london experience & advice for gropers

Like zorro says foreign girls are a must, I have gropped so many of them spnaish, french american, even last night I rubbed my hard cock against a latino girl with a short skirt on, she turned and stared at me but just continued, breathing down her neck ahhhhh.

On the piccadilly line, I rammed my hard cock into the cracks of several spanish girls, they seem most to enjoy this experience, there again spanish women are always horny and they suffer from self denial in their own country where the men have small dicks.

If you really must feel womens breasts overhear, use your elbows and not your hands as nanbread says, feeling breasts on a tubetrain in london will get you into trouble.

District line is very crowded at times, victoria line is heaven in the mornings especially when there are train delays, one can pick and choose to squashed against a freshly smelling perfumed business woman with good sexy body and nice plum rounded buttocks. So many times I have been crushed against these babes and have cum two or three times in 10 minutes during train delays.

I like to venture to bars around leicester square to grope foreign girls I just go upto then in crowds and rub my cock against them, they present no problem and are pretty drunk as it stands.

Can anyone recommend anymore really squashy crowded bars/nightclubs in london where I can exercise my hard cock ?.

Has anyone been to the basement, I hear its really squashy and sweaty full of drunken women.

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