There Can Only Be One !

Dr Iron Dick,

U were definitely a legend in your younger days like me.

I was also a legend in earlier years. I have to say "I was the One" there can only ever be one".

Each time I exploded into a womans crack. I would literally scream under my breath. Like that bit in highlander after he chops someones head off. It was like my horny cock screamed "Feed Me" then when he was fed a womans crack he would afterwards scream aaaaaaaahhhh like Dr. Iron Dick.

I recall years ago, when I worked in central london. Just before departing from the office. I would check for delays on the london underground. Delayed trains means big crowds on the platform. Which mean't !! u got it guys big big squash on the trains.

When there were delays I'd get so excited and quickly make myself out of the office to the appropriate station.

I recall literally being squashed up so hard against this blonde in tight jogging pants. Guys when your hard pole is pressed against a pair of plum buttocks only covered by a thin jogging pants. Its like being in heaven. U can fondle and poke her soft warm buttocks.

Moments like this I'd get so excited and literally explode. I love to tell a girl how sexy and horny she is. The best way of doing this is breathing down her neck or fondling her hair with your nose. Taking deep breaths as u inhale the scent of her hair.

Some occasions I have whispered into womens ears, "Your a horny bitch arn't u"
some dont say a word. Others get turned on by dirty sexy talk. Young women between 18-23 especially english white girls love dirty talk. Its in their nature to be dirty little whores in bed. Enough said I must sleep !.

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