Re Nanbread New Year Resolution

Yes My Resolution is the same as your Nanbread I too hope to find my romance very soon you know, I am willing to try hard to work on a relationship but got to have the right one and when I do thing in my life will change I promise myself to that. and IM sure most of the guys on here feel the same way as we all have voids in our lifes that needs to be filled.

You know Nanbread I wish I was in England I would love to run into those bitchy Enlish Women,s that would turn me on, to have them get bitchy with me while my dick is in there crack I would whisper into there ears and say, Why do you feel soooo good and she would turn to me with that bitchy look as I cum in her crack and I go aahhaahhaa. You guys in London have it so good.

Dr.Iron Dick it look like your New year resolution is taking effect your spelling it getting a lot better my friend and well written keep it up.

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