theorys off why chikanss grope - research by dr. iron dick phd BSc diploma

i am verry much overwehlmed by responsess from thiss board OK

my researrhc has led me to believe thttat chikann activitiess maybe hormone related OK ?

i studdy man addn woman in crowded trainss wiht one eye and one eye on my paper to avouidd susspuoin.

all chikkn have higgh hormone level in blood ok called testorone ok ?

when testorone goess into blooduy stream it makees normal man become sexx freak he becomees hungry for sexx and woman buttockks, and in hiss genss he must reproduce wihtt woman so he humps woman becausee it is likee animall mateingg season ok ?

wheeen man goess waaaarrrrrrrrrrrr he is saying he e has found his matte

it is animall/wolf scream warrrrrrrrr

then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh whenn inject hiss semen in womanss crack, thenn when smeell of semen in air all everyone goess crazy with sex becauss of pheronmones in semen ok ?

then women goess oooooooooooohhh becausee she is satisfied and mating has almost finishedd ok ?

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