As much as asses are wonderful, cushiony, plump, flesh mounds to hump and cum on, there's nothing like a great pair of legs to get my ape-juices flowing (Dr. Iron Dick is right when he refers to me as an ape--however, most apes will not part with their banana, while I am always very generous with mine, as you all know). In any case, a well-shaped pair of long legs has been known to send Master Frotteur scrambling up a tree, screaming "Ooooh, oooh, ahhhh, ahhhh" like a true monkey. Often when rubbing my gorilla-prick against the tight and muscular behind of an unware, miniskirt- or shorts-wearing whore, I have let my arm hang down at my side. I then feel her smooth thighs for added pleasure. Not always will I try to work my hand under the skirt or shorts; placing my hand on their legs and rubbing their pink, silky skin and feeling their recently-shaved legs will be enough to make me pound my chest with delight.

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