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pincher (Wed 30 Oct 2002 22:58:32 GMT)

I love it

Hey guys what a site, I aint ever seen any thing like it. I live in london and wonder if any body can tell me where is best to get a feel. Plus any more sites like this???????

pincher (Fri 01 Nov 2002 00:16:40 GMT)


So Iíve been reading through the stories, some good, some-well lets just say not my taste.
Personally, Iíve been a frotteur for about 8 years, well, I started as a frottuer at any rate. I started in clubs and bars, you know the quick glance by and so forth, but Iíve always been specific about the girl. No ugly or fat ones. And must be wearing sexy cloths (leather a frotteurs dream), high heels

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pincher (Sun 03 Nov 2002 19:17:03 GMT)

more than once

Any body do a girl more than once, or had a girl they did regular?? I used to play some interesting games with one or two girls, but there is only so much you can push it. I still know where you can meet a couple of girls that catch the same packed trains day in day out on their way to work. I am quite particular about the girl, she has to fit the bill, and so if I find a real nice one I like to m

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pincher (Sun 03 Nov 2002 22:36:43 GMT)


whos hitting the monday morning rush then. any body want to exchange tips for a safe bet. name your poison and i will know where you might find it.

pincher (Mon 04 Nov 2002 11:51:45 GMT)

re: depression, Between the butt and the brain.

Reference depression; itís one of those things that is strongly associated with frotteurism. If you read any of the few texts that refer to frotteurism, you will find strong links in previous case histories given. Most of the cases that are treated (Allegedly) are treated with the usual anti-depressants or the relevant course that would be prescribed to a case of depression. One doesnít have to di

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pincher (Mon 04 Nov 2002 21:31:16 GMT)

re:- pakistani bottom groper

I didnít go to day, but your right Mondays can be shit, and summer is far superior. Well, that depends what your preferences are, I like girls in suits and heels. Summer isnít always the best period for that, I find the time in between warm and the cold weather is best. September to October, March to April. No coats, but the girls still wear their suits. In summer the girls some times wear sandals

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pincher (Tue 05 Nov 2002 11:49:30 GMT)

chikan tonight

Nice to meet you DR IRON DICK! It was a busy morning today, and despite my good intentions I ended up caught in a busy carriage on the central line, behind some lovely girl. What can a guy do, I blame London underground for running such a shit service. I mean god forbid they should sort it out and every one got room to breathe.
Fuck me, I have to confess to been a fan of Mayor Livingston, he's

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pincher (Tue 05 Nov 2002 12:14:08 GMT)

handy link


pincher (Tue 05 Nov 2002 23:51:37 GMT)

a dream come true

Fair play to this man, that was a great story.
My dream come true would be to get jammed in with this girl who I always used to see when traveling to a previous job. I could never get close to her coz the train was never full, or on the days it was she just never turned up. I still keep hoping to catch her in a chance meeting, but it never happens. I nicked named her "the arch angel". She was bloody incredible, she had the look of Carmen Electra, with straight long blonde hair, and was all ways dressed in tight fitting suits and heels. She was my ultimate frottage, but to no avail, if any body sees her let me knowÖ.?

pincher (Wed 06 Nov 2002 14:30:02 GMT)

re: spik-er

nice one spik-er, A guide to london underground girls sounds a good idea, but I think their is a variety of "preferences" on the board and it would only count with the working girls. BUT if you find my Arch- angel I owe you an eternal debt, she is the holy grail of frottage.

pincher (Wed 06 Nov 2002 22:39:29 GMT)

re:caught ??????

No I ai'nt been caught, but I am aware that the eyes are out their.
Excuse my ignorance, but how do you differentiate between a Punjabi girl and any other Indian girl in a suit?
What I will tell you is though, Indian girls are some of the sexiest around, I can think of several good times with Indian girls on the tube. In fact at my work, there is the most beautiful Indian girl, if s

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pincher (Wed 06 Nov 2002 22:43:36 GMT)


alright mate, chickan tag team sounds good. just need to route out a target each.

pincher (Thu 07 Nov 2002 22:17:38 GMT)


Hello jean, I was wondering, you seem to disapprove of the people on this site. So why bother wasting your time on such losers, why not look at a site your more interested in?

pincher (Thu 07 Nov 2002 23:16:38 GMT)


All right mate, look if this is ruining your life, then you need to seek help. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and speak about it, but if youíre so unhappy then you need to resolve this issue.
The truth is, that despite the all-knowing nature of the psychological professions, there is no one solution for every body. Your symptoms despite being ubiquitous to frotteurs, are unique to y

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pincher (Thu 07 Nov 2002 23:21:51 GMT)

last message

Itís a bit of long-winded advice, but I sensed this guy wanted a genuine bit. If we are all truthful things are not always rosy, so excuse my more serious side, and tomorrow I be back with a new tale, coz boy am I on fire at the moment. Do as I say not as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pincher (Fri 08 Nov 2002 11:40:43 GMT)

re: jean

Jean I whole-heartedly agree with you, but this is Dr jekell speaking, and not Mr Hyde. If only life was as simple as "I think there for I am" perception of the human mind. It is easy to say, ďhey why donít you just stopĒ, and in some cases, for some people, this is true. Although, you must see that their is more at work here, than just a simple case of some one getting off on a womenís arse. Hey,

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pincher (Fri 08 Nov 2002 14:10:19 GMT)

welcome back mr hyde

Hey all ye Punjabi but lovers, it most have had some effect on me your talk of the Punjabi utopia. I was of for a drink last night at Covent gardens (of Babylon), and the stupid fuckers at LU, had shut two of the lifts down. Can they get any thing to work? My first paranoid reaction was, "this is a set up, theyíre after me". Then I realised that this a blinding opportunity for a press and a squeez

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pincher (Fri 08 Nov 2002 14:23:41 GMT)

re; mw

Yes, I think violence is a little extreme.

pincher (Sat 09 Nov 2002 02:15:10 GMT)

hat trick

Am not going to boast, but I did a hat trick to night. That is why I rule supreme, chikan champion.

pincher (Mon 11 Nov 2002 12:39:37 GMT)

butt prefrences

All right chikans, hope you all had great weekend. I hit the jackpot on Friday night, but more about that later.
Just reading about nanbreads love for the "ghee induced, rounded arse", personally I like smaller pert arses, and was going to attach a picture of a arse I found on the net. Itís an absolute cracker.
Anyway, it made me think that we have not got any way to exchange such types of files, so am going to set up a yahoo group, so we exchange pictures and stuff. I will do it later on tonight, and confirm the details.
I got a couple of pictures that best some up my chikan dreams, and would like to share them with Nan and the boys.

pincher (Mon 11 Nov 2002 14:34:44 GMT)

web site

I've set up this site, nothing there yet, but will put some things on later. I donít want it to be a replacement for this site, but rather to compliment it.


pincher (Tue 12 Nov 2002 12:32:37 GMT)

update coming soon

am well busy at the moment so I havenít got much time to type you out a report on my exploits, but keep your eyes peeled coz I got a couple of things for you guys. Including my hat trick that I did on Friday, which I know will send you chikans crazy, and prove my right to the crown of chikans. Plus, an update on a Punjabi angel.

pincher (Tue 12 Nov 2002 15:51:49 GMT)

Punjabi angel

0845-0900 canada water to canary wharf

pincher (Tue 12 Nov 2002 21:15:07 GMT)


Guys, whatís this about east end girls, yes they are bitches, but they are my fav's. I love it when women are bitchy, its the look they give you, it changes when your rammed up behind her on the central line first thing in the morning. Then they feel my pulsing hard on against their arse, and heavy breath against their necks.
be back soon

pincher (Tue 12 Nov 2002 21:17:53 GMT)

Punjabi angel

thatís all I will say gentlemen for know

pincher (Wed 13 Nov 2002 13:11:26 GMT)

the hat trick

Well Ive finally got round to putting this one in to words for your pleasure, so enjoy.
Last Friday I left work to go for my usual Friday drink, I was well horny, and decided that on my way I would keep an eye out for any worthy butts. It didnít take long, in fact I had hardly got to the platform at bank when I seen two absolute stunners making for the northern line. I went in to stealth mode,

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pincher (Wed 13 Nov 2002 20:52:00 GMT)

re: fish & chips

alright mate sounds good, but where exactly does one get such services?

pincher (Wed 13 Nov 2002 20:58:47 GMT)


what do you mean walk ups?

pincher (Wed 13 Nov 2002 21:10:08 GMT)


8 years

pincher (Wed 13 Nov 2002 21:41:49 GMT)

going away

am going away for a while, and dont know if i will get to use the net much. so take care chikans, and see you around.

I seen my blonde at bank station in the morning as per my story, she is still game boys. try her ;-))

The Pincher

pincher (Wed 20 Nov 2002 08:41:33 GMT)

back with vengance

All right crazy chikans, am back, and the first thing I see is some fucking dick head under the name KKK spouting off shit. Hey mate; fuck off, that kind of remark is not wanted. We chikans are already an alienated group with in society, and are from many diverse backgrounds, what we donít need is chikan prejudice. Lets stick together chikans, coz their are plenty of people out there who will ostracise us for are ways.

pincher (Wed 20 Nov 2002 16:42:18 GMT)


Well boys it ainít good weather for the chikan here in blighty, my fav morning rush is hardly worth the effort, as the sexy city girls don their long winter coats. Boooooooooo

So I suppose its time to go indoors, does any one know any good place for a chikan on the prowl. Preferably with gorgeous girls wearing the latest high heels., SENDS ME WILD

Am dying for a good rub, its such a disappointment this time of year, we chikans need to pool are knowledge to get us through such a baron period. Roll on the Christmas period.

pincher (Thu 21 Nov 2002 16:02:13 GMT)

cock of the chikan pen

All right you crazy chikans, well things are going down hill, not down the tube. This poxy weather has put a serious hole in my frottage activities, but like the true champion I am I wont take this lying down.
Hats of to the Black Shogan, a true master of the art, fucking frottage genius says the pincher.
Question to every one, am I the only one who is specific about their choice in chikani

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pincher (Tue 03 Dec 2002 12:39:05 GMT)

back again

Havenít been on the board for a while, so am back. Some matters need clearing that I have noticed.
First, Some women do get off on being chikaned, like JAY says, it just a case of striking lucky, 1 in 20 sounds about right. I do think it has a lot to do with whether the women are attracted to you, but this leads me to my next point.
Why is it you all claim to be the masters, or the best chik

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pincher (Tue 10 Dec 2002 23:44:48 GMT)

back again

all right boys?

things have been tough recently, with the poor weather, damm cold days and long coats. But tonight i was out and about, and got a nice asian girl, and this one loved it. It was one of those spur of the moment ones, but it turned out to be a cracker.

Back in a moment to fill you all in!!!!!

pincher (Wed 11 Dec 2002 00:02:16 GMT)


hey I just read down the page and picked up on the vibe from Nan. hope he is well, has any one heard from him since his last entry, if you are still coming to the site nan, get in touch.

Am more than willing to listen to you if you need to talk, I understand how your feeling, just get back on the board. if need some to talk one to one, then I will meet up with you and listen to your problems.

Your not alone mate.

Go to "chikans choice" yahoo group, and look up londonseye, thats me, drop me a line.

Stay cool dude

pincher (Wed 11 Dec 2002 00:08:57 GMT)

london chikans

calling all london chikans.


Its time to see who realy is the master, there can be only one.

The gaunlet is laid down, name your time and place.

pincher (Wed 11 Dec 2002 00:16:47 GMT)








pincher (Mon 24 Mar 2003 19:23:34 GMT)

here cums the sun

here cums the sun, de de de de
here cums the sun, la la
here cums the sun,
and out comes the pincher

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