The Elbow

Chikans out there who frequent mass transportation lines will know this one quite well. A sexy, curvaceous bitch, who is being rubbed up against, and who wants the pervert at her back to stop rubbing his rock-hard prick against her will oftentimes stick her elbow out at him. I particularly love it when the babe will not verbally complain. She won't even turn around to look at you. She just looks straight ahead, her elbow up against your stomach. She may feign to be holding her pocketbook harder, but her elbow is meant to drive you off. Of course, seldom it doesn't. I love the little "wrestling" matches one has with a girl who knows what you're doing to her and she starts to resist. You are know jockeying for position against her. I love that elbow in the belly shit. It's so easy to get it out of the way. She'll try it again. You'll get it out of the way again. You'll feel her muscles tense up as she tries to defend herself from your onslaught. Too bad! By now all her struggles have made you harder and have brought your stored-up semen that much closer to the boiling point.

Dr. Iron Dick is right. Chikan is definetely a retelling of our old biological ways: we the stronger out to hump and fuck the weaker.

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