I know that this site is devoted to the Japanese art of chikan. But seeing that we now have a free talk category now, I will use this as an opportunity to talk about another ancient Japanese art . . . Bukkake!

How many of you chikans know what Bukkake is? Well, let me tell you (Master Ayashi, please correct me if my information is wrong). My understanding is that Bukkake is an ancient Japanese ritual used to punish women for committing adultery. Once caught, the woman would be dragged to a cave or something, and then all the men in the village would wank off in her face and hair. Being so ashamed by this having happened to her, the woman often would commit suicide.

Now roll forward to modern times. A porn video outfit in California started one of the most popular series of porno films of all times a few years ago called American Bukkake. I bought some of these films and could not believe my eyes. In some of them, you can see like nearly 100 guys spunk in the FACE, NOSE, HAIR, and MOUTH of one chick! Man! In some of them, the chick even DRINKS the slimey sperm! I especially like the third film I think it is, where pretty Allison Kilgore twitches her pert little nostrils as cum splats onto her nose. She catches the cum in a bowl that she's holding, and at the end, she pours the jizz down her face. UnFUCKIN believable! BUKKAKE!

You can review these Bukkake films at www.jerkoffzone.com. That's the site of the company that makes the films. Some of the women in the early films aren't that hot . . . they get better as the series goes on. But even in the first film, there are some INCREDIBLE scenes not to be missed. In the first one, there's this true SLUT dressed up like a little girl wearing glasses with a huge lollypop in her mouth. These guys cream all over her face and glasses and on the lollypop. At the end, she takes a BIG BITE out the the now SPUNK DIPPED candy and smiles for the camera! Not to be missed! Remember . . . www.jerkoffzone.com is the site. BUKKAKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Black Shogun!!!

PS These films are not for those with a weak stomach.

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