Comnonrodery helps

Hi BBS gang hope things are going smoothly during Christmas rush for you guys'

That was a great story Nanbread I know your heart was racing and with full excitment pressed againt that blonde, gee I love that rush I wished Id lived in London I did show Shogun a picture that I found on my serch for crowded train in Japan and man I wish I lived there but Shogun is right you would have to be Japanese to blend in I wonder if London Train get that pack but I could not find a picture of crowds in London if anyone finds it let me know. Nanbread you said the train there is better and less crowded now then it use to be?

As mush as I love Chikan and humping women in crowds I know it wrong and I feel bad about it sometime and when I see crowds it excite me automaticly feel a rush Like I have to sepitapate in the crowd and get behind my prey. So you see it addiction. I don't want to encourage other Chikans to go out at do it but I like hearing stories the thing that you guys did and I pick up some techgues you guys told in your stories and some of you guys are funny we have a good time on here I get a good laugh but I learn this board is more then just chikaning it can be good for support of quiting chikan which I think it a good way talking it out which we never did with anyone else except to a psycologist which they can help but who better to help but us chikan who understand eash other because we know how it feels and how we act and think I chat with Shogun a few time and we talk about how we feel and how we can live a normal life without chinkan and how it robs us from parts of our life but I encourage you guys to get eash other E.mail or messager so you guys can chat I know i feel better after I chat with Shogun we can share our commonrodery they say computer can be bad for us or could it? without the computer I don't think I could ever talk about chikaning to other person face to face. I don't know shoegun never met him in person or what he look like but we chat our comonrodery for support. Of cource we chat about chikaning but it will probably be in our minds for the rest of our life but we can try to control ourself to prevent for further action that can get us in trouble.

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