New York Subway

I use such tactics when sitting next to young teenage woman, its best when I pretend to doze of and pretend to fall between her breasts. What I do is drop my head between her breasts and suddenly after a few seconds wake up and say "ooh so sorry must have fell asleep", its nice because I have had a free feel of her breats with my mouth. Also I lean against her hard asthought the seat is cramped.

I also love to trap young girls in crowds and use my thighs as clamps to hold them in position, if they try to move I whisper verbal threats in their ears and tell them to keep still, then start running my hands all over her body in a mad frenzy, my two friends surround her and begin squashing her up in the crowd all hands all over her body, sometimes the girls start crying very funny. When I crush up behind I lick and salivate in her hair with my mouth, such power over a woman is incredible.

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