thank you guys

I thank everyone here for making this board so interesting. infact its the first site i visit when i log on. webmaster, thanks again for awarding me groper of the month. well there are some guys out here, who think that all these stories were made up. i have to tell them that i have better things to do in life than publish fantasies or copied stories. u can tell a story is true at most times, by the flow of the language and the credibility of events that occured. life has its own suprises. sometimes what we see in movies turn into realities. i am gearing up for the biggest groping opportunity of the year in dubai, its the shopping festival here. the worlds most gorgeous women are out here. and i cant wait to hump them at the first chance in crowds.

i thank all guys here for the support in making this board some exciting. so guys keep up the heat and happy humping days ahead


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