re: master frotteur

I dont think there is any right or wrong way of rubbing up against a girl. Lets face it when you rub up against a woman yo rub against her full stop. Some girls ignore u, others love it, some will hate it.

I have had my mix of girls. During the new years eve, two english bitch told me to fuck off on new years eveafter I pinned her against the railing and butt fucked her doggy style whilst talking dirty to her. During this time I was thrusting my pelvis hard into her going deeper and deeper aaaaaaaahh and screaming to myself like an animal in a sex mad frenzy.

One of them when she told me to fuck off. I just forced myself even harder against her backside and buttocks and placed my head on her shoulder so I could smell her perfume and see her pretty face. When I hit cum I screamed in her ear " This is so fucking good, feel the juices of life flowing into your crack" . I moaned and deliberatly breathed hard down her neck so she could hear and feel that she had satisfied my primal urges.

She gave in elbowing me and just stood there, guess I broke a wild horse ahahah

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