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NAME:  Smity  (27-Apr-99 10:22 PM)

TITLE: A library girl (via email)
Last summer I met a girl in a public library. I paid attention to her not becuase she was pretty nor she was young. She was reading a magazine with an air of secrecy. As I knew it the magazine contained an adult oriented colum. I stealthly got behind her. Indeed she was reading that colum and was turned on. To me, the adult, that colum was a joke. But a young child of her age, then she was at mere ten, the story served as a pornography. This could be a heartwarming topic if I walked away immediately. But I didn't. She put on a shirt wide open at the neck and my eyes were glued to her nipple. I would inevitably feel like speaking to her. She was surprised and said something incoherent like "oh, I need to come home now" and tried to walk away. But I followed her. I talked to her. I said I had naughtier magazines. I was not a bad guy. I would do nothing worng. She could leave my apartment any time. And I would tell her daddy on her. When all was said, I took her bike and led her to my room. Once the initial shock of being stripped and kissed from head to foot was over, she was interested in my erected penis. Since then, she has been visiting my apartment almost everyday. Becuse she is small we never really had sex. I have simply thought it's impossible. However, as I checked lolita news gruops recently, I found girls as young as, and sometime younger than, my girlfriend taking a penis without any sign of trouble, giggling and simling to the camera. If this is possible, I want to fuck her. She is now eleven and she too wants to make real love. Any, indeed any, advice please. I do not want to hurt her. How can I fuck her?

NAME:  Techy  (27-Apr-99 10:45 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: A library girl (via email)
If she really likes it (that's the condition), you put a little finger in. If she feels no pain, try something bigger. If a foreign object of size of your penis can be taken without pain, your penis can be taken too. Move slowly at first. You aim not at your come nor her come but you want her ready for real fuck after few experiences.
NAME:  Angel  (29-Apr-99 07:09 PM)
age 36-40/bisexual female/willing fondlee

TITLE: im a newbie!
hi, i am new to this board, but i have really enjoyed reading some of the past messages. i discovered i enjoyed being fondled about 10 years ago, at the city bus depot, when a complete stranger brought me to orgasm. the excitement of a total stranger touching me in a public place was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. it was not only the fondling but also the fear of being caught that added to the excitement.

NAME:  Missy  (02-May-99 05:58 PM)
age 21-25/straight female/willing fondlee

TITLE: exhibitionist dream
I might be an exhibitionist. I am excited when I feel I am watched. I discovered my exhibitionism when I was fourteen or fifteen. As I was walking down a steep slope and a young boy of my age was coming upward, a gust of wind blew my skirt. I thought he saw my underwear. He turned red but ignored me. When I looked back I found he was taking a backward glance, too. But he walked away in a hurry. I felt indescribable sensation. I have been wearing a miniskirt ever since. The thrill of almost seen is my favorite. I go out with my scantiest miniskirt and showy panties. Men's eyes alone are enough to turn me on. I become so horny I can feel my nipples poke against my thin brassiere. Men's lusty gazes upon my pointed chest further fuel my lewdness. I never met a molester like the one coming here. But I cannot stop imagining somebody molest me in public. The thrill, I imagine, is by far better than simple exhibitionism. Somebody touches me on my bottom, tits or even cunt. Men around me may find it out at any moment. It's so hot! The fantasy makes me shove my fingers up my cunt. I had shut my eyes yestardy while making love with my boyfriend and pictured myself being fucked secretly in public. SECRECTLY IN PUBLIC! I come back here risk humiliation on the net. But I cannot stop it. Please. Someone. Tell me. How can I be fucked secretly in public?

NAME:  ken  (04-May-99 02:17 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: backdoor acceptance
I'mcurious, especially for gropers in japan: when does shock turn to acceptance, and how can you tell? When you press against her rump with your hand, or cup her cheeks more boldly? When you finger the outline of her panties? When you slip under her skirt then up to her soft treasures? I would think it's hard to distinguish between acceptance and passivity. My asian girlfriend can be very quietly passive at times: for instance, when she lets me fuck her in her ass. When she's bent over and I'm sliding my cock into her anus, I feel like a chikan, because she's so quiet and still about it. Any comments?

NAME:  Edie  (05-May-99 05:12 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: RE: backdoor acceptance
I'm curious, too. My exprience living here in Japan and talking with few Japanese women lead me to believe: the shock turns to the acceptance long before you touch her. She has been groped many times. She learnt how to defend herself, resign into passive acceptance or how to enjoy it. Still I don't know how she becomes willing game or tough rejectionist.

NAME:  Blue  (10-May-99 01:15 AM)
age over 61/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Adventure in Paris
I was in Paris, France, when I was 30, and went to a night club that was crowded, with people standing pushed together to see the strip show. In front of me was a woman of about 20 who was with a guy of about 60. As the women on the stage stripped, the woman bent forward and pressed her buttocks against my thigh. I gradually moved sideways until my erection was pressed into her ass. She gave no sign, but I could feel her clench and release her buttock muscles until I almost came in my pants. I reached around her, hoping her companion wouldn't notice, and as I got to her pussy she pressed my hand against the balcony rail to hold it in place. Too soon the show finished and everyone turned to go. I wanted to speak to the woman, but she was pointedly kissing and fondling her partner who looked extremely wealthy! Now I am the age he was then. If I can find a young woman (or even an older woman), I shall keep tight hold of her, and not let her go groping younger men :-) But I shall never forget my Adventure in Paris!

NAME:  steve  (10-May-99 01:19 PM)
age 41-50/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: RE: Adventure in Paris
Hi Blue, I found your Paris story very nice. The only point I do not understan is your next sentence. *If I can find a young woman (or even an older woman), I shall keep tight hold of her, and not let her go groping younger men :-)* If I had (have:) such type of girlfriend I do not mind if a younger man is groping her. Even, I would find some pleasure in the knowledge of feeling of this. I can imagine we can grope (or more) her two in the same time. Older men has to realize that the younger girlfriend (even wife) SHOULD be ssensitive to younger men. If not, something is wrong. The best; to enjoy the situation...or not? Steve

NAME:  ChestyBond  (11-May-99 07:28 AM)
age 21-25/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: An opinion
I have read this page with some trepidation, some of the stories are very interesting, some are well...rubbish. I must admit, I liked Blues story very much. As far as I am concerned groping, like voyeurism, is a skill. I like both a lot, as to me they are innocent fun. I never go too far, or too hard, I try to respect my 'Victim'. But Oh! how I wish the trains were like Japan here in my country!! he he! That atmosphere is purely conductive to our favourite activity, how could a person help themselves? I know I couldn't! :-) Happy groping friends.

NAME:  Techy  (13-May-99 10:32 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: An opinion
Respecting victim is an agreeable good idea. But isn't it an abstract speculation? The very situation where touch is plausible - men and women packed tight together - is already inhuman condition. They are deprived of personal space. They are dehumanized. The victim is already striped of human dignity - aha! that why she does not particularly feel groping personal indignity.
NAME:  Blue  (14-May-99 12:29 PM)
age over 61/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Adventure in Paris
I'm pleased you enjoyed my Adventure in Paris. Steve wrote: >The best; to enjoy the situation...or not? It reminded me of an afternoon soon after our son was born. My wife returned from shopping, and after laying the baby down, practically insisted on having sex. I remember we had some of the hottest and wettest sex since she gave birth. Much later she confessed that someone had been caressing her buttocks in the crowded elevator. Holding the baby she could not do much, and at each stop more people got in to go to the restaurant above us. His hand wandered around, under, and between her buttocks until she escaped at our floor. In Paris, I thought I did best, but I went home alone. My "contact" I'm sure went to bed with her lover, and he got to enjoy the excitement she had generated by pressing herself against me!

NAME:  Techy  (15-May-99 10:45 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Adventure in Paris
Hi Blue, ??? so you had a happy sex life with your wife because someone caressed her, didn't you? . . . HAPPY GROPING! indeed :-)

NAME:  Steve  (17-May-99 11:57 AM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: Re: Adventure in Paris
Blue presented us an other nice story. My wife was also caressed once. We went to a crowded movie but were late. When wanted to reach our seats in the middle of the row I went first and she followed me. When we went home, she told me that when she came after me in the dark movie, stepping vis-�vis to the sitting people, somebody reached between her legs and hold her pussy in his hand and even triturated it. I asked for the deatils and turned on. Indeed, we also made good sex after this adventure. So, theoretically, I can imagine situation when such a groper is just invited and asked to continue his action. In our age it is not so unimaginable. That time it was that. Mainly if I am older and my girlfriend is considerable younger I could enjoy that how she enjoys the groper. I think the traditional envious jealousy slowly goes out of the fashion. Or not?

NAME:  Damn Loco  (20-May-99 07:45 AM)
age 21-25/straight male/undecided

TITLE: I Wonder...
I wonder how tolerant are Malaysian babes about chikan. Will they actualy like it? Or will the thought of a total stranger exploring all over their body in crowded places actully turn them on? All I know for sure is that if you get caught doing this here in Malaysia, you'll be beaten up by the mob first before they hand you over to the police. So, no matter how exciting the idea of feeling up a cute Malaysian lady wearing a tiny micro-skirt in a jam packed metro bus is..I still can't get over the fear of actually been beaten up half dead by a mob.. So, Malaysian babes..what's your say on this?

NAME:  Techy  (21-May-99 10:23 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: I Wonder...
You are no real groper, Damn Loco. The very risk is the turn-on, isn't it?
NAME:  ChestyBond  (24-May-99 12:10 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: A risky tactic......
Hi fellow gropers! I have a little story for you, I hope you like it. The other day I was shopping, and I saw what could only be called a risky proposition. She was 25-30 plumpy but with breasts the size of fresh mellons. A little dim witted it seemed as she had this empty look in her eyes, as she carried her groceries. She was walking along slowly so I walked in front of her, about 5 metres or so, looking at my watch and looking as if I was looking for someone in the crowded mall....Of course I wasn't :-) he he! I walked for a little while till I sensed the moment and gradually started to slow down until I knew she was behind me. I stopped looked at my watch so my hands were up and spun around, guess what crashed into my hands? Boy were they soft!! A few shocked looks, a quick but sincere apology (remember respect!), and I walked away. It would seem totally accidental wouldn't it? But I knew she couldn't stop, and I knew her hands were full with bags!! he he! Risky but worth it! Happy groping friends!

NAME:  Techy  (26-May-99 09:33 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: A risky tactic......
ChestyBond wrote -> a quick but sincere apology ... ummm? at least you are well-mannered? ... not bad idea, I mean respecting a woman. . . BUT "walked away" IS NOT. You could talk with the woman for few minutes and see if see accepted it. (you really care the mistake ... ) Maybe she was not just forgiving you, but willing . . . one in thousands case but there is a possibility. You may treat her a cup of coffee or something, for the token of your sincere apology . . .
NAME:  Techy  (26-May-99 09:37 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: True Story...
Hi, freedom. I am grad to see your story here. Your story remind me of felids' copulation. In that a lot of them have a male bites a female on nape while mating. The bite makes the female meek. Sometime in their evolution, they picked it into their instinct (or DNA?) to facilitate reproductions, I guess. A female hominid becomes speechless like you when she is encountered with an aggressive sexual advancement from a man. I read a psychology report that a woman might be turned on when she was scared and/or fleeing from a man, while she was not turned on when she was angry/fighting back/driving a man away. I think we are driven by animal instincts much more than we are happy acknowledging it.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

NAME:  John  (28-May-99 01:04 PM)
age 41-50/straight male/undecided

TITLE: Packed Crowd Video, Book "Shukan Asahi", Magazine "Finger Press"
Hi everyone. Besides enjoying being in a jam packed crowd at a concert, at a parade or on a subway I love to watch videos of crowds. When a crowd is surging forward, swaying in different directions and pushing against a barricade it drives me nuts. I can only imagine what is going on in that crowd. It gets me very excited. Good examples are the old Menudo concerts of the early and mid 80s where the girls would surge toward the stage and some would pass out from the crush, the old Hitler rally videos where the crowds would be out of control and swaying and surging in several directions at once. I am sure there are other good examples of this that you are aware of. I am trying to get this type of video. Does anybody in this group have something like this or do you know of either a person or site that I could contact that might sell something like this? Please send me an e-mail at if you could send me in the right direction. I am also looking for the English language versions of a magazine called "Finger Press" and the book "Shukan Asahi". Both deal with this subject. Any help you can give me would be greatly apprciated. Best regards, John (NYC-USA)

NAME:  Webmaster  (29-May-99 09:53 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Packed Crowd Video, Book "Shukan Asahi", Magazine "Finger Press"
Hi, John. Unfortunately I don't know anything about Packed Crowd Video. "Shukan Asahi" I think is not a book but a weekly magazine ("shukan" stands for "weekly" in Japanese) and though it may have an article about chikan, it is not chikan weekly. "Finger Press" is the chikan magazine but no English edition available. It has a web site ( I am not sure if this is the official web site or not. And it probably doesn't matter for you as the site is Japanese language only. But you can see some nice comic pages ( At the last, the very reason I started chikan web site is; someone asked me if any chikan information was available in English and I found nothing. Although handful of web sites were dedicated to the subject, all of them was in Japanese language only and none was in English - so I started one.
NAME:  ChestyBond  (02-Jun-99 07:52 AM)
age 21-25/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: Question For Webmaster.
I saw you mention that other sites on our fave subject are only in Japanese, which is a pity. I wondered if you had considered translating the best stories to here (from those sites) so we could read them...would this be a difficult problem in terms of time? Does mentioning the site they came from (like a reference in an essay) absolve you taking them and reposting them here? Hope so! As I would love to read what others are doing in Japan! :) Maybe you might also have a link page so we might visit them, who knows some BBS readers may know Japanese too but can't find the pages. As it is a related page I guess it wouldn't be spamming, but that is up to you to decide. I hope you might consider these suggestions.Happy Groping! CB

NAME:  Webmaster  (03-Jun-99 10:00 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Question For Webmaster.
Translating the best stories from other sites to here is not bad idea and a link page, too. However, I am not necessary for groping (nor against it). I, an ex-groper, am not going to promote it. Unfortunately, the most of chikan web-sites in Japanese give hypocritical disclaimer against "the crime" and go all the way to incite it. If any opinion against groping ever be posted on their guest-book, it would be soon deleted. This is not the position I take. I do delete irrelevant comments but respect both pros and cons. I even had felt that here we had too much posting for groping and too few against. (So, once I had cited the story of chikans who had been arrested) . . . Besides, I don't have time.
NAME:  guest  (07-Jun-99 10:38 PM)

TITLE: chikan video (via email)
I visit your site often, and I think it is great, even though I think some of the stories on it are posted by people who are not necessarily telling the truth. Anyway, I am writing this because I wonder if you know where I might find chikan videos. I am interested in amateur, real chikan. I am not really looking for staged video's with actresses. Although if realistic enough I might be. I know that you are not for or against chikan, but if you know where I can buy or trade for any of those videos I would be grateful. Thanks in advance

NAME:  Webmaster  (07-Jun-99 10:44 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: chikan video (via email)
Dear guest, amongst many chikan videos I do not know any single real or realistic video. If it is real, it is crime. More than that, the very condition good for chikan (crowded train, etc.) is not good condition for filming. You may find a realistic chikan video - a hand struggling with a cloth. The narration says it's a skirt. But if you have a donkey wearing a rag and have a hand on it and shot a film from 3 inches away by the extremely dim light, you end up with the exactly same film. Voyeurism has real or very realistic underground videos. Even rape and child pornos. But nothing is for chikan. If it says CHIKAN you know it is staged.
NAME:  DARK & CROWDED  (20-Jun-99 06:48 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

Hi guys! Dont you know anything about an aquarium!? Its a nice place. I live in East Coast big city where we have a nice aquarium. My favorite groping spot is a tunnel of fish tanks for luminous animals. Its dark. Its crowded. Visitors congregate in front of tanks. I check the schedule before I go. If it has a group tour coming or any other reason I expect crowdedness, I wait them at the tunnel. A group tour by a largely female school is the best. I watch girls coming into the tunnel. If I find a mild-tempered sweet ass, I follow her from tank to tank, touch her a bit for a moment and see if it is ok. If I meet no defiance, I grab her butt, tits and pussy and molest her to the hell. I guess the method can be used for a zoo with nocturnal animals.

NAME:  Webmaster  (28-Jun-99 10:19 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Japanese chikan nowadays
I found some interesting articles among Japanese Chikan sites. Chikan busting chikan. Really. It stems from discontent among skillful and well-mannered chikan against inexperienced or ill-mannered chikan. Good chikan think such bad chikan make reputation of gropers as general to be lost. The worst hated are - foul smelled chikan, dirty chikan, overbearing or forcible chikan, chikan who gets in the way of other chikan (if two chikan meet on one girl, etiquette requires they share her). Some of militant good chikan have started a campaign against them. They tip off to the police or arresting them by themselves using their girlfriends as decoys. According to their reports, if you arrest a chikan in Japan, the police hear from you as a witness what you knows about the crime. It takes two to three hours and you will be given 5,000- (about $40) at the end. The money is compensation for your time.
NAME:  Edie  (29-Jun-99 03:47 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: Re: Japanese chikan nowadays
I think arresting other chikan is a good opportunity to get into the police station. You can meet police officers who are specialized in sex crimes. That is you know them by sight if you meet them in a crowded train. Sure, you don't want to grope a police-woman in plain clothes.

NAME:  Steve  (30-Jun-99 04:57 PM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: RE:Japanese chikan nowadays
Reading your note, Webmaster, I have got an impression of that groping somehow belongs to the Japanese culture :)) Well, why not if drinking can belong to the Russian or Irish culture :)))?? So, I would be curious of that what is the behaviour of normal Japanese husbands if their wife tell them her pussy was nicely groped on the underground e.g. :))) More generally, are Japanese men the same interested in swinging adventures together with their wifes like Anglo-Americans or French people, or this is only a white abberation?? Steve

NAME:  Webmaster  (01-Jul-99 10:08 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: RE:Japanese chikan nowadays
Hi, Steve. Groping, indeed, belongs to the Japanese culture. As the most of Japanese husbands have done it once or twice in their life they wouldn't be surprised when wife is groped. Swinging, though you can find some devotees, are not so common in Japan.
NAME:  a foreigner  (07-Jul-99 06:28 PM)

TITLE: My life in Baghdad
Have you ever been in the middle east city? I lived there long before Iraq became America's No.1 enemy. On a crowded shopping street I often met someone bumped into or touched my bottom or pressed his root against me. I was puzzled since I was a man. And Islamic culture regards homosexulity not merely sin but crime. Anyway, if a man was touched, I wondered how was a woman. So I asked the all expat female I knew. The conclusion was - if you are a foreign woman, you cannot walk on a crowded street without molested. The same is for an Iraqi woman in lesser extent. No wonder they want their women stay in the house.

NAME:  Takahiro  (08-Jul-99 03:03 PM)
age 51-60/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Re: Japanese chikan nowadays
I am chikan for the last 30 years. I touch a woman in subway. I think I am a professional chikan. I am angree about amature chikans. When I was young, if I was found touching a woman, men around me ignore it or stop it. But nowadays, if someone finds me touching a woman, he joins me. But such inexperienced chikan makes a woman scared because he is a poor toucher. He touches her overaction so that she is shamed. He touches her poor so that she is hurt. If you don't know how to touch a woman, don't. I'm sorry about my poor english. But what I want it say is "be a professional".

NAME:  steve  (09-Jul-99 04:20 PM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: Re: Japanese chikan nowadays
Hi Webmaster and Takahiro, I do not know much about the Japanese sex culture. Some books and films suggested me that it is somhow more tender than the white sex culture. The most interesing film made by your very good film maker Kurosava showed that how the nice and young woman showed herself to an old man just to make him happy. Well, maybe I am too romantic, but I can imagine that Japanese woman are less aggressive or hysteric to bundle off a man who want to enjoy a short touching e.g. on the underground. Maybe they feel good they could give some nice moments to an unknown man. At least the typical Japanese smile seen only on J. woman suggest me this. The extreme variation of this type of behaviour can be the eskimo manner. Steve

Name: Edie
Title: Re: student
Comments: Isn't this site adult oriented? 16 years old female writing her girlish experience may be too far to go. I mean that she is too young to join us.
sex: man
Date: 10:08:45, August 06

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: webmaster
Title: Re: student
Comments: This site is not adult oriented nor adult only. Or this site IS adult oriented in a sense I respect free discussion among mature and sane people. Dear Edie, if you believe Miss. Carmelita wrote something inappropriate, you are free to express your opinion. But disqualify someone merely by her age is a position I do not take.
Date: 17:22:32, August 06

Name: Edie
Title: Re: student (via email)
Comments: I am not against Miss. Carmelita. I just afraid of another crackdown.
Date: 17:26:15, August 08

Name: guest
Title: It may be off the subject but (via email)
Comments: Do you know how to use a vibrator? I have bought an egg type vibrator for my masturbation. I want to use it secretly in a pubic place. But it doesn't give me an orgasm. I hope you chikan can give me directions.
Date: 17:23:19, August 12

Name: A chary girl
Title: RE: I was gangraped by 10 men.
Comments: Sara's story seem being made up :-( I'm also 14 and I'm virgin. I am hot sometime. I want someone takes my virgin. But he must be someone I know and we must be deeply in love with. I found some stories here like a man groped and raped a woman. I don't believe them. If I am groped, noway I am hot. A chill must come over me. I run away from the man. Cross my heart!
age: 14
sex: Female
Date: 18:28:32, August 17

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.
Name: webmaster
Title: Hot or chilled?
Comments: Thank you "A chary girl" for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate your contributions. You believe that a groper never able to turn a woman on. I guess you never be groped. At least, you never be groped skillfully. My educated guess tells that the most of women do not mind to be groped unless it reaches the limit of their tolerance. And the limit varies greatly. Few get into a panic and cannot put up an effective defense. Fewer women really hate to be groped. Fewest enjoy the adventure. They are one in hundreds. A girl likes Sara, if her story is the true, may be one in thousands. Those who enjoy it know what they are doing and rarely lose control. Those who panic or passively tolerate it are vulnerable. They do not know what they are doing. If you let a skillful groper touches your body and you believe you tolerate him only within your limit, he reaches the limit pretty soon and push it to spread. If he has enough time, he eventually reaches anywhere he likes and sexually stimulate her. A woman with a healthy body can feel good when she is stimulated. It has nothing to do love nor hate. It is a nerve system reaction. When she is turned on, she is vulnerable. She want sex. At the same time, she is confused because she is indoctrinated with "you want sex only because of love" modern snobbery. But if you make a decision when you are confused, you might regret later. Sara seems enjoy her adventure and it is her credit. Miss chary girl, it's up to you to decide if you like groping or not. But you do not turn a blind eye to the reality, the reality can resort a tactile sensation or something more violent.
Date: 17:25:31, August 18

Name: Horton
Title: Oh ,how I get turned on!
Comments: I love to read the messages here. I lost the web address when my HD crashed and finally was able to get it up again. I could not find this topic or any webpage in a "search" no matter what term I used. Can't wait to hear more. I live in a small town where there are NO situations similar to what is described to grope anyone in. would someone please tell me where I can see and read more about this on the web. Please?
age: 45
sex: male
Date: 20:52:42, August 18

Name: webmaster
Title: Re: Oh, how I get turned on!
Comments: The very reason why this site is started is I could not find any site taking up the subject.
Date: 17:48:45, August 20

Name: Steve
Title: Re: student
Comments: "Isn't this site adult oriented? 16 years old female writing her girlish experience may be too far to go. I mean that she is too young to join us." I cannot agree this opinion. Many pages on the internet contains very serious blames on step fathers or even fathers touching their dauthers. It is really interesting to read that intim touching can be almost innocent even pleasing experience for a girl. On the other hand, the webmaster is right. Nobody knows anything about the persons and stories we can read here. hi, steve
sex: male
Date: 10:37:02, August 23

Name: Lynn
Title: Touching Me
Comments: I need to first tell you that my parent divorced when I was an infant so I can't talk about my father touching me and I have no brothers or sisters. I grew up longing to be touched by men. Not sexually touched but to have the normal stimulation of contact with males. Perhaps that is why I have always been something of a tom-boy. I can run, play socker, shoot basketsballs and play baseball about as good as most guys. Not as good as the top ones but most guys are average and I can keep up with them. A touch to me is a caress and it pleases me as much as a compliment. We all communicate physically by touching. As I grew older most girls began to get very wary of being touched by the guys. Touching now had a sexual element that many of them found offensive. Simply put, I always found sexual interest in me complimentary so I never shied away from it. I have written here a few times that I find being touched by chikan's exciting. I fully enjoy the sensation of being sexual touched while all about me are unaware of it. Perhaps I am just more truthful about it, because I feel other girls must also feel this way. Love, Lynn
age: 25
sex: f
Date: 13:47:13, August 29

Name: Webmaster
Title: Japanese chikan in this summer
Comments: A police report has been issued. One and a half more chikan victims have laid complaints before the police and three times more offenders have been arrested in this summer as compared with an average year. According to the report this is highly probable when it is hot.
Date: 17:03:05, August 29

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