman (Caucasian, beautiful in her own way, probably in her late twenties and she was talking to her friend in American English) who was pressed against me. A Japanese woman would guard her breasts as a matter of course but the blonde girl was utterly indifferent. She pressed and rubbed with her big boobs on my body, that made me erected. I ... 169 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Jun 19 21:08:24 2000 GMT

Name: homeworker

Title: i like study

few women like homework. few men too. but i love homework. i sit on a leg on a chair. i have the heel just under there, between my legs. it takes effect slowly but surely. i rock my body back and forth. i feel it good. it mysteriously makes me concentrate my attention to the study ... not to the sexual excitement. i found this system when i was about ten. i have a heel bites the pussy only to settle down to study. it's so effective.

i use fingers when i really mean to masturbate, you know.

Age: 17
Sex: female

Date: Thu Jun 22 16:44:01 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Re: New York Is Interesting

You love to be groped by a Puerto Rican so much, don't you? If so, then, have you been in Central Park on 11 June, after the Puerto Rican Day Parade?

Date: Sat Jun 24 21:46:33 2000 GMT

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Name: Alpha_dec21

Title: Re: New York Is Interesting

>Title: Re: New York Is Interesting

>You love to be groped by a Puerto Rican so much, don't you? If so, then, have
>you been in Central Park on 11 June, after the Puerto Rican
>Day Parade?


Well why did you not rape the living crap out of them . ????

Age: 33
Sex: Male!

Date: Sun Jun 25 13:54:35 2000 GMT

Name: Nina

Title: Re:

I think something must be real wrong with New York or U.S.A. The report of Puerto Rican Day mass grope in Central Park concluded "The assaults came on a particularly violent weekend in New York City, . . . Six people were killed and 59 others were stabbed or shot in numerous incidents."

And the BIG NEWS is few bras taken!? Ok, tits molested without consent may not be a noble act. But it is noway comparable to stabbing or shooting.

Age: 21
Sex: Female

Date: Mon Jun 26 15:08:44 2000 GMT

Name: KKK

Title: an eyewitness account (original in Japanese, translated by webmaster)

I saw it a few days ago. Chikan had been caught . . .
I was going to work by train in Tokyo. I saw a man and a woman in front of me suddenly looked back. I found myself seeing the male's hand thr little room. I saw the skirt pulled up . . .. Now the man said "it's an accident." Thereupon the woman shouted "GET OFF, NOW!" I was caught up in a quarrel and pushed out to the platform with the man. The woman said to a station employee "this man is a chikan." The man said "I didn't..." But the woman shouted at ... 261 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Fri Jun 30 21:22:48 2000 GMT

Name: anne's lover

Title: my girlfriend's tale

anne is now 29. we live together last 5 years. we never talked of an adventure. it never struck me, nor her. one day i met with this board and i thought maybe she too. i asked her whether. at first she was evasive. she said she might be felt up. "might be?" funny! she told me that she could not tell for sure. here is her account:

once upon a time in her adolescence she went out with her friends. it had been drizzling in the morning. although the rain stopped before noon, everyone in the sub took an u ... 1092 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 28
Sex: male

Date: Tue Jul 18 17:04:33 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Re: Close Encounter II

>Can you tell when a girl is attracted to you physically

My experience tells that attracting a girl is not a part of groping. You cannot attract one and only one girl. If you are lavishly dressed, everybody, men and women, set eyes on you. Being seen is, however, not good for groping. Being shabbily clothed is not good either for the same reason. The most of those who frequently grope care their dress. They dress modest and neat.

Date: Sat Jul 22 21:22:27 2000 GMT

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.


Title: RE: Close Encouner II

Re: Close Encounter

Attracting a girl is for me a key initial step to feeling on her in the crowded situation.
I am posting my memoirs spanning a seven year period. Over this time I have kept a journal of my activities and now share it here.
When I am in less than, or normal attire my success rate is three out of ten.
When the girl is with friends it is 4 out of 10.
     If she is very attractive it is the same 4 out of 10.
     If sh ... 1183 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 23
Sex: M

Date: Sun Jul 23 11:13:35 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Re: Masher

>Q: Are my post welcomed on this board?

Sure! You are welcomed, Masher!

>Webmaster, you forgot to mention that MEN will mash MEN!

Yes, you are right. I forgot it but I had been pressed a dick on my ass.

Date: Sun Jul 23 21:12:09 2000 GMT

Name: sceptic

Title: Disney bull...

If any 13 year old had the balls to touch a woman in the US like that she would slap his head clean off his shoulders. If youre gonna write a fantasy story put it in a country where the women arent so feisty.

Age: -
Sex: M

Date: Sat Aug 12 00:26:26 2000 GMT

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Name: speculator

Title: Disney World Woman

>If any 13 year old had the balls to touch a woman in the US like that
>she would slap his head clean off his shoulders.

Isn't she a foreign tourist from a maudlin country?

Age: 48
Sex: M

Date: Sat Aug 12 15:19:53 2000 GMT

Name: long time groper

Title: re: speculator's comment

Not true spculator

I have touched women since i was about that age and most say nothing at all, including american women

Age: 34
Sex: m

Date: Sun Aug 13 02:12:57 2000 GMT

Name: Michael

Title: Re: Disney Bull

While the women here in the United States are less likely to put up with it, if you can't move, you can't do anything about it...period. Like long time groper, I have fondled hundreds and hundreds of women since I was a kid, all American women, and no one has ever slapped me or made a scene. The most that happens is they glance back at you, give you a dirty look, then move away. I always do it in very tight crowds, so it gets blamed on the crowd pressure.

Age: 18
Sex: Male

Date: Sun Aug 13 20:36:16 2000 GMT

Name: Watcher

Title: bars

I used to be good at this. We used to go clubbing here in UK a lot, and I used to put myself amongst the crowds.Always moving, against the flow of people I always let my hand wander amongst the butts. Amazingly I only ever got caught once, and she punched me In the back of the head!Felt Hundreds of pantied asses over the years- now I am happy to feel only my wife!!!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:42:11 2000 GMT

Name: hologram4

Title: Re: bars

my wife could back up your point , she goes nightclubbing alot , she always comes home with stories of how many men have 'accidently' felt her breasts and butt , funny she aways has a big sexy smile on her face when she gets home ,( p.s. her record was at christmas , she stopped counting as she said at 30 kisses/snogs and 12+ feels to her tits)
im planning on going out with her next time cos she says shes going to wear her boob tube for better sensation !!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:42:29 2000 GMT

Name: uriko_1

Title: not my experience

i haven't had any experiences lately to report to you all; but i did see something this past weekend you might be interested in.

my son and i went to the beach on sunday and he was telling me about some pokeman cards he wanted to buy in a shop on the main street. so we go in there and my son starts going thru the books of cards. of course this doesn't really interest me because i have no idea about them; value, price or anything. so i just stood around while he did his thing, and watched the crowd. i ... 741 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Aug 15 18:43:06 2000 GMT

Name: Guest

Title: a true story - get off on this

my girlfriend was groped at a show - she was very upset

so she pointed him out

I broke the sick twisted peverts fucking nose

just as you sick bastards deserve

you should kill yourselves now

you pathetic waste of genes

Date: Wed Aug 23 23:44:42 2000 GMT

Name: unknown

Title: Found This Article

A Subway Pervert

by Laura Holmes

A man showed me his penis today. It was an action I most definitely did not invite. It was also the second time
that has happened to me in four years. And although I was in far less danger this morning than the first time it
happened, I am still upset. But upset in a different way than I was four years ago and for different reasons.
... 5163 more byte(s), click here!

Age: old
Sex: plenty

Date: Thu Aug 24 04:00:57 2000 GMT

Name: Heather

Title: Re: Guest

Guest. How lame you are. I enjoy a good grope more than anything. Your friend needs to lighten up. She would like it if she just went with it....
If you are ever in L.A. Ca. try the Subway on Saturday. I'll be the blonde with the SHORT mini, and no panties. Saturday on the Subway is the best.. I DO love a strangers finger. Chow.. Heather.

Age: 16
Sex: YES!

Date: Mon Aug 28 02:51:34 2000 GMT

Name: Mike

Title: a concert review..

This is a concert review I found on the web..

I have many thoughts on this concert. First of all, I must say that while I do have complaints about this concert (and who doesn't) I'm still glad I went. It was
most definitely a memorable experience. However, for the most part, I agree with the reviews submitted by Christopher White, Kaity Carroll, and Mike
Hoffman. I'm 19 and this was my first concert ever, and although at first I was more psyched about it than anything I'd ever been psyched ... 2057 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 24
Sex: M

Date: Wed Aug 30 03:45:39 2000 GMT

Name: Gropeking

Title: Concert review

Think she got groped a few times??

"Anyway Econoline Crush ends their set and everyone starts pushing forward to get up closer to the stage. This place was PACKED. It took a while for the Tea Party to come out but the whole time the audience was shouting TEA PARTY over and over and it was getting pretty rough. Finally they come out on stage and everyone goes crazy. They start off playing Army Ants and threw the whole show the crowd didn't settle down once. Jeff Martin seemed to be getting a kick out ... 283 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Wed Aug 30 20:32:31 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: yesterday's TV program

I watched a TV program "the true police stories" yesterday. The one of stories is about the railway police, a special police unit cracking down railway crimes - pickpockets and chikan. Yesterday's was catching a chikan in flagrante delicto.

A cop said in the program, "we are looking for eyes." A habitual offender prowls about a platform of a railroad station, looks around for a pretty woman. Once he finds a girl of his liking, he eyes her to judge if she is a easy prey. Then he follows closely her in ... 430 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Tue Sep 19 21:31:31 2000 GMT

Name: knee knee

Title: >the combination of clandestine nervousness/nonchalant/sexual tension

EXACTLY! That's the best of groping.

Age: 21
Sex: male

Date: Fri Sep 22 17:32:05 2000 GMT

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Name: flaflafloley

Title: Check out this concert survey..

"you are coercing women into activities for your own sexual pleasure. That is wrong"

Haha.. that's a funny line in the article.. well if you don't do that then it doesn't work now does it? heh

BTW: check out this link I found, it's an all-girl survey on what they think about mosh pits.. there are quite a few girls who go to the front of concerts just to get grinded/felt-up/more.. so is it then still illegal? hah.

... 133 more byte(s), click here!

Age: 25
Sex: M

Date: Sun Sep 24 03:10:22 2000 GMT

Name: Flaflafloley

Title: that link again..

that link again..

Age: M
Sex: 25

Date: Sun Sep 24 03:11:50 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Thank you X (and JON BOWEN).

1) I've thought that "Frottage" is a medical term. But now I know that it's from French.

2) The Bible of mental ills, DSM-IV, must be wrong, however. Many cases of the same act have been well known in females, gays and lesbians (at least in Japan).

3) An American Frotterer seem to be unskilled. There can be lots and lots of actions between indistinct touch and opnely grab a woman. The stages develop from "the woman is unaware of it" to "she know that she is touched but she is uncertain if the ... 600 more byte(s), click here!

Date: Mon Sep 25 22:22:39 2000 GMT

Name: Clay

Title: Wife

I haven't actually done it myself but my wife who commutes everyday on the subway here in London says she has felt men press there cocks up against her ass,hips and pussy when its really crowded on a fairly regular basis. She says she dosent complain because of the embarrasment factor! Hey I say press away guys

Age: 32
Sex: Male

Date: Thu Oct 12 01:20:51 2000 GMT

Name: daddyo

Title: Hiya Heather :-)

Read some of your messages.. *whew!* Hot stuff. Have a niece that stays over once in a while. She's still in the 'tickle-game' stage. Sometimes it gets almost out of hand... or should I say, almost in my hand. She doesn't seem uncomfortable with it, though, but a certain amount of restraint on my part is Uhh.. necessary, hee hee! Like to here more from ya. :-))

Age: 44
Sex: Male

Date: Thu Oct 12 05:22:38 2000 GMT

Name: HH


A guy did that to my wife at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. I guess her outfit got him excited and he pressed up against her ass with his hardon. She'd move up and he'd follow; she finally just got out of line and came to tell me. He left real fast, he was a pathetic skinny geek with thick glasses that looked like he should have a slide rule up his ass.


Date: Thu Oct 12 14:47:30 2000 GMT

Name: Heather

Title: Webmaster. What happened?

I miss the other group the wrote to us. I miss the subway stories. I miss the hand on my bum. I miss the tight squease in a crowd with no danger. Write to me. Heather

Age: 16
Sex: YES!

Date: Mon Oct 16 02:59:29 2000 GMT

Name: webmaster

Title: Re: What happened?

Hi Heather,
Everything has ups and downs - even subway stories do.

Date: Tue Oct 17 21:28:23 2000 GMT

Name: Heather

Title: RE: Webmaster

Oooohhh. Ups and downs sounds good too... :-)

Age: 16
Sex: Every time, YES!

Date: Sat Oct 21 17:48:28 2000 GMT

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