Re: One man died after groping in Japan

I found in
an article about a man who died after groping

".....Weekly Playboy notes that the schoolgirl pranks would be almost laughable but for the fact that they can have fatal results, as the Oct. 26 death of one man on the JR Chuo Line attests. After being accused by a 19-year-old girl of molesting, the 25-year-old man jumped from the platform only to stumble meters down the steep, cliff-like banks of the Kanda River running alongside the tracks and into the water. "He was rescued an hour later, but his heart had already stopped beating. He died in the hospital the following morning. The official cause of death was listed as drowning. Nothing worked in his favor. The grass along the banks was wet and he fell down an area with an incline of about 90 degrees. Silt had built up in the riverbed, virtually trapping him under the water," a newspaper reporter says. With the man's death, his guilt will remain a matter of conjecture. But some say his decision to flee should point to the accuracy of his accuser's complaints. Not so, says train sex attack journalist Ikegami......"

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