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Name: Webmaster
Title: Re: Touching Me
Homepage: ayashibbs.html
Comments: Lynn wrote that she enjoyed the sensation of being touched while all about her were unaware of it and she also stated that perhaps she was just more truthful about it. In my case, I am a man and I was touched by a female when I was young. I was upset and, honesty speaking, I was scared. I guess I was upset only because I never anticipated it. I wonder if a female can stay cool and enjoy it as she has been forewarned of such suffering.
Date: 17:31:06, August 30

Name: BJ
Title: How young is too young.
Comments: I found this site by chance. Today, we the friends of young girls are persecuted for no reason. It's mob violence. It's witch-hunting. I like a girl in early teens and preteens. I beleive they have sex drive too. Given informative sex education from a neutral instructer, some of them would chose to have sex. Their number should not be underestimated. Nethier their ability to make a decision. Nevertheless those anti child porno campaigners force their victorian hypocrisy on everybody. Even self-styled satanists who claim raping a woman a man's birth right shy away from speaking for the rights of girls to have sex. In the victorian era, however, if you look into the history, girls were heartlessly raped and the culprits got out of the clutches of the law. Because where a girl cannot deteremine if she likes sex or not by herself, the dominant adult male who, by chance, is closest to her decides. In the most of cases, girls were deprived of sex. Some, they were raped. Thank you webmaster. When you say "disqualify someone merely by her age is a position I do not take" and "it's up to you to decide" I agree with all my heart. Please keep this site as it is. This is a rare place where we can talk about an affair with an underage girl or an underage girl talk about an affair. Sex is not a crime. It's a love.
Date: 10:22:37, September 23

Name: a woman
Title: Re: a crazy man
Comments: I don't understand that a groper proposes sex. I had been touched in a bus too. It's not bad. I considered it as a harmless sport. But the man followed me after the bus stop. He asked me if I would like to have a cup of coffee. He seized me by the arm. It was late at night. I was frightened. I got over it narrowly. But he had grabbed my breast and crotch :-((
age: 32
sex: F
Date: 12:13:21, October 09

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for related story.
Name: GURUJeff
Title: Asian girls on tram
Comments: Why do asian girls on a tram giggle and bump into innocent riders. I ride the tram to work each day, and those loud giggly girls continue to bump and giggle all of the ride. I believe one bumped my penis on purpose. This is not right. They can't be more that 7 or 8. If they do this again, I will be forced to avenge my honor. I will grab one or two of them and teach them a lesson. A sound spanking on a bare bum should do the trick. My friend Lyn is asian and she almost never grabs my penis. She is 55 years old tho. And very tricky with her tongue. And she can really drink Tequilla.
age: 30
sex: Only Lyn
Date: 19:45:20, October 17

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Asian girls on tram
Comments: GURU wondered why Asian girls giggle. Well, young girls giggle regardless of ethnicity. This is a part of being young and being female. Then, why do they bump? The most of Asian cultures consider an innocent bumping ... er ... innocent (what else?). And, sure, they know what a penis is. That's why some of them bump on purpose. GURU must be an attractive man. At least he attracted a nice purposeful bumping ;-)
Date: 17:17:15, October 19

Name: webmaster
Title: A female (occasional) groper
Comments: I had exchanged emails with a (occasional) groper. I found her on a Japanese chikan site. After about 10 emails, I asked her if I could quote her. She gave me kindhearted permission. This is an abridged translation of what she wrote. She is a college student. Unlike a working woman, a college student does not need to take a crowded commuter line in the morning. Those who do mostly expect to be groped. She herself scarcely meets with a groper. Yet, once in a while she meets a man who puts his hand up under her skirt. Depend on how she feels at the moment, she may let him take his own course. Occasionally the fingers make her wet her undies. In the early years, she had considered such forced turn on disgrace and shed tears in mortification. But from about the time she entered the college, she began to realized that the ultimate objective of a groping pervert is to make a woman feel good and make her ashamed of it. Then she decided that if she could not stop it, she would enjoy it instead of being humiliated. Sometimes she gets carried away. A groper takes her hand onto his penis and she grasps it firmly and caresses it up and down though only if he is a pleasant person. If a young man has his man pressed against her by chance, on the other hand, and has it rubbed by the move of the car and has it erected involuntary, she does not hate it. Specially she likes a young inexperienced man to have a rock hard dick and thrown into confusion. She may take the initiative. She gropes him. She teases him. She makes him ashamed, makes him feel good and makes him acute. She had made men to ejaculate in his pants. Feeling it over the clothes gives her the sense of conquest and the sense of achievement. She wrote that her working friends have far more immodest conversation among them. According to herself, she looks normal and no way you can tell her a female groper untill you find her hand cupping your maleness and have it erected.
Date: 17:25:29, October 22

Name:Anon Age:69 Sex:Right now (Sat Oct 23 02:36:22 1999)

Female groper
It's interesting how the different cultures address the act of groping. You indicate the some asian girls/women feel shame and dismay. Some may agree reluctantly, out of fear or shame. Others may feel joy and power, and are agressors. Girls here in L.A. may feel outrage and anger, and will seldom agree out of any feeling but lust or desire. She must want it, or you have hell to pay. If your grope is unwelcome, watch you ass.
How does this meet with your experience?

Name: sharky
Title: Blues woman.
Comments: I just wanted to mention that I am enjoying Blues story, but isn't that husband of hers a pig? Speaking from a male perspective, he is the kind of man that makes life difficult for all of us. What a truly selfish man, and one that hides behind religion to boot. he doesn't deserve a wife. Personally, one wonders the validity of a lot you read here, but for the sake of the lady in question I hope you guys treat her well. It seems she has not much of a life, and if she gains satisfaction from you then at least we can assume she is happy. Lord knows she will never be with her husband, a selfish singleminded hypocrite.
age: 24
sex: m
Date: 04:00:43, October 28

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: Heather
Title: RE: Sharky
Comments: Sharky, as you know, religon has killed more people than wars. Just because he is screwed up, no need to blame religon. He might just be screwed up by himself. Anyway,the stories are sexy. I would not mind a little grope in a store where I worked... It might be fun...
age: 15
sex: YES, NOW!
Date: 23:07:00, October 28

Name: Heather
Title: Love to suck
Comments: I must confess, I do love to suck a hard cock. I know that it must fly in the face of some cultures that have women and girls that are oppressed and regard sex as a duty or an obligation. On my part, I LOVE sex and all that it implys. Freedom, expression, passion, and orgasam. Un-Fucking-Beliveable. I do enjoy an unknown lover. I will rub and pull out any cock that pleases me. If time permits, I'll suck it down. The thrill of swallowing the cum exceeds any other thrill. That Horton guy seems to like me, butt he can't come to L.A. (Too bad, I guess) Oh, ya. I did suck a guy from Palm Springs to L.A. and he loved it. (So did I)
age: Allmost 16
sex: God, yes...
Date: 22:32:09, November 02

Name: Heather
Title: Yes, I'm Real
Comments: God I do love sex. I guess I'm lucky to have had the best sex instructors available. It all started when my uncle Dan tickled me into hysterics. He rubbed and tickled me until I could not see. I felt his hand and finger rubbing me all over in places I did not know about, and it felt good. GOD, did it feel good. He moved his hands so quickly, I could not onject to anything. I felt fingers in every place I had only dreamed of. I tingled and vibrated until I crested in orgasam. (I'm not sure I even knew what that meant.) The next one to finger me was my grandfather. He sat me on his lap, (I was around 5 or 6 at the time.) and would hug and stroke me along my back and side. His hand would caress my chest and rub my butt. A finger would press against my panties, and rub into my crack. this thrilled me, but I didn't know why. I just loved it. Anyway, I learned to look for anyone who woud hold me and rub my body anywhere. It was and is a thrill. GOD what a rush... A finger on my clit and I'm in heaven... ps: send me a picture of you or your girlfriend and I will send a nude of me back. (Ask the webmaster. He has one.)
age: allmost 16
sex: YES, NOW!
Date: 22:32:54, November 03

Comments: Question: if this man is so religous as to not let his woman touch herself or him, and he won't use condoms, I must also assume she is not on the pill, or any form of birth control. You must all be shooting blanks or something! I imagine it won't be long before she is knocked up, I can see that coming!! Baby blues, for blue! PS: thankyou for the pic heather, got another one?
Date: 07:07:33, November 07

Name: Blue
Title: Shop Girl: Blanks?
Comments: Sharkey asked: <> The Store Manager told me he had a vasectomy, so his are blank. It is many years since I fathered a son, but now I may be too old. Though I feel really young again when I get a chance to slide a cock into my Shop Girl. It takes me longer to cum, and a condom would make it slower but I know I should use one. Maybe after just one more time without?
age: 64
sex: M
Date: 11:39:50, November 07

Name: knee knee
Title: Re: Shop Girl 8
Comments: Blue wrote that as he and the shop manager have the girl one of them have to wait his turn. But you can have her together; one vaginal and one oral or anal :)
age: 21
sex: M
Date: 17:32:25, November 09

Name: Heather
Title: re:Knee Knee
Comments: Knee Knee. If you can get three men with the shop girl, you can get an "air tight seal" That means all openings sealed up with a dick. Mouth, anus, and pussy... XOXOXO Heather
age: 16 soon
sex: Daily
Date: 22:26:58, November 09

Name: Blue
Title: KneeKnee and the Shop Girl
Comments: I should love to use my Shop Girl's mouth while the Manager has her pussy, or vice versa, but we want to push her limits gradually without frightening her too much. He and I are using our tongues to excite her this week, and getting her to think about using her mouth on us. I'll let you know when we get in there!
Date: 13:04:33, November 10

Name: guest
Title: I'm innocent (original Japanese text via email translated by webmaster)
Comments: I was on the metropolitan loop line in the other day. A group of young girls were beside me. They looked to be college students. A suspicious man was also beside me. I was not sure but his shoulder blade had subtle motions. Suddenly one of the girls looked back at me. Others asked what was wrong. Apparently the man touched the girl and the victim mistook me for that. I tried to explain but my faltering was cut short by one of the students. At the same moment I noticed the groper sneaking out of my view, a girl kneed me in the groin. They called me pervert and accused me for groping and they literally kicked me around. I was cornered to the door. All other passengers just watch me beaten up. None of them ever tried to be a peacemaker. Some laughed at me. I learnt karate and am confident of knocking all of them down at once. But I thought over the consequence. If I ever hit them even in self-defence, I could be arrested on charges of assault and injury. I endured their violence until the train arrived at the next station and ran away from the opened door. I am still furious with them and with the groper at all what happened to me. But I don't know what I could do. How could I prove my innocence? This is not my fault, or is it? Tell me, anybody, what went wrong? I heard of your web site, dear ayashi-webmaster, and I wonder what if it took place in other country. Am I wrong to be born in Japan?
Date: 16:34:05, November 15

Name: Heather
Title: Re:Guest
Comments: I think it terrible that groped girls would abuse you that way.. They should be glad that someone would pinch their arse and breasts. They must be young and impetuous. I think you should reach out and grab the next school girl you see, and pinch her arse. Insert a finger in her pussy if you can, as they are stupid not to recognise your talent.
age: 15
sex: earier today.
Date: 21:16:01, November 15

Name: Anon
Title: Re: Heather and Guest
Comments: Heather, I think you are right. Guest should reach out and pinch those girls on the ass. (notice I spelled ass correctly) Butt just in case he can't pinch the girls, I will go out and pinch a few for him...
age: 69
sex: I wish
Date: 22:20:49, November 15

Name: Incestor
Title: My sister (11)
Comments: I fucked my younger sister. She was virgin. She cried with pain. I covered her mouth with my hand. It was too noisy tho no one was in the house. I rammed my hard erected dick down her cunt. I cummed in less than 10 min. But I fucked her 3 more times in the same day. She has fallen into sex ever since then. She threatens me to let on to dad if I do not fuck her. I think I raped her but she is raping me now.
age: 15
sex: M
Date: 14:58:54, November 18

Name: Steve
Title: RE: I'm innocent
Comments: "How could I prove my innocence? This is not my fault, or is it? Tell me, anybody, what went wrong?"/// I think this story can happen anywhere around the world maybe to anybody. Perhaps at the first time you should have said "hey, it was not me!!!". In your place I would look for these girls again an try to explain their what realy happened :)) Steve
sex: male
Date: 11:51:45, November 21

Name: Man
Title: Wife
Comments: I'm 30 and my wife is 27. We are newlyweds without a baby yet. My wife is a tall, nice looking woman having F cup bosom. She loves sex. She knows no limit. We have a computer for each. Mine had a trouble and I decided to use hers to check my hard disk. It was while she was out. The trouble was fixed soon. It took more time to break her password than fixing my computer. I felt interested in the contents of her machine. I copied her mail folder into my hard disk and later read it. I found that she was exchanging letters with some of her ex-boyfriends. To my surprise, one of them still keeps the relationship!! The mails give a picture of their PLAY in detail. They drive together and go to motel. They go to see a porno movie. They use a toilet in a park. They caress each other even in a bus. I was astonished. He wrote that my wife was fully turned on while driving a car. He was fingering her tits and pussy until they arrived at the motel. She wrote back saying the thrill of caught in action made her wet and horny. What they did in the movie house and in park toilets are more disgusting. They frequently took public transportation only to grope each other. The mails, however, turned me on before I was aware of it. My penis was rock hard erected. I knew I should be enraged. But I was masturbating instead. I masked myself when she came back. She recognized me anyhow but I proceeded to rape her. She enjoyed the play. And I didn't say why I did it. I still can not make a decision. But I guess I keep it secret. And everytime she betrays me, I tie her up, call her bitch and rape her the way I like. Maybe I take her "raped by the husband" pictures and make "the bitch's homepage" somewhere on the web.
Date: 17:39:41, November 21

Name: Lee
Title: RE: Shop Girl 9: Discovered!
Comments: The wife's conduct shows that not touching your woman is more sinful than adultery. And it is pity that the shop girl moving away before the wife could teach her lesbian.
Date: 09:43:34, November 25

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: Heather
Title: Blue Balls
Homepage: http://shopgirlsucks.cum
Comments: Great going guys. How did you get caught by the wife? If I were doing the boss, I'd make sure the door was secured and no one was around. If you ever want to teach the shop girl how to eat pussy, I will assist you in any way I can. I will eat her, and show her how to eat me.. ;-) Anyway, let me know if I can be of assistance.. XOXOXO Heather
age: allmost 16
sex: YES
Date: 23:05:34, November 26

Name: Willing student
Title: Teach me a lesson
Comments: Hi, I am a nineteen years old college student. I had had petting in the high school. But no real sex. I am still virgin. I look for erotic homepages every now and then. I found a Japanese SM page a few days ago. It might be a rape homepage. I cannot tell because I cannot read Japanese. The model was tied and raped. The real erected cock was in her pussy. She looked too young. Because she was very small and the penis was too big, she was spread to the limit. It must be painful. None the less, the picture turned me on. It aroused my interest. How big an object can I stuff into my pussy? Please, I am virgin and I do not want to lose it now. What I want to know is masochistic masturbation. How can I find pain and pleasure simultaneously?
Date: 17:41:00, November 30

Name: Heather
Title: Phone Clubs
Comments: I just read a story about phone clubs in Japan, where teen age girls post their phone number on a board and allow men and boys to call them up and ask for a sex date. The reason stated was the high cost of fashion clothing and high cost of living in general. The girls family may have limited funds, and and not able to keep the 12 to 15 yrear old girls outfitted with the latest in expensive fashions. The story indicated that phone sex or possibly actual sex was available if the girl needed the money, and liked the sound of your voice. I find this idea very exciting. I plan to travel to Japan when I'm 16 just to ride on the subway there. I MUST be groped, or I will be dissapointed. While I am there, can anyone give me info on where I may post my phone number? I would love to try this type of sexy phone thing. Heather.
age: 15
sex: yes, soon
Date: 07:49:22, December 01

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Teach me a lesson
Comments: 1) This is not BDSM Q and A page. This is a chikan homepage. You can send me an email for other questions. 2) You may quote the site url so that other can check it. (and I can read Japanese. I might tell you what the site is all about.) 3) You can stuff the size of the head of new born bady (at least) into your cunt. 4) Human sexuality is more of psychological phenomenon than physiological phenomenon. Follow your imagination.
Date: 16:52:35, December 02

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