Safe chikaning

Hello my chikan brothers.

The day after I posted my first message, i took a bus to oxford circus, I stood to get off at the tube station, I was following a fat assed black wooman in dark pants but a tiny old chinese woman stepped in front of me, My hand was ballanced on my backpack which was tilted forward, so the back of my hand slipped right into the old womans asscrack, it was soft, no bounce at all, I studdied her, she did not react at all. Not my ideal target but, see it is best of all if my victims do not react, do not attack, do not summon help. When a woman moves onto my hand, then she does not think it is me who is groping her, just that she has collided with something.

I chikanned two other women with this brushing technique and no woman reacted.

Yesterday, again at Oxford Circus during rush hour, I got on a south bound bus (the conductor buses are best, the confusion of passengers getting on and off give many opportunities for chikaning) My target was a black mother with a curly perm and a beret, I bumped her but with my hand as we got on. No reaction, she stopped dead behind teh quie, I positioned my hand low in the split of her skirt then pulled up as if adjusting my backpack, my fingers slid up between her butt cheeks, sweet chikaning and no reaction.

But the best was only a split second away. I have said that I do not belive a man gan grope a strangers slit without her screaming. Well just as I touched the Blackwoman's butt, an itallian tourist entered teh bus from myleft, my hand was rotated outwards,I positioned my hand at crotch level and as she was pressed forward by the crowd, I got a touch of it, it was sweet and warm. She jerked back quickly, there is no way a woman can ignore a touch on her "Holiest of holies". And because we were allbeing pressedfrom behind by teh crowds. No one complaned.

No more groping for me. Just safe Chikaning.

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