my theory

When a groper has ejaculated his fluid into the abyss of a womans buttocks, it should bring about a sexual excitement in the female of the specis
a woman who screams has reached the peak of her sexual excitement.

You hear the female scream "oooooohh" as she peaks sexual excitement,
this indicates that she is aroused and excited by the wetness of
her deep cavity.

Some males make scream "eeeehhhh" as they struggle to force their hard cocks into the female cavity, maybe the female has been celibate for too long and the crack has narrowed as a result.

The male of the specist will almost certainly grunt or scream "aaaahhh"
meaning he has reached orgasm and he has successfully fertilised the female
of the specis with his mating fluid. By firing his load deep into the void of the female.

Each partner may scream "aaaahhh" and "ooooh" repeatedly, this can be
observed, with aroused women on trains who have sexual encounters with
strange men and vice versa.

Such verbal aaahhh and oooohhh can also be witnessed in the animal kingdom, even the dinosaurs mimicked us, or rather we are mimicking the dinosaurs.

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