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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 19 Mar 2002 20:55:50 GMT)

Student of punjabi butt humper and nanbread my adventures

I AM A student of punjabi butt humper and nanbread and always read there humping
articles I hope one day to become as famouse as my masters.

I am not as good as PUNJABI BUTT HUMPER as he is master humper

and I still student learning about humping hahahahah.

During the rushhour in the tubes, I squashed up really hard
against the backside of this spanish girl. Forced my f

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 10:22:22 GMT)

re: message to my teacher and guru punjabi butt humper

Hello teacher.

I respect both you, nanbread, roti keema and others on this board, in fact I respect the true guru mr. humper he has been my teacher and gives much useful advice.

Teacher, please can you give some guidelines on crowd psychology, stealth stuff how not too get caught. My problem is I get excited to easily and just want to mash a girls buttocks straight, this puts me in difficult positions, but like you I am a good runner and also like my guru, train in karate and weight training .I really need to develop stealth tecniques.


Your faithfull student

Paki Bottom Groper

pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 10:54:11 GMT)

poleing young girls with jogging bottoms

my favourite girls are those who wear jogging bottoms, when mothers go with their young danghters shopping. there young daughters always wear jogging bottoms, it gets me so excited when these young girls bend over, their cheeks are very prominent through the thin cloth of there bottoms, I all excited when I notice that these girls dont wear any underwear. Such girls have such heavenly wet buttocks

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Mar 2002 21:51:21 GMT)

re: Ass Grabi'n Chris

Hey Chris,

I have wet and dry humped spanish women big time, see my previous story I like fire my load with my cock hanging out of my trousers into her bubbly buttocks, cooorrrrr ! and licking her hair, leaving her messy with saliva coooorrr !!

Spanish women are sexy and have round plum arses that turn me crazy, soon I shall be humping more spanish women will keep u posted.

Where is my guru teacher ? I really need some tips from him

pakistani bottom groper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 23:22:30 GMT)

re: message for punjabi butt humper

Hi Guru,

I live and work in london and do most of my humping on the underground around the victoria and central lines. There are many paki girls in london and they all wear nice western clothing like business suits, mini skirts and loose cotton trousers, its so heavenly just to rub my face in there long coconut perfumed hair on the crowded trains.

Like you have rightly say these girls eat ghee which is absorbed into their buttocks and gives us chikan somthing fine and juicy to sink into hhehehe.

I have also come across "chunky chicken" paki girls with lots of meat on their bodies, such girls are heavenly to squeeze and sink into. I hope u can make it to london soon and teach these babes a thing or too.

pakistani bottom groper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 23:25:17 GMT)

ass humper

I like what you say heheh, tellme some of your stories, I love to unzip my trousers and give a girl a dose of my heavenly juices, when my juices begin to spew,I go crazy and the whole carriage smells of semen, such a good feeling of power and sex.

pakistani bottom groper (Thu 21 Mar 2002 23:45:47 GMT)

I am learning slowly about humping

one time I was approaching a bus stop and noticed this girl standing in front of me, she was awsome, long blonde hair blue eyes about 15 years old, nice and ripe piece of fruit ehehehehhe. As I eyed her up I became horny as I noticed she was wearing really tight jeans and a thin sweater, her arse was so plum and rounded, her cheeks were so rounded and prominent they stuck out a mile away.


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pakistani bottom groper (Fri 22 Mar 2002 15:27:20 GMT)

re:real person

I also welcome real person to this board, I am so glad I have found this place, at last a place where I can share my experiences with intellects like yourselves.

happy humping, I hope our guru comes back with more adventures from dubai hehehe.

pakistani bottom groper (Fri 22 Mar 2002 20:50:48 GMT)

re:Ass Humper

Hey ass humper we think much alike. u are a great man I respect you. as they say great minds think alike. My guru/teacher is indeed a great paki butt lover. I wonder why so many punjabi girls in london trains wiggle there arse so much ?. Me thinks this is a come on sign saying, hey come and shoot me in the arse baby.

When I speak of thinks my pole becomes hard as a rock. please tellme more horny stories of paki butt.

pakistani bottom groper (Fri 22 Mar 2002 20:54:40 GMT)

re:ass humper

hey ass humper. u must come to london, so many times we have invited our guru to come, he has not turned up as yet. Please if you come to london let me know and I can advise u on where to find paki butts.

There are lots of paki butts on the victoria line between 8-00 am and 8-30, they are moderen paki girls who wear business suits, and nice split skirts which reveal their juicy paki butts, so heavenly.

You are like me, you enjoy wet humping young daughters, good work !

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 23 Mar 2002 16:31:10 GMT)

mature women

Hey Guru,

It is sad that you cannot make it to london this time, we hope to see you in the not too distant future for a humping london tour.

I recall great times when I have been very daring with mature women in age bracket 25-30, these women are so nicely shaped, like chunky chickens, when you squash yourself hard into them. You sink like quicksand into their bubbly butts.


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pakistani bottom groper (Sun 24 Mar 2002 09:14:28 GMT)

re:ass humper

I like your stories, especially your multiple humping exploits. I recall going to market stalls and like you choosing mothers daugheters to hump cooorrrr so beautfil.

Young daughters are like newly ripe fruits, sweet and delicious, my my pole comes in contact with their ripe buttocks, my whole world turns upside down. When I press harder on their bodies, sometimes they dont say anything,

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pakistani bottom groper (Sun 24 Mar 2002 15:11:20 GMT)

humping good time

Hey fellow humpers,

To me humping is more exciting the "sex", its also safe, there is no chance of catching AIDES, plus you dont have to take the stupid bitch out to dinner or buy her a drink to enjoy sex with her hehehehehehe.

In london, there are so many women to choose from young, slim, blonde, all races paki, white, black, latino. I find spanish girls easy targets since they silently succumb to my cocks desires ehheheheh. Also I enjoy humping young blonde white girls they are tasty and when I have their hair in my mouth I think uuuuuuuuummm yummie tastes so good.

Anyway humpers best wishes to you also my greatest wishes to my gurus nanbread and punjabi humper.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 25 Mar 2002 09:06:47 GMT)

re: punjabi butt humper

Ohhh guru,

You have finally cum inside the crack of an english blonde. I am very excited and even more excited when I read your story hehehehe. Cumming inside english girls, especially blonde girls butts is so heavenly.

I love english girls with the long blonde hair, there hair is always nicely scented with rich perfume ooohh !! guru, it must have been such a heavenly experience for you hehehehe.

English babes are like wild horses. once they are broken they are all yours hehehehe. Speak soon guru walla !

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 26 Mar 2002 12:40:10 GMT)


Sounds so good. if i was there i would wet hump all women in my sight.

Sorry to hear about peeping tom, you should take the advice of our "guru" then u won't get caught.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 29 Mar 2002 14:36:21 GMT)


Hey Devi,

When I say mature women. I mean women in the age bracket 25-30 years.

These type of women have had alot of experience fucking by that age and their buttocks have become nice, plum and curved through repeated bottom fucking from all those men they have fucked.

When I see a sexy babe in her mid twenties, wearing short split skirt or tight jeans. It is like going to heaven, her crack is nice and wide after being fucked by countless men so it is so easy for me slide my hard cock into their cracks and give myself and these women such heavenly pleasure aaaaaaahhhh.

I really want to wet hump married and mature women, especially the chunky chicken ones corrrrrrrr so good.

Tellme more about your bottom fucking exploits Devi.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 29 Mar 2002 14:39:18 GMT)

Where is Guru ?

Where is Guru ? I pray he is keeping in good health and is having humping good time in dubai.

If I was with my guru today, all women in dubai would be screaming hehehehe when I cum inside their heavenly cracks. When the stench of semen fills the air they will know guru and myself are at work ehehehhehe.

pakistani bottom groper (Fri 29 Mar 2002 20:35:36 GMT)

lots of hands feelings womans body

I like to see videos of this what people say "dozens of hands feeling up one woman in a busy crowded club or train and the woman struggling to escape from the sea of hands.

There are some girls I so much want to hump but they never go in crowds. Fucking smart bitches so I cant hump them. I hate that. The only thing I can do is masturbate over these girls in my dreams eheheheh.

Tonight I plan to go to some busy bars to feel up and wet hump young irish girls. I love european so slim and nice to fuck their heavenly wet cracks corrrrrr.

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 30 Mar 2002 21:00:03 GMT)

re:EcstasyGroper and Guru

Hey Guru,

Once more I welcome u back to the community. No doubt you have much to tell about dubai ehehehhehe.


I like this story. I also like to unzip and cum in girls cracks ehehhehe. Tellme more stories please. It is good to have more young blood on this board.

Tonight is shit, I have to stay home and cannot go to any bars. relatives have come to visit.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 01 Apr 2002 12:21:54 GMT)


Hey Guest,

Dry and Wet humping sexy strange females is more exciting then fucking a girl, I always get horny when I think of all the good times.

The benefits are two fold, first its safe, no herpes or bullshit like that and secondly its cheap, before u can fuck a strange girl u have to buy her drunks and dinner. Hey why spend money when I can fuck any girl I want in the arse ? or salivate in her air and chew it, maybe somtimes even lick her next with your tongue and brush her naked neck with your lips corrrrrr !!.

Its more erotic and sexual feeling for me, plus its only touching and not rape is it ?.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue Apr 2 23:17:33 2002 GMT)


U must learn from my guru !!!

His name is Punjabi Butt Humper, please also learn from the posts of nanbread, roti keema and ricky merry.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed Apr 3 02:05:50 2002 GMT)

women and humping !

Hey Chikan Brothers ! Hi Guru ! (humped anymore english girls in dubai heheh),

I got really horny when guru told me about the english blonde he humped !.

Blonde girls and good smelling punjabi girls with curved buttocks are my favourites ehehe.

My favourites are long blonde hair, so I can lick there hair and chew the strands in my mouth knowing this woman is mine eheheheh.

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 03 Apr 2002 20:57:59 GMT)

How to grope breasts !!

I want to know how to grope breasts.

I dream of placing my hands on womans breasts in a crowded train.

Any ideas ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Apr 2002 10:07:52 GMT)


Hey Dev,

Many women only want fun and no relationship, so u should have followed your gut feelings, be wary next time.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Apr 2002 19:50:54 GMT)


Hey Chister thanks!!

I have learned from chister how to gently grope women who are next to you without causing too much friction.

On the bus today I sat next to this teenage girl, whilst reading my book I quietly smiled to myself and let the palm of my hand rest against her thigh, Whilst smiling to myself the girl looked around and a smile appeared on the corner of her lips corrrrrrrrr !!.

I began moving my palm in circles on her thigh, slowly rubbing harder and harder into her soft fleshy thigh. She didnt react just sat there watching me rub her down corrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!.

Such a good feeling my cock was really hard and I kept peering at her and smilling because she was young, fine and beautiful with such nice buttocks corrrrrrrrrrr !!. Oh what a day !!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 04 Apr 2002 22:56:54 GMT)


Hey Webmaster,

This is indeed my story, thanks !

Hey Chikans,

I now studying "Chister Style" groping on buses sitting next to teenage girls. Really exciting stuff, will keep you all updated.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 05 Apr 2002 12:17:03 GMT)

Ultimate Fantasy

Is to be forced into crowded bus one morning wearing my jogging pants squeezed in with all those tasty school girls. I want to be squashed in with them so hard that they feel my iron hard cock slapping their bottoms eheheh.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 05 Apr 2002 19:21:40 GMT)

Where is Ricky Merry & English Groper ??

I guess they must have gone to dubai to visit guru and do some humping overthere ehehehhe or maybe Peru.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 08 Apr 2002 22:08:05 GMT)

re: tom

Hey Tom,

You are really stupid, u need to develop skills in groping like guru, X, nanbread and rick merry.

Such things take years to master, "Master Gropers" like guru know about crowd psychology and behaviour, they move in "stealth mode" and gradually seduce their victims without them even realizing.

So dont just think ooohh ! I am chikan !!, then go out and jab your cock into a womans buttocks it doesnt work that way.

Please remember this in future !!!.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 11:04:18 GMT)

re:guru is right


Remember groping is just icing on the cake !!, u must learn how to be tactful with women too.

I train in kungfu, use weights at the gym and go to pubs. I also chat to women on crowded trains and always smile at young teenage girls because I have big biceps and six pack so young girls always like to look at me.

At the same I enjoy gropping sexy women in crowds and make young girls feel good about themselves.

Yesterday I chatted up blonde polish girl but the bitch was married so I could not fuck her, u must learn to talk, socialise as well as grope women.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 09 Apr 2002 22:07:08 GMT)

re: Dev

I love good humping, groping comes second, sometimes groping is a better feeling then humping and is cleaner to so you dont wet your pants ahahhahah !.

When you wet your pants it sucks man, your trousers stick to your legs and theres a smell of semen in the air as women turn towards u.

Pakistani bottom groper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 13:21:35 GMT)


I am glad, you have seen the light in our sound advice. All true chikans have great minds, thats what brings such people together.

I want chikans to improve in all aspects of their lives and of course work on thier tactful groping techniques.

Remember any idiot can poke their hard cock into a females bottom, this does not make them a chikan !!. A chikan, knows and feels !, he feels good about himself and see's life as an adventure.

pakistani bottom groper (Wed 10 Apr 2002 13:29:35 GMT)


today I was extremely horny and my cock was rock hard and wanted so badly to deliver its load.

During the rush hour I had to fight my way through a crowd at the local station.

As u know chikans are always looking out for "tasty meal" for breakfast. True chikans can home into a prey, they use tunnel and peripheral vision like a smart missile. True chikans see "through the eyes of god"

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 11 Apr 2002 16:00:58 GMT)

re:Curious and what Coorrrrrrrrr means !!!

Hey Curious,

When and english man or brit is excited about seeing a horny/sexy looking babe they say "Corrrrrrr". Which liternally means wow shes tasty man.

Us brits always say "Corrrrr" when we see nice looking sexy girl. English Chikans say "Corrr". When they see english girls with sexy buttocks.

Some english chikan grunt and say "corrrrrrr" when they are squashed against sexy women in trains.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 11 Apr 2002 20:12:16 GMT)

re: GURU

Hey Guru,

You are very famous on the net. When I type in your alias name it brings me to the chikan community ahahhaha :-)).

Ecstasy Groper, Good story !!, it nice when the woman bends over pushing her buttocks into your hard cock, I love this kind of thing.

This is what chikans call doggy style humping !! corrrrrrrrr !! my favourite.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 12 Apr 2002 22:39:34 GMT)


I want to wet hump Claudia Schiffers crack.

Her arse is so nicely curved and her crack is nice, wide and lubricated. She has such a round plum bottom which is typical of german women.

When I see her wearing a split skirt I get horny as hello man.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 09:11:55 GMT)

Last Night

Last night was such a good night, I humped three good looking spanish girls and palmed this tasty looking irish girls arse in a crowded bar corrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Whilst standing near the bar waiting to get served. I let me hand dangle and accidently on purpose touch this irish girls thigh. Corrrrrrrr so heavenly !!.
She didnt say a word and continued speaking with her friend. Slowly I incre

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 22:21:45 GMT)


Tonight I palmed so many women on the buttocks, I wont even describe by adventures as it would take up many pages. In the bar tonight I was crushed up against a sexy irish girl and was licking her hair, in fact most of her beautiful smelling hair was in my mouth and she was too drunk to notice.

Very sneaky eh ? ehehehe !!, will post my stories later.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 13 Apr 2002 23:36:06 GMT)


This is a very good idea, maybe u make some of device like a periscope or somthing. Please keep me updated on improvements to this device.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 15 Apr 2002 16:07:28 GMT)


Thats the best way for most girls, just bump or mash into them. If your in a crowded train or bar just bump into their bottoms, at the same time thrust your hips forward driving your hard cock into its target.

My dick is sore today after all my cumming ahhh.

Whoopy Goldberg is as ugly as hell man, shit noone in the right mind would humper her, not even chikans.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 16 Apr 2002 09:31:54 GMT)



Action is everyday for me in London, all those gorgeous young female bums to palm and dry hump. With the weather getting better the bars are getting busy so its a good time for me to palm buttocks at lunch time ahahahah.


We need to organise a chikan covention in bermuda away from all these morons who might try and spoil things, what does webmaster think ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 17 Apr 2002 21:41:54 GMT)

Chikan Event to be Held in Tokyo Bar

Who is up for the Chikan event ?

We all meet up drink beers and talk about our experiences in some red light bar in tokyo.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 18 Apr 2002 19:38:35 GMT)


Has anyone any info on the red light zones in japan ?,

I am curious about these simulated carriage trains in bars, has anyone been to these ?. Is the mashing good ? How to the women react ? guess they must be bored.

Shame we dont have these mashing carriages in europe AND us.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 20 Apr 2002 00:05:37 GMT)

Hey !

Welcome back Dr. Iron Dick.

Tonight has been a very good night, apart from chatting up two english girls and getting their phone numbers, I humped this beautiful blonde girl in a bar in lecister square, I get thrusting my hips forward driving my hard cock into her buttocks and cumming inside her lovely crack. She was stunning man, oooh I love these blonde english girls they are so horny.

Anyway I am too drunk must sleeep now and speak later.


Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 20 Apr 2002 10:42:46 GMT)


Its good to see our favourites back on the BBS.

Many moons have passed since we heard from the likes of Dr. Iron Dick and Guru.

Welcome back guys !

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 21 Apr 2002 13:42:56 GMT)


Hey Webmaster,

I like the variety of sex services that Japan has to offer, far ahead of boring europe. Why cant we have stuff like this ha !.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 22 Apr 2002 17:37:09 GMT)

GURU is rught

Hi Guru !,

I agree with you 100 %, such a thing will never happen in europe unless some bright entreprenner pulls his finger.

I think sex ogies are exciting but nothing is more exciting then palming and humping strange girls u don't know !. Its a real shame I dont live in Japan, just getting squashed in the middle of a crowd of women is enough for me !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 24 Apr 2002 20:08:40 GMT)


Has anyone made any chikan videos ?

I want to hear about real stuff not shit madeup stuff.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 25 Apr 2002 19:21:18 GMT)

Asking Chicks u have pulled to have a hump

Hi Guru, Chister, Ricky Merry and Dr. Iron Dick,

The past two weeks have been really grim, like Chister I am going through this phase where I just dont feel like groping.

Met this Paki punjabi girl yesterday, chatted her up and got her number, she has good curves and maybe I call her end of the week, I am thinking of maybe asking her to come with me to a crowded place so I can hump her.

I dont want to fuck her just hump the living daylights out of her arse.

Has anyone asked girls out on humping dates ? How did u ask them ? tellme about your strategy ?.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 27 Apr 2002 12:39:48 GMT)

Last night

Last night was a good night. Got to brush against girls breasts. Slapped my hard cock againsts lots of sexy young spanish girls with fine plum bottoms corrrrrrrrrrrr. I palmed dozens of girls bottoms in a crowded pub corrrrrrrrr.

Will give u more details later as I have to recover from my orgy last night, speak later.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 28 Apr 2002 09:18:35 GMT)

Peeping Tom

Hey Peeping Tom,

Its good to see you are on the road to self improvement. What has been done is done, move forward now and work closely with your councillor.

Please share anything which might help those who want to give up frotting.

What I can never understand is in every busy bar/nightclub you go to on friday just about every guy is humping, palming licking womens ears, so why not arrest every single man in the bar for doing this ?.

Fucking paradox society we live in eh ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 28 Apr 2002 09:31:27 GMT)


If you want to touch breasts in a busy bar, just put your glass down on the counter of bar, make sure theres a sexy woman standing nearby. As you pull your hand away from the glass, brush your palm against her breasts corrrrrrrrr !! what a feeling. Done this so many times women dont seem to mind or just ignore me.

Last night I forced myself against this gorgoeus austrialian blonde wearing t

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 21:16:38 GMT)

Thankyou Guru !!

Hi Guru,

Thankyou for voteing my name for the chikan of the month. I am truely honoured to have a mention from guru.

Last two nights I have been fantasing about the blonde girl I humped in a bar on the weekend corrrrrrrrrr, the smell of her long blonde hair in my face, the feel of my hard penis pressed so hard against the crack of her plum round house.

The feeling of my inner

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Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 29 Apr 2002 21:21:41 GMT)


Hi Chister,

Its strange, if I like a girl too much, I feel guilty about frotting. Especially when I have been on a few dates with her and got to know her well.

There are chikans or "gropers" who do have an inferiority complex about themselves, however I dont feel I have that, yet I grope because its exciting, more exciting then bedding a strange women somtimes...

Thought I'd mention this, sorry its not a cure, just wanted to share my feelings on this subject with you.

I really hope things work out well for you and this new girl in your life.

I like to hear stories such as yours and Peeping Tom, its makes me happy, its shows there is scope for better things for all of us.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 02 May 2002 20:03:31 GMT)


These mexicon girls have nice juicy buttocks, tellme more humping stories. I love good humping stories where the girl is drunk and giggling and is saying somthing like "Oh someone is pressing thier pelvis hard against my buttocks"..

When a girl says this it turns me on !! corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!.

I love palming spanish girls, what I do is go upto them in bars and begin slowly, gently rubbing thier cheeks, slowly getting faster and faster. If she looks around I just stare at her and smile, 70 % of the time they give me a smile back, others just look, grin the rest just move away

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 03 May 2002 22:35:51 GMT)


Hey Sex Machine,

So tellme more about your forthcoming chikan movie ?.

Will members of the chikan community get to see a special clip before its release ?.

By the way us guys are for real, myself, guru, dev, gerry, chister amongst others are professional chikans.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 03 May 2002 22:40:36 GMT)

re:X and webmaster

Hi X,

This is a good story..

Hey Webmaster,

Please tell us is it that easy to chikan in japan ? I mean for me it would be nice to be squeezed or crushed against a juicy bottom. Thats all I want...

Do you get many western women on the crowded trains ? Is it true that chikans finger womens pussies and get away with it or is it a myth ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 00:35:15 GMT)

humping the girl I brought to my appartment was boring


I brought a young italian girl home with me this afternoon and we did kinky sex.

I then asked her to dress in a mini skirt and stand up while I pressed against her buttocks hmmppp it was boring !!, then I told her to bend over the bed whilst I leaned over her with my legs wide open pretending I was pushed in a crowd towards her and was crushed against her buttocks shit still couldnt get sexuall excited how boring !!!!!!!!!.

When I eventually did come, it was a shit experience anyway, its looks like for me I will have to continue my humping efforts with strange women I dont know..

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 00:39:40 GMT)

Well done Peeping Tom !!

Keep up the efforts Tom, congratulations !!!..

I look forward to hearing more about your self improvements, we fellow chikans are very proud of you !!.

Remember Life is all about influence, make your dreams come true. When your dreams do come reality come back and share your findings with us all on this board.

Like Chister I wish oneday I find my true love and give up this humping lark, for me I just need to hump, its a primal urge I cannot control.

My last post, I wanted to illustrate the fact that humping a girl is boring buthumping a girl in bar you have never spoke to is more exciting and thrilling !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 09:02:11 GMT)


Hi Dev,

This is a good idea, we need to organise the chikan convention in Tokyo. This is the best place as chikans are more accepted there.

Then maybe we can have a chikan day out where we travel the subways in tokyo squashing ourselves against female bodies. This would be absolute heaven corrrrrr !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 05 May 2002 20:01:41 GMT)

re:ricky merry


To cut a long story short I asked her to bend over whilst I forced my hard cock into her crack.Got her to wear a miniskirt but it didnt make it anymore exciting.

I did cum inside her crack and fluids were everywhere. She kept moaning and I told her to shut up and act like a stranger. She didnt understand though.

I wouldnt mind humping this amanda swisten, I love humping blonde girls, have u any pics of her naked buttocks corrrrrrrr !

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 06 May 2002 13:21:46 GMT)



Do u have any tips for accidently shoving your head between a girls breasts.

I have thought of a few such as turning round and pretending not to see the girl in front of you and ramming my head between tits corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Anyone any ideas ?

Hey X,

How is your periscope coming along ? tellme so more adventures

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 06 May 2002 13:26:22 GMT)

A long weekend in japan for the chikan convention

Hey Guys,

Why dont we all just meet in japan one summer and spend a few days out squashing against youung jap girls on the trains. corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

Hey Webmaster,

Would it look of place for europeans, americans being seen during the rushhour squashed into the train with women there ?. The last thing we want is the japs to get to know we are only here for a dry hump ehehehehe.


Please include pics of naked buttocks in future :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 07 May 2002 22:23:58 GMT)

Where is Chister and Iron Dick

Where are these guys gone ?

What happened to Chister especially ? I like his personality. Its a shame if he vanishes from the board just like that.

Has Iron Dick found true love too ? well if he has I am happy for him.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 11 May 2002 19:57:27 GMT)

Dangerous situation

Last night I was in a crowded tube and began pushing my mouth into this girls long dark hair which smelt so good. My full face was in her hair and I was salivating badly as the aroma of her hair turned me sex crazy. Her buttocks were beautiful, my hard on kept poking the crack between her plu cheeks each time the train shook.

As I forced my nose into her hair more deeply and begain licking she turned round angrily and began screaming at me, oh shit I thought !!..thought the rest of the passengers were going to turn around and try and make a citizens arrest on me.

So I apologised and said I am drunk, all was ok after that !!, none of the passengers said a word, close shave guys !!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 11 May 2002 20:02:48 GMT)

More stories please !!

Has anyone crushed up against a womans front and poked her vaginal areas with his hard on.

How did the woman reach, were you crushed like you fucking and u had your lips on her neck. Lets hear them

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 12 May 2002 09:31:10 GMT)


I like to hump women of all ages, I you like to hump women with wide gaps, go for married women. Married women get fucked by thier husbands on a regular basis thus their cracks have been widened up and are loose.

So when it comes to humping married woman, its so easy to slide your hard cock into thier lubricated wet gaps and enjoy the spasm when your cock feeds her hole with your vital flu

1049 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 12 May 2002 14:08:36 GMT)

Groping and Humping

Hey guys have there been times when you have not been in the chikaning mood but all of a sudden a girl decides to crush her buttocks against you because of the crowde.

I recall being on the subway train one evening, coming back from work I had this awful headache and was not in the mood for a chikaning.

Anyway the train was packed out and I was very near the doors to, as the train pu

1556 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 14 May 2002 19:56:07 GMT)



Its great to hear from you again !!!, please come back now and agian to the board to leave a message, its bizzare what love does !!. Maybe we can swap emails at some point.

Anyway guys, for me frotting has always been somthing that I have loved. When I was 14 years old I first began chikaning.

At 14 I loved chikaning older women 20-24 years old. When women had thier

708 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 15 May 2002 21:57:09 GMT)


Hey Dev,

I only wish I was in your locality. My cock is already hard as I think how I could be frotting like you. Slapping my hard cock on all those juicy buttocks corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We need to start an online magazine "Frotteurs Monthly". I hear the japanese chikan have thier own "Push Button". The japs have got it right man !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 15 May 2002 22:06:39 GMT)

Listen up Dev, Gerry, Guru, Nanbread and X

Why dont we all meet up in Venuezuala ?

I remember our good pal Carlos telling us about how easy it is too grope women on crowded trains and noone takes any notice.

We can spend our mornings groping on the trains, the maybe rent hookers to fuck in the afternoon and finish off humping again on the late evening rush hour.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 16 May 2002 19:29:46 GMT)

No chikaning today

London is becoming so exciting as the summer comes, more and more women are dressing in skin tight skirts and G-strings which turn many chikan sexy crazy.

I was so horny today looking at all these english girls wearing tight short mini skirts and thier arses wobbling like jelly I was going crazy in the head.

Unfortunately no chance to chikan today

Hey sex machine, I think your a fake, dont insult Guru or any other people on this board.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 19 May 2002 00:07:55 GMT)

My dick and pelvis are sore

I have only just recovered from last night. My hips and cock are very sore from last night. I grinded against dozens of young girls in a pub last night.

One girl I grinded against repeatedly because she had such heavenly buttocks. By the end of the night I could not stand and my hips and cock were sore, my back was also paining like mad.

Anyone else experienced such symptoms ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 21 May 2002 22:02:33 GMT)

re: dev /gerry and the rest

Hey guys, tellme more about these festive weekend concerts.

Surely the undercover cops wont say anything if you just happen to be squashed up against some young girls in a crowd ? after all u cant help it :-)))

Who is this sex machine ? I suspect hes just another loud mouth who wants a bit of attention.

Anyone know of any upcoming concerts in europe where we can grope, hump girls ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 24 May 2002 21:57:15 GMT)

Where are u from Gerry ?

Hey Gerry,

How come your having a good groping time and your not, shit I am jealous.

I want to force my face into a juicy pair of female bazookas.

Hey Ichiro, I did what you did years ago man, plus I have bottom fucked women in bed.

Why dont you try humping man ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 26 May 2002 14:41:21 GMT)

Where are all the chikans gone ?

Last night I rubbed my hard cock against the frontside of this spanish girl. I got to the point where I was making full bodily contact with her and my cock was poking her vagina area corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Has anyone done this before ?

Where is guru, ricky merry, gerry, dev, x and nanbread ? I guess you guys must be having a good time humping girls in your part of the globe, shit !!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 28 May 2002 20:14:40 GMT)


Hey Flipper, its great to here from london guys. I hang out in Leciester Square and mash all the drunken girls on the weekends. If you check out Leciester square on saturday nights, its a mashing field day. I just hump girls in the crowded street, they are too drunk to even think about having cocks slapped on thier bottoms.

I love it when the football is on, all the small pubs get very crowded and I just get sandwiched between young girls and lick thier perfume hair corrrrrrrrr !.

We need to keep a look put for upcoming concerts to mash girls at corrrrrrr !! my dick is hot and ready for action.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 28 May 2002 20:16:24 GMT)

Carlos !!!!!

Hey Carlos,

I am in for Venuzala for a mashing great time !!!

When shall we meet ? is September a good time to mash ?

corrrrr all those latino girls, maybe I rent a hooker to mash on the crowded train with a thin skirt corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 29 May 2002 21:39:18 GMT)

re:french boy

Yeah, I love humping and slapping cock on womens buttocks too. Recently I have been chasing married women. Reason being thier cracks are wide and lubricated which allows easy penetration. Once inside, I inject my fluids into her.

Married women always dress, well and put on lots of perfume. As the summer gets closer, alot of married women are wearing shorter and thinner skirts coooorrrrrrr orrrrrrrr corrrrrrrrr

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 30 May 2002 20:37:12 GMT)


Shit I hate Gerry, how come hes getting all the young plum arses to hump.

Guess I am just jealous of him GRRRRRRRRR !!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 30 May 2002 20:42:49 GMT)


Good story Jay !!, I like the part when the latino bend over and her crack opens. This is perfect opportunity for chikan to play with a females crack.

Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 31 May 2002 23:45:58 GMT)


Dont talk about japan please !!!

I feel dissappointed when I am missing out on humping all those young japanese chicks with plum bottoms corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am seriously thinking of venuelaza where humnping is alot easier

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 01 Jun 2002 19:20:56 GMT)

re: Carlos

I have been dreaming of Japan and Venuezula the last few nights corrrrrrr !!.

Carlos can you tellme more stories of your adventures in Caracus. Tellme about the women on crowded trains, what do they wear ? tight jeans trousers ? skirts ?

Tellme what chikans do with thier hands and cocks overthere.

I think those caracus girls need to be poked by a foreigners dick like mine.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 01 Jun 2002 19:22:31 GMT)

Meeting in Venuezula !!

Dev, Gerry, Ricky Merry, Guru, X and everyone else Come on you only love once, lets go to Venueleuz man !.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 02 Jun 2002 15:27:24 GMT)

World Cup and Humping

Hey english chikans,

With the world cup happening, all the pubs are getting crowded. Good time to hump and grind on girls plum bottoms corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!.

Will tell u of my stories later corrrrrrrrrrrr !!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Mon 03 Jun 2002 17:28:05 GMT)


This weekend, I squashed up againsts a young spanish woman, in her business suite. In the crowded pub in leciester square she was fighting through the crowd to reach the toilet. Naturally I fought through the crowd with her !! :-)), keeping my entier body crushed up against her backside, pretending we were a couple and she was my beloved girl corrrrrrrrrrrrr !.

My hard dick pressed into th

1463 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 04 Jun 2002 17:15:54 GMT)

Moving on From Frotting Women


This might come as a shock to you all. I am going through a difficult phase in my life now and am questioning myself as to the purpose of my life. Do I really want to be groping, frotting until the age 50. What happens if oneday I get caught ? If so would I beable to face my family like peeping tom did ?

Am I doing wrong ? or do I make excuses to myself that frotting is harmles

422 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 22 Jun 2002 11:59:16 GMT)

ricky merry

Hey Guys,

I am back !!, Ricky, thats a nice story. Its strange I founds many women in the age ranges 25-26 tolerant to being groped. There have been times on the trains when I have been humping a way at some pretty woman in a business suite and all she does is continue to read her book.

I recall one time, whilst humping a woman at Victoria underground, she turned round to look who was behind her, I replied "Urrrm Sorry" and smiled. She just smiled back at me and continued reading her novel. I just continued humping her.

I wonder about these women ?, I think there are women who love the attention of being humped or groped. Especially english women in thier mid twenties. Maybe they are going through a mid life crisis or somthing.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 24 Jun 2002 20:00:23 GMT)

views on rape

I dont think groping is raping, what is the definition of rape ?

Why is groping called groping ? If it were rape it would becalled rapeing ?

Rapeing is not fun, its an evil act

pakistani bottom groper (Wed 26 Jun 2002 16:58:54 GMT)

Chunky Chicken Girls

In my younger days, I was always a horny lad. My favourite girls to chikan were the nice curved "chunky chicken type". Chunky chicken girls are my favourite. In the old days when the underground would suffer delays every other day. I would go hunting for "chunky chicken" blondes in business suites.

There were times when I would have my entier front part of my body sandwiched against a chunk

838 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Thu 27 Jun 2002 20:49:59 GMT)

hey iron dick

I am the impersonator....however.. you are right.I don't have a dick, I shoved it soooo far up your mothers fat ass..it got lost in her double chin...ahahahaahahaahaha.....coooorrrr ahhhhhhhhh ohhohohhhhhhhhh

pakistani bottom groper II (Fri 28 Jun 2002 12:41:21 GMT)


lmfao Jay

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 09 Jul 2002 20:38:15 GMT)

re:Punjabi Butt Humper

Dear Guru,

I am so sorry to hear the tragic news of your mothers departure from this world.

I hate to say this but life must go on !!, please try and hold your head up high and be strong.

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 21:40:46 GMT)

re:english girls

english women are cheap nasty whores. They use you and then dump you. Better to hump the bitches rather then spend money on them.

There are some nice english girls, but they are far and few.

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 20 Jul 2002 21:44:21 GMT)

dr iron dick talks sense

Dr. Iron Dick is right, Kavitha should stop wiggling her bottom about in crowded places. When a woman wiggles her bottom, its a sign to say "come on chikans fill my crack with semen fluid, I want your children"

No wonder men want to poke her bottom. Maybe she stop wearing short tight skirts and skin tight outfits. She is asking to be chikaned :-))

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 21 Jul 2002 09:51:35 GMT)


Hey Kavitha,

When a chikan cums inside u and and you feel the semen erupting like a volcano inside your deep crack. Do you tremble and moan ?. What is the effect of the semen fluids on the chemistry of your body ?

How many times does your husband fuck you in a week ? Has your crack widened over the years since you have been fucking him. There is an old chikan saying, always chikan the married woman as her crack is nice, wide and deep, great for the chikans hard cock ! :-))

pakistani bottom groper II (Sun 21 Jul 2002 14:00:07 GMT)


PBG that is not an old chikan saying...If you lie about things like that how are we to believe your stories??

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 24 Jul 2002 18:47:47 GMT)

re:Hey Kavitha


Please do not call Guru a theorist, he has been a hardcore groper aslong as I can remember. In fact guru, myself, nanbread, carlos and rick have known each other for along time.

I have learned much from Guru on the art of "stealth" and "groping tactics" which I have used successfully on lots of sexy women with heavenly butts.

I am planning a business trip to amsterdam, if anyone can advise on groping there, I would be grateful.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 25 Jul 2002 19:22:03 GMT)

re:dubai and guru

Hi Guru,

I really enjoyed your story in Dubai, young girls have tight cracks, buts it challenge to open up thier cracks with our hard cocks.

I think Kavitha has a really wide crack. Since she has bee humped since she was young. The more a girl is humped it helps "open the crack open". This makes it easier for subsequent humps.

If Guru ever meets Kavitha and humps her, I suspect she will have an orgasm that will she never ever forget.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 25 Jul 2002 19:24:57 GMT)

Jenifer and Caracus

Hey Jenifer,

Once of our good humping friends Carlos inhabits the Caracas subways. He is a hard core pro groper maybe he can teach u some tricks :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 02 Aug 2002 20:09:43 GMT)

Women Confronting U

I have had dozen occasions where women have confronted me, one time I was in a large store during christmas and I noticed one of the sales staff bending over the counter, with her bottom protruding through her tight mini skirt.

I did a really hard grind across her arse with my hard cock pretending there was not enough room to pass, she turned round and grabbed my hand, looked me i the eye a

594 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 02 Aug 2002 20:11:42 GMT)


Next time my hard cock finds Kavitha bottom, I shall doggy style her until she screams oooooooooohhh and then split her cheeks in two hee hee hee :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 04 Aug 2002 20:55:13 GMT)


Hey Kavitha,

We like your presence on the body, as I said when I come to india, if we come across you in a crowded mall, myself and Guru will be more then welcome to offer you a 'sandwich' :-)).

Hey Iron Dick,

Dont concern yourself too much with Kavitha's mind games, like you said shes acting like a peacock during mating season.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 07 Aug 2002 18:25:29 GMT)

re:mosh pit groper

Hey Mosh Pit Groper,

Your stories are superb !!

Theres nothing more tasty then jumping into a tube train during the delays on central and victoria line during a rush hour. And dog styling some fresh scented business wearing a split skirts. Corrrrrrrrrrrr !! wooooorrrrrrrr !!.

When I see a tube train full of young female fleshy bodies, i lick my lips and jump on squashing myself like sardines into the sea of female bodies.

Nice one Nanbread, maybe we can get together and I hump your girlfriend :-) ?



Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 07 Aug 2002 18:30:06 GMT)

Are there any mosh pits in europe ?

MoshPitt Groper got me really horny !!

Where the hell are the mosh pits in europe anyone know ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 11 Aug 2002 09:03:51 GMT)



I often get back problems, if I have been out on an active humping night. For instance when I am in a crowded bar or train full of fleshy female bodies, I need to arch my back backwards and push my hard throbbing cock forward into female fleshy juicy buttocks. Especially when your digging and grinding deeply struggling to force your cock into the womans gap corrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

After you get home after a humping night, I suggest a few yoga exercises to relieve the pain.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 11 Aug 2002 09:09:05 GMT)

Tips on Groping

Hey Guys,

If you come across bitchy women, who you would think would react in a nasty way, just stand behind them really close. For instance in a crowded lift or your standing in a queue.

When they back away, they smash there lovely buttocks into your already hard cock. They might look around as you grin, but hey ? whose fault was it bitch you just banged into me :-)), that way you get a "quick one" and your the innocent guy in this whole thing. Sneaky eh ?.

Come on Carlos, Mx Groper, Nanbread, Guru, Moshpit, Infamous Groper

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 17:34:39 GMT)

re:what does this all mean ?

When a chikan spots a sexy looking chick with a heavenly buttocks he growls


When a woman is humped in her crack she will often exhale deeply and say


When chikans cum in thier trousers or fire thier load into a female crack, they will breath in deeply then exhale as they cum, and say


I am not so sure what the term eehhhhhhh means.

Hope this helps.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 17:45:02 GMT)

Tip of the Day !

Have you guys ever encountered lifts in big stores, I have this great tactic.

Hunt around for a big store with lots of floors and a life. Hang around the lift and wait until a crowd builds up, in my experience theres always a bunch of young girls who want to use the life to reach one of the floors.

Wait until the lift doors open and the main crowd enters the life. Target a nice girl

514 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 13 Aug 2002 21:13:14 GMT)

Tip of the Day

Fellow chikans,

I have a good solution to the "wet trouser" syndrome and the "semen smelling " trousers after you have humped some heavenly buttocks.

Wrap a plastic/cotton bag around your cock so when you cum, the juices of life flush straight into the bag. That way u can clean up afterwards.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 17 Aug 2002 08:09:14 GMT)

Tip of the Day


If your in a crowded street, i.e outside a club or bar, pretend your drunk and accidently on purpose, bump into any plum bottoms you might see in the vicinity.

If a girl is walking in front of you and she stops keep on walking until you "bump" into her, make sure you are really close to her so it looks like an accident :-))

I call this the "bumming" technique, last night

877 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 17 Aug 2002 08:21:17 GMT)

school girls

I have had some great times with school girls, who are young and always willing to participate in "humping experiences". When a young girl is wearing school uniform its drives me crazy !.

Its always been my fantasy to be stuck inside a jam packed train full of young school girls, imagine it struggling to get out ? all u are doing is grinding and grinding as you move towards the door , what

402 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 20 Aug 2002 16:13:31 GMT)

Need some advice from carlos, nanbread and PBG

Have any of you chikans come across women you have seen you have really really wanted to chikan, but theres never ever been an opportunity to do so ?.

Its summer at the moment in the UK and the women are wearing less and less clothing. Each morning I see this gorgeous half breed girl (she looks half latino).

She wears a tight business suite that reveals all the curves on her body and

550 more byte(s), click here!

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 21 Aug 2002 20:41:37 GMT)


First of all I wish to know where Guru has vanished too ?


Thanks for your advice so far, I still see the half breed sexy woman each morning standing on the platform. Shit she's driving me crazy each time she wobbles those buttocks of hers.

I dream of wrapping my hands around her waist and forcing my rock hard cock hard deep into her crack. Whilst salivating in her hair licking her hair strands.

Women drive me crazy man !, maybe tommoro I am going to chat her up and then maybe see if I can hump her in bed corrrrrr worrrrrrrr

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Wed 21 Aug 2002 20:43:21 GMT)

re: mw please advice us all

Tellme about your tactics when it comes to humping assertive women.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 19:42:41 GMT)

assertive woman

Hi Guru,

Its great to have you back again !!, I was missing you on the board very much !.

Hey Chikans,

I dont care about this assertive bullshit, all I want is to pressed up hard against sexy chunky chicken woman. As long as I can squash my body into hers and salivate in her hair, I really dont care whether its a dumb or assertive woman, its all sexual too me.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Thu 22 Aug 2002 19:45:12 GMT)

Please Listen to Guru

Come on guys, please try and listen to what Guru has to say !!..

He is a "Grand Master", in not just groping but has many talents of which I admire.

I hope to be as good as Guru one day, if not better :-))).

As they say when the student is ready, the master will appear :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 25 Aug 2002 16:56:14 GMT)

Thanks Guru !!!

Thanks Guru, I am always honoured when you compliment me !!!.

My question is when will Guru write a book on the subject ? Guru is very well versed in not just groping and humping but female psychology. Which is so important, if you want to become a skill full groper.

Maybe he could publish it as ebook ? that can be downloaded from this webpage.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 25 Aug 2002 16:57:44 GMT)



Its a shame u can't visit Caracas. Is there any chance of you coming early next year ?. We could all meet and hump the school girls overthere corrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Tue 27 Aug 2002 17:12:53 GMT)

re:thanks webmaster

A warm thanks to Webmaster, for his tip to hump the half latino woman who avoids crowds, that I see each morning and only dream about humping.

Webmaster, recommended talking to her and getting to know her.

I managed to chat her up this morning ( after webmaster advised me this course of action). We plan to meet for a drink, maybe after that if things work, I can hump her heavenly butt.



Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 06 Sep 2002 22:03:56 GMT)

Guys I am back !! Latino Update - A Closed Book

Who the fuck is impersonating me ? the previous post is NOT ME !!..

Anyway update on the latino girl, we went out for drinks a few times. She has alot of personal problems and I felt really sorry for her. I decided that I didnt want to hump her anymore. We are becoming more friends then anything else, I see her less and less as a sex object as each day passes.

So guys humping the latino girl is a closed book !!.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 06 Sep 2002 22:08:47 GMT)

re: Hey Carlos

School Girls are irrestible to me !!, I get so excited that these young virgins are fresh and ready for there first grope and hump. I am so excited.

I love getting into a crowded bus and pressing my entier body against the body of these young beauties. There are times when I wedge my hard pole inside her crack and just stood there enjoying the experience, whilst she chats away and giggles to her friends.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sat 21 Sep 2002 23:20:27 GMT)

Hey Guys

Hi Sari,

Its nice to have a female here to share her experiences, despite how unpleasant things might have been.

Did this happen in India, Pakistan ? are thier laws against sexual harrasment in these countries ? what happens when a man gets caught doing it can he be arrested and convicted ?

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 06 Oct 2002 01:29:41 GMT)

guru what is your email ?


What is your profession can we email each other ? I am an IT Professional who is coming soon to Saudi Arabia, are u in this area ? if so why dont we hump together maybe go to a few bars and hump som romanian whores :-)).

Is there a compound where all the night clubs are where we can hump nice english/european girls ?

Speak soon

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 06 Oct 2002 19:39:17 GMT)

humping in bars in london

There is a great bar called RoadHouse, Covent Gardens which gets totally packed out on weekends with young girls with juicy buttocks and big breasts.

As wondered around the crowded bar which resembed a sardine can. I rubbed my genitals deep into the cracks of half dozen women. I then squashed myself past some juicky blonde girls allowing her tits to rub against my chest.

What a fun packed night at Road House !!, I even managed to poke my stick on the pussy areas of women who squeezed past me, its heaven man rather like Carlos Chikan World :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 06 Oct 2002 19:44:35 GMT)

Guru - The Romanian Bird


I love these stories of the romanian bird. Did u have this experience in Saudi Arabia ?.

I may come there in December, are there many romanian women there ? what about eastern european women who dont mind being humped ?.

Maybe we can get together and hump like mad :-))

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Sun 06 Oct 2002 19:47:11 GMT)



I have been tempted on many occasions to kiss strange women on the neck. In bars its much easier when the women are drunk.

What drives me crazy is when they wear a g-string and spray their necks with perfume. This is the most powerful aprodiasic for a chikan. corrrrrrrrrr !!

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 08 Oct 2002 07:31:55 GMT)

opportunist hump leads to chemistry between myself and the woman

Yesterday as I stood on the platform waiting a train to the main station. I really was not in the humping mood. Being in the auto pilot mood, mind somewhere else, I just jumped onto the train as the doors slid open.

Wow behold, as bumped straight into young woman in her twenties chatting to her mother with her back towards me. As the crowds surged forward behind me. I was forced to move and

1437 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 03 Nov 2002 10:02:32 GMT)

very good story carlos

Hey Guys,

How is every ?


That story with the school girl is excellent. I only wish I could have such opportunities to squeeze myself and palm a school girl without the risk of getting arrested corrrrrrr ! orrrr !.

I did have a great opportunity two years in London on the victoria line. I managed to jump on behind a school girl press my cock hard into a crack. Sh

831 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 03 Nov 2002 16:10:58 GMT)

Writing a groping guide for each country

Hi Guru,

How are all those beautiful romanian birds in dubai ? I shall never forget your experience with her.


Its about time we wrote a chikan guide for each country, whose up for it.

I am sure Guru, Carlos, X, Ricky Merry, Infamous Groper etc are all up for it.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 04 Nov 2002 20:45:28 GMT)

where is dr iron dick

where is he ? he is being missed on the board.

Come on dr iron dick ? Have the police picked you on the london underground ?

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 04 Nov 2002 20:55:28 GMT)


Your kidding ? today was quiet on the underground.

On the train this morning I wedged the back of my hand into this young ladies crack. I just held it there. She turned round and stared at me. I looked her in the eye and smiled. She kind of smirked gave me a weak smile then looked away. Throughout the journey I rubbed the back of my hand in her crack. She didnt say a word.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 04 Nov 2002 20:56:23 GMT)


Have u never been stopped by the under cover police ?

U better becareful mate or you might end up behind bars.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 04 Nov 2002 21:05:07 GMT)



I think the underground is much better in the summer. In the winter its all dull and boring.

pakistani bottom groper (Fri 08 Nov 2002 00:16:35 GMT)

re;pincher and spiker

Hey Pincher,

There are lot of women are pure game. On the other side of the coin there are those who are fucking dangerous. Step within a metres distance of them and they start giving you strange looks.

Some of the east end women are a pretty tough nut, dont want to mess with them or they will have your balls for breakfast.

Oh punjabi women have bottoms that are lovely and bub

427 more byte(s), click here!

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 09 Nov 2002 00:39:43 GMT)

re:nice one pincher

corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

I love fucking punjabi arse...corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

well done pincher, keep up the good work

where is guru ?

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 09 Nov 2002 00:40:16 GMT)

Where is guru ?

Where is guru ?

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 10 Nov 2002 00:03:58 GMT)

awards go to pincher

I concur with nanbread, pincher should be voted chikan of the month !.

Congratulations pincher, your the da man !.


Its good to have you back. Tell us all about your recent humps.

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 10 Nov 2002 00:08:08 GMT)

re:kass and pincher

english women have to be the biggest bitches on this planet. They love playing mind games with us men. At the same time they will all of a sudden kick up a fuss for no reason whatsoever. Thats why I am very choosy when it comes to humping them.

Foreign girls on the other hand are always up for a bit of excitement with a stranger.

Pincher, complete change of subject, where are the best bars in london for one night stands ?. Have you been to tiger tiger ?

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 10 Nov 2002 00:11:03 GMT)


That was great advice for giving up frotting. Thanku for taking the time to write this post. I am sure it will serve its purpose for the rest of the chikan community.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 11 Nov 2002 21:04:42 GMT)

re:pincher and guru

Nanbread, you forget Guru is a man of many talents. He has a very good knowledge of crowd psychology and the female mind. His stealth capabilities allow him to move like a stealth bomber without being seen. He is a very clever man.

Nanbread, are you planning on visiting Guru in Dubai ? lots of sexy women there to hump.


Good idea about the yahoo group. Its what is needed !.

When you hump, do you push your face in the girls hair and lick their hair. I love doing this. I am a specialist at twisting my tongue through long good smelling hair. Women with long blonde hair are my favourite.

pakistani bottom groper (Mon 11 Nov 2002 21:07:08 GMT)

Chikan Meeting !

My friends & Guru,

We really should meet up in a country where the laws are relaxed about chikaning. As Carlos says lets wait till the riots calm down in Caracas.

They we can join our friend Carlos and enjoy the delights of humping the local female flesh in Caracas. Maybe visit a few brothels, bars enjoy the warm weather and the city.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 12 Nov 2002 18:49:02 GMT)

Guru ! Guru ! Please Tellme the Secrets !

Hi Guru,

You are an extremely talented teacher. You never cease to amaze me.

Please tellme more about viewing womens auras. How do you learn this ? Will you teach me ? I think this is a great way of determining a womans inner karma. Can you give me a lesson to learn how to do this please !.


Tellme more about this punjabi angel !! You have got me in suspense.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 12 Nov 2002 18:50:30 GMT)

guys please listen and learn from guru


Guru has BEEN a member of our community since the dawn of time. I suggest you listen and learn from him. As he can teach you alot of things about ourselves and people around us.

pakistani bottom groper (Thu 14 Nov 2002 20:09:56 GMT)

re:guru about this auric thing

Guru, I think you are Sage or some kind of sorceror :-)) your talents have not limits.

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 17 Nov 2002 02:39:20 GMT)

re: respect guru

You must respect guru, he has many talents so please listen to what he has to say and dont talk shit about him.

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 17 Nov 2002 21:57:57 GMT)


Hi Guru,

I did not know u were a reiki master too ?

Are you clients nice sexy women ?

I hope to meet the master himself oneday when I come to dubai

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 17 Nov 2002 22:02:12 GMT)

Guru is the Teacher

U chikans shouldn't just spend your entier lives groping and chikaning. U learn to develop passions like Guru.

U should learn from Guru who is a healer, karate master, and champion wrestler.

I myself and studying kungfu and kick boxing I also work out using weights. I am going to study auras too and beable to peoples energies like Guru.

pakistani bottom groper (Sun 17 Nov 2002 22:05:31 GMT)


Last night I also went out clubbing and spent my evening gropping girls bottoms. I groped and pinched dozens of bottoms. What a grand evening. Girls when they are in a club and drunk are all game.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 19 Nov 2002 19:01:17 GMT)


Hi Guru,

I want to come to Dubai and meet you guru !! I work in IT consultancy and would like to meet up and learn from you. Maybe I can get a contract in Dubai and learn Reiki and aura reading of the Guru himself

As I said you have a talent that transends this board.

You chikans should learn from Guru and make the most of your life. Life is too short to concern your minds about chikaning. Even though humping is nice :-))

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 19 Nov 2002 19:13:37 GMT)

re:tips on preventing a woman from making a scene

My favourite technique is hunt a sexy looking business woman with a split skirt believe me in london they are so many to choose from. In london if your are well dressed and want to palm a good sexy looking woman in the crack. Its not a problem if you keep it gentle.I have placed the back of my hand between the cracks of several beautiful looking women and enjoy the 'touching' and 'feeling' experie

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Nov 2002 19:15:17 GMT)


Shogun, your stories are excellent. They are almost as good as Guru's :-)).

Many years ago, my favourite haunts were open air market stalls. The best days were always 'Mothers Days' since young women would go to the card and flower stalls in search of greetings cards and presents for their mothers.

I would always survey the entier area before moving in for the kill. The great thing w

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pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Nov 2002 19:16:14 GMT)


Pincher, its good to have you back. U gave us all the impression that you were going away for a long while.

pakistani bottom groper (Wed 20 Nov 2002 21:31:54 GMT)

Newcastle Women

Have you guys tried humping women from Newcastle ?

I am telling u these women are all game ! Will tell u my stories later.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 26 Nov 2002 20:23:08 GMT)

business women in london

What I love about london is the diversity of women for humping. During the morning rush hour there are so many good looking women to choose from. My favoruites are the blondes wearing business suites and split skirts cooorrrrr !.

I recall when I worked in central london three years ago. It was heaven. I found that 50 % if women I humped were game and even forced there bums into my hard cock

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pakistani bottom groper (Tue 26 Nov 2002 20:26:30 GMT)

re:black shogun

I have kissed the neck of a beautiful teenager whilst humping her.

Afterwards she turned round and gazed into my eyes and smiled. I really fell apart inside. To me it seemed this girl was not a whore but someone who I could like. Anyway I never pursued her.

In clubs I have had women who have tried touch and kiss me after humping them. This sometimes is a complete turn off for me.

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 26 Nov 2002 20:28:17 GMT)

re:shogun and corrrrrrrrr

Did u ever watch the english comedies starring Sidney James (hes dead now).

When he sees a beautiful sexy woman hes kind of groans and says corrrrrrrr

Alot of english guys say corrrrrrrrr under their breath when they see a beautiful woman.

We have to keep in contact man !

pakistani bottom groper (Tue 03 Dec 2002 21:49:12 GMT)

Met a girl on the crowded train


Greetings, I recently met a lovely lady whilst commuting into work in London. Since then I grown to like her so much. My chikaning habits seem to be fading. Maybe its a phase I going through who knows. I am beginning to think about her all the time.

It started out, when I first met her a week and half back. I wanted to hump her however when the train suddenly ground to a hal

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pakistani bottom groper (Sat 29 Mar 2003 10:29:33 GMT)

re:GURU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guru,

Its great to see you back. I see you are studying yoga. I am studying tai chi and several internal martial arts.

Hi nanbread, shogun, carlos etc,

Its good to see the golden oldies are still haunting our forum.
Where is pincher these days ?

pakistani bottom groper (Sat 29 Mar 2003 17:50:03 GMT)

Guru please answer my question

Guru !,

Please answer my question. Each time I cum inside a womans crack. Am I loosing prana or chi from my body ?. If so is this a bad thing ?.

You guys should listen to Guru. He is very wise, and has talents in wrestling, karate, healing, aura energies and female psychology.

He is also a top notch groper :-))

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