What do you want?

The new BBS is not popular, I guess. I introduced "thread" and "sub-categories" to make the new BBS. "thread" is meant to facilitate to follow a specific subject. Even if you do not visit the BBS regularly, each thread presents a whole body of what has been discussed the topic. "sub-categories" are meant to divide the BBS into small groups of topics. As a hindsight, the both aim at a similar end - you do not need to read everything to find what you want to read.

By introducing "thread" and "sub-categories", I guess, I over did it.

So, what can I do?

A) No thread, no sub-categories. Just go back to the good old way.
B) Introduce thread but not sub-categories.
C) No thread but introduce sub-categories.
D) Use thread and sub-categories but have "how to use" fully understood.
E) You may think of something else.

I appreciate your comments.

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