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Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Phone Clubs
Comments: Hi, Heather. So, you are interested in a phone sex club in Japan. There are two types you can choose. One is "LIVE". You call a toll free number (for a female, a male pays for you). You may have phone sex or agree to have a date. Or you call a message-box (also free for a female) where you can listen a voice message from a man. The message may come with his phone number. If not, and if you think you like him, you can leave your phone number. If you find none of them good for you, you can release your message. You can leave your telephone number or ask a reply. You call the same message-box later, and with your password, check if anyone wants to talk to you. But having sex with 12-15 years old girl has become (finally) illegal. Above 18 is legal. And 16-17? Funny. Sex is illegal but marriage is legal. Guess what if you insist that you've just engaged!? Now, where you can call for phone sex things. You go a telephone booth and pick up a posted ad. (Posting an erotic advertisement there is illegal but you find them everywhere.) You can find escort service ads, massage parlor ads and phone club ads. A number starts with "0120" is the phone club number for a female. (A loan shark may also use "0120" or a toll free number, but the ad is not cool. An ad with "0120" and a nice looking pic is a phone club ad.) The last but not least. If you want to be groped. You wear a miniskirt or a high school uniform.
Date: 16:58:41, December 02

Name: Heather
Title: Webmaster
Comments: Hi, Webmaster. THank you for the quick response. Do you think I could call a girl and pay her for sex? I'm not sure if the phone clubs work that way, but it sounds very sexy. I wish girls had more power in the sexual arena. I don't mind being in control, and paying for what I want. I can't wait to stick my tongue in a high school girls pussy. I would suck and lick her until she screamed. I enjoy giving other girls an orgasam. Then if they wish, they can eat me until I scream... (Sound like fun?) I will take any advice you can give me in this area, as I have never been to Japan. If you have any girl friends that just like to party, that's ok too. I would love to be in a party there. ;-) Let me know... XOXOXO Heather
age: 16 soon
sex: allways
Date: 09:56:07, December 04

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Webmaster
Comments: You can call a girl for sex, I bet. And if you like you can pay. About my girl friend (no friends), she is not a party animal. But you can find a lot of party goers here too. If you want, I would post an advertisement in a free ad paper in Tokyo for you. You could have more responses than a phone club if you run an ad in well advance. You can find lick your cunt friends or party friends easily.
Date: 16:29:36, December 06

Name: Sophia
Title: RE:Old men are the best teachers
Comments: Don't be fooled by old men, Laura. Your tits grew bigger cause you just reached puberty.
age: 21
sex: I am not against it
Date: 05:49:13, December 31

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: Green eyes
Title: if you know
Comments: I'm 22 and university student living in L.A. I daily use a car, so I don't meet chikan. Do you know any place I can be groped? And, though I have experiences I do not know "come" yet. Would you tell me about that? One more, I want to know how to tighten my cunt during sex.
sex: more..
Date: 14:08:51, January 02

Name: Heather
Title: Green Eyes
Comments: Green eyes... You can be groped anywhere, all you need is a little adventure. Wear clothes that are not tight, and allow easy access for the groper. Short skirts are the best, as a hand or finger can sneak up into your pussy. The "come" should have occured before college, as this is the best thing ever. Practice squeezing your pussy with a friendly finger or tongue. Insert the helper digit, and squeeze away. With a little practice, you can make a boy or man cum in just a few minutes. (All it's about is training your pussy muscles. You will enjoy this for life) Heather. (pussy squeezer deluxe) XOXOXO
age: 16 at last
sex: as often as possible
Date: 20:56:58, January 05

Name: Taka
Title: my narrow escape
Comments: A happy new year. I am new to here. I was almost caught while doing chikan. It was in crowded subway in new year's eve. I merely had a skirt up and hand on her panties. I was lucky because the subway arrive at a station when she started to make a fuss about it. I was scared. You may not be so lucky.
age: 31
sex: Male
Date: 09:45:00, January 06

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Green Eyes
Comments: Further to Ms. Heather's advice, if you look absentminded, the odds would be better. (But beware of purse-snatchers.)
Date: 16:32:02, January 06

Name: Edie
Title: Safe groping
Comments: I was groped by two women recently. They were aggressive. I felt very good. Here in Tokyo we have many female gropers. The line I use is not extremely crowded. But I have much to be thankful to female gropers. I have some experiences having my trousers undone. I even had been given a blow job. (But it was after we got off the train.) When I told my experiences, my Japanese friend warned me about "time bomb girl". A girl seems to be OK. She seems to accept a man's hand. But she turns into a whistle-blower all of a sudden. She captures the groper and hands him over to the police. Now I am uneasy about it. Is it safe to have mutual groping? Advice please.
age: 20's
sex: M
Date: 09:09:18, January 10

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Safe groping
Comments: Unfortunately there are no such thing called safe groping. All groping, real and imaginable, is unsafe. Suppose a girl gropes you, she caresses your body, she unzips your pants. All what you might do is just stand still, accept her advancement and enjoy. But if she crys out aloud suddenly having your penis in her hand and says that you, the pervert, unziped yourself, took the penis out and made her hold it, do you want others believe you? Or do you think others believe what that girl says? Usually a girl would be believed because usually girl is the victimed gender. Even if a girl misunderstand you, as far as she says that you are a groper and says so in a determined manner, you are a groper. Still more, if she means trap you, you are easy game. Sorry about that, but I cannot help you. Regardless if you grope a girl or not, if you do not want to be called a groper, keep out of harm's way, never be near to a girl.
Date: 16:53:55, January 11

Name: webmaster
Title: Reply to Junko (original in Japanese)
Comments: Dear Junko I read your agonizing story about a grope. To tell you the truth, I am very much distressed by a grope too. I could not stop it. In the end, I changed job. I took job which does not require to get on a crowded train to go to the office. I could not think of any other mean to stop a grope. The life was awful until then. Day after day I did grope. And I fell in anguish. I trembled with fear in expectation of the day I would be caught, which must be imminent and closing in. Yet once on a train, I lost all reason and groped and groped. I had some confidence in my technique. I also had confidence in my ability to read woman's mind. For the most part I succeeded in touching a woman without having her making noise. I made a few women cum. But I also had narrow escapes. If you put a hand in a woman's panties, it is an indecent assault. It is not mere violation of the bylaw against annoyance. You may expect immediate imprisonment. A grope can not be worth for such risk. Any men endowed with ordinary reason can judge it. Still, I could not stop. I knew I should stop. And I wanted to stop it if I could. Yet, I could not stop. I thought it might be a kind of sickness. And if it was there might be cure, I thought. I studied it personally, read many psychology books. I understood something as a result. I write it here. And I hope it gives you food for thought. To begin with, you thought that you were doing too much masturbation and worried about it BEFORE you were troubled by a groper, didn't you? But why did you need to be worried about it? Moreover that was before you were made cum by a groper. Therefore the fault can not lie with a groper, can it? You feared that you were masturbating too much. And you wanted to stop it. Yet you could not stop. And you did it and you were worried about it and you suspected that you might be abnormal because you think "masturbation is not what normal person does", don't you? You think "it is very wrong to feel good in sex", don't you? We are living in utterly hypocritical society unluckily. We say love is beautiful. We say sex out of love is not bad. Yet we think of sex, all sex dirty or indecent. Think of past obscenity trials. No one cares about love. Cases were fought over only if sex organs are seen, if an insert or a grind is plain and the like. Our society oppresses sex. To make matters worse in the society where sex and sin are tied, we have hypocrites who guard their righteousness (if anything, make-believe or self-righteousness) by oppressing sex. As they suppress sex, equating sex with sin, sex dirty, they bequeath unfortunate bonding of sex and sin. The tie, however, has by-products. Have you ever told your boyfriend your experience in grope? Or, to start with, why cann't you say "stop" when you are groped? Cann't you mention that? A grope is something about sex. And sex is dirty. And what is dirty is what you cann't do. It is unladylike. Maybe you have such bias. "The groper may be thrown out of work" is nothing but a joke. In the first place, you don't know if the man touching your bottom is indeed a groper. You cann't be sure. The hand may bump there by chance. If so, you just need to complain about it. "Your hand is touching me on the back but I don't like it" or something. You disregard if the act is a grope or not. What else do you need but judge if the act makes you unpleasant? Once you flatly say that you don't like it, and if the man keep touching you nonetheless, you may do anything, you may turn him over to the police. But you never think of that, don't you? I know. You are the typical of a woman who becomes the prey of a groper. A prey believes that she must stop the groper's action not based on if she likes it or not but based on the definition of "grope" given by the society. She is not hating a grope based on her judgement. She judges it bad based on the given criterion. Sure a groper, especially a proficient one (once I was) takes a mean advantage of a girl like you whe think something sexual is something you cann't tell and a grope is bad. I scout lightly in the way I can maintain it to be an accident while my sexual intention is all clear to you. A girl who senses my sexual aim yet keeps silent a good target. A girl becomes silent rather because she knows my design is an easy game. I fined out what you believe the limit the society tolerates as "not yet a grope" and go farthest of it, go in and out of it, and make you mentally exhausted. I would carry an attack deep into your defense when you begin to think you can bear it. I would retreat quickly when you are about to revolt and about to rise your voice to say no. I keep going at you endlessly. And when I succeed to make you feel good, your are driven to despair by helplessness as you could not stop a grope (judged on the society's yardstick), by a guilty conscience as you can not but feel good (against the society's expectation). You fear that others would see you good-for-nothing (as you could not follow the society's rules). Thereafter you think of nothing but keep it secret. You cannot let those around you suspect that you are groped. From that time on I can do anything, put a finger in the panties, mess with the pussy, or just anything. The girl does her best to shelter the act from the all others. A girl like you are much appreciated game. You seem to have a few more troubles. You think of sex dirty in a sense. And you find a stronger sex stimulus in something dirtier. Let me ask you again. Have you told your boyfriend your encounters with gropers? Most likely not. If sex is something you can not let others know about it, a grope, with a persistent risk of to be known by others, is a stronger sex stimulus for you. Sex is more psychological than physiological. You were groped and cum. Then, you were taken into a hotel and raped. And while raped, you cum and cum. But these are rather your psychological responses than physiological reactions. Somehow you think finding pleasure in sex is very bad. So you can not devour carnal pleasure even when you are having sex with your boyfriend. But if you are with a groper, or with a rapist, you can fool yourself. He was too good at it. You are forced to have cum. Such are your excuses. You have an obstacle somewhere in your mind. It is given by the society and it secretly stands in you way to enjoy sex. The carnal desire uses "to be groped", "to be raped" as an excuse to get over the obstacle. The gropers indeed did something like stretch your wound and rub salt onto it. But the wound itself is your prejudice "sex is dirty" and it was inflicted by the society. If you say "OK I understand it, but so what?", I stuck for words. I also had (and still have) the wound. The society made me feel sex sin. A grope is bad and therefore appealing. I have realized it but I could not stop it. After all I solved my problem by quiting the job. I took another so that I do not need to take a crowded train daily to the work. Even though I think it is better than to be worried about without knowing what worries me. The last, and nothing but a mediocre advice. You may tell your boyfriend your tendency. You may ask him play a groper or a rapist. That must be safe and not against law. If you can feel climax as good as grope of rape, your sense of guilt would be allayed.
Date: 16:25:20, January 12

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: webmaster
Comments: Recently I got an email from one of my customer. Not one of you gropers, but a real customer who pays me money. He shares a computer with his family. The wife somehow could know the (porno) web sites he had visited. Though, this kind of question had nothing to do with our business, I helped him. And THIS IS HOW SOMEONE MAY KNOW THE SITES YOU'VE VISITED. He used a directory search engine (Yahoo is the famous one) to find out a porno site. Everytime he clicked a link in a directory, the link turned to purple. Later the wife traced his search by following the visited links. And THE SOLUTIONS: Do not use directory search engines. Use key words. If you use directory, go to preferences after the browsing and expire the history. (Setting the color of visited links and unvisited links the same may or may not work.) You may already know other prudence such as do not bookmark, clear cache after browsing. Take precaution. In the past, a girl was raped by the father when her secret was exposed (if you believe what she posted here).
Date: 16:30:31, January 28

Name: H Sensei
Title: Students?
Comments: Since beginning groping on Tokyo's wonderful train network, I've felt many women: young, older, office girls, university students. It has added an interesting dimension to life in Japan. But now some advice please. Should I grope my own students on the train? Or is that unfair? Comments please. PS* I was amused by the COAT SLIT message. I don't believe Mr. Newman any more than others. But I have to agree on one point. That is, that girls in long slit coats make the best targets. One can feel without really being seen.
age: 36
sex: of course
Date: 01:47:39, February 06

Name: Hentai Yaro
Comments: interesting site; what kind of patterns do chikan follow? what times and places? rush hour in crowded districts of Tokyo? and what age group is the most common in chikan?
Date: 05:11:54, February 06

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Students?
Comments: You do not grope your students on the train unless they like it. Still it will become the talk of the school before long. Girls openly gossip about chikan.
Date: 16:06:35, February 07

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Hentai Yaro
Comments: Every chikan has his own way. However, the major groups are pressing or groping. They can be divided into those who stage frontal assault and disturb rear. They are active anywhere crowded and anytime crowded. They are also active in dark place. All age and sex included.
Date: 16:09:05, February 07

Name: onlooker
Title: The fellow passengers
Comments: I saw a strange sight not long ago. Two young girls (15-6?) were talking in a train. They were parted when it became crowded. A young man (23-4?) got between them. Still they kept talking over the man's shoulder. They (specially the girl facing to the young man) frowned once in a while. The truth gradually dawned on me. The man was touching the both girl. I could not see exactly what he was doing. But he reached one hand on his back for the girl there. He was touching her on her hip to thigh to maybe more. He was, I could only guess but I was sure, touching another girl in his front too. The front girl had, probably, his knee between her knees (this forced her open her legs) and her pussy was molested. I wonder why they kept talking while they were molested.
Date: 12:32:00, February 10

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: The fellow passengers
Comments: I also had the same question. When a groper groped a group of girls, they usually did not make mention of it. If they were young, they might exchange glances, they might giggle, or at the best they might talk about the other day when they had met a grope. Evidently they all knew that the grope was going on. But unless the victim tried to resist, others would not help her out. When the harassment was over, they would run away giggling. Mature women rather kept straight faces. The victim would not giggle to her friends. She either tried to keep it secret or tried to stop it. Others, even if knew about the grope, respected the privacy as far as the victim endured it. Yet when the ordeal was over, they would console the victim in low voices.
Date: 16:09:30, February 11

Name: H Sensei
Title: train by train
Comments: To the guy who had such good luck at the concert: The best lines I've experienced in Tokyo for women who like being groped are: 1. The last car of the Inokashira sen. 2. Odakyu sen, local train. 3. front of the Hanzomon sen. If you like guys, a gay friend told me that the Chuo line end cars are great.
age: over 15
sex: rough
Date: 09:46:33, February 13

Name: webmaster
Title: I do not want to appear a hypocrite but (original in Japanese text, translated by webmaster)
Comments: I found following articles at one of Japanese Chikan Sites ( Mr. YAMA wrote: Since this is the time many Japanese students go to take an exam for entrance to an university, I would keep myself from groping a female student on a morning train. Regardless if I succeed or fail, if she fails the exam because of me, neither of us will be pleased. Therefore, office girls, I leave it to you. (smile) Mr. PLAYFUL WHITE FINGERS wrote: As Mr. YAMA wrote, a female student in this time of year may be going to take an exam. I already retired from active groping but I used to grope no matter how cold it was. In February, I came on board behind a female high school student in Yamanote Line as usual. I pulled her uniform skirt up. I stroked her gently on her cheeks. Then I put a finger upon her pussy and gave her hard vibration over the panties. And, this is also as usual, I pulled down the panties quickly. But she jolted her body. The start was big enough to surprise me. I had not seen a girl who had shown such fear. My hand was already on her back, the fingertips passed over the cleft and reached the mound in her front and I was fingering few hairs on the pubic. I happened to see her bag. Many amulet were attached. She was a student going to take an exam. What was more, she had a railroad map. She might be a girl came to Tokyo from the countryside. I did something wrong. I pulled up her panties to put it on right. "I am sorry" I apologized secretly behind her. It was long ago. If she was a country girl and if she was virgin, she must be very surprised. A high school girl nowadays would give a groper a slap. But girls in Tokyo in those days did nothing whatever might happen. But the incident changed my point of view. As Mr. YAMA worte, we shall stop it. We would be better stop all of it step by step. The taste of chikan is the taste of honey. It gives us the utmost excitement. But it never be righteous. I do not say that right and justice are on my side. But stop feeling a woman except who welcomes it. The day of the exam gave me the chance to stop it. You may have a different opinion. Inexperienced gropers who are a part of this chikan-syndrome, please think twice before the law carries severer penalty. (Experienced gropers would not turn their hand to a girl in this time.) The tide may turn in our favor in course of time.
Date: 16:09:14, February 20

Name: vanilla
Title: it hurts
Comments: i met chikan for the first time when i was eleven. he unzipped my jeans and inserted the hand in my panties. he found out the clitoris right away. he peeled the foreskin and caressed the sensitive spot violently. of course i was virgin and i never touched there before. you know, it hurts. if you think rubbing clit makes a girl feels good, you'r wrong. if you touch, touch me gently.
age: 17
sex: f
Date: 09:45:52, March 08

Name: Mike
Title: You coward!
Comments: Feeling up a girl on a crowded train is cowardly. A true man may rape a girl not grope. Play the game! Shame on you!
age: 23
sex: Male
Date: 17:32:44, March 12

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: You coward!
Comments: When you say that a grope is cowardly, you are right. But when you say a true man rapes a girl, you are wrong. I think you hold a false idea of rape. It is not fair nor square. How many rapists commit crimes in public under broad daylight? A rapist ambushes. A rapist actes out from the dark. A rapist bears arms. All because he is coward. If you believe in statistics, about half of attempted rape ends with the assailant impotent. He can not bear the enormous fear. A groper acts under fear too. When a man gropes a woman in a crowd, the victim has the upper hand. She can say "help!" and he will be arrested. But he gropes a girl becuase the very fear is his turn-on. I do not egg you on into grope. But it is far better than rape.
Date: 16:11:54, March 14

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