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NAME:  Techy  (12-Dec-98 08:39 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re:???
Welcome to ayashi world of chikan, Mr. j.s. The funny thing about chikan is that the most of Japanese women do not like it for sure. They don't want to be touched. BUT a woman want to be attractive. And an attractive woman attracts a chikan, too. An approach made by a chikan is a proof of attractiveness which flatters her. And a woman is very fond of flattering! A woman is eager to show off (mostly to other women) how she was bothered by a wicked molester in a crowded train. Now she has a dilemma. How can she boast of her adventure without really having a risk? It's a good question, though.

NAME:  Emyrul  (12-Jan-99 12:43 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/undecided_unspecified

TITLE: I sot of liked it
Tell me... Is there anybody there who is really against CHIKAN, I'm sure that most of the time the intended and/or intendee were not actually planning for it to happen. I'm sure it is not against the law to have a hard-on just because your cock JUST happens to be pressed against someone's backside and there's no way in hell you can move away. I tell you that by the time the hard-on is on 100% full, there's no way you would want to move away... Well.. molesting is bad, groping is not good, biting someone's ears is definately out of the picture. But when the lil' guy is awake... (malicious thoughts) Sorry guys n gals just an observation.

NAME:  A J  (13-Jan-99 05:30 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Re:I sot of liked it
They say that chikan is crime. I mean police... Though I never be arrested, time to time the press reports an arrest. But how hard is hard enough to be arrested? Where do you draw the line between on purpose and by accident? I afraid that some chikan is arrested not so much as what he did but because he looks ugly.

NAME:  Techy  (15-Jan-99 07:28 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re:I sot of liked it
I know the most of woman do not like being molested nor groped. But some do like it and many do not care about it. If the woman likes it or at least does not care about it, touching is no crime at all. The trouble is you can not tell if SHE likes it or not until you touch her. WOMAN, PLEASE, if you do not like it, tell the man before he touches you. (well... Maybe the man must ask the woman first. "Pardon madam, but I found your lovely round tits are pressed on my upper arm and I really am fond of small tits like yours... may I... ")

NAME:  Ken-ken  (28-Jan-99 02:10 PM)
age under 21/straight male/victim

TITLE: Disgusting!
I'm a college student. I'm a man. I do have long hair BUT I AM A MAN! A few months ago I was in a crowded train, where someone touched me. I thought it must be some mistake, because I AM A MAN. I looked back and saw a middle aged man. He was the one who touched my hips. At moment he did not realize what he was doing. Next moment he realized that I AM A MAN. He stopped touching me. Disgusting! I am short and I have long hair BUT I AM A MAN!

NAME:  Techy  (30-Jan-99 08:42 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re:Disgusting!
You understand how it is disgusting, Mr. Ken-ken. The most of women, I believe, feel it terribly disgusting. (Though, there are some exception.) And now a woman can learn a lesson. She may wear a false mustache and pass as a man. If someone starts to touch, just look back.

NAME:  Techy  (03-Feb-99 09:59 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: a child
ummm... I wish you can stop it now, Mr. Big boob's lover, or you can be arrested. Even if she likes it, she can not, by legalism, give consent, in the case she is really so young. More than that, I DO NOT know if she likes it or not. Anyway, waiting till high school is a prudent idea.

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NAME:  Techy  (03-Feb-99 10:18 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: a child - 2nd thought (How to...)
Don't you have a vibrator, Mr. Big boob's lover? You can put it in your breast pocket and turn it on. Then just forget about the girl and never touch her. If SHE LIKES it, she can press her itching boobs against your breast. Let her take the initiative. I have no objection if she, not you, rub her own breasts. By the way, how big are the boobs? And how responsive are they?

NAME:  Techy  (07-Feb-99 06:28 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Dad raped me
What's a lengthy article!

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NAME:  Techy  (07-Feb-99 09:28 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Dad raped me - earnest comment
If this is real, though I hope not, talk to your mother, Miss. Daddy's slave. The big problem among us, especially among Judea-Christian tradition, is that we consider sex sin. It is not. But the prejudice against sex is everywhere. Think of chikan. I am sorry about that. You are raped, not merely touched. But raping is something I don't know well, so let me talk about chikan. Now, why so many women can't say a simple phrase "no, thank you" when they are touched? The prejudice against sex is unreasonable. So we are trained not think about it. (If you think, you can't be convinced of what you found unreasonable.) Our aversion to sex is merely a conditioned reflex. And the trouble is, you can't compose a phrase if you never think of it. If you do not have a choice to say, "Oh, I like it. Go ahead. Touch me", you can't decide. How can you say "no" without deciding you really don't like it? Well, "Just say no" campaign is one more attempt to develop a conditioned reflex against sex. But a conditioned reflex is a conditioned reflex. You never think of it and just say no whenever the the switch is turned on. But experienced chikan knows what triggers the just-say-no-reflex and evades it. The woman, the victim, is caught defenseless. The conditioned reflex to say no hadn't worked and her other conditioned reflex, not think about whatever sexual, takes place. As she never has thought if she likes it or not, she can't say she doesn't like it. And 10-15 minutes, long enough for a skilled chikan to make a woman sexually excited is too short for the victim to contemplate, after relinquish her age old imprinting, why she is supposed to say no. Miss. Daddy's slave, you say you cannot tell that to your mom. But why? Because you feel it shameful. You had masturbated and been found and been raped. But why shameful? It is not shameful. A woman has sexual lust, too. Nothing wrong with masturbating yourself. A man can't rape a woman (unless she likes playing it). Miss Daddy's slave, YOU DECIDE if you like it or not. I believe your mother can help you.

NAME:  Techy  (07-Feb-99 09:38 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Dad raped me - 3rd opinion
If you made the story, Miss Daddy's slave, it's a good work! I want more of this.

NAME:  bob  (08-Feb-99 07:27 PM)
age 36-40/straight male/undecided

TITLE: up the skirt in korea
I have pressed against girls in tight jeans or skirts on the bus and subway, and even stroked fingers over a girl's cheeks. It's amazing how well you can feel the outline of her panties on her bottom; maybe nervousness makes my senses sharp. But I have never been brave enough to put my hand down to the hem of her skirt then penetrate up inside to her bare skin and panties: how do you do it?

NAME:  Techy  (08-Feb-99 09:57 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Announcement
For those who want to avoid the fate of Miss Daddy's slave, clear the cache after visiting adult oriented site. To clear the cache, go Edit, Preference, Advanced and find clear-cache-button.

NAME:  adulthood  (15-Feb-99 06:53 PM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: examinees
indeed it is examination season. high school gals are coming to crowded train. but junior high gals are easier targets. they are less exprienced and they tend to wear less protective clothes of short overcoat or no overcoat at all. although i prefer gals of late twenty to early thirty who have developed a good appetite.

NAME:  ken  (16-Feb-99 10:04 PM)

TITLE: I love Japanese girls
My fantacies are to stand behind a young Japanese girl in a growed place and touch her under her dress. I want to kiss a japanese girls to. There mouths are so exciting to me.

NAME:  Yasui  (17-Feb-99 06:51 AM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Re: I love Japanese girls
ME, TOO. but i don't know if they like it or not. even if they like, they may prefer it directly from front. how do y think?

NAME:  pierre  (18-Feb-99 04:41 PM)
-/straight male/undecided

TITLE: why chikan
You chikans: is feeling up a stange girl's butt more fun than sex with your girlfriend or wife? If yes, why?

NAME:  Yasui  (19-Feb-99 08:37 AM)
age 26-30/straight male/affirmative presser

TITLE: Re: why chikan
President Clinton says he likes a new woman not because she is a woman but she is new. Sex with a girlfriend is not bad. But sex with a stranger is more exciting.

NAME:  Techy  (19-Feb-99 10:12 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: why chikan
A pervert is a pervert. I don't know if he likes it. I think he is rather impelled.

NAME:  Techy  (22-Feb-99 05:50 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: masturbation
Size, color and shape of your feminine organ never tell anything about your sex life. (Well, as far as it stays within reasonable limit of ordinary sex or masturbation. Hard SM involving, cut, burn, pierce, slash, brand, tattoo, etc. would injure your flesh and alter the appearance. But 10 years of masturbation? It's nothing!) You may have your molester surprised rather by not wearing panties. If it's wet by the anticipation, better still.

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NAME:  Techy  (25-Feb-99 02:00 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: a child
Increasing number of scientists come to realize that a woman starts to have bigger boobs earlier. This is the effect of environmental hormones (Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals). The tragedy is that our materialistic society is going to destroy our nature. The comedy is we are driven by tits inflated by chemicals. It's pity, huh!

NAME:  Mushashi  (26-Feb-99 03:13 PM)
age 36-40/straight male/rejectionist

TITLE: Swordsman
#1 Chikan. I know a #1 Chikan who is going to become millionaire.He invented a solid state battery powered device which Chikan victim can wear. It is like a mousetrap but with electricity. Hand is caught for moment and zapped, same power as a security zapper. Chikan faints as if heart attack and slumps to floor of train or hand and arm become numb , no feeling, Chikan can also urinate in pants. Very messy. Whole train know who Chikan is. #1 Chikan secret millionaire. Goodluck all Chikan. Be careful.

NAME:  Shara  (27-Feb-99 03:11 AM)
age 21-25/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: Masturbation
Stacy, masturbation certainly does not cause a large labia minor. You have probably been looking at all those professional porn sites, and comparing yourself. All those girls are chosen partly because of their small labia minor... for some reason men find that more attractive. For example in many places in Africa, the primitive (and not so pirmitive!) races do a circumsision of much of the female genetalia. This is primarily to cease female sexual desire, but the male apparently finds the circumsised (mutilated!) vagina more appealing...) But a larger labia minor is a lot more common than you think. Infact, yours probably just sticks a little out of your labia majoria. This is very normal, and adverage sized. Now, when you first started masturbating, you would have been around 10 - a pre-teen... your labia minor hasn't fully developed yet. This is why 10 years later, it las grown so much.. you might THINK it was caused by masturbation, but i assure you it was not. Did some one tell you this? Tell them they are wrong. You are normal my dear. Celebrate your adverage sized labia minor, as because you have this extra flesh, you actually receive more sexual pleasure. I bet it is very sensitive... Enjoy :-)

NAME:  stacy  (28-Feb-99 04:30 AM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: masturbation
Thank you Mr. Techy and Ms. Shara telling me size of my pussy never tell anything about my sex life. But I never closely examine other girls' body. I do not go professional porn sites. I'm not turned on looking naked females. Male nudity? Maybe. But not with a female. Besides, if I ever ask my friends about their pussies, what would my classmates think? I got into masturbation as early as 5 or 6 and my labia have been enlarged. Though this may be normal but the end of them become dark and thick. Do you think they are normal?

NAME:  Techy  (28-Feb-99 05:20 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Swordsman Mushashi
ummmm.... the author is obviously not living in Japan and not familiar with chikan. His invention may work but far from the solution. A lot of chikan do not put a hand on a female. A molester may use an elbow, a leg or a harden penis or he may even use an umbrella. I always believe that the overcrowdedness is the real malady.

NAME:  Techy  (28-Feb-99 05:27 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: masturbation
Dear Stacy, send me a close-up photo of your p---y by an e-mail. (If you also send me your all naked photo with clear view of your face, that can be a good bonus. I can use it for my masturbation. hahaha) Anyway, 999 out of 1000 I would say that you are normal because that is usually the case. Other one, I tell you that and I may recommend you to see a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon. If you hesitate to send me a photo or do not have needed equipment, well, ummmm....., I may send you photos or you may check those adult sites with close-up pic of a woman. When you compare them with yours, notice that a model might have her hair shaved or cut and/or put pinkish lipstick on her flesh. This is as Shara suggested a professional model. The real amateur with an ugly face and fat belly and unshaved pussy is what you would compare. What looks pretty and what is normal are not the same. You know, the most of ugly girls have normal faces. Only few are really deformed. Your pussy, I think, probably is normal, though it may looks ugly. Ummmm......, not a great encouragement, but your pussy may smell good, taste good and feel good. So, cheer up!

NAME:  Trader  (02-Mar-99 09:41 AM)
age 26-30/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: new school term
You may believe the new school term starts April in Japan. Not exactly. Few schools call the new students for briefing in March. You can check the schedule. Take an appropriate train. Find a girl with a brand-new uniform. Be a good company of her.

NAME:  Shara  (03-Mar-99 04:09 AM)
age 21-25/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: Masturbation
Helo again :) Stacy, I'm sure it's normal...(yr lab i mean) Could you tell me why you started masturbating so young? I have heard of this happening in young children, Im not sure why this is so, and I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts. How old were you when you started with the fantacies?

NAME:  stacy  (04-Mar-99 02:11 PM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: masturbation
Thank you everybody for generous advice. Special thanks goes to Mr. Techy asking me a photo. I ASSURE YOU THAT I NEVER SEND YOU A PHOTO, even if I had a digital camera. Otherwise thank you for the thoughtful comment. Next, Mr. Yasui, do you really love long thick dark pussylips? Thank you for saying so, anyway. And the last but not least, Hi SHARA :), I am grad you care me so much. I am not sure exactly when and how I started it. I remember when I was 5 or 6 I was in a bed lying on my stomach pushing my pubis against my hand. My mother stopped it and told me I should not do that. Ever since I was doing it secretly. By 10 or 11 I learnt that putting a finger in made me feel better. That was when I started looking into my cunt. I already knew that I had a hymen and I should not break it. I was masturbating by rubbing labia. But when I was 13 I was really crazy. I inserted a ball point pen. Thereafter I put something in once in a while. I think whenever I tried abstinence and not playing with myself for a week or so, I could not resisting a temptation to not just masturbate but a masturbation involving a insertion. As an afterthought, I never thought of a man when I was fooling around with my body. I began associating sex and what I was doing only when girls started talking about boys. And the association, I believe, was still weak until I entered the high school. This story is a bit embarrassing and if I know your email address I prefer to tell you in person. ...I know the lustful eyes of males are around... To recount the long story short, as I began taking a train to the school, and I was probably overwhelmed by the smell of males in the crowded condition, I started to masturbate in the train...

NAME:  Big boobs' lover  (06-Mar-99 11:03 AM)
age under 21/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Re: Jun the fifth grader
Hi jun. I'm glad to see your comment. You saw mine and recalled your best day, pinching and beating your sensual meat, didn't you? If you really hate a molester, why you are here. You know what is this board for. You cannot be here without searching a lewd story about a molester and a molested. And you wear no skirt? Good. I hope you do not wear panties either.

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NAME:  webmaster  (06-Mar-99 09:11 PM)

TITLE: about this BBS
This MessageBoard is meant to be controversial. As such, obscenity may be tolerated as much as the patience is required to protect freedom of speech. But the webmaster do not consider calling names a part of controversy and he reserves rights to moderate or delete any article he finds unfit for this forum. See "Guidance" before you post.

NAME:  Techy  (10-Mar-99 08:42 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Again about my favorit baby
ummm.... It's a interesting fiction with well thought out scheme. However, she must be small. The author wrote that he needed to bend forward to reach her pussy. Then he wrote in the last article that they were tightly pressed without any room to wriggle their body. And he could place a toy in her slit. How? In addition to that, the author wrote the girl would obey him in the future because she wanted to keep it secret. Secret? According to the described crowdedness, I assume it took place in the morning. And the girl had sex with the author in a hotel. She was late for school that morning, wasn't she? Sure the teach would ask why. I do not say the ficition lacks quality but it lacks reality.

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NAME:  won  (12-Mar-99 07:26 AM)
age 36-40/straight male/aggressive groper

TITLE: Beijin Subway
It's always crwoded and women are sweet.

NAME:  Issmale  (18-Mar-99 03:30 PM)
age 21-25/straight male/undecided

TITLE: in London
I read messages here and was surprised. I commute by the underground in London and had touched many women. But never pussy nor tits. I always touch a woman on her bum. How can you take a pussy cat?

NAME:  The Original Shara  (19-Mar-99 05:20 AM)
age 21-25/straight female/undecided

TITLE: Re: my turn on
(I did not post the message entitled "my turn on", that must have been another Shara...) Shara, how I envy you. Many women go to great lengths and expense to remove their public hair... A lot of men find it very appealing. Don't be afraid to get involved with a man because of that. The important thing is that you need to find a man who you really connect with, and let nature take it's course. And when he discovers your secret, he will already know and love you, so it wont matter. Please, don't be ashamed.

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NAME:  fake stacy, fake shara  (20-Mar-99 02:21 PM)
age under 21/straight male/undecided

TITLE: I'm sorry
I faked stacy. I faked shara. I posted abusive articles using those and other names. The webmaster already removed the worst. I'm sorry about that. The first of all, I am not female. I'm male/19 years old. The truth about my writing is that I'm virgin and I do not have pubic hair. I appreciate your comment, Shara. You are nice person. What you say would be quite appealing if I was female. It's a reasonable argument regardless of gender. You fall in love first and the hair wont be a problem. But what it implies is I can not have casual relationship because of the hairless cock. I was bad. I tried to disturb this messageboard. I was jealous of those who had casual sex and boasting it. "my turn on" is my fantasy only the other way around. In my fantasy, I'm a hairless boy having sex with an adult hairless female. But I already had passed the age when being hairless is not unnatural. Anyway, thank you Shara for caring me so much. And thank you Stacy and the webmaster for your tolerance.

NAME:  webmaster  (21-Mar-99 08:49 PM)

TITLE: Re: I'm sorry
If you are a woman with a good appetite for a hairless cock, please come out. The world is populated by unusual people. There are enough number of nuts compare with bolts. If you cannot find a nut (or a bolt), the only reason is that you do not come out yet.

NAME:  R  (22-Mar-99 05:41 PM)

TITLE: what is the pleasure
what is the pleasure in doing chikan? is it because forbidden? or a chance to touch multiple bottoms or pussies or panties? in japan, is it really forbidden or so common that it is accepted?

NAME:  Techy  (23-Mar-99 08:08 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: what is the pleasure
Why chikan? Good question. Each chikan may have different answer. In Japan, just like any other civilized world, groping is forbidden. But at the same time, it is so common that it is (almost) accepted. Because a commuter train has less than standing room, physical contact is inevitable. A fine line between inevitable physical contact and intentional touch is indeed a fine line. And you are not guilty unless proven guilty. One may touch a woman (or a man) exactly because it is forbidden. Other may do it because it is accepted. The combination of the both can be a reason, too. Opportunism may play a great part. What if you find a woman (not you) press her tits against your chest? The reality is both of you are crushed and cannot move at all inside a crowded train. You may try to avoid the woman. And you may wiggle. The very move you take may be mistook as an intentional molesting. But willful move can be overlooked as an attempt (though failed) to avoid unnecessary physical contact. What can you do? You may resign and decide just to enjoy the feeling. This cannot be a crime. But isn't it a sin? Now, if you find yourself facing a lovely woman, probably you find she is not just pressing her tits against you but she is also pressing her pussy against your cock. What can you do? If you guard your groin with your hand, don't you touch her on her private parts? If you feel this embarrassing, you may have her cover her underbelly with her hand. And you find yourself forcing a woman touch you on your filthy dick. You may risk being mistook yet straggle and succeed to turn around and find an adorable young man. So you want not touch a female but a male, huh? If touching is inevitable, you may at the end yield yourself to the temptation, why not enjoy it? For the most of chikan, I bet, groping is not the best turn on. But it is the best turn on in a overcrowded train or any other space where you and what you find sexy are crammed together. Chikan is a crime. Everybody knows it. But the temptation sometimes overpowers the knowledge.

NAME:  A.J  (24-Mar-99 07:42 PM)

TITLE: talk about perverted
What the hell do you friggin perverts think your doing. Groping and molesting women is not acceptable. It is moraly reprenhensible!! You actually get turned on by touching a stranger you dont even know? Keep yer hands to yourselves. what would you say if some guy came along and started molesting you jackasses. Get a life. Fall in love with someone, get married, and dont molest women especially not minors, if the father found out he would kill you good day

NAME:  Edie  (25-Mar-99 02:20 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/-

TITLE: room for doubt
Recently I have noticed a lovable girl in her twenty is working in the same office buliding. She has drawn my attention because when we get on and off an elevator she follows close behind me and press her tits against me. The lift is full. So I cannot tell she is doing it on propose. Would anybody give me an advice? I think she either is pervert or have a liking for me. I am, frankly speaking, good-looking.

NAME:  Webmaster  (25-Mar-99 09:36 PM)

TITLE: Re: talk about perverted
Welcome A.J. I'm happy to see your (rejectionist's) comment. This board is not for groping (and not against it either). I, repented groper, personally believe moral preaching does not work. Though, this does not prevent anybody preaching whatever for or against molesting here. I'm glad to know an effective anti-groping measure if you come up with any.

NAME:  Techy  (25-Mar-99 10:31 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: room for doubt
Who care if it is an accident or on propose. She gives you her tits for groping either because she is pervert or she likes you. Why don't you take them? Say hello and act just like her boyfriend. As far as she doesn't say no she must mean yes.

NAME:  a witness  (26-Mar-99 08:01 PM)

TITLE: a child molester
few days ago, i saw a girl with her head down in a crwoded subway. she must be 13 or 14. she looked embarrassed. a small boy, he must be 9 or 10, was in front of her. he was lifting her skirt up, touching her on her legs (or between her legs?). i cannot tell if he was doing more than that. any-way, he must be the true child molester.

NAME:  Eve  (27-Mar-99 08:24 PM)
age under 21/straight female/undecided

TITLE: a porno story please
I am deaf. I am blond and good-looking but due to my impediment I do not have a wide circle of friends. I have a nice boyfriend but he is deaf too. And he too is away now. I never have a boyfriend without a physical handicap. I am horny but have no sex friend. I am desperated and come here to find an erotic story. I am masturbating now. Do you understand this? A young girl spending a weekend in front of the monitor seeking a pervert sex story. But she is me. Would anybody post a story of a handicapped woman having kinky sex, please.

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NAME:  conductor  (10-Apr-99 08:46 AM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: Hong-Kong Gang-Bang
You may find many molesters in hong kong. Some of them work as a gang. They surround and molest a woman in a crowded train.

NAME:  Techy  (10-Apr-99 10:22 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Help Me!/Hong-Kong Gang-Bang
I do not agree as to surrounding and molesting a woman. It sounds like intimidation. Yuck! The best way is politely ask a woman if she wants to be molested. "Madam, I find you bum so damn attractive. I cannot resist but feel you up. Please!" The problem is that we live in the hypocritical world where merely asking so is SEXUAL HARASSMENT. You should ask but you cannot. Still I believe you obtain at least tacit approval. Groping takes place anywhere men and women are crowded into. You may hint what you want to do. She may indicate if she likes it or not. Your hand is there by the chance. You keep it there by the carelessness. You can apologize any moment, if she says something. You can turn back. As far as you touch a woman who is willing or at least tolerant, and you show you intention BEFORE you put your hand up under her skirt, what's wrong? The simple rule: you stop if she wants you stop.
NAME:  steve  (11-Apr-99 05:07 PM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: some questions
Hi, 1. I do not know why, but in every second or third day I come back to this page. Maybe I am also a groper, but I suppress this willingness in my soul? :) 2. When a groper, e.g. man, touches a nice bottom on the bus does he has erection? 3. And a straight question. How do gropers reach the satisfaction? Is there anybody here who orgasmed during a good and long groping? Maybe after groping he(she) goes somewhere and masturbating? Or goes he home and fuck the wife? Or what and how and where? 4. Does that ever happened, e.g. on a crowled bus, the woman (or girl) groped back and searched for the dick of the groper? 5. Does that ever happened, a nice groping action ended into a smile and you and the nice bottom went to a place for a good sex?. Thanks for the answer, Steve

NAME:  Edie  (12-Apr-99 03:23 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: RE: some questions
I am new to groping. So I may not be qualified to answer the questions. But as for as I know - 2. I may and may not have erection when I grope. 3. I never reach orgasm by groping. (then why I'm doing this?) 4. I don't know but I know a woman who press her breasts against a man. However, since she took the initiative, she was not a groping back woman. I didn't grope her back either. I said hello and we are dating now. 5. I cannot tell now but I hope a nice groping ends with a nice lovemaking.

NAME:  Steve  (13-Apr-99 12:00 PM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

TITLE: RE: some questions
That is interesting you wrote Edie. I have a dim reminescent from my teenager age (sorry for my English :) I was in a movie, alone, and only few persons were around. A woman came to the seat just in front of me and somehow provoked me to touch her breasts. Later I was sroking her tits, from the back side, for a long time. Before the end of the performance she just stood up and disappeared. Now I think she was quite older than me. Maybe 50. I think the real groping woman are rare. Mybe only Japanese girls grope after the dick of a man or boy. So pity, I do not have enough money to visite Japan :))) Steve

NAME:  Techy  (13-Apr-99 10:02 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: some questions
Hi, Steve. I don't know if you are a groper in hiding. If you had already groped a woman, how can you say so? For other points, I wonder if you see a cooking program on TV. If you do, how do you get the satisfaction? I have a friend who likes gardening. I guess he enjoys the process itself. He produces more vegetables than he wants eat and gives them away. Probably a groper is interested in arousing a woman and excited by the action itself regardless of the outcome. If she gropes back, it's nice. But I think you expect it one in thousands regardless if it's in japan or anywhere. In your case, I think you could lead the woman, take her hand and place it on you cock. She might or might not move the hand but she would keep the hand there. A woman, who is willing to be molested, may still not want to take an active role but she is quite willing to molest in the way she merely keep the hand there and the man moves his pelvis. If she likes it, hold her hand and make her strokes you. If it works, leave her hand alone. Don't forget your grind movement. As far as she can fib to herself that she is not taking an active role, she would actively grope back.
NAME:  Webmaster  (14-Apr-99 10:48 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Two gropers arrested! (a newspaper story)
17 years old high school girl helped by other commuters arrested two gropers. One groper in his late twenties had been molesting the girl waist-down etc. last two-three months. When arrested, he was pressing his body on her back and fondling her. Another groper in his fifties stood in front of her face to face felt her breasts. The two were no accomplice. The pincer movement took place spontaneously.
NAME:  Steve  (15-Apr-99 11:45 AM)
Age:/straight male/Disposition:

Hello Techy, I understand your examples with gardening, TV and satisfaction but, I think, they are not really relevant. Groping can be very exciting mainly because of the illegality and the risk you take, cannot be?. The rape story what Victor wrote is different. Very interesting but different. Even then, I should like to now more about the life of the typical and successfull gropers. E.g. it would be interesting to read a detailed report on a really nice action when the groping was somehow accepted and later discussed with the woman. What was her opinion. And what is the normal sex life of the gropers? Are they mainly single persons? Or they have nice girl-friends, maybe picked up on the bus touching the bottom of her? Or who experienced e.g. a woman who just opened her legs and offered her pussy for the groper?? So, I see many nice possibilities here, not only the arrest :)) Best wishes, Steve Best wishes, Steve

NAME:  Edie  (17-Apr-99 03:28 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: RE: successful gropers
I have started to have a date with a woman. She is working in the same office building. When we get into a crowded elevator she used to press her tits on my back. I said hello and we got to know each other. But I don't know if this is a successful groping. 1) I didn't grope her. 2) I don't know if she did it to feel me or only because the elevator was so much crowded. 3) I do not have courage to ask the question. I appreciate if someone dispel my doubts. Why did she do that?

NAME:  Alpha_dec  (18-Apr-99 11:43 AM)
age 31-35/Sex:/undecided

TITLE: Rape postings
Hi All!!, Must say that I have enjoyd reading these postings the last days I have been reading this site. The reson for finding this site is that I just love asian girls and are just plain nuts about them and well some day I will come to japan have my way with some japan beuties. But about this site. I DO NOT BELIVE IN A SECOUND on MOST OF THESE POSTINGS HER!. And why don't I belive it well mainly for the reson that it is just too fantastic that a girl would let her self be raped over a bus/train ticket!!!!. And later this guy would have us belive that this girl did come back to a apartment where she willing let her self be raped. I have no experince with raping girls, but would amagine that they would scream and yell like hell to get out of the situation. As I said earlier NO WAY in hell would a girl just put out her ass just so you could have your dick inside her just so she could get back to school.... Also there was another posting her who did write about pulling down underpanties on a girl inside a train with lots of people around...... :D I have never been to japan but this is just too fantasic no, not fantastic it is just impossible you would be cought before your hand could reach her breast not even talking about getting her panites of inside a train with many people around. But I do enjoy reading this site. I like some comments on this so send me mails to

NAME:  Techy  (18-Apr-99 09:46 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Why groping
I'm sorry Steve/Edie but I don't have the answer. There are many possibility, indeed. And the each individual must have his/her own reason. Some are sexually turned on by pain (bdsm) and some by exposure. I even heard of balloon fetish. If somebody is turned on by touching a woman, not by touching a balloon, what is an enigma? Sure, the thrill is great. You had it in your virgin sex, didn't you. And smaller one each for each new woman. You don't know if and when she may say "NO!" The very thrill you and your wife had lost in routine sex is here. But it's not the only reason. Sure, not for everybody. I think two arrested gropers are clumsy gropers. You don't need 2-3 months to grope a woman. 5-10 minutes and she is turned on. But turned on and willing to make love is different. If a woman can stand up and leave from a cinema at the end of the movie, why she didn't do that long before? Sure, she knew she was touched on her breasts but she accepted (or at least tolerated) it. She liked it up to the certain limit but not beyond. As far as you respect her limit, arrest is rare. And you hope you can stretch her limit. If you are slow to escalate, the time runs out and the movie is over. If you hurry up, she feels offended and you can be arrested. If you feel such diplomacy trouble, you are no groper.
NAME:  Techy  (18-Apr-99 09:50 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Why groped
Some women seem to enjoy being groped. And a few but a certain number of women actively grope a man. You can easily figure out how many more are hiding. You can guess that a female groper has a little thrill of being arrested. Which do you believe when a man and a woman had strange move and then the both started to say he/she is the victim of sexual molestation? You believe the woman and the man is arrested even if he is the victim. A groping woman may enjoy it out of such sadistic possibility. But the female groper may face the risk of being followed and raped. Such risk may turn a masochistic woman on. A lot of other female molesters touch a man simply because the dick is there. A passive woman who wants sexual contact may not actively seek out a dick. Instead she would find a crowded place where men and women are crammed into. She goes there and hopes somebody touches her. Once I met a young women who kept her hands clasped in front of her where she found my dick. I don't think she kept them there to protect her pussy from my erecting cock. She was holding a bag which already separates us. To see if she likes the very feeling of erecting cock, you put your hand on her breasts or on her pussy and you know the answer. Although to put your hand on her pussy, you need to put your hand between her body and the bag. If she keeps her hands down there, still touching your dick even after she realizes sexual connotation of such position and uselessness of it to guard herself, sure, she is doing so on purpose and from the beginning.
NAME:  Techy  (18-Apr-99 09:59 PM)
age 31-35/straight male/consensual caresser

TITLE: Re: Rape postings
I do not take the story of the molested girl seriously, either. How a girl can be raped merely to get her undies back? No way! However you do not understand it when you say you would be caught before your hand could reach her breasts. You can touch her down under there without lifting your hand, far below and out of anybody's view. Therefore, touching a woman on her pussy is easier than touching on her breasts. Some even feel it's easier than touching her back if you dare to be seen or stared at. You can observe her face, judge if she is willing (rare) or tolerant. If you know her limit and do not cross it, she will not make a complaint.
NAME:  cain  (22-Apr-99 11:42 PM)
age 21-25/Sex:/tolerant molestee

TITLE: a girl masturbates
I saw a young girl reading a book in a park yesterday. She must be 15 or 16. She was sitting on a bench with her legs crossed. She attracted my attention because she kept swingin her leg. She must be masturbating. She was squeezing her pussy between her thighs. I watched her for few minutes. Giving a little attention, you can see girls masturbate. They do it quite openly. They do not have a penis. A man can not hide an erection easily but a woman can do it secretly in the open.

NAME:  Edie  (24-Apr-99 03:18 PM)
age 26-30/straight male/undecided

TITLE: re: a girl masturbates
And you may find a girl pressing her pussy to, say, the edge of a desk. She may not do an obvious grind movement, so you cann't say if she is enjoying the feeling or merely leaning on the desk. Maybe she cannot tell the difference either. I had even seen a kid, prolly a kindergartenner, masturbating. She was riding on a bicycle but periodically stopped and touched her pussy. She seemed nervous and horny. She looked around restlessly when she was grabbing her own crotch. She was pushing the cloth into her slit! Prolly she learnt it by an accident and ever since the bike became her fav toy.

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