Re: Master Frotteur - Sweet Nothings

MF, last night I did what you did in "The Autograph." I had dug my thick boner into the "hams" of a blondish, redheaded girl wearing thin black pants. Her boyfriend was standing right there! The crowd was pusing and I was ALL IN her BUBBLE BUTT cheeks! I started going "OH GOD, OH GOD" in her ear . . . trying to spunk up her hershey highway! I pretended like I was exasperated from the crowd. Hahahaha! I told her I was sorry for pushing. She smiled and said, "That's all right." My dick probing for her "chocolate starfish" was what was alright.

I didn't cum, but it sure felt good! I saw her later that night and she had been separated from her boyfriend. A fight had broken out in the bar and this crowd had gathered around looking. I got behind her and REALLY plastered my DORK up her crack. Even more so than the last time!

I was sodomizing her . . .pushing her forward and knocking her off balance. God her buttcheeks and deep crack were divine! I lifted up on my toes pretending like I was interested in seeing the brawl. In actuality, I was buttfucking her like a big doggy and asking her what was going on at the same time! She turned and looked at me and smiled and said she wasn't sure, and then she kept looking. I kept humping . . . arching my back . . . dipping my knees . . . thrusting into her ass crack and rubbing my pecker all over her soft plum cheeks . . . HEAVEN!

Finally, she was leaving and got to the stairs. Her boyfriend was like two people in front of her. I decided to stay on her bum. I followed her onto the stairs. I kept my dick dug up her butt until she was on a step higher than me. Then I rubbed my stomach against her buttocks cheeks! Hahaha! Then I would try to step up on the same step as her . . . pretending like I was desperate to get out too! Hahahaha! And I would just hunch her right up the butthole again! Finally, her boyfriend reached around and helped pull her through. I admired her warbeley buns as we left the bar.

So you see, Shogun did "see action" last night. But I'm used to wanting to write about the extraordinary. What I've just described is really just par for the course stuff for a chikan.

I'm so, so into digging "Mr. Stink Finger" into pooty holes and touching pussy mounds now. I did some of that last night too. Ran Mr. Stinky into a tall girl's "dumper" and she turned around annoyed. "Who just put something in my asshole?" I bet she thought! Hahahaha! So Mr. Stinky saw action too!

But I went to the strip club to get off GOOD. Can't believe how that stripper let me get CUM ON HER BUTT AND PANTIES and RUBBED IT IN HER HAIR! WOW! Whatta dream girl stripper, dirty SLUT! She shall definitely receive some of Shogun's "wealth" again!

Black Shogun!!!

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