re: roti keema: point of view

there is nothing to be proud about groping. its a natural instinct and i dont feel its something cheap and nasty, coz i dont rape or disregard the women i grope. i do it when i get positive feedback. so its a mutual thing most of the times. i agree that once a frotteur, always a frotteur. however there is room for change. but it can occur only after a reformation, like life changing incident in ones life. i just feel there is nothing wrong in mutual contentment, hence there is not guilt attached with it. its as good as holding hands with a stranger. society attaches stigma to different parts of the body, so groping becomes a wrong thing. well, one can possibly achieve great excitement by just holding hands with a gorgeous stranger. if this is acceptable to the society as an agreeable /appropriate form of feeling and touch, and not otherwise, there we have a discord between where is the boundary and who makes it. i hope u got my point of view.

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