Re: Gay Chikan

Gay Chikan, you're not Stone Cold Steve Austin are you :-)??? Hahahaha! I wouldn't expect you to reveal your identity. I used to watch wrestling all the time when I was a kid . . . wanted to be one! But that stuff ain't easy! I'm amazed at the stuff that those big, bulky wrestlers can do! I call you guys athletes/entertainers.

The best part though for me is when they talk shit about what they're gonna do to the other guy. I loved Lord Alfred Hayes from England, "Weeeaaavahhh . . . if you do not conform your behavior to more CIVILIZED standards, I shall be FORCED to give you a most FEARFUL THRASHING about your head and shoulders!" Hahahaha . . . those Brits . . . I love um . . . want some English girl BUM!!!

Anyway, I don't live in London, but if I'm ever there, I think I'll have to give you that "BBS back off . . . breaking my concentration mate :-)" Take care, and give us your perspectives as a gay chikan . . . brotha! Welcome.

Black Shogun!!!

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