Re: Gentlebrush - Concert Retirement

Like I had said before Gentlebrush . . . after all of these years I had lost control. Things probably would have turned out better if it weren't for the venue. It was a special appearance held in a place that normally is not for concerts. I was a bit out of my element. The presence of the "authorities" was high due to the venue, and I had been particularly brazen. I should have left after I humped the 30-something blonde. I did buttfuck her something good though :-)

Concerts held in NORMAL concert venues and the bars/nightclubs are still some of the best places for chikan in my opinion. But let my story be a lesson to you all . . . as good as you think you are . . . a miscalculation could buy you real trouble. So be careful out there . . . maintain CONTROL at ALL times!

My excitement from discovering this site caused me to go overboard . . . after like two decades of being "safe." I had been so isolated in this. I can admit that I didn't even know there was a word for it . . . frotteurism . . . until I discovered the site 2 months ago! That's just how "isolated" I was! Then to discover the site and find out that so, so many others were doing the same thing. The excitement I took from reading the stories . . . knowing I had done similar stuff. And others were doing it too and liking it just as much! Think about it my friends. You are chikans . . . you know how this site can make you feel when you read the stories.

I'm back in control now, but I'm still going to try to give up the concerts . . . especially the big ones . . . I'm too old to be moshing around anyway. But then again . . . there are the small concert venues . . . hmmmmmmm.

Black Shogun!!!

PS Nothing great happened for me this New Year's Eve . . . dug my finger up some buttholes . . . ground into some ass cheeks . . . ended up going to the strip club to get off . . . "Melissa" worked my dick something good . . . my dick even came out of the top of my sweats and rubbed into her ass cheeks . . . She let me sperm on her ass and panties . . . then she rubbed the top of her head between my legs and in my cum . . . then she went to dance on stage after I had jizzed against her panties! Can always count on a good stripper bitch huh Dr. Iron Dick???

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