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Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 17:08:22 GMT)


One of the sexiest women I have ever seen, young or old, was a Catholic schoolgirl who would return home at 3:00pm. At that time, subway lines aren't crowded, so the chance to place my erect man meat on her pleated tartan skirt was nonexistent. But sometimes I would wait for her at the station, my hand in my pocket, my growing blood-engorged monster salivating with hunger. When her train would

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Master Frotteur (Thu 28 Nov 2002 19:27:01 GMT)

A Few Points on Technique

Of course, there will not always be a crowd. There will be times (most of them, actually) when you will not have the luxury of a thick throng against which to pin your victim, as she either stands there in ignorance or struggles to break from the violator at her back (I am getting erect writing this). When open space is the rule of the day, you must use your creativity to still chikan. Most wom

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Master Frotteur (Fri 29 Nov 2002 03:30:20 GMT)


Hey Carlos, sounds like Venezuela is definitely the place to be. I have read some of your stories and they've brought me much pleasure, as have the stories of Black Shogun, among others. Interesting also, how the societal view of the Chikan as a base, filthy, uneducated creature is being challenged by some of the exchanges in this forum: many of you sound like quite an educated, cultured group o

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Master Frotteur (Fri 29 Nov 2002 03:39:02 GMT)


Stath, you dirty devil, you won't get to her unless it's over my dead body. A little piece of sweet meat like this needs to have three or four of us around her at a concert after having had her fifth beer. She'd definitely get home and wonder the next day why she feels so strange down there!

Master Frotteur (Sun 01 Dec 2002 06:41:10 GMT)

Filmbuff's Story/Tonight's Log Entry

Excellent story, Filmbuff. I've never done Mardi Gras, but I am sure it must be mayhem down there. What a pervert's haven it must be. I've seen the videos of the drunk girls and how willing they become. I am curious, has anyone chikaned a drunk woman and gone further, taking advantage of her condition?

By the way, I humped the shit out of many girls this evening. Some were prolonged ru

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Master Frotteur (Sun 01 Dec 2002 18:11:18 GMT)

Over the Railing

My fellow chikans, when there is a railing nearby, take advantage of it. At concerts, parades, large events with metal barricades, the sexy victim can be pinned against a railing while she's bent over, enjoying the show, with her humpable ass stuck out for your enjoyment. It's so wonderful when there are two girls together, and you pick one of them and start rubbing yourself on her. They'll look

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Master Frotter (Sun 01 Dec 2002 18:18:50 GMT)

Welcome Back, Black Shogun

You posted while I was writing my parade story. Hope your vacation was good. Welcome back.

Master Frotteur (Sun 01 Dec 2002 23:39:47 GMT)


Shyboy, make up your mind. A few days ago you praised me; today you accuse me of lying. I think Black Shogun is right. A true Chikan ear will be able to weed out the impostors from the real deviants. I don't wear my chikan as a badge of honor, nor am I particularly proud of my activites, they're just part of me--that's it, it's as simple and complicated as that. When I write in this forum, I

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Master Frotteur (Mon 02 Dec 2002 03:51:35 GMT)

Black Shogun's Proposal for Chatroom

While I am not opposed to the idea of a chatroom, this forum suits me just fine.
Let's hear what the rest of our roundtable gentlemen have to say.

I sometimes wonder how frotteurism began in the history of mankind. Before the birth of the modern city, before the birth of mass transportation, where were the crowds in which our paraphilic ancestors began to "rub people the wrong way?" Di

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 03:23:16 GMT)


Stories like Sugarmagnolia's should be read with caution. I mean, Sugar, how do we know you are woman? And if you ARE a woman--and one who doesn't get off on the idea of a pervert like me rubbing up against your ass like the uncivilized canine that I am--what are you doing at a site like this? I guess there's also room in this forum for dissenters; but be aware, Maggie, that your reaction of di

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 03:46:40 GMT)

Black Shogun and Others

Black Shogun, again I am taken by your narrative ability; you place us right there where the action is. But I must be frank and say, respectfully, that my first instinctive reaction is to dismiss your story as fabricated. Now, some banter has been exchanged recently regarding the veracity of stories, so let me explain just what I mean.

I have been a frotteur for about 15 years. I conside

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 04:38:03 GMT)

Black Shogun

Black Shogun, please don't be offended by my doubts. I respectfully raised them, which is more than can be said for some of the exchanges I have read in this forum. As a fellow chikan, I respect you. I have shown you that, I believe. Your stories are great; you capture the feeling. I just want you to understand from where my doubts originated. I guess you as well as the other chikans who hav

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Master Frotteur (Tue 03 Dec 2002 07:33:54 GMT)

Black Shogun/Pointer on a Simple Technique

Black Shogun has proved himself a gentleman and I salute him as Chikan of the Month. Master Frotteur, despite his experience, will always be a student of the sneaky art, and offers an open ear to the tales that circulate here in our roundtable. Jay, yes, perhaps my technique needs refinement; perhaps the ladies don't find me attractive, but whatever the reason, I will keep looking for the submis

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Master Frotteur (Wed 04 Dec 2002 02:04:47 GMT)

Krakken wants to get crackin' w/upskirts

I want to address two of your questions about upskirts. Yes, many of us (at least myself) are into other deviant behaviors. Thank goodness for variety. While my mainstay is frotteurism, I have indulged other vices, although briefly at times. Among them, exhibitionism (showed my penetration-ready, stiffened friend to young women a "handful" of times when I was a teen), voyeurism (peeped into may

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Master Frotteur (Wed 04 Dec 2002 02:18:22 GMT)

Black Shogun's Message

My fellow chickans (will this ever by said by someone standing at a podium in the White House lawn? Doubt it), again my chikan brother Black Shogun speaks the truth. Believe what he says, believe what I say; I doubted him for a moment yesterday, but no more. I must admit that I've had the urge to go out and do what we do after reading one of his stories. He has the narrative gift. He writes, a

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Master Frotter (Wed 04 Dec 2002 04:51:46 GMT)

Questions for the honorable company

Here are some questions for you honorable gentlemen:

1) The guys in London--What about the presence of undercovers in the Tube?

2) Carlos--I have read your postings before, but I'd like to read more from you. Especially, annecdotes relating to adult women or older teens. If you can get away with shit in Venezuela, you must have other stories.
Also, please tell us about the sta

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Master Frotteur (Sun 08 Dec 2002 20:10:53 GMT)

A Few Years Back, A Few Good Drops

I had already seen her, seen her plenty of times; so when I saw her this one time as I prepared for Chikan before the evening rush hour, my heart skipped a beat and I feel the butterflies flutter around in my belly as I followed her to the train.

Blonde her down to her waist. Blue eyes. Black mini-skirt. Black high-heels.
I prayed that when she arrived at the station there would be a

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Master Frotteur (Mon 09 Dec 2002 05:17:31 GMT)

Second Award for Black Shogun

Besides the Chikan of the Month Award, Black Shogun also deserves an award for the best (and only) typographic representation of a female derriere I have seen on the board. A true chikan, Black Shogun, like an Asian Warrior wielding a sword gracefully, also wields his pen masterfully on this board, sketching in just a few strokes what we all love so much: (_*_)

Master Frotteur (Tue 10 Dec 2002 03:40:20 GMT)

Chikan Spy

Spy, I loved your story. A nice twist on our already twisted perversion. When I cliked on your link, before reading the rest of the story of what happened to sexy Nancy, I was excited and hard looking for the picture of this reporter, wanting to find the "fox"y lady, and once I found her, couldn't wait to get back to the story to find out the rest. I had an inkling I knew where the story would

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Master Frotteur (Tue 10 Dec 2002 03:44:44 GMT)

Carlos Goes to the Party


I am curious: just how is it that you manage to go to so many kids' parties without sticking out like a sore thumb? I am imagining you lurking around, looking suspicious, and the parents (if they're there) keeping an eye on you. If they're not, then how do blend in with the kids?

I have no sexual interest in any of this. My tendencies are not pedophillic, but I am very curious about all those parties you mention.


Master Frotteur (Tue 10 Dec 2002 03:58:52 GMT)

Brazilian Beauty

I had to share this with the gang. Imagine this poor lass in our den!!!


Master Frotteur (Tue 10 Dec 2002 04:53:39 GMT)

Interesting Article

My posting is quite active tonight, I know! Check this out.

Master Frotteur (Wed 11 Dec 2002 01:58:36 GMT)

Black Shogun

Excellent report from the arena, Black Shogun. You got me going again. I am picturing that dumb blonde with this dark sausage grinding her lovely pink buns
while she gyrates her hips to the music and talks to her friends and laughs and everything is like....so fine and dandy....and like...you know, she's so totally like.....while you are flexing your eel and whipping and compressing and kneading her buttocks....

Man!!!! I have to go a concert!!!!

Master Frotteur (Sun 29 Dec 2002 20:22:47 GMT)

Let the Children Play!

Hello Friends of the Rub-a-dub dick,

Black Shogun, great childhood story. I also would fuck around with a neighbor girl when I was about 10--no wooden blocks and erector sets for me; well, I did have an erector set, which I would let my little friend go to town with. I would get her when she was all alone without her parents being around. I would approach her and grab her pussy and squee

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Master Frotteur (Sun 29 Dec 2002 21:29:12 GMT)


I have been going to bars by myself recently, trying to explore this new arena as possible chikan playing field. I must admit that what I found has converted me to the "watering hole" brand of perversions--a nice change from trains and other crowded places. Herein lies the beauty of the bar/club/lounge: crowd, alcohol, music, other noise. All the auditory stimuli, musical or non-musical, serve

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Master Frotteur (Mon 30 Dec 2002 02:39:18 GMT)


More recent than my bar story, is the following annecdote, just a few days old.

A show in town was letting out. A throng was gathered, waiting for the stars to come out and give autographs and pose for pictures. I had begun my surveillance of the crowd, looking out for possible tame girls against which to rub my already erect tool. Keep in mind (and most of you should, by now, be familia

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Master Frotteur (Wed 01 Jan 2003 17:13:59 GMT)

New Year's Eve Activity

Happy New Year to all! Here's a recap of my chikan activities New Year's Eve.

Sarted at 3:00pm. I humped PLENTY of women. Started by walking in crowds and walking right up to sexy cunts or against oncoming ones and colliding my hard sausage against their ass or hips. I must have done this plenty of times by the time the sun set. I love watching them stumble slightly; and more so, I lov

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Master Frotteur (Wed 01 Jan 2003 17:19:59 GMT)

Nanbread Whispers Sweet Nothings...


Awesome! I've never done what you do, whispering shit in a whore's ear while rubbing against her plump, frotteurizable behind. I love it! That's a cool twist to add to what we love to do them!

Master Frotteur (Fri 03 Jan 2003 02:36:28 GMT)

Nanbread, We Want More!

Please do tell us about all your other humps New Years Eve. I for one am very eager to read more of how you tend to "rub people the wrong way."

Master Frotter (Fri 03 Jan 2003 04:12:26 GMT)


I am curious as to how many of you gentlemen have shared your chikan activity with another chikan. I know that generally we become very territorial, but on occasion I have humped a girl's buttock or hip while some stranger humped her other side; or I have done her from the front while another guy has taken care of her back door. Very few times has this happened to me, but it has.

Once, af

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Master Frotteur (Fri 03 Jan 2003 04:18:49 GMT)


In my last posting, the diagram looked totally different on my screen. Sorry about any misunderstanding. If you shift everybody to the right, you get a better idea--I wasn't cornered, my fellow chikan was! Also, I added the % sign for good measure: it's my cock and balls!!

Master Frotteur (Sun 05 Jan 2003 16:46:59 GMT)


Yes, Stath, it was me. Great story, by the way. I love how your little princess goes "Ouch!" at one point. You must have been given her your all.

By the way, yesterday, while working my penis onto humpable asses, I went to a department store. This is a place that is generally good for the momentary attack. While a bitch is busy looking at something, you dive in from a distance and kn

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Master Frotteur (Sun 05 Jan 2003 19:09:55 GMT)

The Elbow

Chikans out there who frequent mass transportation lines will know this one quite well. A sexy, curvaceous bitch, who is being rubbed up against, and who wants the pervert at her back to stop rubbing his rock-hard prick against her will oftentimes stick her elbow out at him. I particularly love it when the babe will not verbally complain. She won't even turn around to look at you. She just loo

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Master Frotteur (Sun 05 Jan 2003 19:30:29 GMT)

The Butt

My fellow chikans, more exciting than the elbow (see my previous post) is when a dumb sexy girl tries to fend off your attack by pushing her ass out against you. Tell me, my friends, is anything better than this? Just recently I chikaned a brunette in her late thirties who looked like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman). She was sexy as all hell: long dark hair down to her waist, thin white pants which

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Master Frotteur (Mon 06 Jan 2003 02:22:16 GMT)

Question for Master Ayashi

What is "the mailing list" which appears at the top of the page?


Master Frotteur (Mon 06 Jan 2003 02:37:40 GMT)


As much as asses are wonderful, cushiony, plump, flesh mounds to hump and cum on, there's nothing like a great pair of legs to get my ape-juices flowing (Dr. Iron Dick is right when he refers to me as an ape--however, most apes will not part with their banana, while I am always very generous with mine, as you all know). In any case, a well-shaped pair of long legs has been known to send Master Fr

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Master Frotteur (Mon 06 Jan 2003 03:38:45 GMT)


My fellow chikans, when you have your woman all pinned against a corner; when you "have" to hold on to the railing or the bars in the bus or the bar itself as you feign wondering what order to drink, etc, keep the following in mind. There's no reason why your victim's upper body should not be given the proper attention, just like her lower treasures are being explored by your rigid, wet-with-precum-dick. As you "hold" on to something on her other side, raise your arm and brush it against her tits. This way, you can maintain your arm pressend against her breasts throughout the bus or train ride. This is not always possible, as positioning has much to do it, but it's an added bonus you should always keep in mind, a weapon to have at the ready in your arsenal of frotteurism.

Master Frotteur (Tue 07 Jan 2003 00:38:15 GMT)

Classifying What We Do

Master Ayashi:

The new layout will take getting used to. I think of humping/groping as the same, although if we want to be anlytical, they do differ. Perhaps the differentiation will give rise to interesting stories, as we chikans try to narrow down our tales of deviance!

Master Frotteur (Tue 07 Jan 2003 00:41:51 GMT)


I travel often to the NE, especially New York City. What can chikans from the Big Humpable Apple share with an outsider? Tips for spots, techniques, times, etc.

Master Frotteur (Tue 07 Jan 2003 00:46:25 GMT)

Re: Legs


I love them in sneakers, in low and high heeled shoes, in sandals, as long as they're exposed, I don't care. Now, when her legs are nice and taut, I love to watch a woman, take her confident steps: the slight bounce of the quads, the calves standing out in definition as she stands on her tiptoes or goes upstairs, her knees shining as she crosses her legs. And by the way, she should cross her legs slowly and carelessly to allow hungry dogs like me a look at her panties.

Master Frotteur (Wed 08 Jan 2003 02:37:06 GMT)

Re: Car Show

More Dirty Uncle, more!!! On New Years Eve, in a large crowded sidewalk, a bunch of drunk teenagers passed by my side. One of them was a girl who kept touching the men that she passed, caressing their faces, being overly friendly. I followed the group of teens. I positioned myself behind the drunk girl and couldn't rub my cock on her ass; however, my hand did make its way up her tights and feel the warmth of her pussy and ass. I then grabbed and squeezed her butt cheek pretty hard, until she said "Someone just grabbed my butt!" But her other drunk friend had his arm around her neck and they were both stumbling a bit, which made her turn around very slowly, and allowed me to look away and blend into the crowd.

Master Frotteur (Wed 08 Jan 2003 02:44:33 GMT)

A Vote

Master Ayashi,

I am curious as to how the regulars--Carlos, Nanbread, PBH, Black Shogun, Dr. Iron Dick, etc.--feel about the new board. I personally feel that some of the rhythm is gone, although this could have to do with our inadaptability to change. Perhaps I'll get used to the new format; however, as of now, I must vote against it.

Master Frotteur

Master Frotteur (Wed 08 Jan 2003 03:20:18 GMT)

Don't forget to pinch a tit and grab an ass for me

Where is The Infamous Groper? I was just reading some of the archives. WOW!!! Intense mosh pit stuff! If you're out there IG, join in!

Master Frotteur (Thu 09 Jan 2003 00:53:36 GMT)

Re: New BBS

Yes, jay, I agree with you: too many options, too many branches, too labyrinthine. The simplicity of the older board was much better: a simple scroll on which to record and read our perverse activities and desires.

Master Frotteur (Thu 09 Jan 2003 04:07:54 GMT)

The Old Board

Master Ayashi,

What are the chances of reverting to the old board? For the sake of simplicity, for the sake of a linear chronicle of our exploits, for the sake of nostalgia, can we have the board the way it used to be?

Master Frotteur

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:44:47 GMT)


Bukkake is a great concept! Let the fucking whore get plastered with semen. Let her get totally covered with man juice--she deserves it for being such a dirty cunt!!! Black Shogun, I know very well what you're talking about--I love those tapes of hot girls getting degraded with ejaculate!!!

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:48:04 GMT)

Re: Just for Gags

Wow, Black Shogun!!! I am impressed!!! Between Gag Factor and American Bukkake, you've pretty much described half of my porn collection. You have excellent taste!!! Let those worthless whores choke on huge cocks 'till they cry!!!

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:52:18 GMT)

Re: New BBS

Master Ayashi,

So far, its unanimous: everybody hates the new board. Let's go back to the olden times when things where simple. When, after having humped and groped and molested the shit out of some innocent, young chick, I wouldn't have to think so much about how to post my forbidden act.

Master Frotteur (Fri 10 Jan 2003 06:57:58 GMT)

Thread/ Subcategory

Master Ayashi,

In the old board, the board itself was the thread and the subcategory!!! Let's not complicate things too much. Groping, humping, grabbing, spitting, biting, squeezing, upskirting, molesting, violating--the list could be endless. Let's discuss things like we used to: the old fashioned way.

Master Frotteur (Sat 11 Jan 2003 09:08:10 GMT)


Wonderful story Gentle. I wish you could have cum all over her ass, marking the territory as yours. But nice twist. And I love how she knew what you were doing, and I love how she SAW your spilling seed. I really do wish you would have cum on her somehow. If you or anyone else has stories like this one, where a girl is ejaculated upon, please write about them.

By the way, Master Ayashi, we won't let you down. Thanks for bringing the old-style board back.

Master Frotteur (Sat 11 Jan 2003 14:34:20 GMT)

Lunch Hour

Here's a report of my activities for yesterday's lunch hour. It gets pretty crowded where I am, so that chikaning office workers during their lunch hours is wonderful. I went to several large deli-type, buffet places that were pretty packed with lunch-hour crowd. Well, I did some packing of myself, because every time I saw pure, gorgeous, chick, bent over, her soon-to-be-lunch, I approached ste

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Master Frotteur (Sun 12 Jan 2003 02:58:02 GMT)

What a Great Saturday

Despite the cold, I managed to do quite a bit of damage today. Chikans, true chikans, must adapt to the seasons. Like hell I'm gonna wait for Summer! Even in frigid times, sluts will wear short jackets, revealing asses covered in tights or in denim, asses meant to be ground like grade A beef. It started with a bus ride. This line isn't particularly crowded on Saturdays, but today was an excep

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Master Frotteur (Sun 12 Jan 2003 08:58:20 GMT)


More Dirty Uncle, more!!! On New Years Eve, in a large crowded sidewalk, a bunch of drunk teenagers passed by my side. One of them was a girl who kept touching the men that she passed, caressing their faces, being overly friendly. I followed the group of teens. I positioned myself behind the drunk girl and couldn't rub my cock on her ass; however, my hand did make its way up her tights and feel the warmth of her pussy and ass. I then grabbed and squeezed her butt cheek pretty hard, until she said "Someone just grabbed my butt!" But her other drunk friend had his arm around her neck and they were both stumbling a bit, which made her turn around very slowly, and allowed me to look away and blend into the crowd.

Master Frotteur (Sun 12 Jan 2003 15:45:49 GMT)

U.S. Patent Office

Black Shogun, If I were to found a college for frotteurs I would make you its first president. You wreaked havoc, man! Excellent. First things first: you must patent your "Parade Rest" groping method immediately. Edison watch out! Second, the size of your balls, man! To go back to the bar you had gotten kicked out from the night before, and with two female friends; and furthermore, to grope one of them?! Man, I could never do that. You're bold!

I am honored, though, that you "lifted coat" MF-style. Your methods are developing; you're evolving: oh man, to be a poor blonde bitch in your town--go get'em, Shogun!

Master Frotteur (Mon 13 Jan 2003 02:01:27 GMT)

And the Grammy goes to...

Actually, Shogun, I won't see you at the Grammy's. I'll be outside with the crowd, grinding young, hot, well-assed, teenie bitches against metal barricades!

Master Frotteur (Mon 13 Jan 2003 02:34:32 GMT)


DSM-IV 302.89: Fellow chikans, can we really be defined that way by the establishment?

Master Frotteur (Tue 14 Jan 2003 04:34:15 GMT)

Glory, glory hallelujia!

Black Shogun, it's hard, as it always is, to decide which of your stories is the best and most stimulating. I've praised your work before and I'll do it again. Your pen, besides its usual quality, is now giving us quantity. I also enjoy the "short story" twist, thus giving your perverse annecdotes a bit of a literary air. Donatien Alphonse, Marquis de Sade, would be quite proud of you. But no

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Master Frotteur (Tue 14 Jan 2003 04:43:08 GMT)

Glory, glory hallelujia! (conclusion)

i am getting so worked up, that I presses send accidentally without finishing my story. Finally, after all that pushing and shoving I made it. I was right behind her again!!!! Oh yeah, my cock was pulsating, wanting to tear through my shorts. I closed in and immediately felt her as she gyrated and bumped into my cock. I wanted to hold her. I needed more than this. The crowd was tight again.

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Master Frotteur (Wed 15 Jan 2003 02:04:03 GMT)

Where Are They Now?

Has winter perhaps sent chikans into hibernation? Where are Carlos, PBH, Nanbread, jay, Dr. Iron Dick, and the rest of our illustrious round table? I am sure Black Shogun would also like to know. Gentlemen, I hope your silence means you're out there wreaking havoc in the public transportation lines of Caracas or London or wherever and collecting annecdotes to share with the rest of us soon.

Here's a list of things I would like to read about:

> Girls in Catholic School uniforms (!!!!)
> Saliva
> Upskirts
> Frotteured women who resist but are overpowered
> Frotteured women who complain/hit/scream/cry
> Frotteured women who comply and participate
> Really bold chikan acts
> etc (just keep those stories cumming)

Master Frotteur (Wed 15 Jan 2003 02:47:42 GMT)

Mr. Grab

Perhaps, Mr. Grab, when you rub against the older women you're being too rough. Chikan is a fine art which must be developed and cultivated; finesse must be part of your game. My boldest acts are committed only once I am almost sure I can go a bit further ( and even then things don't always go very smoothly). But for you to fail EVERY single time with older girls should not be the case. You must be subtle and test out the waters at each pool before you jump in. The environment in which you chikan also has much bearing on the ease with you perform. For example, I am curious where it is you rub these women and girls, trains, buses, street crowds? Each of these must be approached differently.


Master Frotteur (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:10:32 GMT)

Dukes of Ass-Hard

assgrabbin chris, I need to know what you did to that poor Daisy Duke in the train. Did your General Lee enter her county too speedily? Did your Boss Hog get under her short denims too roughly? Please do write, we are all very anxious to hear how you violated her "Southern" parts. I, for one, want a detailed description of how the little cunt shed her tears, and whether your Rosco shed any creamy,white tears of his own.

Master Frotteur (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:16:57 GMT)



Master Frotteur (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:44:52 GMT)

Tech Bonus

Hey Tech, your posts weren't much of a bonus for me; or let's just say that when I went to check out the bubble butt showcase, my bubble burst: I couldn't access your links. I got a message from Yahoo telling me the pictures weren't retrievable.

Can you try again?



Master Frotteur (Thu 16 Jan 2003 03:50:40 GMT)

Tech Bonus

Never mind, TB, I'm in!

Master Frotteur (Thu 23 Jan 2003 04:39:08 GMT)

X the Plagiarist

Here is the link to the actual webpage X decided to cut and paste in "History of Chikan":


X, if you want us to read the story then post the link; but pasting the entire story makes me think that you want to pass the story off as your own. Now, why do that?

Master Frotteur (Thu 23 Jan 2003 04:42:26 GMT)

X the Plagiarist (part II)

And here is the link to X's "A Mosh Pit Molestation Story.":


Now, X, can you actually try and write in your own words?

Master Frotter (Thu 23 Jan 2003 05:05:06 GMT)

Summer, Where Are You?

What with the cold, a man must relive old memories when unable to chikan. I have advised chikans not to let the falling mercury interfere with their rising schlongs, but this is ridiculous: it's fuckin' cold out there! Today I managed to chikan, but it's nothing to write home (or post here) about. Sure, I felt an ass or two, and even managed to find a sweet mama with tight jeans and short jack

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Master Frotteur (Fri 24 Jan 2003 15:18:39 GMT)


I don't know if Ben Franklin or any of the Founding Fathers would be proud of you, but I certainly am--because Ayashi-BBS is, in a way, our own city of brotherly of love. Great stories. I think you are right. As a chikan, especially a "full serv perv" one must be on the lookout for any and all possibilities. What you did to Soccer Mom while Junior and Grandma stood by was just great and got me raging hard as I read.

I will relate past stories soon.


Master Frotteur (Sat 25 Jan 2003 07:56:13 GMT)

Put Your Head (Your Dick's, That is) On My Shoulder

This one is from several years ago. I was riding a bus which had been delayed. A mob of passengers had gathered at the stop and we all now crowded in the bus. As the tardy bus arrived at each of its stops, more people got on. I had made way to a young blonde in the rear (and toward hers). It was summertime and she was wearing a very short, thin skirt. After a few trial pats with my hand on h

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Master Frotteur (Fri 21 Feb 2003 03:48:46 GMT)

Gourmet Groper

GG, you get the "reporting live from the scene" award for your last post. As active as our imaginations are, you are going to have to provide us with pictures of your biblio-babe. GG, you can't leave home without it, you know that! Carry the damn camera with you. You never know when opportunity will strike--even if it's in February and among the ancient, dusty tomes of a college library.

Master Frotteur (Fri 21 Feb 2003 04:11:46 GMT)


If I am not mistaken, Maria posted a few days ago, complaining about the moral poverty of this site and offered practical advice to the members of our roundtable: "you guys need to get a life or see a doctor." She then proceeded, a day or so later, to relate her incident with the bald guy who rubbed against her in the presence of her mother. Now, one would imagine, based on her vociferous reacti

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