I love bum touchers!

It is thanks to gay chikans when i was younger that I now absolutely love having my bottom touched and groped, though I am not gay i could not help myself from getting a huge boner when a strange unseen hand behind me at a bus stop started to fondle me. I stuck my bum out further, and pulled the back of my coat up to give him better access, it was 10 minutes of pure delight I almost came in public. I was seduced in such a way many ties after that & fantasise about a strangers boner snugly parked against my crack every day. I eve feel like sneaking out to a gay club one night just to try and get my pert peachy buttocks felt up and maybe even humped! I read the chikan stories on here imagining I am the girl! & we all know that once a "victim" is aroused THEY STRUGGLE NO MORE, they just get hotter and hotter until they explode in irresistible delight.

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