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vividreality (Tue 05 Jun 2001 08:00:34 GMT)

humping a nun

I always maintained that sex is a taboo and no one is spared to run
away from it. the holy people are not any different from us, and i
have personal incident to share.
I had a boarded my usual 3 pm bus, it was my favorite. the usual
school girls crowding into it. no complaints. hassle free jacking bus,
and the fact that not many gropers were aware of this made my life

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vivid reality (Thu 21 Jun 2001 08:30:43 GMT)

jacking a veiled woman

this was a real smashing experience. muslim women across the world wear veils
to cover their face, esp when they travel out. i had boarded a bus . it was not
crowded at all. i saw a muslim woman in black. covered from head to foot.
it will scare any groper to try a hand at her, as if she raises an alarm, they will be killed by the mob. i thought for a while and then moved cautiou

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vivid reality (Sun 22 Jul 2001 11:04:37 GMT)

hey tell us details abt HK groping

hk fighter
i got really excited abt ur encounters at book fair. tell us when it takes
place (fairs) and which trains to board in HK? and whats the best
time of the year to visit Hk and grope babes? please tell us as much
info as possible as u seem to be an experienced groper there.


vivid reality

vivid reality (Sat 04 Aug 2001 07:26:55 GMT)

young butt at fast food joint

i am posting my encounter in here after a long time. well this friday
night was a bit special for me. infact quite a surprise too. we decided
to grab some ice candy at a fast food joint in the neighbourhood.
when we walked in there, i was excited to see a crowd in front of the cash counter. the counters are the best places to jack babes. i waited for
a young girl in her teens

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vivid reality (Mon 06 Aug 2001 06:12:33 GMT)

check this chikan fondling news site

whats up with these news stories in japan. there are so many chikan fondling crimes, and in each of the crime spots reported, the victim just grabs
the hand of the chikan and hands him over to the cops. i was just
wondering if the chikans are so helpless that they allow the young girl
to grab them, after all they were so forceful to have groped them all
along the journey.
check this site out: http://www12.mainichi.co.jp/news/mdn/search-news/830898/molested-20-27.html
its got umpteen number of news stories of chikan crimes...

vivid reality

vivid reality (Sat 18 Aug 2001 11:24:39 GMT)

whats happening here

hey guys
this board is stagnating....where are the mashers and other gropers?
i dont get to read any juicy posts? are the gropers in hibernation?
well once a groper, always one..nothing can come close to it....

i hope the moderator does put in his old groping stories...and make this
site worthwhile...btw, are there any babes out here who love to
be groped & looking for a gala time .........mail me..i wont disappoint u

vivid reality

vivid reality (Sat 29 Sep 2001 16:08:34 GMT)

action packed groping in bus

hi, its long since i posted here..
i and my best friend were traveling in a local bus. it was evening rush hour and the bus was packed. we as usual made our way to the front area of the bus where women and college girls were fighting for space. within a matter of minutes we found soft, bubbly butts in front of us, and soon got into action. the women didnt seem to enjoy it, as the oppressive hea

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vivid reality (Mon 08 Oct 2001 07:13:21 GMT)

love to jack big bubbly butts

for a true jacker like me, there is nothing better than a big bubbly butt with a deep crack in it. once i sink in my dick into it, it just melts like butter. and then all the pleasure senses explode as the sidewalls of the crack hold the dick in a delicate yet firm hold. my pulsating dick now then will find the crack a bit warm that needs pumping to heat up the apparatus. the sheer harmony of pulsating dick inside a voluptuous butt is something undescribable. i am sure gropers here will agree with me that there is no better sex than jacking a stranger. the sheer chemistry, the strangeness, the novelty of a butt everytime. well all chikans in here should take a little time and tell what kind of butts, pussies, girls excite them the most, and why?

punjabi butt humper (Sat 02 Feb 2002 12:19:10 GMT)

punjabi butts are divine

punjabi butts are made with lot of care. they are soft yet firm. they have great elasticity to take the load of hard dicks. the crack in there is so deep and stimulating that u cant just take ur dick off from it without releasing a litre of hot cum inside it. they have such great hips that sway the butts, that it cud easily drive a preast mad for sex. anyway guys if u ever get a chance to hump punjabi butts take them. the paki counterparts of punjabis are heavenly looking but more conservative. they have slender butts and may yell when u dry hump them.

happy humping

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Feb 2002 05:23:33 GMT)

punjabi girls attire

punjabi girls wear what is called churidhar in india. its basically tight pants, and loosely worn, long top that hangs down below the knees. the women look sexy in these clothes. also they wear salwar, kameez which is a variant of the churidhar. whatver these babes wear, they look stunning and their butts look enticing and very humpable. punjabi girls in india are more fashion concsious and more outgoing and friendly while their paki counterparts are prettier but more conservative and also lack polish, and style...anyway on a crowded tube ,all that matters is a great, soft, bubbly butt with a deep crack in front of me. while i download litre of hot cum into their heavenly bottom draped in choicest colorful churidhar set.....:D

punjabi butt humper (Mon 04 Feb 2002 05:25:46 GMT)

crazy punjabi butt humping

it was a weekend and i went to the bombay chowpatty, a little walk away from my home. the chowpatty is a typical fast food joint that serves spicy,tangy western indian and north indian stuff. most families land up here and some women are so engaged in eyeing the food counter that they wont even feel a dick sinking into their soft bottoms. but let me warn u, indian women are super sensitive to grop

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 07 Feb 2002 06:23:59 GMT)

humpin in us..what??

imagination is great..pls make ur story believable...that thank u sounds too nice to be true

punjabi butt humper (Sat 09 Feb 2002 04:32:26 GMT)

thank u??? humping in us

what i am trying to say is that no stranger woman will ever say thank u in a crowd after u have wet humped her..she will try her best to keep her anonymity and prevent being noticed ....its quite shameful for her if ppl in the crowd knows that she enjoyed being humped by a stranger. it doesnt make sense unless she is some cheap whore who cares a damn for what ppl think. i have had an occasion where a pimp pushed a whore in front of me deliberately thinking that i wud get horny and take her out. instead i wet humped her in the fountain crowd and cooly walked away. in my lifetime i havent heard any woman blurt a thank u. it appears to be lifted straight from a porno mag..

punjabi butt humper (Sun 10 Feb 2002 05:02:29 GMT)

nice article carlos

thats a nice article from global list..keep posting articles like these..

punjabi butt humper (Mon 11 Feb 2002 06:04:28 GMT)

humping in pakistan???

u got to have guts of steel to wet hump in crowds in pakistan. if u are caught, its definite that ur dick will be castrated and hung at some public place.
pakis are basically curbing sexual thoughts in public, being islamic country..women are mostly wearing burkhas (veils) and u can hardly get a chance to come in contact with women. they have separate places, queues and its publically shunned

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 12 Feb 2002 08:19:35 GMT)

hey nanbread, tell me more details

i have never wet humped a paki punjabi..this has been my fantasy. they are so cool maan. they got the softest butts i am told..they are also lean and sexy..and so pretty. i wud love to cum inside their butt and like iron dick..sound that aah while i leak all my fluids into that soft crack while she pulsates with my dick rhythm...

tell me where can i find punjabi babes in london tube? timings, stations? oooh
am i already excited????

punjabi butt humper (Wed 13 Feb 2002 13:47:20 GMT)

a request to frotteurs here

can u guys please give information about groping places. best time of the year, best time during the day for public places like tubes, buses, malls, events etc
so that this groper community can benefit from this . and also this can serve as a master reference & map for travelling gropers to make best utilization of this local knowledge. this will also bring the groper community closer and we can also tell the world that actually we are not cheapsters. also its proven that paraphilics are mostly intellectuals. this is the common thread between us. and we wont take shit from some so called psychologists pretending to be smart here with their non sensical comments. Hail the groper community!!!

happy humping some juicy butt...:))

punjabi butt humper (Thu 14 Feb 2002 04:38:10 GMT)

Iron dick..sounds good

Iron dick,
i like this idea of yours. it will be fun to dry hump in london tube. i have never humped pakistani females or even british babes. but i am told the british babes make nasty comments when they get humped in crowds. but banking on my years of humping experience skills, i will definetely find the best humpable chic in the crowd. and when u, chister and I operate, the train will be on fire..and the air will be smelling of sex..the humping trio will be a sure fire hit amongst the groper community on london tube..:)

punjabi butt humper (Thu 14 Feb 2002 07:52:18 GMT)

found a punjabi butt again

hey guys
i bumped into a swelte punjabi babe on the bus. she is really gorgeous..cud only manage to cope a feel. i am tracking her timings so that i can wet hump her one of these days

have a great valentine hump at ur favorite place

punjabi butt humper (Sun 17 Feb 2002 04:03:01 GMT)

u are right: iron dick

whatever u said is just true. its natural to butt hump. i dont understand why women have to make such a big hue and cry over a simple, harmless rub. i have seen women crowds where women of all shapes and sizes are pressed against each other like sardines in a can. they dont mind that. so many dont even know that there might be lesbians in the crowd who may be enjoying the feel as much as any chika

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 18 Feb 2002 04:04:04 GMT)

unrealistic groping videos

i have seen so many groping videos. most of them look unreal. there are no real crowd in there. just one girl waiting to get groped by 2 hands. u can tell by their expression that they are being paid for it. i wish i cud get to see some real mini camera pics which catch the action for real, in crowded tubes. there are some yahoo groups which have some pics... but most of them seem to borrow from japanese porno sites. i am beginning to get feel bored abt these japanese chikan videos. they dont even have the professionalism to make it look real. they seem to go overboard all the time. does someone here have something realistic to share???

punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Feb 2002 14:46:49 GMT)

carlos..share the pics

i cant see the site, as this site is banned here for ethical purpose. so can u pls save a few good pics and share them or mail to me

mail address: vivid_r@yahoo.com

punjabi butt humper (Sun 24 Feb 2002 09:11:40 GMT)

nice stufff carlos

thats great stuff. we wud love to visit venezuela and hump those beautiful , innocent butts on train. and we cud cum inside their heavenly cracks. they are so pretty. this is kinda of info we are looking for. u guys shud visit Dubai in United arab emmirates, especially during march. thats when there are lot of crowds in global village. international babes, great atmosphere..but be careful of police ....and also avoid humping arabic babes in their traditional outfit..
watch out opening and closing ceremonies where the crowds are best and also on weekends, the bars are crowded with women..have fun...
also avoid buses, there is no chance of groping..and dont grope when there are no crowds..u will be behind bars ....

punjabi butt humper (Mon 25 Feb 2002 04:28:18 GMT)

humping an arabic babe

It was one of those rare occasions. It was during GITEX (gulf Info Technology Exhibition) where the consumer IT stalls were staged. i saw a huge crowd, rather unusual in dubai. there were more arabic men than women. and the pavilions were bustling with crowds. the distinctive scent of arabic women caught my nostrils. i ambled around searching for a perfect butt and safe crowd coverage. this didnt

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 26 Feb 2002 04:50:26 GMT)

thank you guys

hey guys...
i am pretty overwhelmed by your responses. well they say, luck favours the brave. in this part of the world, u need to have eyes in ur butt while u dry hump. arab girls are not innocent. they are sex starved, and ready to shed their inhibitions if given a chance. they are living in a men dominated world. but in front of men, they pretend to be very chaste and even avoid eye contact.

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 26 Feb 2002 04:52:10 GMT)

check out paki babes yahoo group


has got nice pics of paki butts and other ones too

punjabi butt humper (Wed 27 Feb 2002 04:57:23 GMT)

whats ur kind of butt?

For a true butt humper like me, there is nothing better than a big bubbly butt with a deep crack in it. once i sink in my dick into it, it just melts like butter. and then all the pleasure senses explode as the sidewalls of the crack hold the dick in a delicate yet firm hold. my pulsating dick now then will find the crack a bit warm that needs pumping to heat up the apparatus. the sheer harmony of pulsating dick inside a voluptuous butt is something undescribable. i am sure gropers here will agree with me that there is no better sex than jacking a stranger. the sheer chemistry, the strangeness, the novelty of a butt everytime. well all chikans in here should take a little time and tell what kind of butts, pussies, girls excite them the most, and why?

punjabi butt humper (Wed 27 Feb 2002 05:01:11 GMT)

humping in a crowded bar

Crowded bars in this part of the world are more of a call girl joint. girls outnumber the men. And to me its perfect groping place. I want to share my experiences last week with u. This was one of those packed weekend night club. i was with my friends and was shocked to see the beauties and broads jostling for space in the bar. this was a perfect chance for me to grope and rub them. i walked past

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 27 Feb 2002 08:01:31 GMT)

thats me

hey x..
i used to send my messages under pen name vivid, as it matches with my yahoo mail id. but i found the name too boring. so i was inspired by names like iron dick and i decided to use a more colorful name which was apt to my taste. hence punjabi butt humper took shape..


punjabi butt humper

punjabi butt humper (Thu 28 Feb 2002 03:59:58 GMT)

hey guest..look before u yell

just check out my stories. they are mine and i dont have to prove them to u. i have been dry humping for the last 15 yrs of my life. i have travelled wide and far, and humped babes of different sizes, shape, color, culture, age and attitude. i guess u just jump into conclusions. as i mentioned earlier, i used to write my truncated mail id as my handle name (vivid). my mail id is vivid_r@yahoo.com.

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punjabi butt humper (Fri 01 Mar 2002 06:56:56 GMT)

sexciting board

this bbs has gotten to be really sexciting. we have great gropers here like iron dick, rick merry, nan bread, roti keema, chister, english groper, mexican groper, rubduab, charles, dr strange, carlos, Mr T who all make this bbs so very exciting. yes , its best thing after microven invention!!:)

there are so many poets born here singing glory of the butt crack. many psychologists in the mak

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 02 Mar 2002 05:11:18 GMT)

what to do if u are getting caught

i agree with the advices given here by chister, iron dick and the rest:

Punjabi butt humper's formulae works this way:

1. Study the crowd where you are in
2. Single girls and woman in crowd are hard to find. But if u find them, go glow to grope. find out if they like ur dick or hand in there.
3. Never force upon them
4. Watch out if someone is spying ur moves. there will

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 02 Mar 2002 11:53:27 GMT)

hello grpfck

welcome back at this board. i used to write under pen name vivid which was my mail id too. now changed it to more sensible name. i am still looking around for masher. he just disappeared

punjabi butt humper

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Mar 2002 04:29:55 GMT)

an important question on humping

i have read a few encounters here where the gropers have withdrawn while humping to prevent reaching a climax or rather cumming. i wonder how many of us would do that. i personally feel the entire humping exercise would be futile if it doesnt have the greatest enjoyment of leaking into soft butt crack. how many would agree with me? i am sure iron dick will not get his aaaahhhhs without cumming into the juicy butt crack.

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Mar 2002 18:24:55 GMT)

get the fuck off this bbs..u are unwelcome guest

i guess this guest has serious problems in understanding simple english language. he doesnt get the message at all. maybe his I.Q is not allowing him to do so. cant wholly blame him. anyway why does he always sign in as guest. probably he is too scared to identify himself as he passes stupid comments and makes unhealthy accusations.

iron dick, i guess we should just kick his butt with fury

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Mar 2002 18:34:09 GMT)


well its a difficult question to answer. 15 yrs is a long time. but i still remember all the butts that i have groped. i am gifted with photographic memory:)but still the count will take a long time. maybe couple of hundreds or more...but i have had the distinction of dry humping women from most orthrodox backgrounds including burkha clad muslim women, chaste arab women, a nun (who was desperate & willing), teens with soft, lovely butts, fat women with bubbly butts, tall woman with slender butts with deep crack, thin women with hard, firm butts, gorgeous models with heavenly butts, women in mid forties, oh lord!! the list goes on...by now i can tell what a butt will feel like just looking at it:)

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Mar 2002 18:38:48 GMT)

re-english groper; starters

i agree with u in terms of warming up. in my case,i come from a place where groping is detested, and crowds will kill you if u are caught when women raises a cry. so i have become accustomed to finding a heavenly crack to leak at the first opportunity. as someone rightly said. a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bushes. so i go for the kill. faster the work, lesser the chances of being trapped. nevertheless, i have had umpteen number of occasions where i have spent a lot of time in warming up the apparatus and letting the woman be mine in crowds.

punjabi butt humper (Sun 03 Mar 2002 19:12:40 GMT)

iron dick.. i love ur sense of humor

u are simply made a difference to this bbs. it was so boring in here. now all of a sudden we have such great responses. u have really made a positive change to make this board full of aahhhs and ooohhhs


punjabi butt humper (Mon 04 Mar 2002 04:25:03 GMT)

rick, need info

tell me where do i find crowded bars like u mentioned in london? any special places, and also tell me abt victoria line's best timings. i wud love to visit london shortly and dry hump english babes.

cheers to chikan spirit

punjabi butt humper (Mon 04 Mar 2002 04:42:20 GMT)

groping connection to paraphilia

gropers have often been related to as paraphilics (people who derive sexual pleasure from other than normal means). in these articles, there is a clear mention that most paraphilics found were intellectuals. so there is a direct connection between the two. our chikan community is getting stronger and we will possibly get social recognition that we all deserve.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 05 Mar 2002 04:56:17 GMT)

thankx rick and english groper

dear humping friends,

thats great piece of information. i was a bit apprehensive abt humping english babes. i had read that they scream at men too often when groped. so as u say, i might have to pick out on other european tourists in crowds. but dont these babes travel with their boyfriends all the time?

are there under cover policemen travelling on tubes to check gropers on london tubes? is there any good approach to dry hump english babes? i mean certain key guidelines, catch words in usage when they retort back at us while humping.

and by the way, who the fuck is this guest, he seems to be jealous of everyone here.


punjabi butt humper (Thu 07 Mar 2002 04:30:10 GMT)

thank you guys

I thank everyone here for making this board so interesting. infact its the first site i visit when i log on. webmaster, thanks again for awarding me groper of the month. well there are some guys out here, who think that all these stories were made up. i have to tell them that i have better things to do in life than publish fantasies or copied stories. u can tell a story is true at most times, by t

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 07 Mar 2002 08:17:44 GMT)

hungry lebanese butt

hello fellow humpers,

As i have mentioned earlier in this site, Dubai has its shopping festival, and the global village is the perfect gropers place. last march, i had amazing humping encounters. sometimes 3 in the space of an hour. i cudnt believe my eyes when i saw huge female crowds. like iron dick says, i felt that yummy feeling. arab butts are so shapely, and they have lot of elasticit

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 09 Mar 2002 12:50:57 GMT)

english groper - u make me real horny

i wish we cud trade places at this time. even though i am having a great time dry humping arabic babes in the global village festival, i still miss humping the spanish babes on london tube. never humped a latina bubble butt. i envy u. keep humping and tell us ur great stories..


punjabi butt humper (Sun 10 Mar 2002 14:05:02 GMT)

found a pakistani punjabi butt

hey guys
at last after years of wait, i found a great pakistani butt to fuck. and thanks to the global village festival in the dubai shopping festival. there were atleast 30,000 women pouring into the stands represented by 25 countries. i just freaked out. i will describe this great encounter in my next letter. meanwhile u guys enjoy. and if u get a chance, just kick the guest's impotent dick.

punjabi butt humper (Wed 13 Mar 2002 10:36:14 GMT)

re: man to sex beast

hey there,
I think there is a simple solution to ur problem. U have to first understand how you want to approach it. (a) Do you want to control this raging groping urge at times??(b) Do you want control it forever??

Let me tell u by my experience, its never easy for a groper to quit. u may tell urself u will not do it. but tell me how many of us can resist a lovely, soft butt right in

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 18 Mar 2002 06:28:18 GMT)

hello guys

its to read some good support from fellow chikans. we are indeed a strong community. we welcome ninja into our group. i am also a martial artist. i have learnt tae kwon do and also was selected pre-nationals representing india boxing in bantam weight division. i respect ninjas a lot. they are real secret killers. we love to see some crude jap chic balls being chopped as she makes an attempt to bla

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 19 Mar 2002 10:47:29 GMT)

gorgeous paki butt

This week has been massive fun for me. First of all, it rained heavily in dubai (a arid desert). a rare occasion that too. while romantic weather helping the groping desire, i ambled across my favorite groping joints, trying to find some erotic butt to hump or some lovely russian to grope around.
The rain had just stopped, invigorating breeze, muddy water pools, droplets of rain still in the a

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 03:54:34 GMT)

welcome paki bottom groper

its good that u are learning fast. groping is a fine art, and its needs presence of mind, and great understanding of crowd movement, body language, sensitivity, urge and killer instinct. i am sure u will master it one day


punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 03:57:40 GMT)

real person; by name or act??

looks like u have decided to tone down ur sarcasm a bit to seek acceptance in this group. anyway cumming fast depends on the involvement in the humping act, quality of butt crack and the occasion. let me tell u again, most of gropers here are real and not by name. so we dont play video games like u and do virtual groping. anyway let me tell u something abt ur sarcasm. "dont do others what u wudnt do to urself".

punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 07:50:57 GMT)

any hot punjabi babes in bbs

lets hear from genuine babes on this bbs.

punjabi butt humper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 04:39:41 GMT)

lessons on crowd behaviour

hello chikans,
I have been an ardent student of Desmond Morris, the original guru of human physiognomy and crowd behaviour. I have had the privelege of putting my learning into practice. Dry Humping being my favorite passion has helped me understand crowd patterns, instinctive behaviour, and here are some guidelines for newbie chikans.

1. Dont wear loud and garish clothes. Instead wear

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 23 Mar 2002 04:31:09 GMT)

fellow gropers

its nice to see the groping community multiplying in here. paki butt groper and ass humper are really having fun with punju butts. this weekend i too had great young punjabi butt to hump. i will tell abt my encounter in my next message. meanwhile, am sorry guys, i cant make it to london due to my business committments here.

punjabi butt humper (Mon 25 Mar 2002 04:32:36 GMT)

conquered an english butt !!!!

Hey guys. many were inviting me to london. but little did i know that i will get a great opportunity to dry hump a lovely english woman out here. dubai world cup is the worlds richest horse race. and it has the same flavor as the Ascots derby in UK. the nad al sheeba club, the derby arena looks like its been located somewhere in UK. Ladies dressed in their best land up here to show off their cloth

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 25 Mar 2002 10:47:37 GMT)

thnx:nan bread and paki groper

yes guys. u were right. english butts are heavenly too. they are soft, curvy and deep cracks. i am lucky too have got one on time

punjabi butt humper (Sat 30 Mar 2002 05:20:24 GMT)

webmaster , tell us ur groping stories

u have been enjoying our stories for long. we also wonder how u groped over the years, and now retrospecting over it. please do tell is detail. we love to read ur stories.

punjabi butt humper (Mon 01 Apr 2002 04:41:03 GMT)

nice story webmaster

at last u have responded. i am glad. its nice to read ur story. i too feel that plump girls are more responsive. possibly the society rejection and their inferior feeling with respect to sexy, lean girls make them display their sexuality stronger.

punjabi butt humper (Wed Apr 3 02:03:32 2002 GMT)

my kind of babes

hey guys
i have wet humping so many babes in the shopping festival that my dick is sore and i am not even dreaming of humping for a few days. as they say, 'rule your passion and dont let the passion rule you'.

i have humped great butts in the past few days. a lovely srilankan teenager, mature english woman, lebanese teenager, a pakistani married woman, a syrian 14 yr old. i can now go t

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 08 Apr 2002 04:08:07 GMT)

tom- get out of this habit or learn

u are an absolute green horn. a classic case of a geek trying to be a chikan. u must have done ur homework on this site before u went berserk in some godamned crowd. now that u have landed in shit, try ur best to get out of the shit. u have to convince the judge that u are innocent, which is difficult. find a means by which ur lawyer can defend u. it cud be anything , a medical certificate of psychomatic illness, or anything of the sort that can bail u. try to get hold of the parish to help u. these guys are powerful. also u havent raped anyone, u have just groped butts in crowd. i hope the judge understands and pardones u. and for gods sake dont act like a maniac in crowd. be smart or dont ever do what u did now.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 04:16:20 GMT)

u are right guys

Life is not just theory. one cant sit in front of pc and decide to be a chikan. practical experience is vital. Tom suffers from inferiority complex. he is a classic case of most chikans that i see in india. these kind of ignored men take up to crowd groping, as its the easiest way they can get to feel a woman without becoming friends. Tom, if u need to have friends, you need to come out of ur home, join clubs, take up sports, socialise and make urself acceptable. u have got enough advise on this bbs, if u dont take it, ur life will remain messy. forget the past. if mike tyson can proudly come in public till day even after serving prison sentence for rape, so can u. u are an anonymity as far media goes. go ahead get a life for urself.

punjabi butt humper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 04:35:09 GMT)

hypno works

these tapes work if u believe in it.

punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Apr 2002 04:26:38 GMT)

humping a white south african doctor

Its been long since i chipped in here. i have been travelling, so have lots of stories to tell. infact i havent even completed my humping stories during festival in dubai. meanwhile this time, when i was coming back to dubai, i met a woman in the flight. the first thing i noticed abt her was that she has a lovely butt. round, firm and shapely. i was desperate to touch it while i boarded the flight

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 22 Apr 2002 13:08:16 GMT)

simulated trains and sex in japan

well guys, japan is a sex crazed society. majority of the people in power want to satisfy their sex fantasies. the growing women public outcry of groping in trains by chikans lead to the simulated carriages where prostitutes play the passengers. but its not the same as real sex. its not crowded and also the women are there waiting for u to grope them. it doesnt give u the thrill at all. what wud g

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 25 Apr 2002 04:40:40 GMT)

anyone has videos of ana ohura

i saw ana's pics. she has got big tits for a jap. anyone has got video mpegs to share of ana?

HEY chister, x, dr iron dick, paki bottom groper, rick merry any recent encounters with lovely butts? pls share.i wud love to hear ur stories...

punjabi butt humper (Fri 26 Apr 2002 07:31:01 GMT)

i agree with u gerry

whats a chikan's life without humping a round, soft, firm butt. roundness gives depth, urge and sexiness. i cant stand the idea of humping a flat ass girl however pretty they might be. i understand most chikans here are going thru a lean phase. but we are all optimists, and thats why chikans are successful in humping strangers. so i guess some lovely butt will entice u out of ur situation. i saw s

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 05:36:19 GMT)

pakistani bottom groper is winner

i nominate the paki bottom groper. he has been the most active of the lot in contributions and also he has humped gloriously to earn himself the nominations this time.

btw, in response to a question here on women reactions. i have mixed reactions. when i was a beginner in fact i got kicked in the leg by a iranian babe. maybe she was having her periods when i tried to hump her butt:)
but then after that i realised how to get away with humping and identifying the right one to hump. its a growing initiative that lead me into understanding women and crowd psychology.

punjabi butt humper (Tue 30 Apr 2002 05:21:41 GMT)


hey chister
its sad that u are at the fag end of ur frotteur days, or planning to get out of it. there is a terrible withdrawal symptom for every ex-chikan. this happens when they get into a crowded place with juicy, soft round butts in skimpy attire. well i have tried to control myself so many times when i am out with my wife. its very difficult, believe me. but since u have asked me for advic

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punjabi butt humper (Sun 05 May 2002 04:32:17 GMT)

congrats peeping tom

now that u have been awarded the chikan of the month..this will be a feather in the hat u will cherish, as ur chikan days are over...and u shud restore ur confidence in urself..u are not ugly ...u are a smart, outgoing, extrovert young man who can mix with society people and be a part of them..this is the confidence u must have within urself...now go ahead and show the world what u are made up of..

punjabi butt humper

punjabi butt humper (Tue 07 May 2002 04:16:39 GMT)

amanda ..pics on site

hey guys
amanda pics are available on the website :http://www.amandaswisten.com. She doesnt have a great butt that we can rave abt. i have got pics of women with heavenly butts, so amanda looks a pale shadow of these women. i think u guys shud become members of yahoo groups where u get mails of lovely butts everyday. unfortunately i cant send pics to u

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 08 May 2002 04:31:12 GMT)

video doesnt load

hey guest, the video doesnt load at all...i wonder why. i guess its not in there at all..

punjabi butt humper (Mon 08 Jul 2002 06:18:11 GMT)

i am back

sorry guys. i was away for a long time. i lost my mother. she died of cancer, and i was with her during her last phase of life. its a terrible loss to me. i can always sense her presence even now. this meaningless life goes on.

punjabi butt humper

punjabi butt humper (Thu 11 Jul 2002 04:42:07 GMT)

thnx for ur condolence msgs

paki bottom groper, carlos, nanbread, rick merry, webmaster- thnx for ur condolenses. im getting to terms with the shock. mom lives in my heart all the time.

btw, i like carlos ideas of groping underwater. he seems to have the right ideas at the right time. this time during the Holi festival celebration, i too had a novel idea. lots of young girls were filling their water bottles at the co

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 13 Jul 2002 06:31:39 GMT)

invite us carlos

with a set up like that we wud love to be atur place. we would possibly gate crash at wet hump a few hot venezuelian babes. u got a nice dream. lets hope it is realised.


punjabi butt humper (Mon 15 Jul 2002 04:39:21 GMT)

what are indian women like..

this is one of the most difficult question to answer. kavita will be able to tell u what her community women are like. i have travelled extensively in india, though i havent covered all the states. i have lived in several cosmopolitan cities. and what i gather is that there is so much diversity in culture that u just cant generalise their demeanour.
A woman's upbringing, education,

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 16 Jul 2002 14:06:11 GMT)

masking is thy nature

women will be women...
first woman who hates being groped walks into tell a bunch of hard core humpers on a exclusive groper board that - groping is not good. well there is something amiss here. first of all, if a woman loves to be groped, a true chikan will go to lengths to satisfy her. sex is two way. if u shoo away a man in crowd. at the first opportunity he will try to satisfy his lust an

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 17 Jul 2002 06:12:30 GMT)

gerry,u are funny

i like ur kind of funny groping story narration and language

punjabi butt humper (Wed 17 Jul 2002 06:15:17 GMT)

rick, i agree with u

u are right brother. what u said is true. women know how to get up the ladder and then pretend as if their talent got them thru. tell us how do these kind of women approach u for sex. is it a blanket, straight forward approach or veiled flirting that lands up in sex. how do u handle such women? tell us some of ur tips. u seem to be a great woman handler...


punjabi butt humper (Thu 18 Jul 2002 04:34:05 GMT)

nanbread-abt mumbai

mumbai has its share of brothels, posh call girl network and escort service. u got to be careful with the pimps,these guys are cheats. if u want some decent and clean sex, u shud get some escort service companies to help u out. there are lot of bars where u can pick women. for instance 'chandni bar'. a hindi movie was recently made with the same name. in mumbai when they see a foreigner, the first

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 18 Jul 2002 04:38:15 GMT)

rick- thnx

thanks for ur advice abt women. i sincerely wish that u get a woman who truly loves u. its important to be in love. it makes u a better person. anyway i envy u for the chics that u get to hump. someday when i visit london, i will get in touch with u. if u feel generous that day, u cud possibly help me get some babes who are willing to get humped. i have never really had sex with english babes. i am told that they have real soft bubbly bottoms.

cheers. have fun


punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 04:22:55 GMT)

kavitha-read carefully

this is a serious gropers site. we dont derive any kicks and accolades for telling a fantasy story. i understand there are some blokes in here who fantasise. but it becomes evident in their stories as we know to what extent groping is possible. ppl like me, rick, nanbread, paki bottom groper, carlos, mr t, iron dick, english groper,ass humper are hard core butt humpers in the crowd. it needs a spe

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 04:31:23 GMT)

rick thats a terrific offer

thats a wonderful offer my friend. i just cant resist it. pls tell me the months of the year to visit. thisyear is doubtful as i have blown all my money in india. anyway next year seems bright and enticing.


punjabi butt humper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 04:38:51 GMT)

nanbread-abt mumbai

just give me some time to arrange for info.


punjabi butt humper (Mon 22 Jul 2002 04:29:21 GMT)


are u changing ur mind abt groping. get ur friend across if she is female too. if what u are saying is true, i picture u as a telugu speaking lady. andhraiites have great, soft , shapley large butts . esp the women in tight sarees haunt my mind in crowded places. i have humped so many such women in tight sarees. the feeling is so great that its beyond words. btw, ur email is quite strange: biqatar???? what do we digress from it?

anyway keep writing. u provide an interesting angle to this group..


punjabi butt humper (Tue 23 Jul 2002 05:28:57 GMT)

hi kavitha

its nice to know that u are an andhraiite. ur butt must be heavenly. i wud love to wet hump u someday. which part of middle east are u planning to move to. tell me more abt u. i am not a sardarji, but i love humping punjabi butts, they are one of gods greatest creations meant exclusively for men with sex drive:)

email me at: vivid_r@yahoo.com

punjabi butt humper (Wed 24 Jul 2002 06:00:38 GMT)

butt humping in mall

i could almost sense the crowd swell before i parked the car in the mall basement. as i walked in, my intuition proved right. there was a moderate crowd lined across the railing to witness an mock arabic wedding that was conducted as a part of the summer promotions in the mall. i surveyed the crowd. it was a mixture of young girls and their mothers. humping the mature butt would have been first ch

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punjabi butt humper (Fri 26 Jul 2002 05:18:21 GMT)


i really admire ur guts and persistence in ur boston humping days.
cheers to the spirit of carlos the great humper


punjabi butt humper (Fri 26 Jul 2002 05:22:29 GMT)


u seem to be really horny abt being groped lustily in crowd. i just wish i get a chance to that to u. in india, we always try to master this art of crowd behaviour, or we end up losers. this has taught us great lessons in successful groping. i have witnessed great gropers and humpers in action and have tried to better the act and approach



punjabi butt humper (Sat 27 Jul 2002 10:39:01 GMT)

intense grinding sessions

i can recall dozens of such encounters. especially in buses and malls in last death moments where the girl would have escaped and i wud have been left high and dry.

i remember at the arrows annual sale- a lovely woman in jeans.. a classy babe was just moving out as she was clearing her bills at the counter. i thought i will just have a brush of her lovely butt. but to my luck the counter b

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 27 Jul 2002 10:40:00 GMT)

thnx- paki bottom groper

u always stand by me. u are a true friend. any paki bottoms in ur victim list offlate. i wud love to fuck these paki butts till they explode in front of me


punjabi butt humper (Thu 01 Aug 2002 03:58:33 GMT)

greatest board

this is no doubt the greatest humpers board on this planet. we have now a bunch of friends who regularly write and make this board so lively. i guess we should start getting personal email ids of each other, before something drastic happens here. also we should have passwords to authenticate the bbs usage.

rick, i wish i cud join u at caracas. but now i am broke, with already too many visi

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punjabi butt humper (Sat 03 Aug 2002 04:12:09 GMT)

rick, have a great time

u deserve a great humping time at zurich..have fun..tell us ur groping stories.we are all ears :)


punjabi butt humper (Sat 03 Aug 2002 04:21:08 GMT)

women confronting

it has happened so many times with me, during my early days of groping. i blame it on my impulsiveness to grope without checking for a strong vibe. i remember an iranian student who kicked my shin. i pretended with the crowd as though we were friends who were having a fight. i called shereen, its ok...we can go home and fight.she was in a rage..her poor english didnt help much to defend herself.

1131 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Sun 04 Aug 2002 03:56:45 GMT)

agree with cybergrope

u got be smart out there in the crowd. caution is neccessary, but dont over wait when u get a green signal. so all it means is that one must be attentive, sensitive to responses after touch. no point forcing urself. on some occasions, u may get away with a meek woman, but some strong woman may give u hell. its worth getting an ill repute in family and friends. once u lose respect, u will be ridiculed, and probably no woman in ur circle will trust u with their kids too. so watch it guys...remember groping is always 2 way. if a woman is not turning back at u when u grope. it simply means she likes it. u dont have to a verbal response or wait for body shifting. some women just take it without seeking attention..so happy humping ..


punjabi butt humper (Sun 04 Aug 2002 04:03:02 GMT)

hey..infamous groper

its sad that u didnt get to hump that babe in the theatre queue. it happens sometimes, that attractive women are more prone to revolting against groping. they act pricey. i avoid beautiful women, unless i get a quick green signal. remember at most times, beautiful women and girls are accompanied. boy friends, lovers, husbands love to escort them acting as their security shield. they may be hanging around to see who is eyeing or attempting to hump them. so keep ur eyes wider and watch out for eyes watching the babes in ur mind...


punjabi butt humper (Mon 05 Aug 2002 04:44:37 GMT)

hi kavitha, carlos, iron dick, PBG

dear guys and kavitha
i agree that more and more women are getting stiffer about being groped. u are lucky to be in venezuela and not in anti groping places like Chennai(indian city). in this city, women act like untouchables. even the slightest of touch in any part of teh body, and they act as if u raped her chastity.

sometimes, i wonder if these hypersensitivity is an clear indication

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 05 Aug 2002 04:46:56 GMT)

nanbread- all the best

happy humping with ur girlfriend. u will make lots of guys envy u there..


punjabi butt humper (Wed 07 Aug 2002 05:20:37 GMT)

jay and his fantasy

i guess u get great kicks of seeing ur jennifer boned in the butt. well u cud let her lend butt to us..u can watch me, dr iron dick, rick, nanbread, paki bottom groper, carlos dig into her, one after one..while jennifer goes into an exstacy. it shud be fun watching us do that to jennifer..meanwhile most boyfriends will end up giving u a broken jaw, if u think humping his girl friend was a pleasure, right under his nose..


punjabi butt humper (Mon 12 Aug 2002 04:28:37 GMT)

back aches

i too had back aches after a series of grinding sessions. the best solution is to keep ur lower back muscles strong and super fit condition. practise push ups on floor where u need to arch ur back ..breath in when u go down and breath out when come up. do it slowly and repeat it as often as u can. a good back is what a groper needs apart from a throbbing dick.

stealth groping techniques ar

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punjabi butt humper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 04:03:17 GMT)

jay..great humpin

i have a similar experience of humping older ladies. the situation that u mentioned were also quite similar, except for the bathing suit. most women get edgy only when we start cumming. they are game during most of the humping act. the fact that she moved away without a hue and cry tells us that she really had her share of fun..keep us updated with more stories...


punjabi butt humper (Mon 19 Aug 2002 04:25:58 GMT)

hi guys

i have had a great humping experience yesterday. will write more in detail..keep up the good works guys. where is chister, english groper, mexican groper , mr t and so many other guys who stopped writing in..

hey paki bottom groper, rick, iron dick, mosh pit groper, infmaous groper, dr iron dick..ur stories are great..just keep them coming

kavitha, tell us stories too
webmaster, tell us ur old gropin stories too


punjabi butt humper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 04:29:02 GMT)

hello guys

This has been a very intellectually stimulating talk about assertive vs dumb and ofcourse the talk about approach. mind is a complex phenomenon. there cant be advices thrown to control a complex crowd situation.

All formulae will fail if u dont understand and feel the pulse of the situation. women are much more complex then men. its natural that they will be a mystery unsolv

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punjabi butt humper (Sun 25 Aug 2002 04:28:26 GMT)

thnx - paki bottom groper

u are a great groper too. i wud love to go with u to caracas and fuck venezuelan women on tubes.

i also welcome the arrival of Mr T and voyeur peru, who are here after a long time


punjabi butt humper (Tue 17 Sep 2002 04:00:20 GMT)

hello guys

i havent been on this site for long. i just browsed thru all posts. i think groping is abt fun and we have to respect sentiments of the girls and women too. poor and destitute girls may let us grope for money. but they soon will get into prostitution as its easier means of getting money. i am not against groping young girls. however we could avoid taking advantage of these helpless and poor girls who need money and comforting words. i guess if we dont respect these sentiments, we are no less than rapists. the thin border of sanity we have is that we seek fun without damage (psychologically)

how are our dear friends" PBG, carlos, rick merry, mr t, dr iron dick, english groper, nanbread, and the rest...

happy humping guys


punjabi butt humper (Sun 22 Sep 2002 04:14:31 GMT)

laws in india

there are no exclusive laws in india against groping. no one usually complains to the police. on a crowded train or bus, the woman usually complains and at the most the groper may get beaten up the co passengers. the law rests in the hands of the people. groping gets categorised under eve teasing. u can tip the police and get away with such offenses.
its difficult to grope an unwilling woman in india, as there are too many jealous eyes watching ur actions all time.

saira is another case like kavitha who needs attention on this board. no one can reach this board without searching for this kind of content. and what made her write to us makes her intentions rather obvious.

punjabi butt humper (Mon 23 Sep 2002 04:15:08 GMT)


kavitha is not a fake. she is a gropers delight. she is under the influence of her husband who guides her sexual desires and how and what she does with herself and her friends.

anyway now that she has stopped responding, she must be a quiet reader on this board.

punjabi butt humper (Thu 03 Oct 2002 07:04:20 GMT)

return of the punjabi butt humper

sorry guys
i have been too busy , so cudnt come in here. last night, i had been a bar. i chanced my eyes on a romanian beauty. she was tall, lanky, innocent and pretty. i was desperate to lay my hands on her. she was wearing a white tank top and tight blue denim jeans. her butt was small but crack was deep and held her butt cheeks bouncy and soft. i wanted to plough into her butt like there was

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pbh (Mon 07 Oct 2002 04:18:46 GMT)

hello pbg

i live in dubai, not saudi arabia. if u are planning to come here, u cud hit great bars and find women from europe, africa, asia and have a great ball. groping is not allowed in bars. but its easy prey since they are very crowded.
u can mail me at the address provided.


pbh (Tue 08 Oct 2002 05:09:47 GMT)

dr iron dick

tell us stories of ur latest exploits in the london tube. we will be glad to hear from u. keep ur spirits as high as usual

punjabi butt humper

pbh (Wed 09 Oct 2002 05:32:13 GMT)


dubai is a nice place for babes. the bars are crowded with multi culture babes. their range of charges vary as per the time of the night and occasions. weekends are expensive affairs. no free fuck in dubai, unless u are a stunning film star or a ronaldo.

IT market is fucked up, unless u are some hacker with fantastic brains, or some dude with engineering degree from reputed university with

769 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Sat 26 Oct 2002 05:14:10 GMT)


the linkto this board has problems..one of the html files are not working.so this will prevent new entrants from hitting our board from search engines like google and yahoo..pls go to google.com and type ayashi bbs..and the link provided by the IP address doesnt work..so u will know that this html file doesnt exist..so u can update it and allow access to our bbs

where are our groper friends. are people abandoning this board..pls do something webmaster. it used to be so much fun here..


punjabi butt humper (Mon 28 Oct 2002 04:34:31 GMT)

where are our friends

what happened to rick, english groper, mr t, nanbread, paki bottom groper, iron dick, carlos, mexican groper, kavitha and the rest of the old timers here

missing u on this board
do write

punjabi butt humper (Tue 05 Nov 2002 07:33:44 GMT)

good to see the old crowd back

nice to see pbg, iron dick, nanbread back. where is rick, are u busy with ur secretaries still

where is english groper, mex groper
and the rest

will tell u guys my recent encounters


punjabi butt humper (Thu 07 Nov 2002 05:31:13 GMT)

hey pincher

the difference between most punjabi babes and other indians are following:

1. most likely is that punjabis wear salwar kameez or churidhar suits.
2. they are much fairer
3. they have soft bubble butts
4. their accent is a little different even speaking english

its very hard for a westerner to make all these differences. u would need a indian close by u to tell u these differences. indian culture is far too complex to make notice outrightly

anyway all the luck. maybe u can start a conversation and find out if she is punjabi


punjabi butt humper (Sat 09 Nov 2002 05:00:39 GMT)

guru is back

topics seem to hottening up here. all the takk abt punjabi butts, and post hump depression.
in my experience of humping, i have never undergone a depression after a hump. instead i felt euphoric and extremely pleased with myself for having found a innovative way to hump a sexy stranger in most challenging situations.

the ultimate prize of humping is a thunderous and earth shattering orgasm that one can achieve deep inside the crack of a soft bubble butt. and can some sensible bloke here tell me, how can one get depressed after experiencing such a heavenly thrill. i feel its very important for gropers to enjoy humping and put this depression thingy out of ur minds

punjabi butt humper (Sun 10 Nov 2002 05:14:13 GMT)

humping a hot lady

hi pbg, and the rest of my friends

I was there at the vegetable section of the supermarket, and with a purpose. i stood at a corner to survey the movement of women. like a seasoned humper, i always decide my trajectory in advance and make every touch, brush, and deep dig into a crack appear rather accidental. there were scores of busy women doing their weekend shopping. huge trolleys, aroma

3339 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Tue 12 Nov 2002 05:20:45 GMT)

hey guys

i love the stories here. its nice to see energetic humpers like pbg, pincher, iron dick, nanbread, rick, english groper, carlos, mex groper all having great fun squashing blondes and punjabis on london tube. i wud love to be in london and join u guys on a humping tour. i just love to slip into the crowd, hump and disappear:)
Now that i am learning to read aura, in few months, i shud be able to understand women types easier by reading their auric energic fields. this may also help me in choosing the right one, and the hot one. this is really interesting field guys


punjabi butt humper (Wed 13 Nov 2002 04:18:58 GMT)


hi pbg, nanbread
u guys seem interested in auric energy fields. well aura are colored energy fields seen around humans, plants and even tables and chairs (not sure). with careful and systematic study, one can see them. for a strart,do the following:

1. Sit on a chair in front of a full length mirror.
2. Draw the curtains and ensure the room is dark
3. Position a table lamp that d

949 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Thu 14 Nov 2002 04:21:15 GMT)

fish n chips

hi there
yes.. i did attend a class, but found a rare book in india and learnt most of the stuff abt auric fields. well i dont use it unless i really need to. i am still learning to master it. so i havent reached a point where i can see auras instantly. it takes time. so observing crowd auras is still under scrutiny and learning program


punjabi butt humper (Sat 16 Nov 2002 04:15:28 GMT)

its no black magic

learning abt auric fields is simply an art. we just need to train our eyes for long. since its very time consuming, and very few people know abt it, this art seems to have remained a mystery to most. I am a Reiki Master, and I heal using spiritual guides and use the nature's energy bounty. its stupid to call myself a healer. as only god is a healer. however having powers to direct energy to heal a person is a great thrill. as its most satisfying to heal a person just by touch. i am so much a touchy person, that i think that groping came naturally to me...


punjabi butt humper (Mon 18 Nov 2002 04:19:10 GMT)


hi pbg,
u have always nice things to say about me. I have always maintained that life is a journey into a higher form of life. so i have ambitions to learn all the mystic arts that can change our outlook to life.

I have given reiki to sexy women. if their belief in reiki is strong, they will recover from their illnesses. for instance, i gave distant reiki to a friend of mine sitting in

796 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Tue 19 Nov 2002 05:48:31 GMT)

dr iron dick

how are u my friend. have u humped any great butt today? how is life treating u. btw, i am not a shamen priest:) i am just an ordinary guy who is interested im mystic arts.


punjabi butt humper (Tue 19 Nov 2002 06:02:40 GMT)

fantastic story- black shogun

that was a smashing encounter and well written. its nice to read a story when its refreshing and sounds really horny. black shogun, u are lucky to be in a world where white women have a special liking for black dicks. i hail from india, where butt fucking is a taboo and in public, its like a rape. we cud murdered by the rowdy crowd. however the dense crowds and smart ideas only help us in such con

601 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Wed 20 Nov 2002 04:48:16 GMT)


hey brother,
u are welcome in dubai. dubai has good looking women. but if u want the crowds and humping, its not the place. u will have to be extremely patient and wait for some annual events like the shopping festival.

dubai shopping festival is the best time to visit. u will get cheaper fares, and also its festive, with so many tourists pouring in.there is a festival city where there

701 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Thu 28 Nov 2002 04:51:15 GMT)

shogun is the chikan of month

undoubtedly for his brazen style, gutsy, juicy stories and snazzy style of presenting his encounters..u are a nice and refreshing entrant to our glorious ayashi bbs. keep it going. all the best. have fun


punjabi butt humper (Sun 08 Dec 2002 04:31:36 GMT)


dear nanbread
i can understand ur outburst on feeling low abt chikaning. u are a nice looking guy and deserve a lovely girl friend. there were so many on this board who felt guilty abt chikaning, i feel this is because they felt groping was against their conscience. dont do anything against your conscience that can hurt you deep inside. all these latent desires and hurts surface out when the ma

660 more byte(s), click here!

punjabi butt humper (Tue 10 Dec 2002 06:05:34 GMT)

nice chikan spy

u make a real good under cover reporter. keep giving us real hot stories like this.


punjabi butt humper (Thu 19 Dec 2002 04:53:11 GMT)

black shogun

u seem to be well read and a good writer and thinker. keep up the spirits of ayashi board. i cant so much to write often like u. i visit the bbs often and see most of the good messages. where are our friends rick merry, pbg, english groper. mex groper, mr t. i think we shud exchange emails so that we dont lose track of each other. my mail is vivid_r@yahoo.com. so do write in guys.


punjabi butt humper (Mon 30 Dec 2002 06:08:07 GMT)

happy new year guys

it was a great year of humping and wonderful stories. wish u guys a great new year ahead. as the population grows, so do the opportunities to hump juicy butts in crowded places. so have fun. have a great bash on ny eve and remember to get behind the best of the butts and have a ball.

i wish carlos, paki bottom groper, iron dick, english groper, mexican groper, rick merry, black shogun, mr t, master frotteur, and our great webmaster a very prosperous 2003


punjabi butt humper (Sun 12 Jan 2003 09:03:16 GMT)

hi guys

thanks for using the old design. its more simple and rather familiar. usability is key to success.

how are teh rest of our humping friends. i have hot stories to tell.

just give me a day or two\

punjabi butt humper (Tue 21 Jan 2003 05:08:00 GMT)

hi folks

where are rick merry, english groper, mr t, mexican groper, nanbread, pakistani bottom groper- i really miss u guys on this board.please write at least one liners to say that u are alive and kicking

am having fun here. will keep u posted


punjabi butt humper (Mon 10 Mar 2003 12:22:34 GMT)

i am back

hey dr iron dick, carlos, nanbread, paki bottom groper, mex groper, rick merry, mr t, english groper, black shogun, webmaster, masher, and all my friends here,

how is groping happening at ur end. i never miss a chance and during every outing, find a smart move to find a soft bubble butt and dig my dick hard into it. there is no better heaven on earth than sinking ur hard boner into a soft butt crack. can anyone describe the feeling here..

have fun


punjabi butt humper (Wed 26 Mar 2003 05:04:25 GMT)

an old encounter

I was 18 yr old then. and had boarded a local bus in india. I saw a married woman in her 30s boarding the bus at one of my favorite stops. she was accompanied by her husband. he was sleepy. the man dozed off on a seat on the first opportunity. i was delighted at the prospect of her being unguarded. The woman was dressed in a black saree. she glanced at me sexily. she was really pretty, and bu

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punjabi butt humper (Wed 26 Mar 2003 05:07:52 GMT)

woman in question

sorry for not posting my stories. am busy with my yoga practice. i read meilin's stories just out of curiosity that it has generated. they are well written. we have no way to find out if she is a woman. well, if she is a woman, she is definetely sexy and every groper's dream. not often will one find a woman who understands and responds to a groper. in my 18 yrs of groping, i have come across a handfull of women who actually initiate a groping encounter. there are too many variables involved to define what kind of women will do this.
there are teenagers, women in 30s who have wilfully rubbed into my dick in public crowded places. and so i am very sure such women do exist.

punjabi butt humper (Sat 29 Mar 2003 04:19:32 GMT)

shogun -a bit abt india

hi shogun,

i had told u that gropers caught by mob in public places can get stoned. if people have butt fuck in private places, no govt or mob can stop them. we are veterans in this field and we know for sure how porno makers operate. these are rehearsed and made to believe thats its a true encounter.

India is truly a complex place as far sex is concerned and its pretty unpredic

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punjabi butt humper (Sun 30 Mar 2003 04:41:16 GMT)

hi guys

dear PBG, and dr iron dick
thank u guys for the compliments. its so nice to write to the golden oldies of this group. i wonder where rick merry, english groper , mr t, and mex groper are.

pbg, u dont lose prana or chi when u reach orgasm. there has been different school of thoughts on this subject in question. well, orgasm is a very powerful phenomena. there might a sense of physical an

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punjabi butt humper (Mon 31 Mar 2003 04:50:43 GMT)

welcome rick

hey rick
its nice to have u back. its been ages since we heard from u. its heartening to see the olden goldies back in writing. u are welcome to dubai and hope to see u here.


punjabi butt humper (Wed 02 Apr 2003 04:16:46 GMT)


u are angry????? and the guys here are hungry;). if u come back and read this message, then we can be sure that this site has kindled ur interest. its an amazingly frank board that brings out so many aspects of human demenour in crowds and is explicit with encounters that happen in different parts of the world where we dont have access to. its truly educational at times. i am not speaking for some

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punjabi butt humper (Thu 03 Apr 2003 04:49:04 GMT)

congrats meilin

i read ur stories and i shud admit that these are well scripted and carry a lot of depth, intensity and details that makes reading a pleasure. meilin, i am one of the old timers here. been here for more than 30 months now. being an active member and reader here, i ought to admit that ur entry has made this bbs special. there was a girl here before called kavitha reddy. it took her a fortnight to develop cold feet and vanish, because her hubby got jealous of her enjoying the stories here.
i hope that doesnt happen to u. ur stories are welcome and pls do tell us more abt u. do write and take care

punjabi butt humper (Sat 05 Apr 2003 05:07:20 GMT)

rick merry

its nice to hear that u have a lady love. btw, dubai is a nice place. but the party scenario is very private. the bars dont allow groping. at these joints, its taken for granted that u are accompanied by your girl friend or wife, if u are looking for fondling. hookers are present by the dozen. they dont come cheap though. the more expensive the bar, pricier the slut.

power yoga is an ameri

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punjabi butt humper (Sun 06 Apr 2003 04:20:48 GMT)


most uncles consider it their right to molest and use their nieces as their sexual objects. am surprised that this has prevailed over most societies in different continents.

did u ever feel that he was crossing his limits and he had more of lust than love for u? did no one in the family ever have any suspicion against him? how was ur relationship with him in ur later years when u realized that he had committed incest on u when u had no faintest idea about sex. did u ever confront him? was his guilt exposed? ur stories have a sort of innocence in them, that makes it a compelling read.

take care


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