Trying to give it up

Hello fellow chikans

I have been involved in this activity for several years, and although I think it is wrong I find it hard to quit.

I know that women do not like to have their asses felt and rubbed by stangers in public. That it coauses some of them great distress. But When I see a big ass I feel the need to feel it.

Unlike some chikans on teh site I do not consider women who do to protest to be "Stupid bitches". My guess is that women have their butts brushed so many times that it is not worthwhile protesting every time.

I recall some significant encounters I have had back befor I considered myself a chikan, befor I even heard the word.

I was next to one woman on the 29 bus going through Green Lanes in North London. I was carring a shopping bag in my left hand. The buss was backed and woman (greek or turkish, wearing tight pants maybe late thirties or early forties) was standing pressed against my hnad.

well, my fellow chikans, you know I hand to take advangede, I let myself press against her firm thigh, and when she turned I pressed on her bouncy ass. Man it was soft ans sweet, I let the swaying inch my wrist untill it was in her asscrack, there is no way she did not know that a stange man hand his hand pressed in her ass. What did she do? She bent down to attend to her bags. I was scared as hell, byt I angled my wrist (still holding the grovery bag) upwared so that I rubbed deep in that crack. Man Drm the angle she wasbend, I know I was pressing on her anus through those pants. I even let my wrist sip lower I wanted to brush my knuckes on her slit.

But she stood up, and would you belive, she took me by the wrist and removed my hand from her ass! She did not shout or anything. She held me wrist for at least thirty seconds. What Did I do? Like A Chikan Victim, I ignored her. She just let my hand go and shortly got off the bus without a backwards glance. She did not even get mad. I guess, she knew what I was doing from teh start, but did not bother to do anything untll my ands started getting close to teh goods.

I have other chikan stories for you.

untill then I will be a chikan in recovery.

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