It's All In The Numbers

I always considered being a good chikan to be like being a good hitter in baseball. Sure! Like a good hitter in the game of baseball! Here's how I always make the comparison.

Let's look at the greatest hitter to ever play the game (at least in the USA anyway). Ted Williams is universally considered to be the greatest hitter of all time. I think he's the only baseball player from the majors who finished his career with a lifetime average above .400 (if my numbers are slightly off, perhaps a true hardcore fan can correct me).

Now if Ted Williams, the greatest hitter ever to play the game, had a career average of .400 or so, then that means he failed to get a hit approximately 600 times out of every thousand times at bat! That's a lot of failures! And yet, he's considered to be the greatest!

But if you think about it though, 400 successful trips to the plate is quite a few base hits too! He may have struck out 600 times out of a thousand, but he also got on base 400 out of a thousand tries, better than anybody else ever over a career.

Chikan, then, in my opinion is the same way. Even a "good" chikan will strike out most of the time . . . 600 out of a 1,000 tries. But there will be a "hit" 400 out of a thousand tries if you're good. And out of that 400, 1 in 20, or about 20 attempts out of that 400, will result in the woman's consent and/or an extraordinary experience!

So, just like a great hitter in baseball who has to keep stepping up to the plate and swinging his bat for the fence, I determined that I had to keep "stepping up to the crack" and "swinging my dick for the paydirt!" When you do it over and over again, 1,000 of times, and if you have "ability", you will become "good." A "good hitter." And that all means building up a repository of stories that multiply over the years, many of them memorable.

This is why Black Shogun has so many stories to tell. This is how Black Shogun became . . . well . . . a chikan Shogun. But just like the rise and fall of ALL real world empires, so must eventually fall the "empire" of all chikan Shoguns . . . so too must they fall.

Black Shogun!!!

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