Best tube lines?

Quite a few people have been talking about the best lines for having a grope/fondle on the London underground. Here's my views:

District line/Circle line: Rubbish, trains are rarely packed, so no opportunities here

Central Line: In the evening and morning "rush hour", trains are often so crammed that you have a chance to grope a pretty businesswoman and she can't move anywhere

Piccadilly line: If you like foreign girls this is the line for you. As its the line for Heathrow airport, there's always lots of young foreign girls on it. When the train gets busy once you're past Hammersmith, you move into position near them and have some fun. Also they tend to be on their own, so no boyfriends to worry about

Victoria line: Always a lot of cute girls coming in and out of Victoria, so there's usually a chance to grope a few young breasts as you're getting on/off the tube.

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