Re X

New york and L.A are big cities. 400 arest is really small amount for those cities and a lots those arest, the guys were very obvious of what they were doing like Shogun saids they were DUMB OR didn't take the option to look around the view the sene around them and some might of just got out of the mental insistution or has history mental illness and there are some homeless guys who can't buy medication for there illness and homeless guys need sex too what better way of getting off then to rub againt a women in a crowd. remember we are talking about a big city and fewer real Chikan get caught if they over step there bountry like Shogun was trying to tell us getting greedy and like you other guys on this board told us. we wouldn't be on here telling our experience if we weren't careful but all thing come to an end the more often you do the chikan there a good chance you will get greedy and slip knox on wood and the older you get the more work you got to do with your pole you need help with your hands in your pockett if you know what I mean. Going back when I was a rookie I was on a loop bus and the crowd got on the bus and I was behind this light brown hair buisness women at the front of the bus and I was humping her pretty good and my stop came and I turm around behind me and there was no one standing behind me and the guys that was sitting on the seat was looking at me and he got off when I did and look at me when we were crossing the street and asked me if I had a problem I didn't look at him and ignored him and walk away that was as close as I ever been as fas as being caught but I was lucky so you have to know your awareness.

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