re:punjabi butt humper

I am 45 years old and my sex drive is stronger the ever, when I see young school girls on crowded buses or young girls on crowded trains or even blonde slim business women who are young with fit buttocks I go mad with animal rage.

For to be squashed against a sexy babe with juicy buttocks its like having sex with her, as I squash against her my face is in her nicely smelling hair and my lips near her juicy perfumed smelling neck, its like I am fucking her and shes mine, doing doggy style on her, such a good sexual feeling of heaven, a mans heaven of sexual delight.

I am dying to butt fuck young turkish women are they are beautiful.

Hey webmaster, is it safe for western men to butt fuck japanese girls in tokyo as I just want to squash my crotch against them. Thinking of going to tokyo soon, its a great city.

Its better then paying for sex :-))

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