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January award: Joe
for his farewell messages
(Now you have normal but happy sex life, Joe. Good luck to you and your girlfriend!)

Groping days are over (Sat 12 Jan 2002 20:58:46 GMT)


I have fallen in love with a girl that I met on the train to work and we have been dating ever since, I afraid my days when I use to grope women is now over.

Nice knowing u all, CU

Hello and Goodbye Again (Thu 17 Jan 2002 21:06:42 GMT)


I appreciate the fact your all human and you all have primal urges, in fact I was a groper once !, I'd stand behind women and cup my hands on thier arses for fun, it gave me such a kick..

However all this had ended now since I met and fell in love with a girl. I do hope all you guys meet and the right girl oneday and forever give up groping/molesting. Its such a good feeling love !.

Webmaster keep up the good work !

Take care guys

Iron Dick, your stories can be funny however they do get alittle repetitious ! :-))
I pop along and say hello to you guys once in while CU

My experiences as a frotteur (Sat 19 Jan 2002 16:21:38 GMT)


The girl that I now love doesnt know anything of my once frotteur habits. She seems me as a sweet, romantic lovable gentlemen who wouldnt hurt a fly, In my opinion people who frotteur, do it for a number of reasons, a number of reasons seem to bring about this urge to do this kind of thing.

For me I guess it was boredom, frustration at not having a job, security, no regular girlfriend was and still am a shy person when it came to women, I guess all these factors contributed to me wanting to rub against women, strangely enough I would do it when I as at low esteem with myself, a raving sexual urge fuelled by anger which made me do it, When I came inside a girls crack the enjoyment was over rather like switching of a light bulb, I then became even more sad and frustrated.

when someone loves you \( like when i met my girlfriend )and cares for you things changed, for me anyway this is what happened. I felt happy, life felt worth living, in fact if I had continued groping I thing I would have thrown my self of a bridge before the age of 50 because I would have hated myself so much.

Those guys who want help, I wish I could help you as I know the feeling of wanting to give it but somehow cant, god bless you all.

February award: punjabi butt humper
for his boldest hump in dubai
(And I sincerely hope that you can stop it before you has your penis chopped off.)

humping an arabic babe (Mon 25 Feb 2002 04:28:18 GMT)

It was one of those rare occasions. It was during GITEX (gulf Info Technology Exhibition) where the consumer IT stalls were staged. i saw a huge crowd, rather unusual in dubai. there were more arabic men than women. and the pavilions were bustling with crowds. the distinctive scent of arabic women caught my nostrils. i ambled around searching for a perfect butt and safe crowd coverage. this didnt happen for long . for almost an hour i moved around with my eyes roving for action. my dick was hard and waiting to pound a soft, shapely arabic butt. i had never humped an arab butt, and i was dying to dig into one. but there is a lot of risk involved. even my groping mastery was under a cloud coz, it had to be perfect setup with no flaws. one mistake and i wud be in a soup. so i waited for the right female . and at last, i found a female. she was tall, wore specs, couldnt make out her shape, as her traditional arabic dress covered her figure. she was wearing a veil too. i gathered courage amidst the crowd...and soon moved closer to her. she was wearing a great perfume. it was heady. i slowly sank closer into her butt. it was a great, soft, virgin butt. i guess no one had even touched it. i was cautious. i soon got braver, and let my dick find the crack in her butt. it was heavenly and deep. i looked around for prying eyes. i saw many arabic men spying at my moves. i had to be smart. as luck favoured me, there was a bunch of school boys who landed there, this was a perfect cover up for me. i took this opportunity as i began to hump her butt. she showed no signs of disapproval. infact she was suprised at my guts, and was enjoying a rare groping action. she turned a little to take a glance at me. she was my kinds. but she couldnt stand there forever without buying any pc at the stall. so she had to move, and i had not even cummed into her butt. suddenely i sensed the urgency. i rammed into her butt with rage. but soon fell short of reaching. i saw her reluctantly walking past me. but with a sudden spurt of courage. i grabbed her hips towards me. the crowd was swelling, and she was safe..and then like a cloud burst, i came into her butt as we walked . i was pasted into her butt, and i exploded. it was a great feeling. the smell of semen in the air mixed with exotic perfumes. and i glanced at some arabic men who were gaping at my courage to have rammed an arabic babe in middle of an aisle. well i had my great time. i stood there as i watched the great butt disappear into the crowd. I had a risky hump, so did she..i dont think it happens too often in this part of the world...

March award: DR. IRON DICK
and his infamous AAAAAHHH!! and OOOOOOHHH!! and YUMMIEE YUMMIE!
(Your writing style is beyond the grip of ordinary men, you know?)

CHIKAN TERMSS AND STUFFF (Sun 03 Mar 2002 01:59:31 GMT)







RE:ALIG (Tue 05 Mar 2002 18:39:13 GMT)





RE;ANGEL (Tue 05 Mar 2002 22:25:54 GMT)





theorys off why chikanss grope - research by dr. iron dick phd BSc diploma (Thu 07 Mar 2002 12:55:01 GMT)
... wheeen man goess waaaarrrrrrrrrrrr he is saying he e has found his matte

it is animall/wolf scream warrrrrrrrr

then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh whenn inject hiss semen in womanss crack, thenn when smeell of semen in air all everyone goess crazy with sex becauss of pheronmones in semen ok ?

then women goess oooooooooooohhh becausee she is satisfied ...

re: helpp for collegge kid (Mon 11 Mar 2002 00:05:54 GMT)
... as doctorr i recoomend u alwayss carryy second pairr of underwearr in yourr bag alsso wassh your dick in toilet after u cum ok ? do thiss by pusshinng your dick downn toilet thenn flushingg this will wash awayy any semen smelling stainns ok on yourr dick ok ?

alwayys wassh yourr handss or whnne u go to collegee all woman will smell semenn on your handss and they say oooooooohhh and poooooooo (becauuse of smelll stinkyy semen ok ? ).) ...

researchh on smelly semen in chikanss pantss (Mon 11 Mar 2002 21:41:48 GMT)
... hamburgerss/kebabss and frierss is shittf food, whenn chikann eatss shiit food, hee becomess shit and all shiit goes into semen stains OK ?

Now wheenn chikann does aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh and womann goes oooooooohh

semenns cumss !! ok ?

then smell l off shitt in air ? ok

semern shit ok ? smart ehh ? ...

re: splitt personalittyy in chikanns research papper on whyy chikan hass twoo charaters (Tue 12 Mar 2002 23:12:43 GMT)
... dark v lightt whoo winnss which do u succummb tooo

chikkan summcum to darksiddee for powerr over woman ok ? likke dr. jekyll and mrr hydee ok ??

darkk side soo good aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh cumm cum to darrk side e aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh womann goess ooooooooooooooooooooooohhh ...

re: college kiddd (Sat 16 Mar 2002 13:03:29 GMT)
... abouut mum finddding pornon magaziness dont worry y she knowws all man are sex machiness we alll thinkkk of sex likee whenn u masturbate and comee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ok ? ...

April award: Peeping Tom
for his adventure to nightmare to fresh start
(I hope those gym/councilling/hypno cumbination help you.)

Arrested and Convicted (Sat 06 Apr 2002 19:01:05 GMT)

Hey Guys,

My solicitor advised me to plead guilty to one account of indescent assault after I rubbed my cock against a womans buttocks on the crowded london underground.

Looks like counselling for, speak to guys later.

re: X (Sun 07 Apr 2002 17:42:19 GMT)

Hi X,

If I plead not guilty and I am found guilty I would definitely end up in jail.

My lawyer says if I plead guilty, theres a big chance I can get off with going for councilling about my frotting problems.

If I dont plead guilty, then this means facing a another hearing and if my mum and dad find out about this they will almost certainly have heart attack.

I mean what if my sister finds out, she will see me as a rapist ?, it would bring such shame on me. What if it gets to the papers what if those at the office find out about my frotting pastimes ?

Now do u see the problem I face ?

Life is not fucking FAIR !! (Sun 07 Apr 2002 17:47:09 GMT)

I understand I have a problem, but I am not a rapist, I touched girls bottoms and get thrills out of it. I have no girlfriend, in fact never had a girlfriend all my life.

I think I suffer from lack of confidence and spend alot of time in front of my PC.

Life really sucks, I hate it when there are people who get everything in life and they get away with this kind of shit.

Fucking hate life it sucks for me unlike u lot who have girlfriends, married and still do frotting and get away with it, its not not fucking fair.

re: my life sucks (Mon 08 Apr 2002 14:19:30 GMT)

When I go out and try talking to women they dont even look at me, they are are stupid whores as far as I am concerned. Women fuck with your minds and leave you feeling like shit and dirt.

They dry hump your mind and play with your thought, they are all bitches.

My life sucks and is depressing, people don't want to talk to me. Maybe I go to jail and noone cares about me anymore.

Thanks Guys (Tue 09 Apr 2002 22:42:04 GMT)

Just want to give my thanks to all those who offered support.

Its time things changed for me, I need to change my image, clothes and get a new hair style. Paki groper and Ricky Merry is right, I need to get a life.

I am joing the gym soon and going to work out to get big biceps and a 6 pack like paki groper so women notice me. I have bought some hynotherapy tapes to bombard my mind with positive vibes, which will help me become a more confident person.

Has anyone used hynotherapy audio tapes before ?

I will be going to court in 2 weeks so will give u the verdict then thanks agian

re:webmaster (Wed 10 Apr 2002 22:17:28 GMT)

Hi Webmaster,

Thankyou for your warm hearted response. Its a times like this, we all need someone to talk to, someone who can understand my inner most thinkings.

These hypno audio tapes bombard your mind with positive suggestions which work at the unconsuis level. If any chikans have used such methods, it would be nice to hear of any successes.

My urge to grope has stopped, only because I have to attend court soon and am nervous as to the what decisions will be made.

Thankyou all once again so far for your efforts in helping me.

Guilty !! (Sat 27 Apr 2002 23:50:34 GMT)

Hi Guys,

My lawyer said I should plead guilty, I have already pleaded guilty and have been ordered to see a social worker once a week about my problem. I was also ordered to pay 150 GDP to the victim. Rather stupid I think considering the fact I only rubbed my hard cock (inside my trousers on buttocks). It wasnt rape !!.

If I do this again I might end up in prison. So I am looking at ways of curing my "illness". Should I get the urge to do this again I have been given a special number to ring and I will then be taken straight to hospital for "treatment".

I have been using hynotherapy tapes to try and boost my confidence and have started working out at the gym, anyway will speak to u guys later.

May award: Pakistani Bottom Groper
and his infamous "corrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and licking hair
(Please stop licking hair, PBG. Saliva is not shampoo, though.)

re:dev (Thu 02 May 2002 20:03:31 GMT)
... the girl is drunk and giggling and is saying somthing like "Oh someone is pressing thier pelvis hard against my buttocks"..

When a girl says this it turns me on !! corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!.

I love palming spanish girls ...

re:dev (Sun 05 May 2002 09:02:11 GMT)
... we travel the subways in tokyo squashing ourselves against female bodies. This would be absolute heaven corrrrrr !!.

re:ricky merry (Sun 05 May 2002 20:01:41 GMT)
... I wouldnt mind humping this amanda swisten, I love humping blonde girls, have u any pics of her naked buttocks corrrrrrrr !

RE:GERRY (Mon 06 May 2002 13:21:46 GMT)
... Do u have any tips for accidently shoving your head between a girls breasts.

I have thought of a few such as turning round and pretending not to see the girl in front of you and ramming my head between tits corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!. ...

A long weekend in japan for the chikan convention (Mon 06 May 2002 13:26:22 GMT)
... Why dont we all just meet in japan one summer and spend a few days out squashing against youung jap girls on the trains. corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! ...

re:dev (Wed 15 May 2002 21:57:09 GMT)
... My cock is already hard as I think how I could be frotting like you. Slapping my hard cock on all those juicy buttocks corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ...

Where are all the chikans gone ? (Sun 26 May 2002 14:41:21 GMT)
Last night I rubbed my hard cock against the frontside of this spanish girl. I got to the point where I was making full bodily contact with her and my cock was poking her vagina area corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!. ...

MASHING LONDON WOMEN (Tue 28 May 2002 20:14:40 GMT)
... I love it when the football is on, all the small pubs get very crowded and I just get sandwiched between young girls and lick thier perfume hair corrrrrrrrr !.

We need to keep a look put for upcoming concerts to mash girls at corrrrrrr !! my dick is hot and ready for action.

Carlos !!!!! (Tue 28 May 2002 20:16:24 GMT)
... is September a good time to mash ?

corrrrr all those latino girls, maybe I rent a hooker to mash on the crowded train with a thin skirt corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

re:french boy (Wed 29 May 2002 21:39:18 GMT)
... Married women always dress, well and put on lots of perfume. As the summer gets closer, alot of married women are wearing shorter and thinner skirts coooorrrrrrr orrrrrrrr corrrrrrrrr

re:jay (Thu 30 May 2002 20:42:49 GMT)
... I like the part when the latino bend over and her crack opens. This is perfect opportunity for chikan to play with a females crack.

Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

re:flipper (Fri 31 May 2002 23:45:58 GMT)
... I feel dissappointed when I am missing out on humping all those young japanese chicks with plum bottoms corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ...

June award: jay
for his tongue in cheek rash
(Tongue in girl's cheek cannot be a joke, jay.)

Has anyone ever tried kissing a stranger? (Thu 27 Jun 2002 04:16:19 GMT)

Has anyone ever tried orally groping a stranger? Two years ago I was in a mosh pit, rubbing up against this hot girl in skin-tight stretch pants and getting really excited. She was tall with dark brown hair a pretty face and a big ass. I guess she felt my hard-on pressing into the crack of her butt because she turned around as if to say something to me. Not sure if she was going to tell me to back off or if she was going to start a conversation! Now her pelvis was pressing against my rock-hard cock. I don't know what came over me, but as she opened her mouth to say something, I grabbed her by the back of her head and kissed her! She planted her hands against my chest and tried to pull away but I held her head in place and rammed my tongue through her lips and into her mouth! I started to swirl my tongue around in her mouth and she is squirming and trying to push me away. The mosh pit was hot as hell and we both had cotton mouth so it didn't taste that great, but it was so hot to be shoving my tongue down this hot bitch's throat! Finally, she gave me a hard shove that broke the kiss and screamed, "Stop it!", but nobody around us even noticed. She looked pretty pissed, so I got out of the pit in a hurry.

July award: Carlos
for his massive contribution
(And you are very good at promoting Venezuelan tourism.)

Venezuelan Schoolgirls (Tue 02 Jul 2002 05:34:46 GMT)

Venezuelan Schoolgirls

I have been studying the behavior of Venezuelan schoolgirls (age 14-17) in crowded conditions in the Caracas subway. If chikaning women in Caracas has been easy, doing it to young schoolgirls has been even much more easier. I have fondled and rubbed up against many of those schoolgirls every day for over six months. I have done this activity during the morning rush and evening rush in the subway. I even have fondled and rubbed up against the same schoolgirl, at the same station, and at the same hour. I feel that the blue schoolgirl skirt is like an aphrodisiac. The skirt is so light, and the girlęs buttocks are so rounded and delicious, that I know feel obsessed by schoolgirls in the subway.

I love to be standing behind a schoolgirl in the crowded subway, or in the platform of the subway station waiting for the train every day. Sometimes a carry a small bag that I use as an excuse to fondle these girls. I use my excuse of carrying a small bag to place my hand in the middle of the buttocks of the girl, so I can feel her up. The police of the subway even encourage the passengers to carry bags and backpacks in the front of our bodies, so that we can get protection from pick pocketers. By doing this, the delicious rears of the girls are always exposed to me.

Schoolgirls are now sexual objects for me. In crowded conditions , it seems to me that they feel comfortable that someone is pressed up against them from behind since their bodies have physical support, from the external forces of the car of the subway, that varies the speed of the motion.

Seeing schoolgirls as sexual objects in the subway has become a obsession to me.

I pay a young cheap hooker of a cheap brothel to dress up like a schoolgirl, and it works well.


Groping in Boston ( U.S.A. ) (Wed 03 Jul 2002 14:11:26 GMT)

I lived 2 years in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. During those 2 years, I felt the urge to grope. I started to know the subway system of Boston. The subway system of Boston has 4 lines. The green line, the red line, the orange line and the blue line. During the morning rush, people would travel to downtown to work. The green line used to be crowded as well as the red line. During the evening rush, the most crowded station was Park Street Station.

I selected the green line to grope, going from Park Street Station to Riverside Station. The green line has small trolleys (small cars) which is quite different from the other lines that have long trains. The trolleys do not have too much space for the passengers.

These trolleys have a stairwell to get into the trolleys. I used to wait until the crowd would be inside the packed trolley, and I would be trying to stand in the stairwell pushing everybody to get in. By doing this, my belly would press the buttocks of an American lady that I had selected, because this lady would be standing one step above me. Feeling up her buttocks on my belly was delicious. This was that I called the bottom belly technique.

But groping in Boston was not as easy as groping in Venezuela, my country. Sexual harassment is an important issue in the USA. The women are well aware about gropers. If they detect any unwanted sexual attention, they would react and would not let the groper to do what he wants to do.

I was very successful as a chikan on the July 4 celebration. I went to a crowded place next to the Charles River to see the fireworks. I fondled a rubbed up a lot of American girls, and they did not take any notice.

Boston is a beautiful city,

Best regards

Letęs do the line in Venezuela (Thu 04 Jul 2002 05:04:25 GMT)

Doing a line of people who are pressed up against the others is one of my fantasies. I would be standing behind one girl of large buttocks who would be wearing a light skirt. I searched all possible places where lines are done by people in Caracas, Venezuela. I found that the best place is the Caracas bus station. During certain weekends, a lot of people want to travel from Caracas to other cities. These people do long lines to buy the bus ticket. Sometimes they are desperate because of the high demand of these tickets. These lines become extremely disorganized. Everybody would be pushing a pressing up against all people in the lines.

During these weekends of high demand for traveling, I do one line. I pay $10 to one policeman who knows me. This policeman would convince one girl of large buttocks wearing a skirt, that she could by a ticket by doing just half of the line. The policeman would push the girl in front of me, and would have us pressed against each other.

One day I was 30 minutes standing behind one girl, completely pressed against her rear and smelling her hair. As we approached to the window where she would buy the ticket, the line became more chaotic, and I could rub up against her, I was doing movements as if trying to see something while I was rubbing my legs against the lower part of her buttocks. I even had semen when I was rubbing her up. The girl did not care.


Groping in a high school in Caracas, Venezuela (Mon 08 Jul 2002 02:48:39 GMT)

In Caracas, there is a certain public high school for poor people located in a poor area of this city. The school has 500 students and has a small store where the students can buy candies and refreshments. The store has a small counter, so when the students go to the store to buy candies, the store becomes overcrowded. I decided to pay $15 to the surveyor of the school, so he would let me get in the school to buy candies. He would also encourage the schoolgirls of large buttocks to buy candies (age 15 to 17), so I that I can stand behind them in the store. The surveyor hands in a fake ticket to the girl, telling her the candy would be free. Actually I would pay for the candy later. The girls wear short blue schoolgirl skirts. When I stand behind them I can rub up against them, and also fondle them, feeling up their buttocks and even the outline of their underwear. When we reach the counter to buy candies, they bend over the counter, and I can feel them up better. The person who is supposed to sell them the candies, would have them to wait, because I would have previously paid him $10 to delay them, so can I can have the girls pressed against the counter for a while. When the girls finally buys the candy, I repeat the process again, over and over and over.


Underwater groping (Wed 10 Jul 2002 14:39:33 GMT)

I went to a beach club to meet my young relatives and their friends. They were 9 girls and 2 boys. (girls age 13 to 15). We went to the pool. When I saw the beautiful young buttocks of the girls, I started to figure out the way to grope them. I suggested to play a game in the pool. The game consisted in doing a line in the pool and opening the legs, so that the boys would swim under us. I had secretly given some money to the girl who is my relative, to convince the other girls to play the game. We did a line in the pool. I had 5 girls in front of me, and 4 girls behind me. I could rub up against the naked buttocks of the girl in front of me. I could feel up the tits of the girl behind me. We changed our positions in the line, I could even rub up against the girl who is my relative. The girls would even tried to feel me up using their hands. The feeling of rubbing up against a girl in the pool is great.

The apartment of a groper (Fri 12 Jul 2002 09:11:17 GMT)

Someday my apartment would look like this. Description of the decoration: 1) Photos of girls crushed by men in rock concerts 2) Cartoons of people doing a line with men pressed up against women and smelling their hair. I would pay money to an artist to do these cartoons for me. 3) I would have many dummies with beautiful buttocks with schoolgirl skirts and wigs that smell like the hair of a busy woman. I would fondle and rub up against these dummies everyday 4) Pictures of beautiful buttocks of girls from different countries all over the apartment. 5) There would be an original seat and handrails and handles from our Venezuelan subway that I would buy from one subway secret police who is on my side. I would set up a subway like car in the balcony of my apartment 6)There would be one counter specially designed to do the line as if we were to buy something. I would grope the hookers that I rent doing a line in front of the counter.7) I would have a peephole in the bathroom to see the buttocks of my girlfriends 8)I would have photos of the subway during rush hour all over the apartment 9) The apartment would be located near a crowded bus station or subway station.10) My computer would have an special program to do virtual groping in a line of people or crowded subway.11) I would hire many maids who would wear short skirts and have smelly hair. I would grope them in the narrow spaces of the apartment.


Young Chikans (Sun 14 Jul 2002 04:04:42 GMT)

I was in the pool of a beach club with my young relatives, girls and boys age 13 to 15. After using the pool, they did a line to take a shower. They were pushing and pressing up their naked and wet bodies in the line. The boys were standing behind the girls. I decided to enjoy that sight of that line and I paid $10 to the security surveyor to delay them in the line. The young boys were rubbing up against the naked buttocks of the girls. After a while I could see the bulge of an erection in some of the boys. The sight of that line also caused me an erection. These boys will be soon new chikans.


Subway groping success depends on the target (Mon 15 Jul 2002 02:21:05 GMT)

The success of a chikan lies in selecting a good target in a crowded situation in the subway. I personally prefer innocent schoolgirls as targets. As a second choice, I would select a young woman wearing light pants or a skirt. This young woman should look innocent, and a bit dumb. I would not choose women wearing military or security staff uniforms, or wearing dark glasses, or those women who would look like smart type.

There is always the risk of selecting a policewoman off duty,( without her police uniform ). This would be like stepping on a hidden mine that would cause an explosion. This policewoman would try to do a damage by searching the company for which I work, in order to complain and hurt my reputation. I would not be arrested or fined, because we do not have regulations in the subway system of Venezuela for gropers. Nevertheless this policewoman can be offered some money to fix the problem. I have accidentally touched policewomen, but I until today have managed to escape from them.

I personally feel more confident if I know the target before groping. I know some of them, the company they are working for, the area of the city where they live, the time and the station they usually go and some aspects of their character.


Venezuelan chikan enemy: IRENE SAEZ (Mon 15 Jul 2002 02:29:10 GMT)

Former Miss Universe 1981 Irene Saez might be considered a potential enemy of all Venezuelan chikans. I personally met Irene Saez in 1.981 and later in 1.996 and 1.997. Irene Saez ran for president of Venezuela in 1.998, but she did not win. She was mayoress of an important municipality of Caracas ( 1.993 to 1.997 ) , and governor of one Island. ( Margarita Island ) (1.999) . When was governor of Margarita Island she got married and got pregnant and decided to retire from politics to devote her time to her son. She might try to be back in politics in the future.

Irene Saez was backed in her presidential campaign by former president of Venezuela Luis Herrera Campins. They met in 1981, when Irene Saez became Miss Universe and Luis Herrera Campins was president of Venezuela. Luis Herrera Campins was president of Venezuela in 1979-1984. Then he became senator for life. In the year 2000 we changed our constitution and senators for life were eliminated. Luis Herrera Campins retired from politics and can not back Irene Saez anymore.

Our president of Venezuela is Hugo Chavez. He became president of Venezuela in 1999 until 2006. He did a military coup that failed in 1992. At that time the president was Carlos Andres Perez. Irene Saez does not like President Hugo Chavez. Irene Saez became the laughingstock of all members of the party slate of president Chavez when she got pregnant and decided to retire from politics...

Groping at a birthday party (Thu 18 Jul 2002 03:27:57 GMT)

We had a party at my parentęs home and I met my relatives and their friends age 14-15. The girls were wearing short pants and short skirts so I could see the shape of their rounded buttocks. They were about 15 girls. I went to the stairwell, and I could see the upskirts of the girls who went up and down the stairwell. They were wearing small underwear, and I could see their buttocks in the upskirt view. When we wanted to sing birthday song, we all got around a table with a cake. I decided to grope the girls in the table. I was standing behind the girls and I bumped their rears and rubbed up against their young buttocks. I also fondled them placing my innocent hand the middle of their buttocks for a while. I had them sing the birthday song several times so that I could stand behind the girls for several minutes. I even recorded this experience on a video. My cousin ( another chikan ) used a video camera to film they way I groped them and even the upskirts of the girls. It is very exciting, to have the groping experience on a video...

RE : Nanbread (Venezuelan Schoolgirls) (Thu 18 Jul 2002 03:36:45 GMT)

Hi Nanbread:
I love to be standing behind a schoolgirl in the crowded subway, or in the platform of the subway station waiting for the train every day. I have fondled and rubbed up against many of those schoolgirls every day. I have done this activity during the morning rush and evening rush in the subway. I even have fondled and rubbed up against the same schoolgirl, at the same station, and at the same hour.

I feel that the blue schoolgirl skirt is like an aphrodisiac. The skirt is so light, and the girlęs buttocks are so rounded and delicious, that I know feel obsessed by schoolgirls in the subway. Sometimes a carry a small bag that I use as an excuse to fondle these girls. I use my excuse of carrying a small bag to place my hand in the middle of the buttocks of the girl, so I can feel her up.

The police of the subway even encourage the passengers to carry bags and backpacks in the front of our bodies, so that we can get protection from pick pocketers. By doing this, the delicious rears of the girls are always exposed to me.

Schoolgirls are now sexual objects for me. In crowded conditions , it seems to me that they feel comfortable that someone is pressed up against them from behind since their bodies have physical support, from the external forces of the car of the subway, that varies the speed of the motion.

I pay a young cheap hooker of a cheap brothel to dress like a schoolgirl, and it works well


Re: frotteur (Sat 20 Jul 2002 03:36:17 GMT)

I have heard that women who like anal sex are less likely to reject a chikan.
If this is true, then some women might enjoy the groping experience, from behind.


Groping in a mob of girls (Sun 21 Jul 2002 04:01:24 GMT)

I went to a commercial mall to see some young singers who were making an advertisement for their musical concert. A mob of young teenagers went to that mall to see them. I approached a group of young girls who were looking at the singers. They were in a balcony of the second floor of the mall. There were bending over to see the singers who were on the first floor.

I was standing behind one of the teenagers and I was nearly in physical contact. She was wearing a skirt. I did as if trying to look at the singers and I pressed my penis against her buttocks. Then I pressed my chest against her back. Then I pressed my left leg against her left leg trying to feel the shape of her left buttock. Then I started to smell her hair. The perfume of her hair was like dirty hair, and I kept smelling it for a while. Every time the girl cheered the singers I would rub up against her buttocks with my penis and testicles. Then I would do as if trying to see the singers and I would press my penis against her right buttock and I would press my left leg against the middle of here buttocks. Then I would place my hand over my left leg to feel the middle of her buttocks with my hand.

Then many girls were behind me and I could feel their tits since they were not wearing any bra. I could place my hand in the middle of the buttocks of another girl who was on my left. I did this to other girls who were trying to look at the singers. I spent 3 hours rubbing up , fondling and smelling hairs of the girls who went to that mall. My semen was in my underwear.


I could not succeed in the BOSTON subway (Sun 21 Jul 2002 04:08:48 GMT)

I lived 2 years in Boston. It is a beautiful city, but I was not successful there as a chikan.
Things that went badly:
1)I was beaten up on my ribs by one war veteran working as a subway secret police, because I groped one teenager. She sounded the alarm and yelled.
2) Another war veteran secret police beat my genitals because I groped one Chinese student, and she yelled and asked for help.
3) I was blinded for few minutes by one security lady who was off duty, because I tried to grope her and she detected me. She used a sulfuric acid spray on me. Fortunately, she did not used the full charge of acid, just a sprinkle to blind me for few minutes.
4) One Japanese girl hurt my left foot with the heel of her boots and yelled “Chikan, Chikan, Chikan “, because I tried to rub up against her.
5) One French tourist asked me to have a French style duel with him, because I tried to grope his 15-year-old daughter in the trolley of the subway, and he noticed it.
6) One trolley driver stopped the trolley in the middle of the way I told me to get out the trolley, because I was groping one business woman who complained to him.
7) One police officer threatened me with one non lethal weapon that discharges electricity.
8) Two police officers shouted at me, and told me loudly to “fuck-off” the subway system, because I used to switch cars of the subway frequently, when I was groping.
9) One secret security lady told me loudly that she was a hand gun shooter, and that she could leave me without shitting and without ever never have an erection by shooting my anus.

I could not be a successful chikan in Boston,


Re: Nanbread ( Boston ) (Tue 23 Jul 2002 15:53:12 GMT)

Thanks for your comments. I was very fortunate that I never got arrested in Boston. The trains were always crowded when I was groping. That is why the police did not arrested me. I would always say that I was confused by the Boston subway system. I had a student visa in the US at that time. I was studying in a school of management. I graduated there and I came back to Caracas.
Cheers, Carlos

Groping in a Public College ( Caracas ) (Wed 24 Jul 2002 03:32:12 GMT)

When I was a student I would have to register the subjects of the quarter. The registration process was extremely disorganized. We would do a disorganized line that would last 1 or 2 hours. The line would enter a small door of an office. In one registration process I arrived late. I tried to do the line. I was standing behind one girl, a teenager wearing short pants. I was very close to her body. Suddenly, the girl stepped back and her buttocks pushed my penis. Then I pushed forward my body and my chest pressed her back. Then I placed my left foot and my right foot behind her left foot and her right foot. My penis and testicles were right in the middle of her buttocks. We remained in equilibrium like this for a while. While we were waiting I was smelling her hair. Since we were outdoors, her hair was smelling like a sun heated dirty hair. Then I did as if trying to look up something ahead, and I rubbed up my penis and testicles between her left buttock and her right buttock.

I was soon packed in this crowd. As we were trying to reach the small door, the crowd would move backwards and forward like the waves of the ocean. Riding on these waves the girl would press me backwards, leaning her back on my chest and pushing my penis with her buttocks. Then the waves of the crowd would go forward I would be leaning over her body, pushing her buttocks forward. Before reaching the small door, there was a three step stairwell. When the girl in front of me stepped on the stairwell, I could feel her buttocks on my belly. I rubbed up my belly against her buttocks as we were trying to go up in the stairwell. We finally reached the small door of the office to register the subjects, and I had to cover my erection with hands.


Feeling an ORGASM in a crowded situation (Fri 26 Jul 2002 05:55:36 GMT)

I was packed in a crowded situation. We were trying to get into a government office to pay taxes. I was standing behind one lady, who was wearing a soft skirt. I was pressed up against her. My penis was in the middle of her buttocks. My chest was pressed against her back. My right foot was at the side of her right foot, and my left foot was at the side of her left foot, and my legs were behind her legs. She had a pony tail in her hair, which was covering my face. I was smelling the pony tail of her hair, kissing it and eating it.

Then, the crowd would move backwards and forward like the waves of the ocean. Riding on these waves the lady would press me backwards, leaning her back on my chest and pushing my penis with her buttocks. Then the waves of the crowd would go forward, I would be leaning over her body, pushing her buttocks forward. As we went backwards and forward, I started to feel a sweet sensation in the head of my penis which was rubbing up against the buttocks of the lady in front of me. Then I felt as if I was about to come, and the sensation was an orgasm. Then my semen was in my underwear and the bulge in my pants was sided to the left.

I would like to feel an orgasm like this for ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome to CHIKAN-LAND (Fri 26 Jul 2002 05:59:48 GMT)

I have heard about Disneyland. But I wish that CHIKAN-LAND would exist. The laws of CHIKAN-LAND would be like this:
1)CHIKAN-LAND girls would have to have large buttocks and have to wear a light short skirt, or short pants or soft dress.
2)CHIKAN-LAND girls would always have to push their buttocks against the penis of any man they meet.
3)CHIKAN-LAND girls would go to a CHIKAN-LAND subway, and they would always have to grope men. These girls would be the gropers, and they would rub up their buttocks against the penis of the men in the subway. Many girls would rub up against one man at the same time. The girls would try to have the leg of a man right in the middle of their buttocks. The girls would try to guide the hands of men onto their buttocks, right in the middle of their buttocks.
4)CHIKAN-LAND girls would do any line always trying have a man behind them, and would push their bodies against the men doing the line. The girls would push men with their buttocks backwards, until men feel and orgasm.
5)CHIKAN-LAND girls would go to a CHIKAN-LAND super-market. They would bend over in the area where vegetables and fruits are sold, so that men buying vegetables and fruits can fondle them and feel up their rears. Many girls would be trying to bump men with their buttocks.
6)CHIKAND-LAND girls would go to a CHIKAN-LAND elevator and would try to have a man standing behind them. The girls would press their buttocks against men.
7)In CHIKAND-LAND, all men would have the right to stand behind any woman, even if there is no crowd or line. All men would have the right to push and rub up against the buttocks of any woman. All men would have the right to fondle and feel up the buttocks of any woman. All men would have the right to come over the buttocks of any woman.

President of CHIKAN-LAND

August award: ecstasy groper
for his outstanding dick
(And what you did is exactly the gropee's worst nightmare.)

groper paradise (Sun 25 Aug 2002 23:35:06 GMT)

Wow, today was THE BEST groper`s day I ever had in my life and it wasn`t planned.....
It was a hot day here in NYC, so I decided to go to the beach, just to chill out and relax...around 2PM I was bored and headed back to the train station...When I came off the beach to the promenade I realized that the promenade was lined with litte booths and shops selling stupid things and it was JAMMED packed! Suddenly, it hit me, my heart began to run and I got a hard on that my I had to cover my swimming pants with my all know what I mean, this rush, my hands began to tremble what I approached the first booths... I was just wearing my swimming pants and thankfully an extrasized T shirt. I could slip my pants half way down, so that half of my dick was out covered by my T. Walking a couple of feet, I noticed the first chick. No, it was not in the sub, not in a bus, not in a mall, ON THE BEACH. The chicks half naked in their bikinis and me with my dick. She was blonde, black sunglasses, her ass sticking out...I came nearby, looking at those rings they were selling. First touched with the back of my hand...she turned around. Shit. Ok. Move on. The next babe. Two boobs ahead. 2 of them...around 16 or so..I came nearby, standing behind the tall one my hand reached the other one. It was really packed, no one could see. She just stood their. So I turned my hand and I could hold her butt. a second, 2...nothing. ouhh. it felt so goood. my middle finger was almost in between her legs in her crack....and it went on and on, almost every 3rd girl I could fondle her ass in her bikini! After 4, I decided that I couldn`t hold anymore, my dick wanted action, So the next women, she was around 35, was looking after her 1 year old and in line for pizza...I lit up my T-shirt behind her and could touch with the tip of my dick her felt so good.Itwas SO crowdy that noone could see! She apologized about that there was no room and she had the chair of her son with her...I just said it`s OK! Then she bend to over to the front and the tip of my dick glided in between her crack! I didn`t move, but stayed there for about 5 seconds. Then she moved up again, looked back. I was ready to run... but she just smiled. SHE DIDN`T NOTICE! So I send go for it. I pushed my dick against her again, now moving from left to right and back, I could see her crack line throug her bikini. I even slided beyond the bikini line on the side and touched her bare skin... my god! I moved faster in a circulatory motion as she was already ordering...faster and faster. When she bent over again to get her purse...and my dick in her crack..I moved in and out as fast as I could for just two seconds and exploded...I almost pushed her against the booth, she looked up and SAW my DICK pumping the last seconds. Her mouth fell down and she just looked at my dick realizing what happened the last 5 minutes. I quickly covered my dick and walked away not looking back...

I will never forget what happened today!

September award: memoirs of youthful indiscretion
for thier beginners' luck
(But your luck will ran out sooner or later...)

wedding story by jay (Mon 02 Sep 2002 04:00:50 GMT)

will, hot story!!! when i was a kid, i was just as perverted as i am now...maybe even more!!! i loved being 12-15 years old and doing perverted things to sexy older females!!! the best part about being 12-15 is that no one suspects you, and even if you do get caught you won't be in that much trouble.

i am going to tell you all a story from my cousin's wedding reception. i was 14 years old at the time, so this happened way back in 1994.

the reception was held in a small banquet hall and it was packed with family and friends. all of the women were dressed very sexy for the occasion. for the meal it was not all that crowded but when it came time for the toasts and speeches and the traditions like the bride and groom cutting the cake, a huge crowd gathered around.

i stayed towards the back of this crowd looking for some female prey!!! i saw a very sexy woman on the fringe of the crowd. she was the mother of one of the bride's maids. she looked to be about 45. she was about 5'7", blonde hair, and she was wearing a short black and gray dress with black pantyhose and heels. the dress had two layers: the first layer was sheer with gray flowers all over it and the second layer was like a black nightie. she had a camera and kept leaning over people's shoulders to take pictures. she was standing very close to the wall with her back to it.

i slid in right behind her while she was leaning forward to take a picture. i was already hard so when she leaned back, she lowered her butt right onto my pole!!! she glanced over her shoulder and said, "oh, excuse me", i told her that it was okay. my hard-on was sandwiched right between her buttocks, facing down. when she started to wiggle and shift, it felt great!!! i took a step back, made sure that nobody was looking, and quickly unzipped the fly to my trousers. i reached into my fly and re-adjusted myself so that the head of my penis was sticking out of my fly!!! my shirt was untucked, so i could easily cover it up if i needed to.

i took a step forward and poked this sexy woman's buttocks with the naked head of my hard-on. the sensation was heightened 10x and i started to leak pre-cum on the back of her dress!!! she must have felt the poke because she took a step forward. the next time that she leaned over the shoulder of the person in front of her to snap a picture, i took another step forward and closed the gap between us. when she leaned back her buttocks was once again impaled on my hard-on! she looked over her shoulder again and once again said, "excuse me". i told her that it was okay. my hard-on began to throb. she turned and looked at me again and asked if i could see okay. i said that i was fine. she turned around and continued to take her pictures.

it felt amazing when she would shift her weight with the head of my throbbing penis sandwiched in between her buttocks. before my hard-on had been pressed flat against her buttocks, creating the "hot dog in the bun" effect. now my hard-on was pointed straight ahead and the head of it was digging into her butt crack!!! every time that she would lean forward to take a picture and then lean back, my hard-on would sink deeper and deeper into her buttocks!!! i started to put my face in her hair and smell her shampoo. i even gave her hair a few licks!!!

i began to realize that with my back to the wall and all eyes straight ahead, i could get away with quite a bit. the woman also seemed to be paying less and less attention to me. she seemed to pay no mind to the fact that there was a horny 14-year-old boy pasted against her, prodding her with his hard-on!!! she even leaned back against me a few times while playing with her camera!!!

anyway i desperately wanted a closer encounter with the ass that i was humping so the next time that she went to take a picture, i got down on my hands and knees and pretended to "tie my shoe". when she leaned back, she leaned her ass right into my face!!! my nose was sandwiched right in between her buttocks and i could smell her perfume and the scent of her crevice! i don't think that she even noticed that i was kneeling down behind her at first, because i was shorter than she was in the heels!!! unfortunately, she noticed it the second time that she leaned her ass into my face and said, "oh, i'm sorry, i didn't see you there". i said it's okay. she pulled a chair out from the table and knelt on the seat so that she could stay leaning over without leaning back. dumb cunt!!! the dress was short enough that from my angle, i could see the bottoms of her butt cheeks sticking out below the swirling hem!!!

she went to take a picture and leaned way, way forward with one knee still on the seat of the chair and one foot on the ground. the result was that the back of her short, silky dress slid way, way up on her!!! i crawled closer to her, ducked my head down as low as it could go, and looked straight up the back of her dress!!! nothing but butt crack and a dark bush (so much for being a natural blonde!!!) underneath sheer-to-waist black pantyhose with a cotton control panel, i'll never forget it!

i stood back up so that she wouldn't catch me. i thought that was going to be end of it.i was about to slip away to the bathroom to jerk off, but her kneeling on the chair with her feet sticking out behind her meant that when i stood back up, she was jabbing me in the thighs with her heels. she turned around, yelped, "oh, i'm very sorry!", and got off of the chair. but...the dumb cunt kept the chair in front of her!!! that meant that she had even less room to move than before and was completely pasted against me!!! she leaned back against me, and again my throbbing erection sank right into her buttocks!!! i think that she felt it, because it looked like she was going to move the chair out of the way, but then some 100-year-old lady turned the chair around and SAT DOWN IN IT!!! SHE WAS NOW TRAPPED IN BETWEEN ME AND THIS OCCUPIED CHAIR WITH NOWHERE TO GO!!!

my face was in her hair and my throbbing erection was planted firmly in between her soft butt cheeks and every time that she would shift her weight or move her body to take a picture, she was getting me off more and more!!! she then started to lean over the back of the chair in front of her to take pictures, and the result was that her crack widened and she was unintentionally pushing her buttocks back against my prodding hard-on!!! i could feel the cum rising and the perfect moment was coming: the cutting of the cake!!! everybody was talking and leaning forward to get a better look and there were flashbulbs going off everywhere. my sexy older woman leaned waay over the back of the chair and started to snap off picture after picture!!! i just leaned my entire body weight against her and started to push my hard-on deeper and deeper into her butt crack!!! i got it so deep into her butt crack that i could feel the tip of my hard-on pressing against her hole!!!

she was completely oblivious to this, she just kept snapping pictures!!! i was feeling beyond bold at this point and decided to go for the GOLD. my hard-on was already sticking out a good 5-6", and she was bent over the chair, which caused her short, silky dress to ride up. my fingers were dangling at the hem. i made sure that nobody was looking back at me and then i went for it!!! i quickly inched the hem of her dress up...just enough so that my hard-on could slide underneath it. it worked perfectly!!! i let the dress fall and the hem fell over my pole!!! my hard-on underneath her dress!!! i watched her to see if she noticed...nothing!!! she was still bent over the chair, taking pictures!!! i slowly inched forward and i felt pantyhose on the tip of my hard-on. i almost came on the spot!!! i made my move and pushed forward again and this time my hard-on sank right into the pantyhosed crack of her butt!!! the feeling was unbelievable!!! i could feel every detail of her naked butt right through the pantyhose!!! apparently, she didn't feel the difference as much as me because she GLANCED OVER HER SHOULDER FOR A SPLIT SECOND WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME AND SAID, "Ooh, excuse me".

she continued to take pictures, bent slightly over the chair with her buttocks in the air for me to enjoy!!!

i got a scare for a second when she stood up straight, reached around, and tugged at the hem of her dress. i guess she must have felt the draft!!! i thought that she was going to touch my hard-on from behind, but luckily she only yanked her dress on the side!!! she must have thought that her dress was riding up on her, little did she know that the them was bunched up around my pole!!! i was scared that she might ruin my set-up, but when she bent back over my hard-on was still underneath the hem of the dress!!! my hard-on was now pressed against the crack of her butt like it was before...the "hot dog in the bun" effect. i started to stand on my tip-toes to "get a better look" at the action, all the while dragging my naked hard-on up and down the length of her butt crack! the texture of the pantyhose and the heat coming from her crevice made it feel amazing!!! i was about to cum so i quickly took a step back, removing my hard-on out from underneath her dress. as i pulled out, she stood up straight, and then leaned waay over to place her camera on the nearby table. she was now bent over EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE, and her buttocks slammed against my rock-hard erection!!! i gave her a little push back, digging into he crack of her prone butt with my pole, and when she resumed her normal position i came in the crack of her butt with three powerful spurts!!!

she must have felt something because she turned around and said, "oh, can you see alright?" i said yes and she smiled and said, "i know that i've been a nuisance, i'm really sorry". i smiled and said it's okay...dumb cunt!!! what's funny is that the globs of cum on the back of her dress blended in perfectly with the gray flowers so nobody even noticed!!!

nyc by jay (Sat 07 Sep 2002 22:14:37 GMT)

i live in scarsdale, ny and i have been molesting nyc women in thick crowds ever since i was a kid.

when i was 15 my family took me and my younger brother to nyc to rockefeller center to see the christmas tree. the closer it gets to christmas the bigger the crowds get. this was just a few days before christmas eve and it was night, so the center was both packed and pitch-black!!! me and my family split up and i rushed to the opposite end of the center to find myself a victim!!! i couldn't see who was pressed up against the railing from where i was, so i had to push my way to the front of the crowd before choosing my victim. my cock was already tingling with excitement and it took a great deal of patience for me to push and shove my way to the front of the crowd. finally, i made it. there were lots of women wearing long, heavy overcoats. i knew that those were no good.

then, i spotted her: a mother with her two small kids, leaning over the railing!!! she was dressed like a skiier: winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, and best of all...stretchy, skin-tight black cotton pants! she looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties, and had a shoulder-length mane of dark brown hair spilling out from underneath her hat. i couldn't see her chest because of her winter coat, but i could see her beautiful bubble butt in all of its glory!

she was a few feet to my right so i had to do some more pushing and shoving, but it was not long before i was able to SQUEEZE in right behind her!!!

i had already unzipped my jeans, so i took a quick glance around to make sure that nobody was watching me. nobody was, everybody's attention was on the tree and the ice skaters!!! i quickly set my hard-on free, pulling it from the opening in my jeans. i then took a step forward and my rock-hard cock sank right into the crack of her buttocks!!! the stretchy cotton pants that she was wearing provided no resistance to my prodding hard-on, and the throbbing head of my cock sank DEEP into her crevice!!! she shifted her weight a bit, but she did not turn around!!! she just kept leaning over the railing and pointing stuff out to her kids!!! i started to rock back and forth, letting my hard-on slide out and then back into her butt crack. she leaned over the railing even further, as if this was going to create some space between us!!! dumb bitch!!!

i knew that she couldn't stay leaning over the railing like that forever, so i put my hands in front of me, turned them palm-side up, and waited patiently!!! soon enough, she came back down, and her soft butt cheeks fell right into the palms of my hands...literally!!! she still didn't turn around or say anything to me!!! she didn't even glance over her shoulder, or even acknowledge the fact that i was palming her butt cheeks like a couple of basketballs!!! i began to wonder if the cold air had numbed her buttocks or something!!! maybe her buttocks were cold and she wanted me to warm them up!!! every time that the bitch would bend over to talk to her kids or shift her weight, her soft butt cheeks would roll around in the palms of my hands!!! i didn't even have to move my hands to grope her!!!

after a while, i got sick of palming her butt cheeks and started to prod her with my hard-on again. she must have felt me penetrate her butt crack this time, because she glanced over her shoulder, and then she started leaning over the railing again. she put one foot on the ground, and one foot up on a small ledge. i think her goal was to create some space between us. dumb bitch!!!

i just inched forward and now the head of my cock was pressed against her taint/pussy area!!! since it was freezing cold outside, the heat from her butt crack and crotch area was heightened 10x!!! it felt great!!! i could definitely tell that my hard-on was pressing against her vagina...i could feel the lower swellings of her butt cheeks ABOVE my hard-on, and only one thing could be this warm and tender!!! she glanced over her shoulder again, but at this point there was no way that i could be busted...i was being LEGITIMATELY pushed against her by the crowd!!! the crowd had really swelled and we were walled in on all sides!!! my rock-hard, pre-cum oozing cock was pressed against her pussy, and there was nothing that she could do about it!!!

i began to rock back and forth, and my hard-on would slide out of the nook in between her legs and then back in!!! she glanced over her shoulder a few times, but i made it look like i was leaning forward to get a better look at the tree and the ice skaters!!! all the while, my hard-on was rubbing and sliding against the meat of her pussy and the lower swellings of her butt cheeks!!! this woman had to be either wearing very thin panties or NO PANTIES AT ALL, because i swear that i could feel the heat from her vagina and the rough texture of her pubes through the pants!!!

i felt the cum beginning to rise, and we were completely engulfed by the crowd, so i went for the gold. i palmed her left butt cheek, bent my knees, and PUSHED!!! i swear that i felt the head of my cock push through the stretchy material of her pants and slightly part her pussy lips!!! the amazing thing was that she gave NO REACTION!!! i pushed again, and this time she looked from right to left and then back at me!!! i got scared and stood up straight, dragging my hard-on up from her pussy area and leaving it planted in her butt crack!!! she said, "excuse me, you're crushing me" and i said, "sorry, it's the crowd". keep in mind that my hand was still on her ass and my hard-on was digging into her butt crack!!! she said, "can you please take a step back" and i said, "i can't move". with a slightly pissed look on her face, she turned around, JABBED ME WITH HER ELBOW, and then SHOVED HER BUTT BACK AT ME!!! WHAT A DUMB CUNT!!! that is not how you push a chikan away!!!

what she did was impale her buttocks on my hard-on, and I BEGAN TO CUM!!! i must have unleashed five to six spurts into the crack of her buttocks, one of my biggest orgams ever!!! she must have felt the throbbing of my cock, because she jabbed me with her elbow again, then turned around and said, "please stop it, you can get in trouble for that". i took this is as my cue to leave, so i removed my semi-hard cock from her butt crack, shoved it back into my pants, and let the palm of my hand drag across both of her butt cheeks as i disappeared into the crowd!!!

School Days as a Groper by nanbread (Mon 09 Sep 2002 19:55:34 GMT)

Hey Gerry, nice to have you back mate !

When I was school, I was one horny teenager and loved to rub myself against the girls in the years above me. At the time I was 13 years old. I always went for the older girls who were around 16 years.

Each break time, the tuck shop would open and everyone would queue up to buy sweets and chocolates. I would always wait until the older girls turned up in the queue, then queued behind them.

As I stood close behind the girl, I would sniff her hair, and take her scent which smelled clean like they had just shampood, each time I did this I would tremble with excitement. My cock would turn to concrete, there times when my erection was so hard. Girls would notice the huge bulge in my trousers and stare at the middle of my trousers.

Once I had chosen my "victim", I would wait until the girl lined up at the counter, then moved in very close behind her. I would then lean over pretending to see what was on display. My legs would be making contact with the back of her thighs.

Next I would push my hard dick against her crack, moving from left to right, slowly forcing the sides my testicles into her cavity. Then when the crowd built up, all of a sudden I would force myself against her very hard, forcing my hard cock, and deeper into her void. Slowly moving it in and out, gradually moving in and out faster and faster, like I was doggy styling her like there was no tommoro.

Finally the climax of my orgasm, my fluids would ooze out of cock, such a heavenly feeling. I could feel the warm liquads oozing into her crack some semen fluids wetting my pants and trousers.

Some of the girls, often turned around that point and asked me if I was OK. I just smiled and just said yes.

Before the end of the break I would go to the toilet to wash myself.

Those were the days

Top 4 school memories by taxcider (Sun 22 Sep 2002 20:22:24 GMT)

1/ eighth grade Ms S I had come from the dentist and think that the gas had made me loopy..the substitute I had never seen reminded me of Mary tyler I convinced my deskmate to make a ruckus..just as planned she stood by my side to watch the class read from textbooks she looked over my shoulder..I rested my left hand on the back of her right
calf feeling the fine mesh of the hosiery...she didnt dentist gas fueled nerves made me feel till she felt and moved away..I asked her for a kiss after school and of course she said it wouldn't be good idea..later in a lustfilled state I seized her legs as she worked as a lunchroom monitor..
only a few kids noticed but she did report me to a counselor...who never told my folks (I lived those months in dread that they knew) ...

October award: AKIS
as his dream came true
(And yours is the all chikan's dream!)

A DREAM CAME TRUE (Sat 05 Oct 2002 13:28:59 GMT)


November award: Black Shogun
for his blitzkrieg debut
(I don't know an English word to describe your appearance on the BBS!)

One Night in the Life of a Black Chikan Shogun (Sun 17 Nov 2002 22:56:11 GMT)

Recently, I discovered this site, and I must say that I LOVE it! I never knew so many as me enjoyed this "hobby." But with this, I know that I am not alone, and that there are many chikan like me around the globe. I discovered the secret pleasures of massaging my dick into stranger butt cracks quite by accident. It was at a concert. All chikan know that concerts are some of the best places for rubbing into butt cheeks. Well, I have discovered this hobby and have been pleasuring myself against my "victms" for many, many years now. I am a black man who routinely grinds my stiff, excited chocolate boner into as many pretty white girl heineys as possible. Some may read this site and think the stories are not true. Not me. I have done many of the same things as in these stories!

Reading the stories on here have given me new inspiration! So much in fact that this last weekend I went to my favorite bars for white girl "booty crack grazing" and worked the rooms with a vengeance. In fact, I had such a great night of success that I now christen myself as the "Black Shogun" of chikan! I must relate what happened to all my fellow chikan for our mutual enjoyment and pleasure. It is quite a long story, but please read on. It is all true, very recent, and I want to share. Settle in and enjoy a story that shows how great being a chikan can be.

I showed up to my favorite bar for grinding pretty white girl butt in my "chikan gear." I always wear thin sweat pants. I leave the underwear on and loosen my big black dick from them through the slit in the side. That way, it is easy for me to adjust my dick to my targets. I see a cute, 20-something petite white brunette with pretty "hams" . . . she is wearing some kind of jean thing, but not normal jeans . . . more thin . . . perfect. I worked my way behind her in the crowded bar and rested my dick against her left butt cheek. I then begin massaging into her cheek . . . slowly and lightly at first . . . then harder . . . my black manhood began to grow against this white girl's ass . . .I get really hard, and as the crowd jostles us, I push my thick black dick DEEEPPP into her butt crack . . . because the bar is so loud and nobody can hear me, I groaned out loud . . . OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! As the crowd jostles us, I rock back and forth opposite her motions, digging my dick deeper and deeper into her booty crack . . . AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I groan. My dick was now twicting and pulsing with satisfaction. This went on for at least 20 or 30 minutes it seemed. I could not believe this white girl could not feel my boner in her buttocks cheeks. I continue to rock back and forth . . my excited black dick causing a "wedgie" in her caucasian bum hole. Finally, she noticed and moved her butt off my dick. I brush against her a few more times, but decide to move on. To be a successful chikan, one must know when to stay and when to seek out new butt cracks. But wait! The night was just beginning!

I spot another brunette at the crowded bar standing in the pack to order drinks. She is wearing thin black slacks . . . tall with a plump arse. I work my way up behind her, my dick already stiff. I decide that I want to try to insert the big head of my dick into her butthole. As I stand behind her, I ease the head of my dick into the crack . . .lightly, lightly . . . so as not to arouse her suspicions. I begin to rock back and forth and move my ass in a circle, massaging the head of my dick into her white butt crack. I get really hard and push little harder and deeper . . . she bent over the bar to place her order and I push deeper . . . AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I can now feel the head of my dick penetrating her! I begin my circular motions again . . .massaging the head of my dick all around the flesh of her sweet little "pooty" hole . . . as the crowd jostles us, I push and mash harder into her buttocks cheeks and pooty hole. I could not believe this dumb bitch could not feel my dick in her butthole. Her drinks come and she leans over to pay . . .I push hard and deep and my heart pitter pattered with joy and satisfaction as my dick dug into her crack. As she turns to leave the crowded bar, I sink in and push my dick around in a circular motion 2 times. . she say nothing.

By this time, I had worked up a good sweat and decided I needed a drink. I see that the white girl whose butthole I had just violated had not moved too far away. "Please, please don't go too far!" I think to myself. I got my drink and saw that she had not moved. I decide to rub into her "poop chute" again. I get behind her and line up my dick for her butthole again. I push the head against the thin fabric on her ass. The bar has gotten even tighter. She seems to be oblivious that the black man standing behind her has his dickhead in her butthole! The crowd is really pushing now, and I am going deeper! OHHHH! OHHHH! AHHHH! I cry out loud but nobody can hear me! Hahaha! I feel the pre-cum now glistening on my dick, but I do not cum. I stood with my stick black pecker up her butt for at least another 30 to 40 minutes. Finally, she and her friend leave the bar. But wait! There is more!

I decided to look for more butt crack. The night is still young! And then I spot my FAVORITE, FAVORITE of all . . . a pretty 20-something white blonde wearing thin black stretch pants . . . the matarial showing the outline of her ass crack! "Oh my God!," I say. "Oh my God! I must massage my black, "negro" dick into those soft, blonde, white buns!" I fought my way through the crowd to get to her . . . my lust driving me . . . nothing was going to stop me! I worked my way to her and lunged my raging hard-on into her butt meat. I could feel her butt crack give way and separate as I buggered my twitching black manhood into her back side . . . "OH MY GAWD!" So, SOOOOO GOOD! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It was really crowded and I hunched vigorously DEEEEPPPP into her crack. All the while, she seemed not to notice! She was animated and talking to her freinds. I rested my body all up on her back . . . smelling and admiring her pretty blonde hair. As she turned to talk to friends, I gazed lovingly upon her pretty pale, white face . . all the while digging my "negro ding-a-ling" into her caucasian American buttocks crack. She moved through the crowd and I followed. Eventually we got separated but I found her again and lustfully forged forward to sink into that soft, pliabe, tender white "onion" of hers again. I hit "paydirt" and let out another yelp . . . OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! Damn my black dick felt good up in this white bitch's hind parts! I don't have to tell you chikan . . . you know what I mean! Again, she seemed not to notice . . I hunched away with total lust against this white stranger. After awhile, she and her two friends decide to leave the bar. One friend was in front of her and another behind. I got in between my prey and the one behind. No way was I gonna allow that friend to get between me and those cheeks! As they worked their way across the crowded bar to the door, I stayed in the blonde's ass crack . . . all up on her back . . . and digging deep into her bum and hunching like an animal. I stayed up in her white ass until they got to the steps to leave . . . at that point, I knew I would have to separate my dick from her delectible butt crack . . . siigggghhh! But wait! There is more! It only gets better! I call this "Night of the Shogun" for a reason.

I decided to work my way to the small and extremely packed dance floor. I see many guys rubbing their dicks into the dancing girls. I massage myself into many . . . AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Finally, I settle on a pretty, 20-something, fat-bottmed white girl with light brown hair wearing thin white pants. Man did she have an onion! I worked my thick, stiff dick all over her ass cheeks and into the crack as she gyrated against me. This went on for quite a long time. Then she switch postions with her friend, another pretty 20-someting white girl with dark black hair. She was wearing some strange thing . . . a thin, see-thru skirt thing with something on underneath. I immediately resumed where I had left off . . .grinding and massaging my male member DEEEEPPPPPP into her butt crack . . . all the while, the girls were talking to friends like nothing was happening, but I know they had to feel my black dick in their white assholes. All of this grinding throughout the night, I could not take it anymore. I decided I needed to release. I pushed hard and deep into the white bitch "A-hole" . . . she was dancing and swaying to the music . . . grinding her precious arse cheeks into my black dong. Then it happened . . . I began to feel the wonderful sensation . . . this white girl was gonna make me cum! I shot with my dick lodged firmly in her crack . . . AAAAAAYYYYYYYIIIEEEEE!!! I felt weak in the knees. After I cum, I lingered against her butt to make sure the cum seeped from my thin sweats into her clothing! Man, man, man! What night! But wait! There is more! I'm not finished yet. I AM THE SHOGUN!!!

After humping so many white gals in their butt cracks, you would think that I had enough. Even I thought so at the time! I left the dance floor to get a drink. But after I got my drink. I wandered back and fought my way onto the floor again. Somebody grabbed MY ASS!!! Some horny chick I guess. I looked around for another target . . . found her . . . a very, very pretty white girl wearing jeans covering plump white rump meat. She was dancing with this white guy who was in front of her and they were embracing . . . heads on each other's shoulders. Don't think they were boyfriend or girlfriend or anything like that. I moved in behind her and began to hump her butt. Neither did anything. I began to hump harder and harder . . . pretty soon she was in a "sandwhich." The white guy was grinding into her cootchie and I . . . the black chikan Shogun was in my favorite part . . . white girl ass crack. I pushed hard and deep and let out my usual OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! AAHHHH!!!!! YESSS!!! Pretty soon a very popular song from Eminem comes on and the crowd goes wild. I hear her tell the guy she really likes the song and wants to keep dancing . . . personally, I think she was receiving great sexual satisfaction and did not want to stop. The 3 of us kept grinding together . . . this time harder than ever. I push as hard and deep into that white butt crack as I could. Pushing, pushing . . . my black meat twitching and pulsing with absolute JOY! It was close to closing time and the lights came up! I didn't give a shit! I just kept humping this fine white girl in her butthole. I could not hold back . . .my knees became weak . . . I nut in her caucasian crack . . . . OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GAWD YESSSSS!!!!! After coming against her, I stepped back to admire that ass . . . I know damn well it had been good to her too . . . dicks pressing her pussy lips and butt crack. I then reached out and smacked her white butt HARD with my open hand! SMACK! That white girl did nothing! She just kept talking to the guy! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT FOR ALL CHIKAN!

Ladies and gentleman . . . meet the BLACK SHOGUN chikan!!!!!!

Holiday Mirth and Merriment (Tue 19 Nov 2002 01:31:34 GMT)

With the holiday season fast approaching us, experienced chikans know that there will be plenty of butt crack available for the taking. For one thing, the malls will be filled with plenty of holiday shoppers. The malls here will be full of the ripe white heineys that I love so much!

But what I love even more is New Year's Eve . . . when the bars are jam packed with revelers . . . heaven for all chikan. This New Year's Eve, I plan to once again go to my favorite bar to graze upon as many pretty white girl tushies as is possible. If I am lucky, I will have as great a night as I did just last year during New Year's Eve 2001. Let me share this story with my chikan bretheren of how I buttfucked the new year in against a very pretty, strange white girl booty crack.

As the sun went down and the lights around the city began to come on, I prepared for my New Year's Eve "butt hunt" . . . thinking of where I should go to do the "booty rub" against white girls. I decided to go to my favorite bar . . . the place where I had celebrated many a New Year's Eve and grinded many a bum . . . and had me OWN bum grabbed by drunken white girls! Even though it was cold out, I knew I had to dress in the proper chikan garb that always gets the best results . . . my thin sweat pants . . . underwear on . . . but dick free from underwear through the slit on the side.

I showed up at the bar just as the crowd started to arrive for the festivities . . . eyeing around for which pretty white ass I wanted to "bum fuck." I saw many that night, but at first it did not appear that Black Shogun would have much success. Although there was a crowd, it was not as big and dense as in year's past. Maybe 911 had put a damper on things. I don't know. But there was a bit of a crowd nevertheless, and a seasoned chikan knows that it's never over till it's over!

And then I saw her . . . a 20-something short brunette with shoulder length hair wearing some goofy hat. She had a pretty enough face. But the best part was her luscious, plump, round buttocks cheeks only covered by the thin material of the slacks she was wearing . . . calling out to my black meat! She was standing at the bar where there was a bit of a crowd to order drinks. I decided that I needed to make my move if this loser of a night could be turned into a winner. So I made my way through the crowd to the bar positioning myself behind her . . . my dick was already semi-hard.

Next, I carefully placed the big head of my penis against her left buttocks cheek and began to rock back and forth ever so slightly. My male member began to grow . . . I worked my hips in a circle . . . rubbing deeper and harder into this plump white onion against my tool. I then let the head of my dick slide into her caucasian ass crack and began to rub the dickhead around in her "valley." No reaction from her, so I get bolder and rested the shaft of my girth in her butt crack and begin to push . . . softly at first . . . then harder and harder . . . massaging my ding-a-ling into her crack! AHHHHHHH!!!!

All the time while this is going on, she is talking to some white guy like nothing is going on! She never even turns around! I know she has to feel my big black boner in her white girl arse crack . . . by now I am hunching into her bum pretty hard . . . gliding my pole up and down her arse crack and all over her plum cheeks . . . feeling her plump bottom cheeks separate to accomdate my thickness. OOOOHHHHHHH FEELS SO GOOOOOODDDD!!!! And then the pretty white girl kind of leans over the bar removing her butt from most of my stick, but sticking her plump hams right back at me! I was thinking that maybe she was not game and wanted me to stop.

But still, she had not totally separated her crack from my ebony rod. With her leaning over the bar, my dick shaft was no longer lodged into her heiney crack . . . but the head still rested in her crevice. So I began to massage the sensitive head all over her rump . . . first across the left cheek . . . then into the butt crack . . . then the right cheek . . . and back again. I could feel the pre-cum begin to drizzle from my dick head . . . into my sweats and through the thin materials into her clothes!

Then the target of my affections did something to surprise me. Instead of leaning over the bar, she stood up straight and backed her butt up into my croctch! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I knew now that she WAS game . . . she had shifted earlier just to get another type of sensation from my probing piece of man steel! With her buns resting back against me, I began to hunch against her gloriously plump rump again . . .more pre-cum oozed from the tip of my black prober for white girl pooty holes.

We had been going like this for many, many minutes now. Not once had she turned around! Not once did she indicate in any way that she was getting buttfucked in a public place by a strange black man while standing there and having a normal conversation with this white guy! The excitement of it all! GAWD! Her cunny had to be so moist and wet by now . . . excited as I was! My ivory princess leaned over the bar one more time . . . once again removing my hard chocolate candy from her crack . . . but leaving the big head in position. Again, I massaged the senstive head of my dick all over her arse cheeks and then into her crack.

Then, for the last time, this white girl stood up straight again, leaned back against me, and pressed her soft onion booty buns FIRM and SNUG against my dick!!!! YAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! My excited chocolate boner was buried DEEEEPPPPP into her hershey highway and twicthed and pulsed with GLEE!!! OH MY CHIKAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS this felt SO FUCKIN GOOOODDDD!!! I don't need to tell you chikans this! You know EXACTLY what I mean! My BIG,BLACK African-American dingus was buried DEEEEEEPPPPP into young, pretty Caucasian-American girl butt crack! It felt like a big, fat, bratwurst being stuffed into doughy white buns . . . OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That felt SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

As I thrust my large black penis into what this ivory princess had just offered me, I was wondering what was going on in her head to plant her round white arse against a strange black man like that? What was she thinking, "Come on then you black bastard! Go ahead! Nut in my white bitch butt crack!!!" Or was she maybe a softer, gentler more shy type, "GAWD that big negro dick feels so good in my white butthole . . .I know it's wrong, but I don't want this strange, horny black man to stop it now!" If I had heard any of these things come out of her mouth, or anything like it, I assure you my fellow chikan friends that I would have spewed my seed everywhere!

The truth is that I had no idea what she was thinking and it really didn't matter. I just needed to be a true Shogun chikan and buttfuck this white girl in her forbidden caucasian arse cheeks. All the while, she's still talkin to the fuckin white guy like nothing is going on!!!! He seems to be a little drunk and out of it himself. Hey . . . he could stand there and "chat her up" as the Brits say if he wanted to, and go home with his little pee pee in his hand. . . in the meantime . . . Black Shogun was gonna usher the New Year in by poppin his nuts off into yet ANOTHER pretty white girl's poop chute!

And that's just what I did. Since this cute, short, plump ass white girl had securely planted her hind parts against me, it was time to show her how a black man like me bum fucks white girls just like her . . . in public places. I really started dig deep and dick her hard in her pale white butthole now . . . .pumping hard and DEEP and pleasurably massaging my big dick betwixt the DEEP, DEEP crack in her butt meat. WWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!! YAYUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!! Nasty white girl butthole is the BEST!

I backed up just a bit to get a little room between her and my dick so that I could rest just the head of my dipstick against her white ass and then push all my boner in with short animal hunches . .each time my pecker twitched with JOY and ECSTASY . . . OOOHHHHH!!!! . . .OOOOHHHH!!!! . . . YYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I had to be careful though! I now knew the white bitch on my dick was game, but I didn't know who was looking. The bar was crowded . . . but not that crowded. Being the Shogun that I am, I kept buttfucking the pretty little white philly in front of me until I spermed in her lily white butt crack . . . I lingered my dark dick around against her arse . . . letting the cum oooze through my thin sweats into her slacks . . . HEAVEN!!!!

With me having just busted my nuts into her bouncy white butt crack, that little white girl knew I was finished. I know she felt my rod twitch and pulse when I nut in her booty cheeks. I stepped back away from her to give my ivory princess some room . . . admiring the gams she had willing offered to me for a public, interracial butt fuck. She ended her conversation with drunk white guy, picked her drink up off the bar, and turned to walk away. Not looking at me at all. Her head down. I wanted to say something to her so, so badly . . . something . . . anything to at least acknowledge what we had just consensually done . . . I could not just let her walk away. I knew what happened . . . she knew what happened . . . I felt we needed to acknowledge this. So what I did . . . I have done this only one other time as a chikan . . . and done it recently (see my first story) . . . I took my open right hand and WHACK!!!!! SMACKED her right on her big, bitchin, white onion butt as she turned to walk away. She stopped . . . she looked up at me . . . AND GAVE ME A BIG EAR-TO-EAR GRIN!!!!! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I was right! I was right! I KNEW my big black dick bum fuckin her in her white pooty hole had pleasured her! I knew it to be TRUE! And her reaction proved it!

My Ivory princess with the big bubble butt disappeared into the crowd . . . I tried to find her again later that night . . . I wanted to talk to her . . . but I could not find her again. Now, for all of you guys out there who think it's bullshit when a chikan says that he KNOWS his "target" took pleasure from the experience . . . remember this story . . . and remember that it can and does come true! I have pleasured many a strange white woman with my black dong stuffed into their buttocks cracks like a twitching sausage meat . . . or massaging my dingus into their sensitive, fat pink cuntal lips. . .and I will do it again. I hope to soon . . . New Year's eve 2002 . . . if not sooner . . . so was another night in the life . . . of a chikan BLACK SHOGUN!

Thanks for the Welcome (Tue 19 Nov 2002 04:45:45 GMT)

Thank you for the welcome GentleBrush. I am so very excited to become a part of this community. To have others that I can share my experiences with. Other Chikan with "Shogun Status" who know exactly what I am talking about when I describe a situation. And young Chikan too who, like you said, can see that they have a lot of fun times to look forward to if they learn to do things right and have patience.

I enjoyed reading the stories on here so much so that I decided that I had to add my own true experiences. I have had so, so many! I'm glad you have liked the two I have shared so far . . . one from only a few days ago and one from nearly a year ago as I think about what fun I would like to have this upcoming New Year's Eve.

I love to read the stories on here from those such as NANBREAD, PBH, PBG, ASS HUMPER, CARLOS, and DR. IRON DICK. All the ones you mentioned. DR. IRON DICK has me laughing out loud with his stories! Like when he said he did squats to get off once! Hahahaha! How funny! I have more stories to tell. My next one will be about how I buggered young, white teen pooty hole at a concert just this last summer. Stay tuned!

Cornholing at the Korn Concert (Tue 19 Nov 2002 20:10:49 GMT)

Hello once again my fellow chikan brothers and sisters. As I noted in my first post to you, all chikans know that rock/pop concerts are some of the best places to get at female butt cracks. I attended such a concert this past summer and have a great experience from it to share. The name of the main headliner band was Korn, a popular alternative rock group here in America and worldwide too I guess.

I really like their music myself. As you will find in other concert stories I write in the future, I hardly ever remember the bands' names. It is the white girl(s) that I chikan butt fucked that I remember most! Hahahaha! However, I remember the band's name for this story. Not only because I really like their music, but also because the band's name has special signifigance to me. You see, here in America, a slang word for "asshole" is "cornhole." This sounds like Korn! So, I thought in my mind, "I'm going to the Korn concert looking for white girl cornholes!" Hahahaha! And that is how I came up with my title for this story. And now on to the good stuff!

As the day of the concert arrived, the excitement grew in me. I had not been to a good concert in quite a while, and I was looking forward to this one. I knew this band could really fuckin rock and there would be a big crowd at the arena. That meant an opportunity for some good caucasian bum for my black boner.

I left work a little early so that I could get to the arena ahead of time and find a good spot in the line. This was important for having the best shot at getting a good space up front to see the band. And it ALSO meant increasing my odds of getting my stiffy pushed into a plump white heiny! While waiting to get in, it was also a good time to look around to see who else was there early . . . these would be the same ones also wanting to be upfront . . . energetic, excited white girls who wanted to get close to see the band . . . guys pressing their peckers into them from behind! To be a successful chikan Shogun, one must plan! Pay attention young chikan! I am not greedy and selfish with my knowledge! I share because I want all chikan from around the globe to enjoy as I have.

As I was looking around, scoping out the scene, my eyes fell upon a pretty site. A young teeny-bopper blonde white girl wearing a tight top and tight jeans hugging her bum. MMMMMMMMMMMMM! And there early too! I knew she was wanting to be upfront. That's why she was there to get a place in the line early. I decided to keep a look out for her when we finally got in . . . to see if she was indeed standing up front. When we finally did get in . . . well you guessed it . . . she was right up front at the barricade!!!! Planning and organization my chikan bretheren! Planning and organizational skills pay!

Even though this little blonde tart was standing up front, I still had to scope out the scene a little more . . . to see if there might be another more delictible bum available. I saw a pretty girl with brownish/reddish hair standing not far from the blonde . . . also a teenager . . . probably the same age . . . also in jeans and leaning over the barricade . . . and with an even plumper but firm young white arse. Even though those hams looked good, I chose to get behind the blonde . . . her tush looked good too, and it always excites me more to bugger pale, fair-skinned blonde strangers more than anything! So I stand behind the blonde. However, remember . . . planning pays . . . I kept note of where the fat bottomed brunette/redhead was at all times.

So the crowd begins to build. The undercard bands play . . . like two or three of them and they really suck! Hahaha! But the crowd is building and building . . . I begin to test the waters . . . my black meat starts to get hard . . . wondering if I will get a good grind in on my chosen "target" of first choice. I rub the head of my anticipating dick lightly against her backside to see if there is a reaction . . . some girls get really touchy . . . some not. My blonde delicacy did not seem to notice. So, I get bolder and begin to rub hard enough to get a pretty hard woody . . . but not all the way hard.

When it is time for Korn to come on, the crowd surged ahead really hard and pushed my pole DEEP into the young white teenager blonde's ass crack! YYYYYAAAAAAA . . . YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I groan out loud again and nobody can hear me. Hahahaha! The crowd and music is so loud. And if they do hear, the probably think I am yelling at the band like everybody else! Hahahahaha! I wonder how many other chikan are in the crowd moaning aloud like me??? YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! Hahahahaha!

Before this time, I had not been pushing too hard on her butt crack . . . for some reason my experience seemed to tell me that she was a little jumpy even though she had not shown herself to be. As you will see, again I was right. But at this time, there was really not much she could do . . . my now fully erect African-American piece of meat was deep in her bum crack and she could not blame me due to the crowd. Of course, being the chikan Shogun that I am, I was going to fully take advantage of the situation and "cork" this young white American bitch right up her buttocks cheeks . . . probably be the first man of any kind to dick her arsehole!

I began to chikan fuck my blonde in her booty crack . . . OOOHHHHHH it felt so GOOD! I was really horny too . . . I had not had a steady girlfriend this year, and it had been a while for me. Since Memorial Day! Hahahaha! I decided to have some fun and began to talk shit out aloud . . . stuff nobody could hear because the place was so loud! As I pushed my negro dick up her caucasian "cornhole" I moaned out loud how good my black shaft felt in her white ass . . . MY MOUTH WAS RIGHT NEAR HER EAR BUT SHE COULD NOT HEAR ME!!!!! The music and crowd was so loud! I said out loud how I adored her pretty blonde hair and wished I could leave my ebony dick in her pale white girl "dumper" forever and ever and a day! HAHAHAHAHAHA! MY CHICAN FRIENDS CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT! MY MOUTH WAS RIGHT NEAR TO HER HEAD AND SHE COULD NOT HEAR ME!!!!!! MAN!

Well this all really turned me on and I decided to fuck the livin shit out of this white gal's bum!!! I began to hunch hard against her . . . my body all upon her back from the crush of the crowd . . . I was really smacking up against her hind quarters now . . . there was still a little room for me to move my hips . . . my dick and pelvis banged against her young arse cheeks . . . WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I was doing my best to nut in her probably still virgin crack! GAWD I LOVE TO BUGGER BLONDES THE MOST!!!!

Well, I guess I was bucking her white ass too hard because she managed to turn around and give me a really hard look of annoyance. It was at this time, as our eyes met, that I noticed she still had her braces!!!! The blonde pushed her ass back against me . . . trying to create some space! Dummy! Don't you know that is no way to push back chikan??? Especially one of Shogun class???? All you do is make the dick harder! Hahahaha! I told you she was jumpy. The room she managed to create only lasted for a few seconds really . . . the crowd saw to that. She pushed her buttocks back one more time, but to no avail, except to keep my chocolate stick hard!

I did not buck her booty hard like I had done earlier, but I remained close enough to get my grind on. And then . . . and then my fellow chikan . . . the band started to play one of their really popular songs and the crowd went BESERK! APE SHIT NUTS!!! I was in second row and blondie in the first . . . the crowd surged forward harder than before and did not move back for HOURS . . . my BIG BLACK WEINER was now lodged into those TEENY BOPPER WHITE GIRL BUN CHEEKS so DEEEEPPPP that even I could not believe it! It was like I and other guys have described before . . . like a sausage in a bun!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! What else can a chikan say and do at this point but wail to the sky like a wolf??????

Now . . . now . . . I was REALLY gonna get my grind on in this bitch! OHHHHHH! I marveled at how good my black "thingie" felt lodged so deeply in her bum!!!! OOHHHHHH! OOHHHHHH!!! I began to move now in deliberate slow cirlces into her backside . . . making sure to feel every inch of that white buttmeat that was now available to my twitchin hard-on! I slid back just a wee little so that my shaft was still in the butt crack but the head was now on her right cheek.
With my circular motions, I massaged my dick head on her firm right buttocks cheek while the shaft slid up and down and around in the crack! YYYYYAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GAWD SO GOOD!!!! I could not remember the exact last time my negro dick had been so SOOOOOOOOO deep in a white girl's POOP CHUTE like this from chikan!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The pre-cum was now oozing from the tip of my dick head into the threads of my now familiar sweats chikan gear and onto her jeans . . . . CHICAN HEAVEEEENNNNNNNN!!!!

All this time, little blondie just paid attention to the show. There was really not much that she could do. I wanted to nut into her crack . . . I really wanted to nut . . . but my chikan brothers and sisters . . . this just felt too fuckin good. It felt too fuckin good to goo in her "booty slide" yet! Why do I have to explain this to you chikans??? Hahahaha! If you are true chikan then you should already know how these things feel . . . hahahaha!

I decided not to cum in her booty crack yet. To hold back. The place was packed and nobody was going anywhere. My dark sausage stayed buried DEEP in that white girl's arse crack for at least another hour or so! I had been deliberately taking deep, circular digs into her cornhole area . . . and by this time, I was totally weak in the knees . . . did not know how much longer I could hold out till I blew a load up into the "paydirt" (anus) that I like to call the "pooty hole".

Feeling victorious . . . that I had gotten what I wanted from this white bitch . . . I decided to try to talk a little more shit out loud!!! Hahahaha! Many in the crowd were raising their fists and pumping them into the air . . . I decided to do the same . . . to make a Shogun shout! Hahahaha! Not to praise the band . . . but to praise my conquest of yet another pretty white girl butt crack. I raised my fist to shout something out my friends . . . I raised my fist to shout my chikan friends . . . and I am totally EMBARASSED to say that this little blonde teenager's bum crack had pleasured me so much that I couldn't say SHIT!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha! All I could do was barely wimper out a weak, "Yeah" . . . "Yeah" . . . that was fuckin it!!!!! Barely audible and all hoarse and shit! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Black Shogun can laugh at himself!

This white girl's butthole had reduced me to a mass of twitching pleasure . . . I even noticed that I felt like I might start to drool!!!! COME ON MY CHIKAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS . . . you KNOW this had to be some GOOD GOOD white girl poop chute to do this to Black Shogun!!!! I had not drooled while chikan butt fucking a white girl since I was a kid!!!! But having massaged my boner so deeply in her crack for so long, I was beginning to lose all control. This was DAMN good female, homegrown, white AMERICAN asshole! I love my country!

I decided I needed to nut in her heiney hole . . . NOW! CREAM HER CORNHOLE!!! But wait! Wait! Something was happening!!! What the . . . wait!!!! She was asking the security guard to help her get out! The crowd had become too much!!! Wait!!!! Black Shogun has not spunked up your white caboose yet!!! WAIT!!!!! The crowd up front and the security guards pulled my blonde cutie out of the crowd . . . the butt I had been working ALL NIGHT LONG was GONE! I was ready to blow my seed into her American WAZOOO!!!! Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!! How the hell can I call my self SHOGUN and let this happen??? I took too long . . . dilly dallied in the valley too long :-/

But my chikan friends . . . wait. WAIT! One does not become a member of chikan SHOGUN class by just giving up in the face of total defeat! To become SHOGUN chikan lord, one must have proven time and again the ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! Remember now . . . I'm describing everything that was happening with this writing, but all the actual events were taking place in split seconds. Go back to when blondie was being pulled out of the crowd . . . I was thinking all the things I told you . . . but out of the corner of my eye . . . I saw that big assed white teenager with the brownish/reddish hair I had spotted earlier in the night! She had been jostled even closer to me!

I could see that she cursed and angrily pushed those who were jostling her about. As blondie was pulled out, I could see a lot of crowd pressure being placed on my new target . . . she was close to me . . . I pushed back a bit . . . SHE SLID HER PLUM ASS CHEEKS INTO PLACE . . . AGAINST THE BARRICADE . . . RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME . . . I LET CROWD PUSH ME BACK FORWARD . . . MY BLACK COCK PUSHED DEEP INTO HER HERSHEY HIGHWAY . . . AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes my friends . . . my friends . . . yes . . . I deserve my standing as SHOGUN!!!!! Now let me finish this story!

This time, there was no way I would blow my chances. The only thing I was gonna blow was my spunk in that white butthole! A true chikan who fucks up the first time knows that there is rarely a second chance. This little teeny bopper in front of me was really active . . . bouncing her big butt around to the music . . . my dick had stayed hard and she was helping it to remain so. I saw how she cursed the others who pushed her. I wondered what she would do when I started to hump her white hind parts? I pushed deep and felt her softness separate to accomodate my manhood . . . I sighed with relief and JOY . . . I so love that feeling . . . SIIIGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

I began to hump her buttocks cheeks and crack, going with her swaying and gyrating to the music. Then all of a sudden, she stood perfectly still! Oh no! Now what the fuck???? I stopped my humping. My big butt teeny philly started to move and grind against my dick again. I start to hump again. She stand perefectly still again and not move a muscle! What the . . .?????? What is going on here??? She start to dance a third time . . . I dick her butthole deep and she stop . . . not moving a fuckin inch! THEN I figure it out . . . this is where my years of chikan experience kicks in!

Young chikans . . . listen up . . . here is what was happenning. This little piece of white ass felt my dick against her as soon as she slid in front of me and I pressed against her. She could feel me in her arse crack as she danced from the very beginning. She liked it. But if she liked it, why did she stop when I start to chikan butt fuck her you ask? This is why. You ever see two animals humping in the wild? Do you see what the female animal does? When time for the act comes, She stops and stands perfectly still while the agressive male mounts her haunches and back to hump her. THIS IS WHAT THAT BIG ASS WHITE BITCH WAS DOING WITH BLACK SHOGUN YOUNG CHIKAN!

When she slid in front of me and I pressed her back and arse cheeks, this was the equivalent of her being mounted for a good hump up her bum. She knew I wanted to hump her when . . .well . . . when I started to chikan her young arse. So her wild female instincts took over . . . so she would stand perfectly still and accept the pleasure while this strange black man start to fuck her in her ass . . . and when I stopped . . . she moved her butt around again to receive the pleasure of the stiff dick she found there when she squeezed in!!!!!! When I start to hump again, she resume her female role and become passive! I knew her game! This had happened with other white girls before! Well no time for game play now!

Feeling fairly confident that this new white girl butt crack in front of me was up for it, I went for the gusto. I fucked that white girl hard and deep in her butthole . . . hard like when I first started to chikan the blonde . . . I hunched into her hard and deep . . . I squatted a bit and rammed my dick into her cunt lips and then back up into her butt slide . . . AHHHHHH!!! . . . YESSSS!!!! ARRRRRRWWWWWOOOOOO like a wolf!!!! Hahahahaha! And all the while she didn't do a fuckin thing . . . but just stood there and enjoyed what my big dick was doing to her. I reached out and grabbed the barricade, placing my arms around her . . . this was partially to steady myself and to protect my space for continuing to bum fuck her.

I was really fuckin the total shit out of that little bitch now. Hard and deep and often . . . no pretenses . . . the crowd loosened a bit and I thought I might get caught . . . but now was no time to stop . . . I slammed my black salami meat into her pale bunzies!!!! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I know her panties had to be wet by now . . . with my arms around her our bodies rested against one another . . . my dick twitching madly now . . . I knew she was letting me have my way . . . I had seen how earlier in the night she cursed those who pushed her too hard or who body surfed . . . hitting her in the head with their shoes! Hahahahahahahaha! But she never cursed me or gave me a bad look once . . . NOT ONCE! She let this older black male stranger bone the shit out of her bum . . . and I rammed her cootchie too . . . GOOD AND HARD!

I kept it up until I finally shot with the head of my dick trapped in the lower part of her arse crack . . . AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YAY-UUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!! FINALLY!!!!! I lingered against her pliable bum cheeks and tired back . . . I was tired too and fucked out from this rough night . . . in addition to my butt fucking two white girls, I had to continually fight the crowd for my space. I stayed behind this white teenage girl who had given me such pleasure until the concert was done. When it was over, I turn to walk away. She never turn around to look at me. I walk away and look back . . . she still never turn around but pays attention to stuff going on at the stage with a bunch of other people.

How many more concerts can I do before the young chikan finally beat the shit out of me in the crowd with their moshing tactics and take over???? We shall see . . . just bought tickets for another concert coming in a few weeks . . . Hahahahahahaha!!! I am . . . BLACK SHOGUN!!!!!!


December award: nanbread
for his whining as a mortal being
(As much as you victims hate us, we hate ourselves sometimes.)

re:pbg (Wed 04 Dec 2002 21:53:57 GMT)

My friend, I do hope this thing with the girl works out.

I only wish I could find the ideal girl of my life and experience the feelings you are experiencing in your heart right now.

Good luck and keep us all posted.

SHOGUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sun 08 Dec 2002 01:15:33 GMT)

Dont about you mate but I find chikaning far more exciting them a one night stand. I recall this blonde who turned round and asked me why I was rubbing my crotch against her buttocks since I was really handsome looking and could probably get any girl I wanted.

Well I mean what do I say to her ?? Its the beast within that dictates what I do ???.

Maybe theres somthing wrong with me but I love humping, one night stands and screwing whores. To me its the thrill factor which makes me do it again and again.

I love fucking blonde whores, its just I see all blonde white girls as whores and fuck them every chance I get.

Like PBG I hope I oneday do fall in love and find the woman of my dreams where there will be a chemistry between us.

guys I feeling kind of emotional tonight (Sun 08 Dec 2002 01:18:24 GMT)

Shit guys I rather fucking confused. Why cant I just fall in love and experience it. I have read all the posts and want to just be content with the girl of my dreams. Yet every woman I meet seems to be a fucking whore.

I falling into a state of depression. I want to experience love but I just cant seem to find it.

Is there somthing wrong with me ?? (Sun 08 Dec 2002 01:23:34 GMT)

Guys, Webmaster,

Sorry to leave so many messages but I am at a complete low tonight. Fucking hate this fucking life and never wanted to be a chikan I enjoy chikaning yes but I dont want to do this anymore just wanted to meet the girl of my dreams.

Its killing me inside, sorry I am full of tears every fucking relationship I have ends up in complete disaster.

Got a bottle of whiskey here and just want to drink myself to fucking death. I hate myself sometimes. I wonder whetHER God made me a Chikan a punishment for somthing I did wrong in a previous life.

Is there a fucking God ???

Doubt it somewhow....

cant stand this fucking life anymore (Sun 08 Dec 2002 01:26:02 GMT)

cant do this anymore guys ..hate it everything

Why cant I just be fucking normal and have a normal girlfriend and beable to love her like normal people.

Goodbye everyone .......I dont hate this place but I hate myself for being who I am.

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