Re: Nanbread - English/American Women

You're right Nan . . . too many American women are just like English women . . . bunch of shallow, materialistic bitches. Some wouldn't give you a second look walking down the street, but let them find out you have money. Ohhhhhhhhh . . . THEN all of a sudden you're different . . . there's something DIFFERENT about you . . . like deep pockets! Shallow bitches!

There's this new program that's gonna air here in the U.S. soon where they have this millionaire bachelor look for a wife. Only thing is, he's really not a millionaire. He's a construction worker making only $19,000 a year! So they're tricking the women! He even has a fake mansion, takes them horseback riding and waltzing . . . all the things wealthy fucks do. Ha!

He's a good looking guy too . . . like one of the gold diggers says in the previews . . . great hair, nice body, etc. Well I can't WAIT to see the look on the faces of ALL those bitches when they find out he makes only $19,000 a year! Hey bitches . . . same great hair and bod . . . what's the problem???? Hahahaha!

I know what they'll do. They'll give some bullshit response like, "Well, he's a great lookin guy, but I can't have anything with him because he lied." That's such bullshit and a cop out! Those bitches know that had they known the truth, three quarters of them wouldn't have given the guy the time of day! I usually don't watch shows like this on TV, but I'm gonna laugh my ass off at those gold diggers . . . BIAAAATCH!!! Hahahaha!!

Black Shogun!!!

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