Re Shogun retirement

Wow Shogun that was quite an experience that was not like you your more careful then that. that took a lot of guts going to the extreme so quick in a short period of time but you said that is your last so you made the best of it. I am glad you got away with that and your not in jail. great story my friend and thank for the complement about my experience at the concert I was at with the married women. and with a little help from you it paid off. I felt great and did not feel guilty because I knew it was consenual and it was good for the ladies too.

Thanks M.W Im not sure what the stepping of the toes mean but I am sure she know I was humping her and her friend and they approve of it.

I think concerts are the best place to hump if you prepare for it and have a good attitude and acting like your having fun and being cautious and study body laguege and go with the music.

Happy new year.

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