re: man to sex beast

hey there,
I think there is a simple solution to ur problem. U have to first understand how you want to approach it. (a) Do you want to control this raging groping urge at times??(b) Do you want control it forever??

Let me tell u by my experience, its never easy for a groper to quit. u may tell urself u will not do it. but tell me how many of us can resist a lovely, soft butt right in front of the dick on a crowded tube. It will need amazing character and strength in mind to get over it. There is no point in making promises in the wind.

Consider these solutions:
(a) Wank yourself before u leave home. so that ur sexual energy levels are so low that ur beast doesnt take over.

(b) Travel with a trusted friend of yours (preferably a girl) so that you will find it easy to avoid getting into a groping frenzy

(c) If u do really cant resist groping too much, try to find the easiest target and reach climax as soon as possible in a crowd. this will immediately cut short ur raging beastly attitude. orgasm has a calming effect on man.

I hope this will help u open up some thoughts

punjabi butt humper

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