Does semen really smell?

I'm an avid fan of this board and love knowing that many other intelligent and eloquent guys share my own passion for a heart-racing, mysterious hump. It's actually very therapeutic knowing I'm not the only guy out there that derives such pleasure from frotting.

There is one element that keeps coming up (pardon the pun) in this board that I do not relate to:

Many talk of the stench of semen, but to be honest I can honestly say I don't believe semen smells. At least I can say my semen is totally odorless.

Are the references to semen smelling just for fun, or do some guys' semen really smell? Should I count my blessings that my semen doesn't smell, and can thus not give me away after a successful and satsfying hump?

I'd like to know the truth behind this issue.

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