Re: Mohammed Iqbal - Islamic Women

What country are you from Mohammed? I lived in the Middle East many years ago. I always say that I never saw an attractive Islamic woman in that country . . . except for the King's wife, all the rest were all covered up!

I'll tell you though, I have seen some beautiful Islamic women from Jordan on TV. I would love to go there. One time, I went to see Queen Noor speak here in the U.S. I could not believe what she was wearing! I mean, it was this dress and these heels that really accentuated her supple buttocks! You could see her royal ass crack!

I thought I would get a boner in the auditorium! At that moment, I wanted to become one of her Hashimite subjects. Hahahaha! Queen Ronya (is that how you spell her name), is not bad either, but she is nothing compared to Queen Noor!

I would be afraid to hump an Islamic woman in such a country though. Or even in India where I believe Punjabi Butt Humper hails from. I could be stoned to death by an angry mob wanting to kill an American for violating the honor of an Islamic woman!

If I were married to an Islamic woman though, I would quickly try to convert her to buttfucking! Come on Mohammed! I know that goes on in secret . . . even in Islamic countries! You cannot fool Shogun!

Black Shogun!!!

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